1 Ingredient All Natural Banana “Ice Cream” Recipe

Banana Ice Cream

You are going to be so pleased with this…all you need for this concoction is a couple overripe bananas and a food processor.


Take your overripe banana, peel, and cut into small chunks or coins. Then freeze. Once frozen, whip out your food processor and blend it all up for a few minutes. Keep scraping down as it may get stuck. That’s it! You’ve got a sweet and custardy treat that seriously tastes like ice cream! If you’re only using 1 medium banana, then your ice cream is about 100-120 calories.

To add more flavor you can also add honey and peanut butter while blending.

Have fun! Let me know how yours turns out.

Have a Happy 4th of July Weekend!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Sarah says:

    Will a blender work just as well? If so, what setting should I put it on and for how long?


  2. tiana says:

    Well done Cassy,
    You are amazing

  3. Bxlhobbit says:

    Great idea! Tahnks for sharing.

    use half of fruit (any frozen fruit) + half of Greek yogurt + a bit of honey. Simple, healthy, delicious! 😉

  4. Arzu says:

    1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, half cup cold milk….blend until smooth… Amazing…

  5. Malou says:

    I just tried this! It is amazing – really!
    You have to wait a minute or two before you blend the bananas (I was too desperate 😉 )
    I putted some frozen raspberries in the blender too – and that improved the taste!

  6. Sydney says:

    I wonder how’d this taste with frozen peaches…maybe some almond milk and vanilla .
    Does adding ice destroy the whole thing or..?

  7. Radka says:

    Delicious. Just tried and it was amazing! Love it 🙂

  8. Renata says:

    Hmm I tried this but mine didn’t really turn out fluffy or creamy, more like banana puree. Should I have wizzed it for longer maybe? Any ideas?

  9. Hailey says:

    Made this with frozen strawberries and bananas and added the peanut butter…omg delicious!!! Thanks Cassie!!!

  10. Kay says:

    When my children were young, I used to put 1/2 a banana on Popsicle sticks and then freeze them. (Sometimes I spread peanut butter on the bananas before freezing). They were delicious and my boys thought they were such a treat!

  11. Nina says:

    AWESOME ICE CREAM!!!! I just made it for the first time and thats def going to be on my weekly meal plan as dessert or snack or something. It is DELICIOUS! THANK YOU CASSEY!

  12. Parker says:

    It was perfect! I just finished it, and ate it, and it was amazing. I chopped up 2 baby banana’s and froze them for 3 hours. Then I put it in the blender with a scoop of peanut butter, a few TBSP of almond milk, and vanilla extract, to enhance the taste. IT WAS AMAZING ! The taste, SO good. Thanks for this, Cassey

  13. Amaaira says:

    Do you think this would be good with a banana that isnt ripe?

  14. Beth says:

    Yummy! I love to make banana ice cream! I have added strawberries and cocoa powder before (not at the same time!), but I have never tried adding peanut butter! Next time I will try it!

  15. Asha says:

    I like to make mine by adding 1 TBSP each of milk (almond would work fine) and unsweetened cocoa powder. It tastes just like chocolate icecream, with a slight banana-y taste (which makes it even better) (:

  16. Fitnessforlife says:

    Amazing! but i added frozen strawberries to mine and cut them up a bit before i put them in the blender, so healthy and tasty :p

  17. Jennifer says:

    How long would you freeze the banana?

  18. Annette says:

    Tried this today and it was awesome – it seriously tastes like ice cream and was so easy to make! On top of that, it’s such a great way to get rid of overripe bananas!

  19. Sades says:

    Some people might think that this is strange but I looove adding green tea matcha powder to this! Green tea matcha is the same stuff they use at starbucks for their green tea latte and you can find it in asian markets or specialty tea shops. Its soo good for you and tastes great!

    1. Stephanie says:

      Hahaha I DO THE SAME !! I am forever in love with Matcha Tea and i try to put that green powder EVERYWHERE i can.. while I am drinking one !! 😛

  20. Kate says:

    I’ve made this many times since I first saw the recipe this summer. It’s tastes like such a treat, yet is so healthy. Like the previous person, I like adding chocolate for a special treat, and some of my friends like adding unsweetened natural peanut butter.

  21. Jade says:

    I add 1/4 cup of soy/almond milk, some walnuts, and if I want a chocolate twist, I add a tablespoon of natural cocoa powder (unsweetened).

    1. blogilates says:

      ohhh sounds divine