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BizTechDay Celebs

October 24, 2009

BizTechDay Celebs

BizTechDay just ended today and I met so many amazing people. Here are the great take-away quotes that resonated with me.

  1. Would I want ads on Craigslist so that I can make more money? No. I want this to be the one place on the internet where people can be free of ads. – Craig Newmark, Craigslist.
  2. All businesses are the same. There is no secret. – Michael Gerber, World’s #1 Small Business Guru.
  3. If you simply focus on what’s good for the community, then do it, and you won’t have to question your business decisions. – Matt Mullenweg, WordPress.
  4. Bring a million business cards (I actually ran out! Ugh) – Me
Me and Craig! He said his next goal is to translate Craigslist into Hebrew and Arabic to build communities and ease the tension between Israel and Palestine.
Matt Mullenweg of WordPress and his yellow sneakers. Him and digg guy have the same swagger.
Tim Ferris, author of 4 hour Work Week. Porter Gale, VP of Marketing for Virgin America. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.
Michael Gerber. A true worldly thinker. He says that in business, like all other things, you just need to do what feels right. Then the answer will come. It will just come.
Sue Kwon, news anchor for CBS5 Consumer Watch. She said a lot of very informative things, but the best of all? Blot your face with cut up squares from toilet seat covers before an interview!!!
Thank you Edith Yeung for giving me the opportunity to attend BizTechDay and meet so many incredible people. Such a cute little lady!

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