Yesterday I went to Hollywood to do a segment on KTLA to help promote the Girls CEO Connection Conference that I’m speaking at this Saturday August 8th. My talk will be about starting online businesses. Anyway, I had to wake up at 5am to do hair and make up, but it was all fun!

Thanks to Sylvia Scott for putting this all together, my models Paloma, Shauna, and Heather, and Sam Livits for supporting me all the way.

Check out this clip:

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  1. Lyra says:

    I’m so inspired by you Cassey that I want to read up all about you.
    Life took a downturn on me as my dad had passed away from a hit and run accident about a year ago. I think I will never recover from this, plus all the stresses with my PhD qualifying exam which is around the corner, I’m feeling really suffocated. Insomnia, lost, overwhelming. Right now, I’m really clinging on to your clips every single day. I’m just super happy knowing that you had started off from biology college. I’m so happy for you for pushing through what you love into something so successful. I’m still stuck in biology I guess. But doing your videos and all, and getting so much positivity out from you, all I wanted to say is a big THANKS and have a blessed life ahead with Sam.