Move of the day: Cobra Push Up

Move of the day: Cobra Push Up

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I did a push up challenge this week in my classes and one of the stars of the workout was the Cobra push up! Very graceful…maybe even a little seductive. This takes a lot of upper body strength so don’t be discouraged if you can’t do it with attempt #1.

This move works your chest, arms, and core.

A. Start in plank on palms

B. Then pretend you have a bar (limbo bar) in front of your head and try to bring your head under it, then your back as you lower yourself into a chest pushup. If you go low enough your chest will graze the mat.

C. Once you’ve slithered under the bar, come into a full cobra with straight arms

D. Then come back to plank and repeat

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  1. Ooo, so excited to try this one!