6 Min Sexy Little Waist Printable

6 Min Sexy Little Waist Printable


6-Min-Sexy-Little-Waist Final

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  1. Tatiana says:

    I would like to start working out for a thinner waist and all these excercises look incredible. But I have a small doubt, probably, due to my ignorance in this sphere. If I train hard and develop the side muscles (where waist must be located)))), won’t they become bigger and, therefore, my waist will grow bigger too?
    Need professional advice)
    Thank you

    1. Melissa says:

      I worry about that too.Does it increase the girth of the muscle? Thank you, Melissa

      1. KW says:

        No. Working your obliques actually has a corseting effect. They pull tighter, you look narrower.

  2. Nada M says:

    I love your videos!
    Could you give us some advice on how to keep your form right in the rainbow oblique move?
    It starts hurting my hip because I feel like I can’t keep my 90 degree angle with my hip and obliques.