POP Pilates in COSMO? Whaaaaa?

POP Pilates in COSMO? Whaaaaa?

Pop Pilates in Cosmopolitan Magazine

POP Pilates in COSMO? Whaaaaa?

Umm so I was checking my tweets and one of my followers said she saw that her pilates instructor @blogilates was mentioned in this month’s Cosmopolitan. I was like, uhh what? Me? So I immediately tweeted her back. Waited anxiously for 2 seconds and then decided to book it to the CVS down the street before it closed at 12:00AM.

I was thinking to myself, the last time this happened was through a facebook comment that someone left for my sister saying that they thought they saw my yoga bags in SHAPE. Weird how they never tell me! I am appreciative of you social media birdies out there.

Anyway, I don’t want this to turn into a brag post because seriously my greatest satisfaction comes from making new videos for you guys and reading your comments about getting stronger and feeling more confident. That’s the best reward. Uh oh better not turn this into a cheese fest post either! Just trying to keep it real here guys!

Here’s the close up in case you can’t enlarge that:

Shameless Money-Saving Tricks (COSMOPOLITAN July 2011, pg. 134)

“FREE WORKOUTS! Yoga and Pilates workouts are pricey but you can sculpt a hot bod without opening your wallet. Stream video yoga podcasts from a top instructor at yogajournal.com/podcast. For Pilates, check out “Pop Pilates” on YouTube (youtube.com/user/blogilates) for core exercises set to fun tunes.”

Haha yay this is POP Pilates’ first time in a “real” magazine! Awesome that they put it on a blue mat. Same color as mine. I’m excited but maybe not as much as I should be because I am still tired from Hawaii. Thanks for making this all possible. If it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t have happened. I am always grateful for your continuous enthusiasm and hard work. Everyone knows we KILL IT on the mat.

Sleepy time…I’ll jump up and down tomorrow. Good night lovelies!

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