Free oGorgeous Yoga Bag Giveaway!

We just paired with SheKnows.com, a popular online woman’s magazine, to host a “Win a Designer Yoga Bag” contest! We’re giving away one of the most popular styles from our line…the Beverly Bow-Tie in Electric Blue.


So if you’re strapped for cash but good with probability, click here and enter every hour to increase your chances of winning. This contest will be open for a whole month. So technically…

If you slept your 8 hours every night, you’d have 16 hours a day to enter. Times that by 7 days a week. Times that by the 27 days that are left until the contest expires.

16hrs/day*7days/week*27days/mo = 3024 submissions

And what are the chances of someone actually doing that? Hmm probably none so secure your winnings and enter now!

Thanks to freegrechen.comfor posting our contest as well. Check them out for other fashion freebies.

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