Hey guys!

It’s time to spice things up again.

Summer is my ABSOLUTE fave season of the entire year, so we are going to celebrate with a little extra sweat. What do you say? ;)

Beginning Monday June 3rd, the #SummerSculpt begins.

I will lead you through a 28 day program designed to get you stronger, leaner, and happier! For the first time ever, I am releasing a series of FULL LENGTH WORKOUT VIDEOS complete with a warm up, the workout itself (intense), and a cool down. I want you warn you. These workouts will make you incredibly sore.

The only way to take part in the 28 Day #SummerSculpt is to sign up right here to reserve your spot: https://bit.ly/28daysummersculpt

Here’s a video with all the details:

Also! On the first 7 days of the program, I’ll be hosting 7 straight days of giveaways on @popflex_active’s Instagram! So if you want cute activewear, workout goodies, rompers with pockets, gift cards, yoga mats, water bottles, fit journals, and pretty much anything a fit girl like you can dream of, then you need to go follow POPFLEX now!

Now…tell me…ARE YOU IN!!???

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