The 10×10 Workout

The 10×10 Workout

No not a 10×10 from In N Out…


But a total body sculptor! 10 minutes, 10 moves.

1. Squat pulses, stay low, 1 min

2. Plank w/ alternating leg lefts, 1 min

3. Push ups, on knees or toes, 1 min

4. Burpees, 1 min

5. Tricep dips, 1 min

6. Mountain Climbers, 1 min

7. Push ups on medicine ball, rolling ball between hands on every pushup to create uneven surface, 1 min

8. Broad jumps, 1 min

9. Leg lifts, 1 min

10. Crunch with legs in a split “L” shape position, 1 leg up towards ceiling, other one parallel to floor and not touching the ground, 1 min

Repeat this 4 times and you’ve got a KILLER 1 hr workout that will melt fat and build muscle. Take a 1 min break between each full round. Take no more than a 15-20 sec break between each move if you need it.

Have fun! Try this! Do you know all the moves?

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  1. Micki says:

    Hmm, what are broad jumps?! I will look around for an example.