Foodbuzz 24×24: FRUIT BBQ & Banana Dog Eating Contest!

Foodbuzz 24×24: FRUIT BBQ & Banana Dog Eating Contest!

On Saturday, I hosted a FRUIT BBQ where basically all things barbeque-y (think hot dogs, potato salad, shishkabobs, 5 layer dip) had to be made out of fruit!

This was for the FOODBUZZ 24×24 food blogging event where 24 bloggers were chosen to host themed parties in the same 24 hour stretch (July 30th) and we all blog about it on Monday August 1st! Every blogger does a different theme, but I challenged myself with this creative proposal in celebration of my new plant-based diet. It’s been one month since my move from Boston to the Bay and it also marks my one month anniversary of vegetarianism. What better way to celebrate than with a FRUIT BBQ and some friends stuffing their faces with banana dogs!??? Watch the video above for a full recap of the event INCLUDING footage of me STUFFING MY FACE like a MAD WOMAN.

On Friday, I bought tons and tons and TONS of fruit. This is just a snippet snapshot of the fruit covering the WHOLE center island in the kitchen. Thank goodness these guys are in season! Makes for a more nutritious and less expensive fruit party.

Lots of “research” and creative thinking had to go into the preparation of the FRUIT BBQ. I want to thank my popsters on my facebook fan page for helping me come up with some of the recipe ideas. After lots of back and forth discussion, we came up with the KEY PLAYERS in the FRUIT BBQ. These were fruits that were versatile enough to transform into all types of “meats” and “veggies”.

– cantaloupe = carrot sticks, lollipop shapes

– honeydew = celery, green pepper, lollipop shapes

– cherries = cherry tomatoes

– kiwi = relish, guacamole when mashed, snap peas, onion in sour cream ‘n onion

– lychee = scallop

– pink grapefruit = jumbo shrimp

– dried mangoes = cheddar cheese *WIN*

– bananas = hot dog, refried beans when mashed

– apples = potatoes

– strawberries = red pepper, salsa when diced

– blueberries = olives

– watermelon = lollipop shapes

And now, without further adieu, I present to you FRUIT BBQ – the photo story!

This was my #1 fave food substitution of the whole FRUIT BBQ. Whoever knew that sliced dried mangoes could look like real cheddar cheese!??


Banana mash refried beans, kiwi guacamole, chunky strawberry tomato salsa, lowfat vanilla yogurt sour cream, and blueberry olives topped with dried mango cheddar cheese.

This was soooooo good!!!! You don’t even need the granola!!!

2. SIDE DISH: Potato Salad

Apples and lowfat vanilla yogurt.

The apples stayed white because I let them sit in a bath of cold lemon water as I was chopping. This also kept them very crisp. I also left the skin on so that it would look like unskinned potatoes. Also, very very yummy!


Cantaloupe carrot sticks, kiwi snap peas, strawberry red pepper, honeydew celery sticks, and cherry cherry tomatoes <—that one was kind of obvious. The dip is made from lowfat vanilla yogurt mixed with mini kiwi chunks for a sour cream ‘n onion look.

4. MAIN COURSE OPTION #1: Banana Dogs

Banana hot dog, kiwi relish, lemon jam mustard, and strawberry jam ketchup. Sorry, I couldn’t find a decent sub for the bun. But the bun DID make downing a dog a lot easier.

I am still laughing from memories of that contest. I must look like such a freak randomly laughing in front of my computer every 10 minutes. Oh well, good ab workout! You know it’s true!

5. MAIN COURSE OPTION #2: Jumbo Shrimp & Scallop Kabobs

I was so excited that peeled pink grape fruit actually resembled shrimps! Then I went on a roll and was like let’s add lychees for scallop! Strawberry red pepper, honeydew green pepper, and cherry cherry tomato.

6. DESSERT: Fruit Lollipops

I literally have not played with a cookie cutter FOR YEARS! I just don’t eat cookies. But have you ever thought of cutting melons into cute fruit shapes like hearts, moons, stars, and teddy bears!!?? Well, I hadn’t though of it either but man, when you make fruits so pretty and easy to eat, they’re gone like THAT!

What a great idea for getting kids to eat more fruit instead of candy…just make the fruit LOOK LIKE CANDY!


(click here to watch)

So after we noshed on fruit and chit chatted, it was time for the REAL REASON why I invited people to the FRUIT BBQ. I wanted to see some EPIC MEAL TIME/MAN VS FOOD action. I secretly love watching people eat things like beasts (oops it’s not so secret anymore) and I thought it’d be fun to do our own little version of an epic feast.

When I first thought out the contest I wanted to do “contestant who downs the most dogs wins”. But then I started thinking sugar content, calories, and extending your stomach capacity to painful proportions…so I changed it to “contestant who downs the fastest dog wins.”

Can I just say that we almost DIED during whole banana dog eating contest? IT WAS HILARE. Now, if you watch EPIC MEAL TIME on YouTube, you’ll understand why we say the things we do. And it might be funny to you too 😉 Now go watch it and see me stuff my face with a banana dog.


Fructose overload. ‘Nough said.

Now go host your own version of FRUIT BBQ this summer and share with me some of your own creative recipes! Have ideas for steaks, burgers, french fries, and chocolate cake? Share with me here or post your pics on my facebook fan page.

Hope you liked the post! Thanks to my sister and our friends for coming to enjoy an oddly entertaining Saturday afternoon with me.

<3 Cassey

PS…still recovering from the sugar overload 😉

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