1 Min Punching Ab Challenge!

1 Min Punching Ab Challenge!

Heyyyyyyaaaa my lovelies!!!!

So Livestrongwoman just posted my first intro workout for y’alls on their channel. It’s a 1 min punching ab challenge. You’ll want to keep your core tight, your legs straight, and twist ‘n punch as hard as you can. This will help you target your whole abdominal section like nutso.

Just so you know, YES I will still be putting vids up 2x a week on Blogilates and as much as I can on BlogilatesTV for food hauls, recipes, Ask Cassey’s etc. Livestrongwoman is another channel you should subscribe to because that is where my super crazy HD quality vids will be. These vids are for my new show “Pilates Bootcamp”. The workouts are at least 15 min long and they are super duper fun and are filmed at a super duper location 🙂 I think you will love!!!!

“Pilates Bootcamp” airs on August 13th and will be an every monday type of thing. You can check out Livstrongwoman’s channel here.


I just got back from watching Beach Volleyball and guys, let me tell you, I normally do not like watching sports AT ALL…but this had me excited and on the edge of my seat constantly! It was a blast!!!

So fast paced, suspense, great music, a funny announcer – it was like a parrrrrtttaaayyyyy!

Do you like watching sports games? Which ones?

Oh!!! Totes forgot but will you please go and like or leave a YouTube comment on this new Livestrong video? Let’s show em what the Blogilates Community is all about!!!!

K love u so much,

<3 Cassey

PS – yes. the royal hotness workout is coming!!! it’s coming!!

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  1. ellie says:

    i love you blog, thanks for always inspiering me (:

  2. So many exciting things! Congratulations!

  3. matison says:

    Ahh! i’m so happy for you that you are getting a show. you’re amazing and definitely deserve it! i can’t wait to watch it and stay fit with you.

  4. maria says:

    congrats on the new show, lady! lots of luck and success to you.


  5. Lily Nguyen says:

    Cassey!i have a question:when you were shooting for your show on Livestrongwomen, you mentioned you had to time your meals so your tummy doesn’t look full. I was wondering how you managed that because every time I eat it looks like a food baby 🙁