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3 Boob Lifting Exercises for Perkier Pecs

July 2, 2011



3 Boob Lifting Exercises for Perkier Pecs

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I’ve yet to do a video on this one, but here are some very effective moves for lifting your chest and well, making your boobs perkier. There I said it!


Lay the upper part of your back on a stability ball and grab some dumbbells anywhere between 5-10 lbs, more if you are experienced in lifting. I use between 12-15lbs.

Bring arms straight up above you with dumbbells PARALLEL to each other. Then slowly open up your arms with a slight bend in the elbows as you bring your arms down to about shoulder height. If you cannot do this, then the weight is too heavy. Now close it up and keep a nice curvature in the arms until you reach all the way straight up above your head again.

Try 3 sets of 15.


Similar to the move above but different positioning of dumbbells. Notice that your dumbbells are head to head. Use the same weights as above.

Bring the dumbbells apart and lower them to about shoulder height and lift until arms are straight above your head. Keep knuckles to the ceiling at all times.

Try 3 sets of 15.


You can do these on your toes or on your knees in the modified position. Make your your butt in tucked, your abs are tight, and your hands are near your chest. If you bring them too far out in front of you you will be working your arms more than your chest. Keep your eyes level and do not look underneath you!

Try 3 sets of 10! More if you can.

Good luck! Hope that helps those of you looking to make your girls pop. Note that these moves will not increase cup size…they will just lift your breasts because the pectoral muscles underneath are getting bigger, giving your boobs a little extra oomph.

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  1. Pernille Ask Korsgaard says:

    I want to know the exact same thing as the two above 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassie,
    my breast are sagging a lot & I would like to know how long does it takes to have it perky & lift again if I do the work out?
    I search on the net about lifting breast with exercise and there’s one website said that exercise won’t lift breast. Is that true?

  3. Taniya Dekker says:

    Hey Cassie. I wanna know if you know some exercises to get smaller breast???

    – Taniya!

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