Yes that is a ridiculously jumbo croissant about the size of my head

Yes that is a ridiculously jumbo croissant about the size of my head

Ahh, finally! Back home from the Orient and back to bloggin!

Most of my trip was based around food and business.

Food and business.

So I thought I’d start with some food, which of course I totally had too much of. In general, I thought China and HK was just like Chinatown in the states, except it was a never ending Chinatown.

Everyone was telling me, OMG the “real” Chinese food is so much better than US Chinese food. When I got to China and had some Cantonese, I was excited to find out what “authentic” Chinese was. When I took my first bite, all I could think was…and the explosion of different flavors comes…when? Turned out it was the same as the kind I’ve had all my life!

What I think they meant was, it aint no Panda Express. Well thank you parents for raising me on real Chinese and not General Tao’s chicken.

Anyway, one of the hardest things to do for me was EAT HEALTHY on this trip. Trust me, I tried. We went out every night and everything was so so oily. The first night I was so disappointed in myself for not staying “on track”. Then I just decided to wake up at 6am everyday and workout super hard to make up for it. So in this food blog post, you’ll find things that I do not recommend eating on a daily basis! But hey if you’re in a different country, give yourself some slack, taste to your heart’s desire, and make up for it with an intense workout!

Here’s my food blog journey in the Orient!

First night in Hong Kong. They have these smoothie stands where you can pick your fruit and they’ll juice it fresh for you. Amazing!

Everything on a stick. Literally.

Everything on a stick. In a 7-11!!!

Oh yes, finally an open street market full of fruit stands! I bought apples and bananas. YUM.

The biggest cucumber thing I have ever seen. Anyone know what that is!!??

Steamed buns in China. I love the whole street vendor food thing. It gives your food some extra personality that you can’t get when purchasing in store. Don’t ask me about cleanliness 😉 I didn’t die.

See those yellow things in there? That’s my favorite dessert ever. It’s a Chinese egg custard tart. I was so so so happy to find this lady who was selling them fresh from the oven. There was a huge line in front of her tiny bakery. It was sooooooo good.

I bought these as well. For lunch. I can’t tell you how many calories was in each. Let’s just not talk about it.

After I burned off that carbalicious sugarfied lunch with some shopping and walking, I found another HUGE line in front of this place selling “large fried chicken”. I contemplated for about 3 min whether or not I should indulge.

Large means size of my face. I ate the whole thing. EEK! Yum.

The next morning I let myself have some of my dim sum faves. The top picture is chee cheong fun (steamed long rice noodle with beef) in sweet soy sauce and the second is ha gao (steamed shrimp in a chewy noodle wrap). OMG YUM!

Random pic, but apparently McDonalds delivers.

Not Chinese food but can you please take a look at that Jumbo Croissant???? Size of my face.

Jumbo donut. Size of my face.

Jumbo Cinnamon Roll. Size of my face.

You guys may or may not know this but I am a big Man v. Food fan. This was so MVF material. I ended up buying the big and small of everything and giving it to my friend. That gave me so much pleasure. It was as if I had eaten it all myself 😉

Alright next post will actually be about what I did in China! It’s 5:30am now. I am so jet lagged. I guess I should go to bed!

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