Am I relapsing? | Day 3 of 90

I’ve been reading all of your comments and umm, let’s just show some of them right here:

“She is relapsing into another eating disorder!”

“She needs to get psychiatric help.”

“She’s got a mental illness and a psychological problem.”

First of all, I appreciate your concern for me – I really do – but telling someone they have a mental illness and that I need psychological help without EVEN KNOWING ME is uhh – how do I say this – REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, MEAN AND OFFENSIVE.

Can we please remember that my goal for the 90 days is to work out and eat better? Did I ever say anything about hating my body, thinking I was disgusting, and that I would go as far as starving myself and getting plastic surgery to look perfect? Nope, didn’t think so.

I think it’s funny that some people think I can’t go from “eat whatever you want – zero guilt!” to a Lazy Keto without being a hypocrite. Have you ever stopped to think that we live our life in seasons? Kinda like how in HIIT and PIIT28 workouts you have periods of intense exercise and periods of rest. SAME THING WITH LIFE. There’s times when you grind hard at work and times when you chill out on vacation. To me, it is the same thing when it comes to food and exercise. Maybe that’s not how you live – but that’s how I function. Cuz when I go hard, I GO REALLY HARD.

And I guess that’s why some of you think I am relapsing. You don’t know who this hard core Cassey is. This Cassey that sets goals and grinds day and night to crush them – NO MATTER WHAT. If you think I’m being intense. I AM. I am an intense person. In business. In academics. In relationships. And in…you guessed it – fitness.

Some of you haven’t seen hard core Cassey in a while. Some of you don’t know her at all because maybe you met me when I was healing. Hard core Cassey went hard core for a long time and didn’t let herself have rest periods. So eventually…hard core Cassey broke.

Several years of healing and tons of self work later, I am so proud to say that I no longer have guilt when I eat things that pizza, burgers, and ice cream sundaes. Cassey back in 2012 would have been terrified – I mean absolutely shaking at the thought of having to eat a banana. I’ve been much softer with myself over the years, and in doing so, it allowed me to overcome my fear of food and the scale.

For the record, I am in a very happy and healthy mental state that I have worked VERY hard for. I’m good to embark on this 90 day journey, so please do not worry about me. I do however, appreciate your concern because I know it comes from a good place. If you are currently going through any of your own disordered eating issues, please take time away to take care of yourself and practice self love. Give yourself space and give yourself grace.


Here is my day 2 Fit Journal entry. Signed up for a CrossFit class without knowing it…hahaha…so I am VERY SORE today! Also you may notice that I am not a breakfast eater. I am just not hungry in the morning! I keep forgetting to look at the clock before I go to sleep so I can’t fill out my sleep box! 🙁 Also, water wise, I’m currently not tracking since I think I’m doing ok here with hydration.

After CrossFit class, I went to eat brunch with an old high school friend. We checked out Bondi Harvest in Santa Monica and it was amazing for the most part. I ordered this bowl with cauliflower rice, greens, and salmon! It was so flavorful, fresh, and perfect for my 90 Day Journey!

I also wanted to try out this bulletproof matcha drink they had on the menu. I asked the cashier what the ingredients were since I am familiar with the concept of bulletproof coffee but I don’t drink coffee…so I wanted to MAKE SURE that there wasn’t gonna be any coffee in this! I asked specifically “is there any coffee in this?” and he said no, it’s just a shot of matcha and MCT oils. So anyway, when I got the drink, took a sip and nearly spit it out! (For those of you who don’t know, I can’t drink coffee because I have oversensitive tastebuds so coffee and chocolate both taste super bitter and medicinal to me!)

Went back to the guy who sold me the bulletproof matcha and claimed that he warned me that there was coffee in it and I was like…whaaaaat? HE SO DID NOT. Anyway, he would not replace the drink because he said matcha was too expensive. So I ended up giving my drink to my friend. Weird.

For dinner, I made lettuce tacos filled with chicken, mushroom, onion, and zucchini. I topped it with guac and salsa and had 2 cups of homemade turkey chili on the side!

In the chili, there’s tomato paste, garlic, ground turkey, hatch chile peppers, bell peppers, and zucchini. I seasoned with a little cumin. That is it! I don’t really have a recipe. I just kinda do it to taste each time.

I always make a huge pot of chili so now I have chili meal prep for days! The chili also tastes better the longer it sits, so I can’t wait to eat em all this week!

Got these at Trader Joes. I like snacking, so these were great. Kinda spicy, kinda salty. This flavor also come in cashews if that’s more your thing.

After dinner, I made myself a matcha collagen almond milk tea drink. I’m taking collagen to help grow my hair and nails and keep my skin smooth. Collagen powder dissolves very easily (in hot or cold liquid) but if you end up buying these matcha green tea powders from Trader Joes, just make sure you whisk it first or else it will get clumpy!

A matcha whisk looks like this:

There you go! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging 3 days in a row now!! Whoo!!! Feeling free, feeling good, and feeling MYSELF. I think this 90 day journey is gonna be such a positive experience for me. It already is so far 🙂

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  1. apoorva says:

    hey cassey, firstly i feel what you did is amazing, i too am inspired by you and am planning to start something similar hopefully it gives me the results i am aiming for, secondly can you please suggest me a collagen powder that you have been using ….

  2. Larissa Muske says:

    I´m so in love with your 90 day journey! I begun my own yesterday and one of my habits is to read every day one day of your journey to stay motivated. You inspire me to do this. Thank you! Lovely greetings from Germany <3

  3. Apple Bagsic says:

    Ive been busy for a couple of months too.. im just reading your 90day challenge now.. I just saw your IG photo and looked how gorgeous and fit you are! Youve always been an inspiration! Im so proud of you girl! I am too is a lazy keto.. i started 153lbs (5ft height) May 2019.. Im at 139lbs now.. i dont do workouts but i love walking and sight-seeing.. I still eat carbs sometimes but i dont feel guilty about it.. im happy that i lose even just 1lb.. reading your blogs makes me wanna add workout to my keto diet :3 keep inspiring people Cassey, just be you! Stay happy and healty!

  4. Rach says:

    I’m sorry if you have answered this already but…your good journal. Where did you get it?

  5. Itzel says:

    I’m looking for motivation because I seem to gain the weight I lost … but I’m planning on getting back on it again! Funny how the first time I started I did it with your videos and now I’m doing it again. You are AMAZING!!

  6. Ness says:

    As long as you are eating, as long as you are losing weight safely, as long as you are in a good mental place I have no clue why people are trying to hold you back from becoming your best self. It’s actually harmful to comment and tell someone that having a fitness goal is sign of an ED. That is absolutely ridiculous. Do I hate fatphobia? Yes. Do I hate diet culture? Yes. But setting personal goals for personal reasons isn’t against the body positivity movement nor supporting diet culture since based on these pictures she’s EATING and getting nutrition, you silly balloon heads.

  7. Elaine says:

    I’m sorry you’re getting these negative comments. I’d love to tell you to ignore them but it must be difficult in your business since you’re constantly being bombarded by people’s opinions. I don’t understand how eating healthy and changing up your workout routine to maximize calorie burn brings about comments like you’ve received. Since when is eating healthy, and we can all see from your fitness journal that you’re eating healthy foods, not starving yourself, so what are they going on about? Once you have an eating disorder (I was 82 lbs at 19 years old and gave a terrible relationship with food and body image since then. It’s like being an alcoholic or drug addict -you’ll always have the addiction, it’s how you choose to live after quitting that will get you through the days in a healthy and happy way. I’ll always have a crazy relationship with food, all ED people will, but that doesn’t mean that “dieting” equals going back to bad habits, starvation, binging and purging. It means we’ve gained weight and aren’t at our best physically, mentally and emotionally because of it and we’re fihhting back to reclaim our physically, mentally and emotionally healthier selves.

    These commenters who are judging you need to chill and really read and understand what your saying, stop jumping to conclusions and making unsubstantiated assumptions, and unwarranted and unsolicited mean comments.

    Keep it up! Peace out!

  8. Karissa says:

    I love that you are listening to YOUR body and doing what you think is right for you! What’s so wrong with having goals and wanting to track your progress, challenge yourself, improve yourself? Nothing at all! You’re a professional and an amazing inspiration. Just because you are doing things a little differently than in the past doesn’t mean its a bad thing. People are so quick to judge and so scared of change or the fact that other people change. I can totally relate to the “seasons of life” part you wrote about- love it & love reading your posts. I’ve been following you & working out with you since 2012. People will always be quick to judge but keep un-apologetically being you and they can take it or leave it! xx

  9. corrie says:

    Casey, you just said you are the heaviest you have ever been. And it bothers you.
    Don’t feel guilty about it. What you had become might not be the way you feel good, and that is OK.
    I like that you are honest with it, and still try to be the body positive best friend everybody can have.
    But you do you.

  10. Ariella Doreo says:

    So I think maybe you should take some unposed photos, because you say you’re doing it yo measure progress, but how can you when its posed to make you look like you have a thigh gap when you probably don’t.

    Front facing photo, your feet are together, just not the heels and you’ve pushed your hips back which gives the illusion a gap is there. Because when you are facing the other direction your feet are not together and its the same distance.

    Might be something you did subconsciously without even thinking about it. Just wanted to bring it up.

    1. Leticia says:

      I’m sorry, but I noticed she did not even post pictures of herself in this post. Also, I am sure she took more pictures of her body for her own progress track. (which is really not about her thigh gap) If her measurements are correct, then why even think about the thigh gap? It isn’t a goal.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hey Cassey, I actually met you in 2012 when you were in London. I’m interested to know what the feelings are behind the desire to lose weight? Please feel free not to address this if it’s intrusive. I would not ask if you weren’t engaging with people here, and I’m sorry if it upsets you. Not my intention.

  12. Saraahx says:

    And the waiter is the kind of (dishonest) people that piss me the hell off!!!!

  13. Saraahx says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen what you were up to on your IG so I haven’t read these comments. I can understand where some of them are coming from. Maybe some people mean well. Maybe they don’t and are just here to hurt you. I think that either way, we should be careful about choosing our words. Sometimes people don’t much how much it can’t hurt/destroy them. Anyhow! I like the “did I ever said anything abut hating my body” part, it made me laugh, like “BOOM YOU IDIOTS! You’re dumb for misinterpreting me and pretending like you exactly know how I feel about myself” haha. You gotta tell people to get over themselves at times!

    I’m glad that you’re able to eat whatever you want without feeling guilt.It must have been very hard after all these years of fear and frustration.
    Your meals look delish, especially the lettuce tacos and the chili!

  14. Heather says:

    As someone with a food allergy, I would have said something to the manager. People like that waiter have no business being in food service.

  15. Wendy says:

    I’m proud of you! Want to see more tips of your lazy keto lifestyle. Where do I look?

  16. Rachel says:

    I’ve followed you for years because I loved your workouts and your attitude. I loved your focus on being strong and healthy and on loving the burn. I followed you because I believed in you and trusted that you had something to teach me.
    None of that has changed! Why would it? You’re still you, and I still believe in you, and I still trust you. You are smart and aware and I know you know what you’re doing, even if it looks slightly different from what you did before. Can’t wait for more updates and thanks for being honest and brave with us!

  17. Jen says:

    Cassey I love you but you’re literally calling yourself fat for weighing 136…

  18. Tien says:

    Just want you to know that we love you cassey, we always support you no matter what, cause thanks to your channel, i started make workout to be a part of my everyday life style, i eat things good to my body but still taste good, no restricted diet anymore, and that will be my lifestyle for my whole life, yayy. My body starts changing a little bit every week

  19. Noura says:

    People need to calmmm downnn lol. I honestly have struggled myself with weight loss and strength. Even when I was at my smallest pants size I had zero strength and didn’t have the will to push myself to work hard. I admire your determination. And honestly as long as you’re happy with yourself physically and mentally, who cares what other people think! I’m thankful that you’re even sharing this journey because it helps me personally know what foods are better for me to eat most of the time and how to balance comfort food with healthy food. You’re awesome, doing great, and an inspiration!

  20. Anna G says:

    Wow! This response to your fitness journey saddens me. At first when I read your very first blog post I was upset. Then I realized how much you’ve changed. I’ve felt that change and I only knew you from 2014 on. I think what people are missing is the fact that you were letting food and exercise and opinions “scare” you again but in the opposite way. Afraid to lose weight because you chose to share your journey with an eating disorder with the public. And if you shared that, they would have exactly this response. What people don’t understand is not being afraid of the scale, eating right and exercising correctly is all part of recovery. I think people are afraid for you. But you’re going to grow and change and fail and succeed. If you do get caught up and have a relapse that’s OKAY! There is not shame in relapsing if you’re able to pick yourself up again and learn from it. I am so proud of you Cassey! I am so excited to see strong, fierce, sassy Cassey back! I can’t wait to walk through your journey with you

  21. QAnita says:

    Cassey, I am so happy that you started blogging again. I am looking forward to your posts.
    What are you doing now, sharing your journey to a healthier body and mind, is what I call supporting “loving your body” movement!
    Being “body positive” has nothing to do with one’s desire to be healthy. Being body positive means NOT to judge any body type or someones journey, regardless of their goals. The ones that wrote you those comments what movement are they really supporting then? Because it doesn’t seem that they accept or support you in any way.

    Cassey, just do you, be you, and be happy!

  22. Alli says:

    I am so glad I found your blog. I think it’s great that you are taking care of YOU. You are the only one who knows what is best for you… thank you for being such an inspiration!

  23. Emma says:

    Go Cassey, I’m going to enjoy reading about your journey! But can’t relate to not eating breakfast, I’m starving by 9am if I don’t eat something!

  24. lexy says:

    i really like that you m don’t eat breakfast. not necessarily that you DONT, just that you dont do something that others say is necessary in order to lose weight. like i know i’ve seen a lot of people say “if you want to lose weight, don’t forget to eat breakfast!”, but you don’t eat it because you’re not hungry. i don’t know, that just really resonates with me. it reminds me everybody’s body is different and what works for the majority might not work for yourself .

  25. Diana says:

    Wow. I do believe a lot of the negative comments are people that are concerned and maybe even projecting a bit. I think most people probably see you as someone who is already healthy and eating right and are going overboard with this challenge. I know me personally I struggle a little bit with orthorexia and wanting to be healthy. I feel like most days I don’t make a good enough effort and should probably be doing some type of challenge to jumpstart myself into being healthier. But I just can’t seem to start or stick with it for some reason.

  26. Laney says:

    Literally you are killing it Cassey! Feeling good in your body is important and you are doing it in such a healthy way! I wish people wouldn’t hate on such a positive person

  27. nabs says:

    Hey Cassey! You should try out F45 if there’s one near you. It’s functional fitness with cardio and strength days depending on the day. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new type of workout 🙂

  28. Yelena says:

    Cassey, there are a lot of folks online who will say mean and inconsiderate things just because. Don’t pay attention. You are amazing. Your workouts helped me recover after my surgeries (even though I’m far from full-strength yet). Your positivity and energy are amazing! Please continue doing what you are doing – being a star!

  29. Andrea says:

    Perfect!! I just learned last year when I was 27 that our body and life goes through seasons, so to not freak out over changes. Because usually its temporary periods. THIS HAS CHANGED MY OUTLOOK ON FITNESS AND NUTRITION!!! I’ve finally found a balance where I dont guilt trip if I want a dessert or chips or whatever. So glad you shared this and totally agree!!
    Idk if your watch tracks sleep but that’s what I would use to write for my sleep hours since I too will fall asleep before I realize. Lol!

  30. Maisha says:


  31. Yolanda says:

    That is the worst customer service possible. Restaurants honestly need to be more mindful of explaining what’s in each dish/meal..

  32. Sweetiepie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your food, I find it so hard to cook for my son and husband right now, they are not vegetable eaters and love seeing new ideas for dieting. Especially since I have not heard of most of the items you mentioned. Not much of a selection for dieting stuff in our local grocery stores in ND. I think you have a great handle on what is good and bad for you, don’t let others tell you otherwise. We are all so different.

  33. Steph x says:

    Cassey! I think you are awesome and am Loving hearing about your 90 day journey! Keep doing you because it’s beautiful 🧡

  34. Mickey Chong says:

    Cassey, you are one of the healthiest and bravest fitness instructor that is so flexible with your diet. Seriously, your body is soooo….well-toned and beautiful. But obviously, everyone has their own ideal goal to become the best. I do understand how you work hard to get that great body, as I have that problem too. I have one question : my body fat is 26.3%. How can i reduce my body fat to 24%? I work out twice daily and everyday. Morning, normally i do yoga (15-20 mins) and strength/yoga/pilate (20-30 mins) in the evening. Should I watch out my diet instead?

    Thank you and just be yourself…

  35. Janelle says:

    Hi Cassey, may I know what collagen you used in your matcha?

  36. Jessica says:

    You’re doing great!!! I’m so excited for you. 🙂 Have you ever picked up a runner’s world magazine? I LOVE reading them when I have to do my long runs on the dreadmill.

  37. Elli says:

    Hey Cassey! I don’t usually comment but I’ve been a quiet observer on the blog and avid workout follower for about 7 years. You, your videos, your positive outreach and commitment to being yourself, or at least coming back to yourself, has helped me through a lot of tough times with fitness, family and a bunch of other situations where I’ve felt lost. Thanks for it all and I think that this is your best step yet. If you feel like you, then you’re living the life of self love and acceptance and growth that you’ve helped a lot of other people get too. Thanks and I hope it all goes well!

  38. Lexi says:

    I wonder if people actually take the time to read what you are writing before commenting on the blog post. Those comments are very irresponsible and I’m so sorry you have to go through them. Many congratulations to you for being able to call them out and move past them 🙂

    That being said, wth to that waiter!!! He sounds like a lazy bum! At least the drink didn’t go to waste I guess. I will have to look for those almonds because I have very few nuts I can eat (I’m allergic to all but almonds and peanuts somehow) and need more flavor!

    Does anyone know if collagen has a flavor to it? ^^U Been curious to try it but also been too chicken. (pun intended)

  39. Clare1974 says:

    Hey Cassey, THANK YOU, just for being you. My favourite quote right now: people that matter don’t mind and people that mind DON’T MATTER. Keep doing you because that’s all I’ve needed for the last 8 years of following you and your real ness 💜

  40. Camille says:

    Hi Cassey! I always see your links every time I see an email and to be honest, I glance through them probably only that I feel guilt that I’m not doing the workouts you provide with your awesome energy.

    Recently, it was a week and a half I was feeling mentally exhausted that I relapsed in not going to the gym and did not eat right. I was eating things that were not healthy probably because I was stress eating and that I needed to pour my energy elsewhere. Just yesterday, I realized I’m going to start my Master’s this Saturday and if I don’t get back into my routine, all is lost. I went back to the gym today and it felt great. You’re probably asking why is this girl telling me her life story? I’m slowly getting to it. Just earlier, I went to check my emails and then I saw your link with this post and I figured to read what it’s about. As I was reading your entry for today, I realized even one of my favorite fitness gurus can relapse and that you’re also finding a way to healing and being happy again. Thank you for showing your vulnerable side and letting people know like me that it’s okay to be not okay for once. For a week and a half, I have been feeling guilty for not going to the gym and not taking care of myself. I felt so insecure with my body. But reading your post again made me realize that sometimes you need to take care of yourself and take a break and do fitness in another aspect. So thank you Cassey. You can do this and please don’t care what other people will tell you. You do you and be you. Thank you for being an inspiring role model!

  41. Jillian says:

    I’m loving these posts, Cassey! They’re so positive and inspiring. Woo! Also now I want rice tacos 🌮 Hope you’re having a great time!

  42. Sammee says:

    Honestly, Cassey, I think people are just worried about you! We love you and have followed you for a long time. I don’t think it is malicious. I’m a yoga teacher, and one thing I’ve gained from my yoga and meditation practice is that anytime someone offers criticism, I try to take a step back and see it from their point of view. 9 times out of 10, there is probably a teaching moment there. I think it’s important to try not to be defensive and to try to remain neutral with your feelings so that you can be open to the possibilities. I also want to add that I would ask you to consider carefully why you are so offended by people being being concerned about your mental health. Having a mental illness is not a moral or other sort of failing; it’s extremely common, just like physical illnesses. Most people struggle with their mental health, and for most people it is always changing and evolving, and we can always do better. I also think that being offended about such things opens oneself up to ableism and discrimination against people with disabilities and mental illnesses. It is OK to be mentally ill, as much as it is OK to be physically ill! We should do more to tear down the stigma of mental illness, and I think as a public figure this is part of your journey–to tear down stigma and marginalization! Lots of love to you. S

  43. Angela says:

    Cassey, frankly I think the people who say those things are jealous and spiteful. I think when people see someone who looks fit and thin wanting to achieve goals around weight or appearance, it just brings out the mean girl. I am a normal weight and reasonably fit, and get comments all the time about what I eat. If I have a cupcake or eat something “bad” people say it’s amazing how I can just eat anything I want (like I don’t watch it and exercise at other times), and when i eat my salads or whatever at work, then people comment on how weird my food is! People always judge. Keep it up, i love hearing your journey!!

  44. Melissa says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve been following your blog since 2013 and you have contributed much to my 30 kg weight loss. Throughout those years, I just want to say that 1) you are not having mental illness and 2) yes, you are one of the most intense and hardworking person I’ve ever know. There is nothing abnormal by gaining few pounds in a year. You’ve been doing great for more than 5 years I’ve known you. Gaining pounds in less than a year is normal. Heck, gaining pounds in any period of time is normal. And what’s even more normal is you trying to get back in shape by doing any “diet” you can in the way that is most comfortable for you. And what makes you the ‘Cassey’ that we your true Blogilates fans love is that we know that you’re not just going to shake it off and do nothing about it. There’s nothing more inspirational than seeing you trying to do something better in your life after getting backtracked for a while.

    I’m sure most of us has experienced what you’ve experienced. Gaining pounds after a few years of healthy lifestyle, trying to eat and exercise better, thinking of how the society will judge our altered lifestyle, etc. So to see that you are doing something to counter this feels like a major support especially for me because I’m also currently doing what you’re doing.

    Thank you for sharing, Cassey! You know your body and mind better than us all, so I believe you’re doing the right thing. And you have Sam and Jackelyn to help you if something’s gone totally wrong. Just keep on going, I know you can do this!

  45. Elizabeth says:

    From what I remember from reading the comments what is quoted above is one comment cut into three with context taken out. The majority of the comments you got on that post were supportive and even the comment that is quoted here, while misguided and assuming perhaps, did not have a cutting tone to it. Again, I think people who don’t agree just want to know WHY you’re choosing to lose weight. If its for apperance or that irrational fear all of us have of being “fat” even though theres noting wrong or necessarily unhealthy with existing in a larger body, I think pretty much everyone would understand. Thanks.

  46. Wendy Butler says:

    Cassey, you do need to stay positive–and that includes IGNORING those who are criticizing without knowing anything about your story. Everyone has their own story and their own reasons for working out–and the reasons change for every person. Please do yourself and the rest of us a favor and stop giving comments like those the time of day! This is really between you…and you. If it were out of genuine concern…the comments wouldn’t say, “She,” they would say, “Cassey, are YOU okay?”

    1. Amy M. says:

      I was thinking she was reacting a little bit too much too. However, it must be hard not to defend yourself when you see those kind of comments.

  47. Becky Agee says:

    I love your honesty. I have been overexersizing for years and trying all different kinds of diets. Some of my desperate choices to be ‘thin’ have not been so great either. I’m slowly getting to where I’m happy with my food choices but I still do get guilt when I overindulge. And don’t let me get started on the scale and it’s negativity!!! We all have our things we are working on and I commend you and I am so thankful for you sharing yours publicly! Even though you are getting negative feedback. I just skip those comments when I see them!!! It’s much easier to do this without the public’s opinions but please keep sharing!!!

  48. Melissa says:

    You are an inspiration!! Having fought with an eating disorder for over 24 years, I know that people can be very rude and insensitive! I think you are doing an amazing thins with your 90 day journey! I can only hope that one day I will break free from this nasty disorder! I am better than I have been in years but still fight with it every day! You be you!! No one knows what others deal with! I admire you and support you! Thank you for sharing and for being real!! I do t feel so alone in my struggle!! Thank you! XOXO😊

  49. Lianda says:

    I started doing your workouts in 2011 or 2012. I also have times where I go hard and times when I am more relaxed about my fitness. In the years I’ve followed you we have had so many similar experiences and it’s always great to know I’m not alone. Thank you for the sweaty hours, sore muscles for days, and sweet booty gains 😚

  50. Richelle says:

    YOU GO GIRL! I’ve never spent a lot of time on your blog but I’m loving reading these posts. You’re so inspiring and I love your writing style. Looking forward to reading the next 87! 🙂

  51. Anastasia says:

    Thank you for these posts! I love the sanity and deep honesty. I’ve been following you forever and I have to say, this is my favorite side of you. You are so human and real. Taking charge of your goals is massively impressive and I look forward to watching you grow!

  52. Ana C says:

    I see you include your weight, just wondering, you plan on weighting yourself everyday? Not judging or anything, I haven’t weighed myself since the beginning of the year haha
    Good luck on your journey, I find it inspiring!

  53. In addition to your 100 group Challenge videos, I look forward to your blog posts every single day! You’re like a spark of motivation and inspiration for me to keep on my own game and be true to myself no matter what other people think. At the end of the day, if you hate me, that’s your problem and I’m actually doing something right because I actually have a flavor. I’m not vanilla! I can’t love you enough for this oh, Cassie. Thank you for inspiring me to go for who I authentic am.

  54. Linda Robbins says:

    I have been not eating so clean, have been taking care of some personal things. Back to healthy eating. So scared seeing back surgeon in a week for my right lower back, painful. Just got strong from last back fusion. Sept. Will be a year. I love that you are human like all of us who follow you. Good luck… Wish me luck don’t want surgery again absolutely horrible….😣😣😣😥😥😥😥

    1. erin bee says:

      Good luck!!!

  55. Tracy says:

    This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog so congratulations for getting me to comment…to be honest I have not followed your blog or workout plans that often but I have subscribed to your newsletters and am currently doing your glute challenge. I’m commenting only to say that I think you are brave for choosing to get back to blogging, especially blogging about such a personal, emotionally triggering topic as trying to change your body. I’m 48 and I feel like I am “holding up” pretty well 🙂 However, I don’t know I would ever be able to put myself out there for all the scrutiny that comes with online exposure. So whatever your reasons are for creating this 90 day challenge for yourself, YOU are the one who is doing the work, YOU are the one who is putting yourself out there, YOU are the one who deserves the support and encouragement. NOT the critics…they are criticizing from the cheap seats. The seats that are safe, anonymous and very comfortable because they aren’t risking anything. There is a great Roosevelt quote from his famous “Man in the Arena” speech. It’s my favourite thing to fall back on when there are people criticizing myself or others from the “safe, cheap seats”.
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” YOU are the one in the arena doing the work, the rest don’t count! You provide a lot of positivity and support for others…not everyone can say that! Keep it up:)

  56. McKenzie says:

    I’ve always admired your honesty, candor, and intensity! And I am so happy you are posting more often – for those of us without social media, this blog and your YT channel are the only chances we get to hear from you 🙂 I think you are doing amazing and am so glad to see you doing what is best for YOU.

  57. Rose says:

    2 cups of chili?! Good job, girl! I wish I had a full appetite in these So Cal summers. Lol. Looks good though!

    1. Codie says:

      You’re amazing! I love your foods ❤️

  58. Jaclyn says:

    I am in disbelief that people would say those things. In life we all change and grow. We get older ect.. people can’t remember claiming a food to be so good and then years later don’t like it anymore. All things in life can go this way. We all change and need to adapt to the change why get angry with someone for this we should embrace them. The people saying these things should take a look at them selves to try to find out why they are so angry. It’s not healthy!

  59. sola_lupa says:

    Eating disorder? Really? I am pretty sure it looks differently when you have problems with food. I mean nearly everyone feel sometimes uncomfortable in his skin but not everyone does something with it to change it. And you just want to change it and you also have a lots of experience about food, calories, exercising, positive thinking, self and other people encouraging. I do not think people should write these things because to me it sounds like they do not want to you to success or are they really worried? It does not sound like they are worried.
    Maybe it does not matter. I am happy that you continue and that you feel good. Keep going girl. 🙂

  60. Monia says:

    Hi Cassey, I’m Monia from Portugal! I’ve been doing your 100 Glute Challenge and that’s how I got to know your blog. I’m so happy you’re doing this, sharing everything with us. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to do the same, who knows? 🙂 Thanks again and keep on the good work!

  61. EO4Wellness says:

    Glad your not listening to those voices, though well meaning and no doubt legitimately afraid of what any possible changes may mean for their own life, don’t concern you or your life. Thanks for sharing. Have a number of great take aways.

  62. Barbara says:

    Casey, I am so proud of you for all that you have overcome! I’m so proud of you for what you’re about to do and I’m so happy that you are unapologetic about it all. We need more of that, I believe in you and I can’t wait for more updates!

  63. denisefn says:

    I love that you’re doing this! I’ve been with you since 2013, and I’ve missed your daily blogging and realness. I’ve read your post #1 on this and I’ve noticed that you started to be careful with what you said in order to not offend people as you were getting more famous and stuff, but then it wouldn’t feel like you anymore!
    So I’m really glad that you decided to blog and pour off your true feelings onto the *metaphorical* paper haha
    I also think that the concern for you comes from a *somewhat* good place, but these people are kinda hypocritical, since they all do these journeys to eat healthier and lose weight, so why the heck can’t you do that?!
    Anyways, keep doing you, and always check with your heart: if you’re happy, then you’re on the right track! <3

  64. feixia-chan says:

    What wonderful posts ! I can’t wait to read next one ! thank you so much. It doesn’t seem like much but it’s fresh and so make my day 🙂

  65. LexC♡ says:

    Love you so much Cassie💕

  66. Ericka says:

    I find myself waiting and wondering each day what you are going to post! I love this 90 day journey you are embarking on, keep up the awesome posts please, very inspiring! Also, I love that you are posting your food. I always find myself curious about what others are eating, just for ideas. It’s so easy to get sucked into buying something fast or unhealthy. Love the ideas!

  67. Bryanna says:

    Loving these blogs!! I love your authenticity and not catering to people getting offended by you living your actual life. Congratulations on making this decision and on working to find yourself again! It is inspiring me to take more charge of my own various goals (not just fitness), hold myself accountable, and post things with the intention of inspiring others without fear of the critics. Thank you for being you!!!

  68. Angei says:

    Just wanted to say I support you and I think it’s awesome that you’re sharing about being healthy and fit, eating well, etc in a healthy and positive way. Some of us DO value eating healthy food in the correct portions and feeling fit! I am one of those people and I’m trying to get back on track after gaining 20lbs at an office job and totally falling out of a regular workout plan for the last….10 years! People love to tear each other down on the internet and it’s awesome that you’re not giving into that terrible attitude. You’re shooting for a HEALTHY weight with healthy habits. It makes me sad that taking care of oneself and eating healthy is now “dangerous obsession” to some people.

  69. Diane says:

    Cassey I just love that you have let go of the criticism and will carry on being true to yourself. The best bloggers I follow have done the same. There is absolutely no indication of any mental illness or goal of being unhealthy in anything you have written and by the way you are a thoughtful and careful writer! Love from 🇨🇦

  70. Jessica says:

    Love following your health journey Cass! Sending you positive vibes!

  71. Yazzy says:

    Proud of you! Keep at it Cassey, and all that food looks amazing! I think I’ll do some lettuce tacos sometime! My husband and i love taco, but id love a way to make it healthier but just as tasty!

  72. DisneyPrincessPopster says:

    Gurl, you are making Keto look actually delicious. I agree with the seasons thing. When I was in high school and lived at home, I was very sedentary and ate hardly anything nutritious. I got to college and the walking of mileage to classes everyday had me eating SO much, plus the Cafeteria had everything I could dream of! Once I graduated, I wasn’t active as much, of course but still tried to eat the same way I did in college, which had me gain weight–so I had to retrain my appetite for my season. I got an active job that has me basically doing cardio for 5 hours plus, a day –on top of working out. I found I couldn’t eat largely like I did in college but I had to eat small meals throughout the day in order to not be bogged down of cramp from a large meal. I also had to learn (the hard way from muscles not recovering well) that the amount of protein I needed to consume had to be the dominant thing each day. Learning your body is a changing and growing process and the fact that it means that our life is not the same from 5 years ago is actually exciting to me.

  73. Meg says:

    I love this “take-no-crap Cassey.” Hopefully people learn to be more mindful with their comments. And I love the updates! I’m following along on my own personal program inspired by this (vegan instead of lazy keto) and the posts are helping keep me accountable. Thank you!

    1. Bianca says:

      I was also inspired to do my own 90 day vegan journey. I look forward to the daily posts because they help with accountability.

  74. J says:

    Hey Cassey, Because of your 90 day journey, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet more too. I appreciate reading your updates and the foods you ate! It’s helping me feel very motivated! I hope you update every day! 🙂

    I gained some weight and lost a ton of strength this year because of major knee surgery in Feb. I’ve been exercising and following your calendar for a few months, doing my physical therapy, and going for walks. But I noticed that I’ve been stress eating and feeling so frustrated with my body. I was a fitness instructor prior to surgery – and I feel like I can’t face my students like this… weak and feeling bloated and heavy. My yoga pants don’t even fit comfortably anymore.

    So I’ve been eating well the last few days and I stopped stress snacking. I’m diligent about exercising. I’m trying to stretch more. This whole journey is fun to take with you! I truly am very excited for your success, whatever that looks like for you!

    1. Angie says:

      I had foot surgery in March, so I am right there with you! It’s definitely been hard getting back into the swing of things while making sure not to hinder the healing process.

  75. Alexandra says:

    That’s so ridiculous people were saying that to you. I’m so sorry Cassey. You share your stories and life openly to us just to get blacklash. They aren’t true supporters in what you do and have done. Every moment in your life has shaped you to who you are today, and if those haven’t happened you wouldn’t be the same. I’m so glad you are speaking your mind. I don’t know if you have heard of or know of the kpop group BTS but their lyrics are so real and motivating, for example loving yourself, speaking yourself, feeling empowered, striving for your dreams. I love them so much. With that said you have the power to motivate people, and live a healthier lifestyle, and love themselves. Everyone falters here and there but that’s the journey of life. Keep going girl <3 lots of love.

  76. Michelle says:

    Sucks that insensitive comments are made to often. Keep up the blog o love reading it keeps me thinking about and trying to stay on track with someone who also wants to really try hard to get the body back to a better size . My goal is to healthy weight before my 50th birthday.
    Did it 4 yrs ago but have gained
    35 pounds back .

  77. stinalalala says:

    Keep rocking it, Cassey! Also, thanks for the recipe ideas! 🙂

  78. Amanda says:

    Omg those meals sound delicious!!! Anyone know of places to get matcha powder? We don’t have a trader Joe’s where I’m from

    1. Caitybear920 says:

      I’ve been able to find bags of powdered matcha at GNC and Walmart. Hope that helps!

  79. Sarah says:

    Coming from someone with anorexia, people calling this an eating disorder are SO offensive and factually wrong. THIS is how dieting should be! No self hatred, healthy goals, and a healthy level of restriction. Eating disorders are unhealthy. This is healthy, both physically and mentally. I love me some body positivity, but when body positivity turns into health toxicity, we have a problem.

  80. JenniferN says:

    OMG. The people saying those things aren’t concerned. They are petty and jealous. Personally I am enjoying this journey you’re on. Good for you!

  81. Ellie J. says:

    Cassey you have been my fitness coach and hero since 2013. I adore you and all the strength you emanate. I’m so glad you’re doing this for yourself!

  82. Jen says:

    Its honestly really sad that in 2019 wanting to workout, eat healthier and lose a little bit of weight equals having mental issues.

  83. Lily Nguyen says:

    Cassey I love it so much that you are blogging! Your positive energy and hard work ethic inspires me so much!! Thank you so much for being my workout motivation. I also love your emphasis on self love. I rave about you to my friends because your videos really helped me. Love you so much! Can’t wait for details about the Pop Retreat. Also please come back to Philadelphia.

  84. Katie Shin says:

    “…but telling someone they have a mental illness and that I need psychological help without EVEN KNOWING ME is uhh – how do I say this – REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, MEAN AND OFFENSIVE.”

    THANK YOU!!!! I was reading those comments you put up and I got so mad. Paying attention to what you’re eating means you have an eating disorder??? WTH!? That’s ridiculous. And it’s so judgy! Jeez.

    I remember Hard Core Cassey. Honestly, I don’t believe she ever truly left cuz your workouts are ridiculously hard and the whole PIIT28 thing isn’t exactly easy peasy. lol

    OMG! Just yesterday my husband and I were getting bags of water softening salt. Every 3 months we get 3 40lb bags. It’s always been difficult, but I could always heft 2 bags (1 in each hand) and still make it through the house in one go. The last time, it was super difficult, but I still managed it. Yesterday, however, I could barely manage 1 bag and then the 2nd bag, I nearly dropped. I know 40lbs is nothing to laugh at, but this didn’t used to be a big deal for me. Now…I’ve lost so much arm strength. ;_; While you’re working on your own body, I’ll be doing the same in my own way, trying to get my body’s strength back up to where it used to be (and more because I was trying to get stronger back then too). Good luck to both of us!

  85. Andera says:

    I make a similar turkey chili recipe. Mine includes corn and beans. The flavor definitely improves the longer it sits.

  86. Liz Kenkel says:

    Hi Cassey! I absolutely loved reading through your past three blog posts! They hit home for me so much because I’ve been going through wedding prep and just had an amazing bachelorette party! It just helped to remind myself to be gentle with myself and know when to push myself and when to take it easy! Love you Cassey! <3

  87. Marte says:

    Loving your current posts! I don’t know you ofcourse, but it feels like we’ve got the old, punchy (in a good way), brave, amazing and so inspiring Cassey back. Whatever you’re doing, the good, the bad and the ugly. Here to always support you, as you have always supported all us 😀

  88. Tu says:

    I haven’t read a blog post in a long time. I use to when I was younger but I think I kinda fazed out of it. Saying that, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. It’s nice to hear your voice in a different way and see your day. I was motivated by your post to be more conscious of what I am eating and how I am working out. I have lot weight but I know that I can be healthier and stronger. I want to treat myself better and take care of my health instead of being lazy and complacent with where I am. Can’t wait to see what the rest of your journey looks like!

    1. slightstar says:

      Bummer on the matcha bulletproof coffee. :/

      As far as food goes, food is fuel for the body like gas is fuel for a vehicle. If we constantly run on empty, the engine eventually gives out. Keep up the maintenance and you’ll have a car that lasts a long time. Same goes with the body.

      I’m almost 40. I may have a little bit more maintenance-wise but it’s necessary to keep going. I urge you to keep going as well and be the best you that you can be.

  89. Marcia de Brocoli says:

    You go girl! This is a crazy world, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why people follow other people just to be mean at them. For me you are such an inspiration, always, keep going! Thank you so much!

  90. Heather says:

    Cassey, I’m so proud of you! I’ve been following you since the “hard core Cassey” days and I have missed that aspect of your platform over the last few years. Good for you for knowing what you want and not being afraid to go get it. Crush these 90 days!!

  91. Anastasia says:

    Your 90 day journey seems like a fun thing to do!
    Inspired me to make my own kinda-journal to track my sleeping time and drink water.

  92. Frédérique says:

    Bonjour Cassey , comme vous je tente de mettre de l’ordre dans mon alimentation, j’admire votre franchise et votre courage..Vous transmettez beaucoup d’energie positive…Brâvo à vous

  93. Maria says:

    Hi cassey i have the intolerances to almonds dome preservites in dome sauces like your chilli dips and mushrooms aswell the salmon if eaten for to many weeks gives me unpleasant toliet issuess passing water if i sent you what im in tolerent to im practically eaten very basic most of the meal times and flushing it out with the ginger fresh hot tea if i over indulge as we get older if we font rectify this issues we end up with seRious gut issues and also muffled brain fogg and it gets worser..good luck on your quest and being positive against the negative messages is the best way..

  94. emmadilemma says:

    Everything you’ve made today looks very tasty!

  95. Jenny says:

    Wow Cassey. I think your true popsters know that you’ve always said you’re an overachiever and to be who you are, running the business that you run you gotta be a pretty intense go getter! Keep doing you and quit reading all these comments! You can’t please everyone!

  96. Marianne says:

    Hi Cassey, as a woman, age 59, I’ve respect for you, strong woman. Just showing all these aspects coming up in your life, makes you so great and specially. Sharing that you’re taking care of yourself and with that the connection with yourself and self-empathy, are you for a lot of woman the best model how to have zelfrespect. Love from The Netherlands

  97. Ajibola says:

    I am so happy that you are doing something like this for yourself. You did mention something about standing up for yourself in your 2019 fit planner video and i am so happy to see you consistent. If you ever get tired of regular cardio. Try jump rope. I love it.

  98. Rachael Carlson says:

    Cassey, you go girl! I’ve also gained about 15 pounds in the last year and a half after going through a period of grieving the loss of a beloved pet. I pretty much let myself go a little after that. It took a while to gain the weight, but I’m not happy with where I am now. For me, the weight is just a reference number….like I know what number was on the scale when I felt my best physically and mentally. (That’s also when I got POP certified!) So I’m OK with where I am now because I know the reasons, but I definitely don’t feel at my best like I did then. I’ve been sorta-kinda trying to be healthier again…but now I feel inspired by you and your 90 day journey! So I’m marking that date in November on my calendar too and doing this along with you. Counting calories and walking a lot worked well for me before, so that’s my plan for the moment! I do virtual races on Yes.Fit to keep myself motivated!
    Thank you for being real.

  99. Nai says:

    Hey Cassey so I just want to say I am LOVING your blogs im currently doing lazy keto and have been for 3 weeks now and I already feel a major difference! I’m so proud of you of finally blogging everyday and sharing with us your ups and downs. Just forget about all those nasty comments they probably have nothing better to do than bring others down. Don’t give up blogging it is really encouraging the other 99.9% that is rooting for you! Keep it up!

  100. Earanard says:

    I don’t believe that you are relapsing into an eating disorder, but I’m also not you and don’t know how you feel. The most important thing is to know that if you do go over your target for the day that’s okay. Some days you need to eat more and some days you need less, but however you feel that day is okay. Try to keep any calorie targets above 1650 calories, and below 2400. (These are average numbers cumming from a nutritionist, they are not specific you you or your body type. Please listen to your personal physician, dietitian, or nutritionist and follow their recommendations first. These are just ballpark figures.) So long as you are feeling good about eating and keeping your calorie counts from dipping too low, you should be fine as far as eating disorders go.


    The website listed is the space jam site, a time capsule back to the internet of 1996. I unfortunately cannot take credit for this marvel, but I figured I would share it all the same.

  101. Deb says:

    I was just going to say something similar. I feel like it has gone to the extreme and often feel shamed for doing things like logging my food, increasing the intensity of my workouts, or even weighing myself. Those are tools to help me get to the version of me that makes me the most happy and confident. It doesn’t mean I hate my current body. It doesn’t mean I won’t eat ice cream when I want it…they are tools I use to find balance.

  102. melodysameti says:

    Hey Cassie, you are such an amazing inspiration to me and I’ve been putting off trying to eat more healthy for a long time and this seemed almost like a sign to me to start! So, thank you!

  103. Erika Barrett says:

    I cant believe they didnt remake your drink! Love seeing your journey and that your so trasparent each time you embark. Reupping my own to get a real routine back. Also! Collagen is kind of my new lifesaver. My joints are so much happier since i started taking it. Which kind do you use?

    1. blogilates says:

      I can’t believe it either!!!

    2. Patty says:

      Hi Erika, I know your question is aimed to Cassey but I just wanted to share (and also wonder the same) I take a collagen powder that I buy in a store called “Bulk Barn”, not sure if you have those in the states (I live in Toronto), I just add two spoons in any of my drinks during the day, what type do you use?

  104. Peeta says:

    I’m loving these blog posts! Keep me coming Cass!

  105. Dash says:

    I find the internet and fitness specifically have this in common: there is a plethora of information out there. Be aware, be knowledgeable. But consume only what you need, what is good for you at this point in your life, and what grows you. The rest… Ignore.

  106. PopsterAsh85 says:

    The body positive movement has become the “you can’t want to work on yourself at all or you must hate yourself” movement. It’s quite strange.

  107. Maddi says:

    I completely agree! I understand ppl wanted to make sure you were ok, but I work the same way you do and I am so glad you are doing this because my dad and I are doing this too and we basically started at the same time! So we can kinda do it together!! Keep up the inspirational IG stories and blog posts!! Ilysm!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes let’s do it together!!

  108. Franzi says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to let you know, I’ve been doing your workouts for like 6 years or so and your workouts really are the only ones I can stick with for such a long time! And I really really love the older ones, with you chatting, some great music and super hard workouts (like Abominable Abdominals) ! And to be honest, I kinda felt like the latest workouts (within the last two years or so) felt kinda different and I missed your oversparkling energy. So I am so glad to hear you are taking this Journey for you! I really love how you keep inspiring us as a community and spread so much self love throughout these last years. Keep going! You are amazing!

  109. Lilja says:

    Hi, I’m happy for you and wish you all the best with this journey, but I have to admit, when I first heard I got scared: should I be doing something like this too? I don’t think I’m in a best place mentally with my eating and when other people thrive to make a difference I get anxious and feel like a loser. So maybe I should leave this blog for awhile, but I’ll be back to congratulate you later!

    Btw what is lazy keto? 😀

  110. Ashley says:

    I actually started my lazy keto journey a couple of weeks ago, so it’s super motivating to see you doing the same! I didn’t put a time limit on how long I’d do this for, but I’ll definitely continue for the duration of your 90-day challenge. Side note, I REALLY hope you give us a keto cook book/work out regimen after this!

    1. blogilates says:

      Haha let’s see how this goes first!!

  111. Sara says:

    I’m so excited to be following you along on this journey!!! :):):)

  112. Shirley says:

    I’ve seen a few fitness instagram influencers struggle with the balance between the “body love/positivity” narrative and the “fitness” narrative. And I feel the pain. It’s sad that these have to be seen as opposites, and anyone who mentions weight-loss is spat out and shunned. I love how you wrote that you can love your body as it is AND want to lose weight/fat% too. Wanting to lose weight, or get toned, or build muscle isn’t about hating your body. Your blogposts really show how much you’ve grown as a person. I’m glad you’re not getting too upset about the haters. People can be so rude online. Sending love from Belgium xoxo

  113. Robyn says:

    Your 90 day journey has inspired me to start focusing on my food intake and tracking it. I workout at least 4 days a week and feel like I have that but in the last few months I have gained 5 lbs and don’t know why! So I’m going to track what I eat and focus on that to see if it’s what is causing the gain. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and being real with your followers!!!❤️

  114. Elena Penny says:

    I am just so excited!!! I have been on my own personal journey for almost two months and last week I went on a trip that I ate a lot of treat meals 🙂 and when I came back I still ate treat meals and didn’t exercise the rest of the week but that’s ok! Because the important thing is that I don’t completely throw away my healthy lifestyle, just because of one week. So i’m joining you on this 90 day journey, but with my own needs of course. I really love these blogs! They are beyond inspiring Cassey! You got this ✅

  115. Cassie says:

    Cassey-I am so inspired by your commitment! I am focusing myself too during this time and it is so needed! I love that you are making your own diet “plan” based on what works for you. I am so excited to see where this takes you. Lots of love and inspiration!

  116. Cherie says:

    These are some great meals! You gave me the motivation to get back to healthy meals. I been letting my healthy choices slide and as a result feel tired and bloated more often. It also affects my exercise performance and attitude. I miss all the flavorful meals with many spices. 🤤 Psh, people talking about relapse, I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate being told they have mental health issues from a stranger. I like that you are sharing some meals. These are great ideas to help encourage some variety.

  117. says:

    Really enjoying following yo on your journey so far. Thank you for sharing! I think it’s very brave to put it all out there.

  118. Evelina says:

    I’m so sorry you’re a supertaster lol. I love coffee so much. Hate beer, though. My favorite pick me up is espresso with some matcha powder. I’d still love to try some bulletproof matcha without coffee. Maybe use my keto creamer instead of milk.

    I used to be a huge green tea lover before I started on trying to lose weight to go from morbid obesity to morbid obesity lite. I’m very close to the threshold of just obesity today. Nowadays I only do coffee and no green tea. Seems counterintuitive to weightloss but I just follow my gut and it likes coffee.

    You’re awesome. I just discovered this but you’re a superstar for embarking on an awesome challenge and giving us a glimpse into your journey.

  119. Chesca says:

    Thankyou for sharing! I have been working hard with body image and food relationship this year! This was super inspiring that your not shaming yourself and you still love food!

  120. Beckie says:

    speaking as someone with mental health issues (severe depression and severe anxiety) you Cassey are as inspiration. You make me feel like I can do anything, and following your blogs and YouTube videos really help when I am struggling. Ignore those narrow-minded people who feel the need to tell you things that they know nothing about. Keep doing the wonderful job that you do

  121. Maria Breton says:

    Sometimes I start a food journal just to see what I actually eat and after a few days I get super lazy, I can’t keep it for long, lol!

    1. blogilates says:

      Giving yourself an end date helps!

  122. Tasha says:

    My husband is a supertaster too! Alcohol tastes like rubbing alcohol to him, celery tastes spicy, and brussel sprouts tastes bitter.

    1. blogilates says:

      I cannot stand the taste of alcohol!

  123. Kristen says:

    I am all in favor of this unapologetic Cassey. YOU GO GIRL.

  124. Kashinee says:

    dear Cassey, I hope you do blog daily after your 90day journey! I absolutely enjoy reading it:) Also Cassey please do eat breakfast:( it’s good for you! Even if you’re not hungry at least make a healthy drink for yourself in the morning, I’m sure it’s a healthy habit!! Reading about how you’re this intense go getter really inspires me, it really inspires me to push myself out of my comfort zone, I just did your bridal booty workout just now and I wanna thank for all the ways you’ve inspired me, I think of you as my internet big sister and I’m forever grateful for you Cassey, I wish you nothing but more happiness and peace, love you❤️

  125. Saralynn says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to take better care of myself. So I’m going to be following you over the next 90 days. I have had esting disorders in the past and I still struggle with self love. I’ve been following you for years. You are keeping me motivated. Thank you for being you!

  126. Kathleen says:

    I love that you are sharing your stories and staying true to yourself! I feel like I’m getting to know another side of Cassey and I love it!

  127. Jeanette says:

    I live out in the boonies… the things you eat seem so exotic to me and we live in the same country! It’s fun to see your choices and wonder if I would like them. Out here eating healthy means plain lettuce salads, vegies and fruit. I like some of your choices better!

  128. LISA LUKE says:

    Hi! I have always admired you and been a long time follower! This 90day journey only makes me love you more. You are so inspiring and I look up to how you are standing up to all the haters! I am starting my own 12 week nutrition journey and it feels amazing to be doing something similar to yours! It is funny how timing happens! <3 <3 <3

  129. Iulia says:

    Hey Cassey 🙂 I really like following your journey. You motivate me stay on track and pay attention to what I eat or drink and exercise more. Great job girl, we can do this! <3

  130. vanitynpride says:

    Your food looks amazing! Watching you do this despite what others say is inspiring! 🙂 <3 Keep it up!

  131. Katie Evener says:

    I love that you are blogging this journey. It’s really fun to keep up with and has given me ideas of what to eat and do. Thank you for being such an amazing role model to everyone while also remaining real and honest. This is so NOT a relapse and I’m sorry that so many people on the internet think they have the right to make assumptions and mean comments like that. This is a healthy change, not a relapse. You go, girl!

  132. Sally says:

    The food is yummy!! I wish we have cauliflower rice in Singapore :p

  133. HUIQI says:

    I am so excited to read your posts everyday! Your meals look delicious, I love reading snippets about your life and all the varied activities you do and I think this is a very inspiring journey!!! Good luck Cassey!

  134. Mary says:

    Good Morning from Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario (CA)! LOVE your honestly and transparency. LOVE that you call out the naysayers!! I am happily jealous that most of your meals include avocado 🙂 California must get all of the delicious ones and by the time the leftovers land in our little hometown grocer, they go from hard to rotten. Oh well… I’ll just keep drooling over your food photos! Have a great day!

    1. Hannah says:


  135. Jacky says:

    Hi Cassey, I’m Jacky from Girona (Spain) soon to be 49. Changed my eating habits 4 years ago and have lost over 50lbs. Started exercising regularly 3 years ago. Been slacking since Christmas. Time to get back on track so your blog and challenge is really motivating me. So first off, THANK YOU. I too think it’s not nice to tell someone they’ve got a mental illness… I always say live and let live, RESPECT. I am an overeater and know I will always struggle with my eating/weight but I am trying to be better day by day and I don’t harm anyone. I don’t see anything wrong in that.
    You are doing amazing, you look amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey!
    Oh… what others think about “us” is THEIR problem 😉

  136. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like a great day! 😘

  137. Alexis says:

    Good luck, and keep trekking! I did your bridal bootcamp in the months leading up to wedding…never felt better EVER! Then wedding recovery, honeymoon, and no working out. Even though I couldn’t do a lot of the stuff perfectly, I felt good and strong and I’m going to try to get back at it again with you now that the honeymoon is over. Taking care of your body and always trying to improve is good – even if its just for a short while for a test period. After the holidays every year my husband and I go on a no alcohol, processed sugar, and cheese black out until March 1st. Then, by the following December we are back to where we started and the detox begins again. Anyways, everyone wants to test themselves and be better. Good luck! Rooting for you from NYC.

  138. Becky Bauer says:

    It’s interesting to me that some people have chosen to only focus on the food aspect of this journey and decided that this must mean there is something wrong here. What I find most exciting about this 90-day journey is seeing Cassey trying these new classes and finding new challenges for herself. Honestly, I find that to be really inspiring. I am also going to be getting ready for a new challenge as well, so I look forward to us working on our journies side by side.

  139. Bernice says:

    Dear Cassey. Never lose your strength, determination and glow. Your fire makes you a powerhouse woman that has achieved above and beyond.

    This is so hard to do when a big deal of your motivation can be driven by helping and healing others. Helping others perform etc…

    I consistently tend towards this and forget about myself and my goals.

    You reminded me of this when you brought out PIIT! It didn’t just change my body but my life after having my baby boy.

    I now have just given birth to a baby girl and noticed I’ve fallen back into giving and not setting my own goals.

    This has reminded me to do this again.

    I wish you all the best for this season and will be following you all the way.

    Time to give back to you!

  140. Megan says:

    Cassey, I just wanted to say that I think what you’re doing actually has more positive and far reaching results than you expected. As someone who suffered with food guilt and the impact dieting and eating had on me for a long time, I’ve spent the last few years finding that seeing anything to do with dieting or food control would be quite triggering to me. This meant that when I saw you were starting this 90-day journey, I was upset as I thought I couldn’t follow your journey for a while. However, as I’ve read your blogs for the last few days, you’ve helped me realise that I’m not as afraid as I thought I was, and that I actually I’m strong enough to take control of my food and strong enough to overcome the fear of numbers and scales as I have been. My measurements are different to yours. That’s fine. My food intake in different to yours. That’s fine. I eat carbs. That’s fine. I just wanted to say thank you for being so open, as it’s helping people realise their own strengths. Just carry on being the absolute power woman that you are!!

  141. Cynderxox says:

    I’m so proud of you! Please don’t listen to the people who don’t know crap. You know you. And what you are doing to improve your overall wellbeing is healthy. As someone who is in a maintenance area of my ED I understand the struggles of recovery and relapse. This is NOT it. You already stated that you aren’t tracking calories and micros, you just want to eat better. You come from a healthy place and I am proud of you. Please keep this up and I am excited to watch your growth and journey!

  142. Kat says:

    Honestly, I was wondering how long it would take for people to accuse you of having an eating disorder. I am not a doctor, but I sure think that you are doing this right. You have shared your food every day, and it doesn’t look like you are starving yourself. I think that 90 days of healthier eating is fine–as long as your mindset is healthy too!

  143. Smaranika says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I totally support you on this journey. Since past 3 days I am reading all your blogs and it is so inspiring for me. Recently in the last six months I also gain some weight(6Kgs). It is not like that i am depressed or feeling ill at this moment for the gained weight but if i could go back to my previous weight i feel more happy and light. Now I feel bloated and feel that i should create more healthy eating habits. I have also started my journey with you by eating more healthy and pushing my strength. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  144. Diana33 says:

    Man, it’s amazing to see so much hate speech…. don’t people have anything better to do, like minding their own life? Cassey, your approach is inspiring, please continue to do what you feel is best for you without listening to others! Good luck with your journey!

  145. JasminMerkel says:

    As someone currently working through Orthorexia I don’t see issues here. She isn’t restricting her diet and being scared of food. She doesn’t want to slim down to look a certain way. She wants to feel confident and like a bawse and wants to fill her body with loving nutrients without depriving it of certain foods. Can’t you read how happy she is to be able to blog every day again? If she feels mentally well enough to do this then she can. She knows herself better than any of us know her through the screen.
    Love you Cassey!

  146. Nessa says:

    Hey Cassie,

    Similarly as you, I am trying to have a fitness and eating reset recently. In the past 3 years that I have spent on the university I have become much lazier in this regard. I started eating out of convenience and did not cook much (one of my hobbies) as well as stopped taking care of myself physically until my muscles deteriorated almost all together. I have been a serious dancer until uni and suddenly I have realised how unfit I’ve become in comparison with my high school self. I know my body has changed and I have not gained a lot of weight and if I ask my boyfriend or friends, they always tell me I’m still thin and have ideal weight for my body type. I’ve experienced a lot of stress lately and I’ve realised that part of being so unhappy with my life lately is also because I don’t exercise. I was used to working out a lot and the abrupt change into an unhealthy lifestyle made me not only feel unfit physically but also mentally.
    And so I’m undergoing a similar challenge as you are right now 🙂 it is funny how you have decided to do your 90 day challenge precisely at this time. It is already motivating me to do more 😉 a week ago, I was unsure if I could stick with my plan even for a month, but seeing you now compelled me I can!

    Thanks Cassie, you’re a very inspiring person.

  147. Nnewiam says:

    You are so strong, Cassey, you’re a real person being a real inspiration for tons of people. I know I can’t say that I know you (I’ve been watching your videos for YEARS though!! :)) but I KNOW I can say that I love you, you bring so much joy and happiness, and so much introspection and honesty at the same time. You’re not fake, you show both your strengths and your weaknesses, and if I’m lucky enough to be a Mum one day, I hope I’ll be able to be an inspiration for my children as well. You’re wonderful, please remember that at every step of your journey.

  148. Susanne says:

    People generally mean well. And they generally don’t realize when they are being offensive. Sorry you have to experience so much negativity.

  149. Beatriz says:

    I love reading your journey! I discovered you in -I believe- 2011. You opened the door to the fitness community to me and I love it! I know that 2012 Cassey had A LOT to deal with, but she had a stroing foundation, and I can see that again, you kept the good things and released things like food-guilt. I love it, and I am going be here everyday for your updates!!!
    You made me remember that I am that kind of person too. When I want something, it’s go hard or go home. Trying to make it in another way it’s actually more stressful to me…
    Read you tomorrow!! ❤❤❤

  150. D says:

    I love the 90 day journey, and love that you continue to be so authentic and raw in sharing your journey. Love the grace you showed in responding to the naysayers and negativity.

  151. idaho says:

    Cassie, I believe that you are entitled to do whatever you want. And if you think that you should be on a diet it is your right to do it. Even more, if you want to share your journey with us, thank you for that, it is your right to do it. Those who think it bothers them what you are doing should just leave, it’s not like your going in front of their houses and show them how “you’re dieting”, actually, they come to your house and start explaining to you how wrong you are, which is just rude. I don’t understand the need of some to shame or patronize.
    Keep up the work! I am checking your blog every day now to see, what’s new!

  152. Silverio says:

    I stopped following you on Insta after some strange partnerships you made with sleeping pills. I found no interest anymore in reading the comments you were posting.
    I am so glad you are back to being you. To inspire me. To stand up for yourself. I will follow you again, with great interest.

  153. Julia says:

    Haters gonna hate. Sending all the positive vibes to you, Cassey!

  154. Leagh says:

    I really can’t believe that people would try and tell you that you have a mental illness. That’s just so incredibly rude.
    I love having something new to read everyday. It’s always fascinated me to see what people eat in a day! I find that it helps me so much with my own meal planning.

  155. Winnie Tong says:

    Please continue blogging! I have followed you from before 2010 (can’t remember when) and even met you in person at a 24 hr fitness in Manhattan in 2015! Would love to hear more about your fitness journey

  156. Taylor Snell says:

    I’m so sorry that people are being mean and offensive! Unfortunately social media allows people to have a distance from things and makes them feel like they can say anything’s as long as you are safe, happy and healthy you do whatever the f$ck you want!! They don’t know you, your body or your mind so try your best to ignore them!! Inspiration! I’m in a rut and can’t wait to use you & your programs to help me along the way!!

  157. Francesca says:

    I think you rock and you’re doing sooo well by doing what you wanna really do. Also, I love the ” I’m doing this for me “ motto <3 Guys who criticize her, get a life!

  158. Ivona says:

    If you dye your hair blonde, nobody would say “She’s so insecure, she hates her hair” so I really hate when people say those things about body and weight. We should all have freedom to change our bodies without judgement, whether it’s losing weight, hair color or whatever. I never hate myself but of course I’m happier when I can fit all my clothes and when I’m at my best. I’ll keep following your posts to stay motivated myself. 🙂

  159. P says:

    I think it’s more just that dieting isn’t sustainable. And what you are doing, is dieting. I fully get feeling a little blah in your body and you are absolutely entitled to 1. feel that way and 2. do something about it. But this ain’t it, sis.
    As a complete outsider, it’s quite clear to see that you work incredibly hard and you don’t really take that much time off for yourself. And it’s not that big of a stretch to deduce that maybe the weight gain is stress-related and perhaps finding a way to reduce that stress would be a more sustainable way of stabilizing your weight and finding a healthy balance. <3

    1. Emma says:

      Isn’t it more likely that she just gained a bit of weight after her wedding, since she is still a newlywed? That would be very common, and kinda the opposite of stress. Most importantly, Cassie knows better than either of us, since she knows herself better and also does fitness for a living.

      I enjoy following this blog, I’ve been doing lots of videos and monthly calendars the past few years but now it is really nice to read frequent blog posts to go along with that. Thank you Cassie!

    2. A says:

      Well said! Agreed!

  160. Ania says:

    Another day and another true YOU :* Don’t listen to the people that suggest you all of these terrible things. For those, who know you longer, maby only from the Internet like me, you are now real you, happy of what you do, excited of new opportunities. I’m really with you, even you live so far from me (I’m in Poland 😉 ). I think, that we have lot of in common and we could be a good friend in real life 😉

  161. Sara says:

    Openly standing for and defending extreme goals that many would say are unhealthy and unsustainable (that likely won’t lead to long term physical and mental wellbeing and has little to do with health) on your official platform will inevitably affect a large part of your audience negatively through (perhaps unintended) promotion of extreme ideals. This happens regardless of whether you call it a personal journey or not, as you can see from the many comments on the IG post.

    Is your appearance really so important to you that it’s worth that and changing the image of POP Pilates/Blogilates/PIIT?

    As a POP Pilates instructor I sincerely hope you think this over carefully. I have never before felt uncomfortable supporting the brand but I do now.

    1. K says:

      What a condescending tone… How can you presume that Cassey hasn’t thought about this journey inside and out? If we’ve learned anything about Cassey through the years it is that she is a very thoughtful and kind person.

    2. Nimue says:

      I think if we state something on a public platform then others have a right to (politely) respond. So I don’t understand why Cassey is so defensive when others critique her public declarations about weight and weight loss. Weight loss is an emotionally loaded topic because women are constantly pressured to confirm to beauty norms. So of course some people will negatively respond to any woman, especially a slim, self proclaimed fitness expert annoucing her weight loss journey. Other people will find her posts inspiring.
      I am on my own journey. I’ve been tracking my marco nutritents, doing reformer pilates and seeing a dietitian. I’m not posting about it on social media cuz I don’t care about other people’s opinions.

      I’m not a dietitian or anything so idk if Cassey’s approach is healthy. I’d just find these posts more informative & uplifting jf she focused on the positive instead of justifying herself.

  162. Debs G says:

    I love this update so much! Thank you so much for sharing your weight-loss journey as well as your thoughts on self care and healthy eating.

    By the way, collagen powder is still a protein powder once it hits the digestive system and is absorbed. I’m not sure how much you are having daily, but it will also do the same thing for you as bodybuilding protein powders.

    1. Also, reading your blog triggered an old memory for me. A patient of mine who was a fitness instructor came into hospital with severe tummy pains halfway through one of her classes – turned out she was in LABOUR! She had no clue – tummy was flat as anything – but she did say she had a brief sudden weight gain of 5kg over the course of a few months, which she was trying to shed. As she was on birth control, she didn’t realise she was pregnant!

  163. Maria says:

    Oo which collagen powder do you use? I need to improve my hair and nails to?

  164. Nithin says:

    Hi! You’re doing great! Ignore the stupid comments from insensitive people who are driven by negativity!

  165. sanaya desai says:

    cassey does NOT have any disorder…..the internet has made people believe they are fitness gurus and health doctors and know how to diagnose people and recomend food and diet …well guess what? i am studying nutrition side by side and doing my neuro physiotherapy degree and i can assure you we are taught about anorexia nervosa and many other things that yall claim to be knowing so well….SHE DOES NOT HAVE A DISORDER NOR IS GETTING ONE….guys please read what you are saying before you post it….if you lost weight using a particular trick does not mean everyone will lose weight the same way EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT….and the last thing you could do is be kind to others and not claim that they are mentally ill without having any medical background whatsoever ….as for cassey more power to you girl you do you…. as long as youre enjoying and feeling one hundred and not starving you are on the right track

  166. Huda says:

    I’ve been following you for years. You are a gem!! Always stay true to your self no matte what.

  167. chand.shreya says:

    Screw that Waiter.

  168. Anja says:

    People dont have their own lives thats why they like to comment on somebody else who tries to change something. Its called envy. Envy of getting your s** together and doing it while they scroll their iphones while eating another piece of pizza wishing they could do that too.
    Dont you let them bring you down! You go girl! Do your thing!

  169. killmotion says:

    I love the Thai Lime and Chili Cashews, never had the almond ones! Must get those on my next TJ’s run. And those matcha powders. I love matcha but it is indeed pricey so I get it sparingly. Congrats on 3 days in a row posting. I think hardcore Cassey has it in the bag. 🙂

    I’ve been doing my part in my journey to focus on reducing more added sugars in things and also salty snacks. I won’t buy them so they’re not in the house tempting me. Plus I’ve had all my wisdom teeth out in the past month and at first it was so my mouth could heal but now it’s my way of trying to reduce the excess sodium which leads to water retention and bloating. I think that’s why I started to slowly lose again. I was so stagnant for so long and then I stepped on the scale yesterday and it actually said 130, so I’d lost another two pounds since I’d last weighed in so I think I’m on the right track!

  170. Michelle says:

    Cassey, I have heard of you for quite some time but didn’t follow your blog / content due to me being interested in powerlifting and other things. I stumbled a crossed your comics page and then your insta on the day you posted about starting your 90 day blog and since then I subscribed to your insta and YouTube because you showed your vulnerability to us and I felt so similar to you. In the past year, I’ve gained 20 years due to mental health and I’m starting to take my life back. I’ve dealt with body issues my whole life and worked out so much. Gaining these 20 pounds has caused me to be disgusted with who I had become. So knowing that you’re also embarking on a new fitness journey is inspiring to me. Thanks for being you!

  171. Ember says:

    Some people’s hate and insecurities are palpable when they project those negative comments. You are an absolute joy and I think this program is great. It is something EVERYONE could benefit from.
    Much love and keep that fire burning

  172. I really love this. I attempted my own kind of fitness journey, and fell off, but after reading your posts, really want to get back to it! Maybe change some things around! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  173. Josie says:

    Hi Cassey, I started following you around 2014 and I’m so happy to see you make this comeback! I seriously missed the blogs… People can be so sensitive these days, you do you girl!!

  174. Kristy says:

    Way to be a positive light to our world Cassie. People should know what eating disorders and mental illnesses are before throwing around terms like that. They can be very hurtful especially when experiencing that stuff in the past. And nothing of what you said seemed remotely like that. You were the one that helped me get out of my eating disorder and learn to love myself more and focus on being healthier to feel good rather than look like a model. Thank you Cassey ❤️

  175. Emma says:

    I have to admit that when I first read about your 90 day journey, it did trigger me. I was immediately thinking how I want to do that too: exercise lot, eat healthy and lose weight. But trying to lose weight is really not the thing for me. I felt so stupid because I’ve worked so hard to be in this place with my body right now, but I was still willing to throw it away and try to lose weight just because of your post. (I’ve surrounded myself with all this body positive stuff so I rarely read anything about weight loss)

    Now when you have explained this whole journey better and I’ve done some thinking, I don’t feel bad about this whole thing. Yes, I want to be really healthy too but I’m not there yet to start a similar journey, even though I would like to. Instead, I decided to try to eat less sweets during these 90 days and you inspired me to do that. I’m going to follow and support your journey because I realized how great thing this journey could be for you (even though it would not work for me). People are just different and I remember that again.

  176. Jessi says:

    Hi, I am here again just sending you a smile and good vibes! Love reading your journey!

  177. Ella says:

    Everyone who does not u derstand that you can be body positive whilest working on gettkng stronger/healthier should read ‘Hunger’ by Roxane Gay. I hope Cassey reachws her goals and that she is happy during the process. This is her journey and I am happy she shares it with us.

  178. AmyG says:

    Thank you for putting yourself out there in the world, especially with with something so personal. Xx

  179. Barbara says:

    Hi Cassey, sending you love and support throughout your 90 day journey. Ignore the haters and be you. There are so many of us who appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your journey 💜

  180. Carly says:

    Casey, I don’t ever comment on this kind of stuff but yesterday in your blog when you said is was empowering to step on a scale and be emotionally unattached to the number…. that was amazing. I love that you said it’s just a data point. That is the healthiest relationship with the scale I can think of.

  181. Sarah Hamer says:

    I’m so impressed with your journey!!! I have such a hard time sticking with any diet or workout regimen so you are very inspirational for me!

  182. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey! So inspiring!! I am doing it with you! I just discovered your videos and omg I am sore haha! Best feeling!

  183. awestbr5 says:

    Good for you – don’t stress about everyone’s opinion’s. We all have on and off nutrition/fitness cycles in our lives. Sometimes other things take precedent for a while and that’s ok. I’ve personally been in an off cycle for a bit after moving cities and starting a new job, but your recent posts have inspired me to get back into a healthy eating routine and restart my work outs! Here’s to a great 90 days for both of us!

  184. Jennifer L. says:

    Wow…since when does watching what u eat but actually being fairly lenient with what u eat mean u need psychological help? THOSE people need help. Also…don’t like it? Don’t read it. Simple as that.

    I have a few people at work who are strict in their diet and I never want to be like that. If I want a dang banana or a tasty cupcake or something…I want to do it. I hate this eat to live don’t live to eat stuff when it’s strict. What’s the point of living if u can’t enjoy food?!?! I have to work on eating healthy and eating happy in moderation. U do u boo! Take control of ur life. Ur true fans will still b here

  185. Chi says:

    Hey Cassie… Really loving the come back to being your stronger self. So happy for u… Take it from someone who works with ppl on mental health and spirituality… It really becomes necessary to ignore the negativity n focus on the good. Just accept that ppl say things but u don’t need to focus on that… Rather focus on all the love n support from all the others… We subconsciously pick up on all of it… What we focus on, grows… So just be happy n focus on ur goals… Love u much😘😘

    1. Crystal says:

      I like seeing this side of you Cassey. Being strong and standing up for your self. To many times we let others bring us down. Whatever happened to that teaching ” if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. Anyways I believe it’s all about balance. Everything from how we eat, to working out, to free time. I praise you on all your hard work and the way you inspire so many. 😍

  186. Victoria K says:


    Just want to say thank you so much for being so real and open. You’re broadcasting your life to the world and that’s a tough thing to do.

    You’ve made me review my own eating and fitness habits. So thank you for helping me do my own 90 day reset.

    Can’t wait to follow along and cheer you to achieving your goals

  187. Nicole says:

    I’ve been following your workouts for years. I absolutely love them and have been so grateful for your workouts and your honest personality. You handle the negativity with such grace. You really are inspiring to so many people. ❤️

  188. Wale says:

    I admire you Cassey, you are an inspiration for me. So i’ll be joining you in this journey🙌🏻🥳! Don’t let people comments take your peace. You are gold!

  189. Connie says:

    But like…I actually want that chili recipe! Don’t ever let the judgement of strangers knock you off track. You’re doing amazing Cassey keep it up! -@trainerconnie

  190. Lisa says:

    Omg. I can’t stand when I ask questions about what’s in a drink or food (sooooo many food allergies) and people don’t give a straight answer or don’t take it seriously. Thankfully most of what I come across now people are pretty good about it but there are always a few.

    Other than that glad to hear this is all going well for you so far! Way to go!

    Also, people need to calm down about your life. It’s yours. And, most of us probably don’t know you super personally so……like, people gotta chill 🙂

  191. Bri says:

    Good for you! I am glad you are in a healthy state of mind. Keep doing you. Love the blogpost

  192. Sallyee says:

    Good on you for being you! Keep it up. 😚

  193. Laura says:

    Yes girl! I did a journal for my journey, I will do little but great things everyday! Yesterday I have a whole day of talking with people. Very good exercise for my patience and socialising skils. I am a very stay home person.

  194. Monica says:

    I’m following your 90 day journey in support and curiosity (mostly for the food, so far looks yum). What I see is someone who just has a lot of self awareness and can recognize when things aren’t working anymore and does everything she needs to start getting back on track. I think that’s really inspiring. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had an eating disorder, but I have had times where I get on an intense workout regime and counting calories. And after gaining the weight back, I would realize that what I was doing was not sustainable. What I’ve always wanted was a routine that I could effectively keep up and be happy with the results. And be okay with myself when I stray from it every once in awhile. But, part of finding that routine is knowing yourself. Which obviously you do. I admire that about you and your goal setting and your posts about food guilt has helped me so much. THANK YOU.

  195. AnitaMaja says:

    thank you for inspiring me. As I said before, I wish I knew day one was coming so I could have started with you, but I’m on-board now for the 90 days. And I want to lose the same number of pounds as you do.

  196. Bridget Beaver says:

    Sounds lime you had a very healthy day. Good job, again, please dont listen to negative people, I do t even k ow why they are on your blog if they are just going to criticize you, it makes no sense. You inspire a lot more people then you may think, so concentrate on that,. Love the Matcha! 😊

  197. Karen says:

    I am loving these posts! I absolutely love reading your blogs and seriously missed them over the past few years. It’s one of the last things I do each night before bed. Keep it up, Cassey! You’re doing great!

    1. blogilates says:

      aww that makes me so happy!

  198. malcoberb says:

    I look forward to reading your blog everyday now!!!!! I feel the same way and want to feel the fittest and healthiest!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!