Sample Sister Circuit Workout!

Sample Sister Circuit Workout!

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After little sleep and a 6 hour flight from Boston to the Bay Area, I decided it’d be a great idea to get excited for Hawaii with a fun and intense circuit! We must be bikini ready always!

So my sis and I got in our workout gear and KILLED IT in our living room. I haven’t worked out at home for years but let me tell you, we were sweating like crazy!!! I came up with a burpeelicious routine.

I challenge you to try this. It is a series of 10 exercises repeated one after the other – 50 sec performing move, 10 sec rest. Once all 10 exercises are completed, repeat the whole circuit 3 more times! In between each circuit you will rest for 1 full minute. The whole workout will take 44 minutes. It will fly by though especially if you’re with a friend!

Repeat this circuit 4x over!

  1. Pushups on toes
  2. Tuck jumps
  3. Releve or heel raises for calves
  4. Burpees
  5. Plank to side plank (switching side to side continuously)
  6. Charleston (see my POP Cardio Kick It workout)
  7. Elbow pushups or Up-Up-Down-Downs
  8. Lunge pulses right leg
  9. Lunge pulses left leg
  10. Hold Teaser with single leg drops

Ahh!!! It was so good!!! Let me know if you try it.

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