Try this Ab Ripping Pilates Workout!

Try this Ab Ripping Pilates Workout!

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Couldn’t give you guys a new video this week so must make up with a written workout. Ready? Let’s go!

(just pretend I’m on video saying “c’mon guys, you’re worth it, let’s do it!!!! Halfway there!!!!)

  1. Warm up with the hundred (legs in table top, 90, or 45 in a diagonal) – 100x obviously
  2. Double leg stretch – 8x nice slow and controlled
  3. Double leg lifts – 20x
  4. Single leg drop – 20x alternating
  5. Single leg lift – 20x alternating
  6. Criss cross – 20x slow
  7. Criss cross – 20x super fast!!!!
  8. Roll up – 5x nice and slow
  9. Roll over – 8x nice and slow
  10. Earthquake – at least 1 minute! But go as long as you can!
  11. Plank – at least 1 minute, same as above.
  12. Elongated plank – at least 1 minute, same as above.

If you are unfamiliar with these terms just google them for now. I am working on a picture index for the pilates exercises. Coming soon! Taking the “a” and “b” shots on the beach 🙂

Also if you’ve been doing my POP Pilates videos you should know what I’m talking about!

Ok, gotta sleep now. It’s Big Island time tomorrow. I’ll try to film some POP Pilates on a volcano 🙂

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