Sea Inspired Pilates Workout!

Sea Inspired Pilates Workout!

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Of course I had to film a vid on the beach while in Hawaii! I was feeling kind of nautical and decided to showcase some of my fave Pilates exercises that had anything to do with the ocean. Here’s a fun little workout I did – got so totally branded by my sports bra after this session. Thanks Lulu…If you’re on my facebook fan page, you probably already saw what I’m talking about!

Here are the moves you’ll be learning:

1. Starfish (obliques, balance)

2. Clam Shell (butt, butt, butt)

3. Rainbow (obliques)

4. Swimming (low back, cardio)

5. Mermaid (side stretch)

Make sure you play the vid twice to do BOTH sides,

Good luck! Get to know these terms, so that if I ever say get down and do starfish, you’ll know what I am talking about.

Love, Cassey

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