New Blogilates FORUM!!!!

New Blogilates FORUM!!!!


For the longest time, the Tumblr Q & A thing has been bogging me down because I love getting questions from you guys but answering the same thing over and over again made me wanna avoid it all together. At first, I was going to create an FAQ page but then stumbled across the idea of making a community forum!!!

I spent all afternoon trying to figure out how to make one and I just finished creating it just a few minutes ago. Here it is:

You can ask me questions there and the search button actually works so you can find if others have already asked the same thing. Best part is, you can also chime in and answer other people’s questions if you have any experience regarding the topic.

I am so excited! Start posting your questions now. Start with the Meet & Greet page to get warmed up. You’ll need to create an account but that takes 2 seconds.

Yay!!!!!!!!!!! (Jumping up in air, clicking heels!)

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  1. Ealaniz says:

    Where is the forum?!

  2. ela says:

    Hey Guys I just wanted to ask how dan I log in to blogilates app with just my blogilates account

  3. Lisa says:

    Any news on the forum .. is this going to be fixed soon ? Thanks

  4. Rylie says:

    Hey Cassey,

    What happened to the blogilates forum? It doesn’t work not matter how I put it in or search or click it! DX

  5. Gizem says:

    it doesn’t work =( =(

  6. Katrina Babiy says:

    So I’m a first time new mom and I really want to get back into shape after having my little boy, but in worried about affecting my milk supply by working out since I’m strictly breast feeding only. If I’m getting sufficient amounts of water I’m hoping that keeps my milk supply up, but what else do you recommend? How often should I work out? And do you think I should be working out?

    1. Katrina Babiy says:

      By the way he is only 2 months old.

      1. mememe says:

        that makes No sense. Did you research? Exercising doesn’t make your milk supply deplete.