5 Ways to Light the Fire Inside You | Day 12 of 90

When I first set out to take this journey, it was purely for myself. Then a few close friends said they were going to embark on their own versions. Some wanted to include more meditations. Some wanted to burn off the post baby weight. Some wanted to write songs everyday. Some wanted to finally get their lives under control.

It is crazy how infectious motivation can be. I’ve been seeing a good amount of you guys starting your own 90 day journeys too! That’s so cool.

For anyone who hasn’t caught the bug yet, but wants to – here are my tips for how you can light the fire inside of you!

HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF (to do anything!):

#1. Define your goal.

Whether it’s you wanting to get to a certain body fat % or you wanting to do 100 crunches without stopping or you wanting to finally run your first half marathon – make it SPECIFIC. That way you’ll know when you’re getting closer. Progress is incredibly motivational.

#2. Define your timeline.

If you’re setting a goal without a deadline, it becomes this nice dream that kind of just floats around in the air. If you want to get it done, you need to give your goal priority. You need to set a date for completion. When I told myself I had 12 weeks to get it done, my entire mindset shifted. I went into business-mode Cassey. I laid out my game plan for my 12 weeks and calculated the steps I needed to take to get there.

#3. Define your why.

Goals and deadlines are great, but without a purpose, it means nothing. Why are you willing to go through this? The journey will have plenty of great moments, but it will also have plenty of terrible moments where you’re going to ask yourself “Is this even worth it?” If your “why” is not deeply rooted in your soul, you will find yourself quitting.

I see a lot of people starting their own 90 Day Journeys – which is great – but don’t just do it because you saw me do it and you think you should too. That kind of thinking will have you giving up when times are rough.

Your “why” does not need to be as numerically specific as your goal. But the “why” needs to be strong enough to pull you up when you think you can’t keep going.

#4. Write.

Writing down what you’re doing every day and how you’re feeling gives you a sense of accomplishment. Whether or not you hit any mini goals that day, the literal act of writing is a wonderful thing because it allows time for reflection. It’s also incredibly therapeutic. As adults, we move through life too fast and forget to give ourselves a moment to quietly appreciate how capable we are as humans.

Everyday I am writing in my Fit Journal and on this blog – and let me tell you, it’s brought so much happiness and gratefulness to my life. It slows me down and clears my sometimes muddled thoughts. I look forward to the actual motion of filling in my meal boxes and writing down my workouts. It makes me feel like I’m completing my homework or something! I feel so much more whole after I write.

I suggest you keep a mini notebook or Fit Journal with you at all times. This has helped me stay super on track.

#5. Announce your goal to people who will support you.

Private goals are nice, but honestly, if you really want to get it done, there’s nothing better than having other people keep you accountable. The key thing here is to find trustworthy and supportive people who will keep you on track. You don’t need to tell the negative haters in your life. They’re just going to derail you. Tell the people that you know will want to see you succeed.

When I woke up that one Friday morning a week and a half ago and decided I was going to go on a 90 day Journey, the first person I told was Sam. I was nervous about it though because I knew I’d be getting backlash on the whole thing. But he encouraged me to do it for myself. I cried and told him I hadn’t been doing things for myself for a long time, and that I felt drained trying to be someone people wanted me to be. In that moment I knew that I 100% had to embark on this 90 Day Journey. I knew that no matter how many people would be against me, my biggest supporter would be there rooting for me the entire way.

Find your supporters and let them support you! It could be a family member, a friend, or even an online buddy you met through Blogilates.

Hope that helps! Any of you have goals you’re trying to accomplish?


Here’s my Fit Journal entry.

Monday I was lit on fire from the inside like a raging inferno! I don’t know what got into me but I woke up and was like “I want to take Pilates Reformer.” Then I was like “It’s only 2 mi away – I’ll run there!” by 8:15am I had done so much already!

The run felt so much lighter than ever! I don’t know why but maybe my cardio is getting better! Yay! I hate cardio so much so maybe on this journey I’ll learn to love it a tiny bit more ;P

After Pilates, and before we drove off to work, I made myself a keto smoothie. I mixed strawberries, avocado, MCT oil powder, protein powder, and almond milk together with ice. Unfortunately it was weird. So umm, I’ll need to give this another try!

After a couple meetings at work, I attended my intense stretching class. Good news. Middle splits were lower than ever before! Still hurts like crazy. BUT PROGRESS Y’ALL. No pic. Maybe next time.

There was no time to prep a home cooked lunch, so I ordered from Tender Greens. This is the Ahi Tuna salad with tomatoes, green beans, romaine lettuce, capers and an egg. I order this every single time I eat there. It’s my absolute fave.

It was a long day. Sam and I didn’t leave the office until 8:30pm which makes for a late dinner. We need to work on not eating so late. Oh well, at least traffic was a little better!

For dinner, I shredded some chicken drumsticks and had chicken tacos wrapped in butter lettuce, filled with pico de gallo, guacamole, and salsa.

The tacos were good, but not as good as this right here. You guys. Sweet peppers with baba ganoush is my new thing!!! OMG. It is absolute perfection! The sweetness and the crunch from the bell pepper is balances the creamy, slightly salty taste of the baba ganoush. I AM IN LOVE. You must try.

Have you been enjoying these blog posts lately? What else do you want to hear about?

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  1. Kelsey says:

    You are so motivational! I love following your blog because you’re so real and transparent about yourself lately♥️ any chance you could do a workout series for depression? I used to do your workout videos a lot but I’ve been dealing with some severe depression lately and I know I just don’t have the capacity to try one of the regular videos and offer myself grace for not going hard core. I’d just end up crying and that’s not productive. Just a thought! Keep doing what you’re doing☺️

  2. Saraahx says:

    It’s so cool how your friends and YouTube community are being inspired by you and doing their own 90 day journey-fitness journey! I’ve been wanting to do the 28 day reset challenge since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long since I was mentally there but wasn’t physically there. Which is sooo important to take into consideration as well!!! Lately, I’ve been craving to do it, my body seriously wants to be well nourished. To have much more fruits, veggies, fish (!!) and good carbs in its system. I might just buy your 12 Week Fit Journal now hehe. I appreciate all your tips.
    For some reason I find that the salad you had for lunch to look real fresh. Too bad I don’t live in the US – I would have liked trying that place. You also make me want to try the baba ganoush + bell pepper meal. I swear I feel like you make me want to try new things with your blog posts lately haha!
    (oh and good job on your middle splits)

  3. Jasmin says:

    I’ve been reading all your posts so far and I have to say – although you probably get this all the time – you are SUCH AN INSPIRATION. I used to dread working out and was never content with myself even if I did work out on a regular basis because my body didn’t change the way I wanted it to. Then I discovered your blog and videos and you’ve taught me to be proud of what I accomplished. I started noticing more how much stronger I was getting by following your workouts. To see that I can now complete some of your videos without straight up dying is SUCH a great feeling! What you said about you not wanting people to start a 90 day journey themselves JUST because you’re doing it was something that I actually really related to. I used to start jogging or follow a certain diet because some of my friends did. Now I do it for myself. I’ve been working out pretty consistently for the better part of this year but I’m not really seeing results when it comes to my figure yet. I see myself getting stronger and I’m so proud of that, but at the same time I’m quite sad that my positive mindset and motivation weren’t able to get me the results I wanted. I realized that my biggest problem is food. I absolutely love eating and I find it so hard to resist temptation (especially when I’m around family and friends)! Do you have any tips on how to structure a meal plan/diet that’s sustainable (aka I’ll be able to stick to it for more than 2 weeks HA)?
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Love, J 🙂

  4. caso0101 says:

    You are so inspiring! I’m totally taking you up on the journaling, I really hope it’ll help sorting my thoughts. I really love the blog posts, and your honesty is SO REFRESHING! Thank you! Maybe some more about entrepreneurship, finding your way and withstanding the pressure of conformity?

  5. Diana says:

    I am obsessed with these blog posts. I love reading about your life and your journey. It’s sad that you felt so much pressure to please people and not be yourself. You have to live for you. I would like to hear more about your life and future plans. Would you like to have kids someday?

  6. magdav21 says:

    The journaling thing is true! it keeps me motivated and helps me being consistent

  7. JediMissy says:

    Great post! I need to do better for myself so I can be better for everyone I love.

  8. Emma says:

    I’m loving the posts 🙂 So fun to have something to look forward to reading at the end of the day. I would love to hear about the best way to fit a healthy lifestyle change into a very busy schedule! I find it really hard to balance school, work, sleep, seeing family/friends, excersize, and healthy eating!!

  9. Eva says:

    I am always motivated by your blog, it’s part of my rejuvenation especially on a busy work day.

  10. Melanie says:

    I really want to get started, I’ve told myself a hundred times, I have a solid goal, a solid why, but when it comes down to it, I have no one who supports me. I have a baby, so that keeps me busy, i have very few friends and none of them are supportive of losing weight, or getting healthy because all they think is “oh a crash diet that’s not good” and then keep hammering that home. Even my family and S.O are telling me “why, you’re beautiful the way you are” and “you don’t need to lose weight” and they don’t listen to what I’m really saying, just what they want to hear and then make stuff up in their head and then I lose motivation because no one is behind me. Finding people to talk to about this on the internet is all well and good, but there is no face to face, in person interaction. To me, i could be lying and no one would know the difference. I plan in this long weekend being a last free range weekend and get it out of my system, then start on my journey.
    I don’t have a timeline because I want it to be continuous through the rest of my life.

    1. emily says:

      It’s so hard to not listen to all the voices around but try to shut them out. YOU CAN DO IT. If they aren’t listening, don’t bother telling them anymore cuz you are doing this FOR YOU! This is a great way of jump starting into a healthier lifestyle like you said. I’m glad Cassey is documenting the ups and downs of her journey. It’s authentic and real…it’s not for everyone but it’s definitely for some of us:) Maybe set up your own blog or find a group online like https://www.reddit.com/r/90daysgoal/ to join for encouragement/accountability.
      Just remember to take baby steps. I never do really well to suddenly restrict my eating. It’s much easier to cut out an afternoon snack + increase exerecise by 15min/day and work your way to be able to cut out carbs. Mental strength and discipline take time to build up. GOOD LUCK!

  11. Emily says:

    My goal is to get 30 mins of activity every day for the next 90 days as well as to journal daily. Thanks for inspiring me to embark on a 90 day journey, Cassey. You are awesome. Haters gonna hate. Bet they are not making themselves into the best versions of them. You got this, girl! 🙂

  12. Rob says:

    These are some very good tips for motivating yourself. I especially like telling people who will support you because it holds you accountable. You don’t want to be known as the one who’s all talk no action!

  13. Jenny says:

    Goals: Blog/journal every day for 90 days, track diet for ways to better support a high energy lifestyle, go back to therapy and ask about EMDR, do not avoid opportunity because you think you are not talented enough, keep reading (I’ve been on a kick reading 2ish library books a month), pointedly exercise and track your progress, keep slightly modifying your home to make it feel like the best possible refuge, floss (I hate flossing!).

    I’m mostly trying to battle anxiety & feel better in my day-to-day. The end-journey “celebration” is doing the Tofurky Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning with my husband.

  14. Kristina says:

    I finally took the time to sit down today and start reading through your 90 day journey blog posts. The consensus is: I love it! I think it’s great that you’re sticking to what’s right for you and putting your foot down. I recently finished grad school and that was tough. My self care was pretty non-existent. If I took a shower and got some sleep I considered it a win. I just started a new job about two weeks ago and realized that this is the perfect time to really focus on myself. Your blog inspired me to start journaling on my own. It’s not something that anyone else sees, but it help me really reflect on what I’m eating and how it’s making me feel. In just the few short days I’ve been keeping track I’m already realizing the food that I’ve been eating that makes me feel really good and the food that just makes me feel gross. I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey and can’t wait to continue mine!

  15. I love your blogs and your tips are so helpful. I have so many goals but I am so scared to set deadlines, risking failure. But you’re oh so inspiring and lovely. You’re the best kind of people out there!

  16. Mafil says:

    I am religiously following your 90-day journey and am loving every single post! I am very interested to hear about how you make and choose your meals while having a partner to share meals with? I avoid eating certain foods like carbs and dairy because it messes with my digestive system, but my partner has no issues. This makes for me wanting to be selective with meals and groceries difficult at times because we both don’t want to end up shopping for two different types of eaters.

    Has this ever happened between you and your husband? And how did it work itself out?

  17. Steph says:

    I love seeing how your meals have evolved over the years, it feels like the food you post now is totally different than 5-10 years ago. I would definitely echo the sentiment that some cheap clean eats episodes would be awesome.

  18. LisaZ19 says:

    Loving your blogs! Also to answer your other question, my goals are to tone up my tummy and arms and learn to dance.

  19. Elena says:

    Cassey you are such an inspiration to so many, please use your power for good and switch to reusable tupperware and cups! I see you always eating things in disposable containers and this is so incredibly bad for our environment. There are super easy options for not using disposable plates/cutlery/cups and even grocery bags. Just take the time to look into this please, you’d inspire so many other people to do the same!!!

    1. Angela says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

  20. Laura says:

    Yes Casey! I love these posts, I want to thank you for your advices because my journey it starts to lose the purpose. 😄 So this is on point. Love you! Also I want to see how you give you a treat or a spoiling moment beside food.

  21. angdutton says:

    I am loving reading such positive achievements and happiness from you everyday Cassie!! Keep going girl!

  22. Ajibola says:

    I can’t express how totally happy i am for you. I love this new attitude, seizing control of your happiness.
    I started a big journey of my own a while back. The final check point is next year June but i have smaller checkpoints through out. It’s been so much fun and tasking and summer has just been amazing, the problem is I’m going back to school in less than two weeks. I would totally find time with my university schedule. The problem is my roommates. I feel extremely uncomfortable working out in front of people. They keep asking me why I’m doing it or they jokingly say i should coach them or they just make weird comments. I still won’t stop, it’s just going to take a lot for me to find a comfortable time to continue so the fact that you push on just encourages me

  23. Erica Anderson says:

    I love reading your blog posts! And I am rooting for you! I find your positive outlook so refreshing and inspiring. Go, Cassey, Go!!!

  24. Just your recàps are pretty perfect and entertaining! I love how supportive Sam is in your journey. I need someone supportive ad that in my journey!

  25. PENNY YEAN says:

    I love to read your blogposts! From your Day 1 till now, everyday I open my computer I check out your latest post! This is motivating~~ Jia You Cassey!! (Jia You means keep it up in chinese) Casseyy

  26. Elena Penny says:

    I think I’m a perfect example of doing things for yourself because I have been on my weight loss journey for about 2 months now, and when I saw you were doing a 90 day journey for yourself, I thought this could help me rev things up. So while I only did it for a week, I stopped because it wasn’t making me happy. My own routine I had before made me happy because I was losing weight and still allowing myself a treat meal or dessert but with my 90 days I didn’t allow any of that, and I find that it wasn’t sustainable for me. I am still eating healthy, just not as restrictive. So Cassey is totally right, make sure you are doing what makes you happy or know your why because you will end up quitting.

    1. Ruchi says:

      Cassey, this is Ruchi from Delhi, India. I did the June summer sculpt program and believe me those 30 days were a turning point. I feel I have way more stamina now. I had been teaching bhangra – highly energetic dance and I had done half marathons but the joy and strength I received after finishing June program is something I have never experienced before. My cardio especially when it comes to running has improved and it doesn’t feel like a huge task (just like you mentioned) and my legs are way stronger and stretching has improved as well. You put in a lot of time really into people and rightly felt by you that you need to take care of yourself also. Else the mind can become too active and addicted to success and growth and learning all the time. Thank you very much for helping me get back on track with regular fitness routine. Now I don’t miss it for the world!

  27. Tori says:

    I am loving your posts! I, along with so many others it sounds like, decided to do a 90 day journey as well and your blog is a huge motivator for me. I’ve been following you since 2012, and I LOVE these regular blog posts; so reminiscent of a few years ago. I look forward to reading them every day. Cassey, you do you. Props to you for continuing on this journey and sharing this journey with us, even when there was some controversy. You are an inspiration in more ways than one! I’m excited to see the rest of your journey!

  28. Aaliyah says:

    I loveeee these blog posts about your journey , they’re so real and inspiring & honestly always keep me super motivated; please continue to post how your truly feeling throughout these 90 days with no filter, even on the hardest days. Love you so much cassey! continue working hard it’ll all be worth it 💗

  29. Beatriz says:

    Just writing to leave my love here, I love reading you and I am cheering for you everyday!!

  30. Ula says:

    I don’t like cardio very much like you, but this summer I’ve started doing it more, I love kickboxing and I’m really getting better, so I understand you perfectly

  31. killmotion says:

    I have been loving your posts, Cassey. I started following you in late 2013/early 2014 and you were posting a lot back then and it really motivated me. For my own reasons a few years later I fell off the workout bandwagon and was very off and on for the past 2ish years but this year has been my year of resurgence. And all the clothes I bought after losing weight/inches the first time that I couldn’t fit into anymore these past few years are fitting again and I couldn’t be more pleased. I wouldn’t mind some more of your Cheap Clean Eats series!

  32. Ania says:

    Posts like this when you are telling us, what were you doing and eating are great way to meet you better, so thank you for your honesty 🙂

  33. Jacklyn says:

    I love reading your posts… They are so motivational and truthful! I’m doing my own journey but haven’t set really anything permanent yet because I’m just trying to be in a regular workout regime and your #30dayglutechallenge is really helping with that! I’m just trying to figure what what to do after the challenge is done! 💜 You Cassey and keep up the amazing work!

  34. Julie says:

    I’ve been on a “journey” of my own since about 8 weeks ago. My “why”s — stop looking pregnant (I had an incident and was mortified), so I don’t become diabetic (had it temporarily while pregnant with baby 1), and so I feel kind of normal again after so much change in life (having 2 kids).

    Reading your posts definitely helps me focus on my goals when I am inevitably feeling like going too far off the rails, even though I’m taking a different approach. I didn’t set a specific numeric goal and am going by feel and clothing. My actual weight goal is just a few pounds, but it’s such a mind game for me to see the fluctuations to the point where it would actually derail me even more.

  35. Conny says:

    I totally agree on the “why”-point. As a kid I always wanted to be a national champion in something (I didn’t mind in what….just anything) but I was never allowed to do any sport because of my asthma. As a grown up I found a great trainer who was willing to give me a try. Well, I ended up becoming national champion in women’s olympic boxing in 2015. But let me tell you, when they say it takes blood, sweat and tears they do not kid you…..especially with tears. But after that my “why” was gone, because I had what I wanted and about 1.5 years later I quit.
    But I have to say that I really learned so much from this experience and I am glad that I kept pushing through.

  36. YeasminAlo says:

    Hi Cassey You tips and blogs are incredibly motivating, 😍 I hope to apply your tips in my everyday life ☺ #blogarmy ❤

  37. Khyati says:

    Hey Cassey! I have been on my own journey since June and since then I had just one cheat day (today because it was my birthday!) But the way you blog really makes me feel more motivated to continue on my journey. I finished the July calendar very religiously and so am I finishing the August calendar. I’m also following the glute challenge. Having you update every day makes me feel like I’m doing it with my elder sister! Much love! Keep blogging like this!

    1. Conny says:

      Happy Birthday!

      1. Khyati says:

        Thank you! 🙂