Blogilates Newsletter! And meeting the owner of Miracle Noodle!

Blogilates Newsletter! And meeting the owner of Miracle Noodle!

Sign up for my newsletter by clicking on the image above or by clicking here. This is just a way for me to keep in touch with you on a more personal level. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything crazy with your email address except for write you motivational messages and dish on surprises that I won’t share on the blog til later!

Read on to see who inspired me to create a newsletter…

On Friday, I met with the owner of Miracle Noodle (zero calorie, zero carb noodles) at Slanted Table in San Francisco. It was a very nice place right in the ferry building by the water. If you’re in the bay, you must stop by! The Vietnamese restaurant has over 2,500 reviews on yelp. It’s legit.

Turns out the CEO of my fave noodles is also a doctor! So, that’s Dr. Jonathan Carp to you, thank you very much.

SUPER impressed. How does he have time!!?? Turns out that he’s a dermatologist, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to ask about the secrets of clear skin. He’s all about preventive medicine, so he advised me to cut dairy from my diet. DONE. Actually melds extremely well with my new vegetarian lifestyle. I’ll share with you an exclusive interview on beautiful skin tips as soon as I get some questions compiled. Have anything you want me to ask him?

Anyway, we talked for over 2 hours on our backgrounds and entrepreneurial passions, it was such an inspiring meal.

Here’s what I had!

Vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls…omg so good. This was the winning dish.

Green papaya salad. Also very tasty and tangy.

After lunch, he shared with me all sorts of web marketing tips and tricks that apparently I wasn’t utilizing to my full potential. Internet marketing guru too? This man’s a triple threat! Ad networks, affiliate programs, sponsorhips…all this is so new to me. I never really expected to be a “real blogger” but I think I sort of am now, so gotta take this a lot more seriously! Hopefully I can figure out how to make a living from all this. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyway, one of the tips he shared with me was having a newsletter. It’s a good way to measure your community’s engagement plus it’s just a nice venue for personal communication. So like a good student, I went home and signed up for a newsletter program that night.

If you want to learn more about what zero calorie Miracle Noodles are, see my video on how I made Pad Thai that came out to only 150 calories! I’ll be doing more collabs with Miracle Noodle so stay tuned for more low calorie and uber delicious cooking videos. Sign up for the newsletter to hear what the first vid will be on! (Wink, wink)

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