So I’ve been working on this fashion review vid for the LONGEST TIME. After I got my beautiful new 21.5” iMac, the Nikon D5100 DSLR, and a new mic (I know, what a spend fest right!!??) I figured that these electronics would serve as “business tools” and toys, so why not!!! I like all things double whammy style when it comes to buying stuff and doing workouts.

Anyway I’ve been DYING to produce something a lil more creative. Around the same time my friends over at ActivewearUSA asked if I’d be interested in doing some fashion review vids. I was like umm YEAH. Can someone say dream come true!!? It was something I had been thinking of doing for several months now. So I got to pick out an outfit from the clothing label “Margarita” for my CRAZY PARK HIIT WORKOUT video and then I ran it through some of my own fit tests for this fashion review vid.

MARGARITA TOP, $63: I chose a long white tank top that was super durable and gorgeous. Even had a shelf bra inside for support. I wish you could feel the fabric, it is so soft. I liked the criss cross feature in the back. Also comes in black and red.

MARGARITA BOOTY SHORTS, $50: If you guys know me, you know I am a booty short fanatic. But I’ve never tried them in crazy prints before. So I thought the white top would pair well with the floral-y bottoms. I love the side ties for the option of making them even shorter (as if it’s not risque enough to be working out in booty shorts already right!!??) Comes in 3 prints.

Now I just wanna say one thing right here – no specific brands are paying me to say nice things about them in the videos. These are called “reviews” for a reason and I plan to keep them honest, genuine, and above all else REAL. If I do not like something, I’ll say it. And if I like something, you’ll probably see me wearing it in a POP Pilates video.

K, now that that’s out of the way (phew) I also wanted to let you guys know that I started a 3rd channel under the username FashionofFitness. The reason why I did this was to not tarnish the integrity of my other channels. POP Pilates is my 1st channel and it will always be used for uploads of Pilates to pop music! My 2nd channel, BlogilatesTV is meant more for personal vlogs, healthy cooking vids, and workouts from all spectrums of fitness (pilates to HIIT etc) that can be done to your own music. FashionofFitness is strictly for Cassey fashion stuff.

Now that I have rambled for a million years, let’s talk about this vid shall we!!??

I had so much fun editing and filming this video. To date, this is the most elaborate thing I’ve ever made. Much more to learn too. It took a long time to produce but the end product is well worth it I think. It’s not just a regular YouTube fashion haul video…there’s “fit tests” and even a matching workout! Did you have a chance to try the CRAZY PARK HIIT WORKOUT yet?

How’d it go?!! Did you get through all 4x?

One of my FAVORITE tests in the world (that you’ll see in the review vid) is the squat test. Have you girls ever performed a squat in the dressing room before you buy a pair of workout pants? If you haven’t, you may be giving everyone a free show at the gym. Get in front of the mirror right now and squat with booty facing mirror. Does your thong show? ‘Nough said.

Doing a squat in front of your own mirror is MUCH different than squatting in front of a camera. Let’s just say it was awkward for me and camera friend. I feel very lucky that SOMEHOW squatting in booty shorts for an internet vid didn’t end up looking like an amateur porno!? HAHAHAHA.

Alright that’s all for today. Have a GORGEOUS Friday! Sorry for the late post but I wrote something earlier and it didn’t save. UGH.

Oh wait one more thing I lied.

I am having my FoodBuzz 24×24 party tomorrow (24 food bloggers were chosen to host themed food parties all in the same 24 hour stretch on Saturday and we will all be blogging about it on Sunday). My theme is “FRUIT BBQ” where all things meat and barbeque-y will be made from fruit. Imagine banana dogs with strawberry puree ketchup and mango puree mustard and kiwi puree relish. Do you have any ideas for more creative things I could do for hamburgers, tacos, potato salads, and whatever else you have at a bbq? Comment and help me!! About to go to the grocery store to stock up.

K that’s all for real now.

LOVE YOU!!!! Bye!!!


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