Help me find a cool name for my men’s yoga bag line…

Help me find a cool name for my men’s yoga bag line…

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing ok here in tumblr land. I will post answers to all of your questions tomorrow, Friday!


I am having sooooooooooo much trouble trying to come up with a name for my men’s yoga bag line. I have no idea what to call it. One tumblr person suggested that I use “homme” (which means man in French) and I really liked that idea, so I took the “h” off, made it “omme” much like the yoga “om” and thought it was brilliant! Too bad the domain was nearly $9,000.


So here’s a challenge to you! Do you know have any ideas for a great men’s yoga bag brand? If it is unisex, even better since the brand may evolve to include both men’s and women’s bags plus activewear in the future. Please comment below and HELP ME!


Just a thought, but anyone interested in a sexy Pop Pilates tank? Or fitted tee? These would be cool contest prizes too!


Oh and one more thing – I have a new feature on my Pop Pilates Youtube Channel that allows you to directly vote on what video you want to see me film next. The one with the most votes automatically determines the next release. If you don’t see something you like, suggest your own idea and have others vote on it. Go here to submit.

Okay, thanks for all of your help guys. I love getting your questions – will post answers soon alrighty?

Love, Cassey

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  1. Pamela Kimmel says:

    Hi there, your site and u-tubes were referred to me today. Love it! so the name for your men’s line is…YogaDogs not togs as in clothing, and we know men can be dogs : ) and we do downward dog! So there it is.. or wait maybe it is YogaTog with an om sign hanging off of and below the g..which could stand for M as in men or omm whichever.. what about omhombre? ok, enough for now I could get carried away. I’m going to check your u-tube videos. Good weekend to you! pk