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Pop Pilates Bikini Bootcamp

July 22, 2011



Pop Pilates Bikini Bootcamp


1. Tricep Dip ‘n Kick:

Targets: Triceps, legs

 A. Begin with your fingertips facing forward with your butt raised. Lift your right leg off the floor, keeping it parallel to the ground.

 B. Kick right leg straight up as you bend your elbows back. Then return to starting position. 

Try 10 with the right leg and 10 with the left!

Modification: Do not kick! Keep both feet on the ground as you perform just the tricep dip part of the move.

2. Bridge Pulse:

Targets: Butt, quadriceps

Lie down on your back and raise yourself into a bridge position with feet side by side. Keeping your butt up, raise your right leg towards the ceiling. As the leg stays extended, lower your butt halfway to the floor and pulse right back up.

Try 20 quick pulses on the right and 20 on the left!

Modification: Perform this move in a regular bridge with both legs hip width apart, feet on the floor.

3. Ballerina Twist:

Targets: Obliques

A. Begin in a side plank with hand directly under your shoulder and legs full extended. Raise your right arm up and elongate your fingers like a ballerina.

B. Pretend you a “threading a needle” and bring your right hand through the “eye of the needle” underneath your oblique as you raise you pike your hips up. Return to side plank.

Try twisting 10 times on the right and 10 times on the left!

Modification: If your shoulder or wrist hurts, try this move on your elbow. You can also modify by doing the side plank on your knees instead of your toes.

4. Inverted Shoulder Press:

Targets: Shoulders

Start in plank and walk your hands towards your feet until you can’t come any closer without bending your knees. Look at your feet. Now do a pushup.

Try 12 pushups.

Modification: The farther out your hands are from you feet, the easier.

5. Butt Ups:

Targets: Core strength

A. Begin in plank on the elbows, keeping your tailbone tucked and your belly button sucked in towards your spine. Make sure your back is flat!

B. Then, using your core, pull your abs up and your pike your butt up into the air. Hold, then release back into plank.

Try 12 butt ups.

Modification: Do the plank on your knees instead, and for the pike simple press your butt back instead of up similar to a Child’s Pose.

6. Runaway Abs:

Targets: Abs

Keeping your belly button sucked into your spine and your low back pressed into the floor, extend your arms long behind you head and your legs long and pointed in front of you. Your shoulders should be off the mat. Now begin “running” – your feet should flutter up and down quickly.

Try 20 flutters.

Modification: Keep your knees slightly bent with your head down, hands underneath your tailbone for low back support.

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    Hi There, great exercise you got there! I give pilates lessons in The Netherlands, i will keep an eye on this website. I love it! Good luck by the way with your blog!

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