The Banana Pancakes Recipe Video!



Hey Guys!

I was so excited with your response to my last recipe post on these 100% natural banana pancakes that I was suuuppppperrr motivated to make a FOOD BITES video for BlogilatesTV (my recipe and vlog channel). Something I haven’t done in a long long time.

Hope you enjoy the video! These babies taste so good it’s incredibly unbelievable.

Please tweet me and facebook me your pancake pics!



– 1 ripe banana

– 2 whole eggs

NUTRITION INFO: under 250 cals with 14g of protein!

Please pin this and share this with all of your friends! This recipe is life-changing!!!

<3 Cassey

nom nom nom nom


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  1. Kristina says:

    If you use 2 tbsp of nut butter between each pancake and to dollop on top, OMG! I could eat this every day haha.

  2. Liz says:

    Tried this recipe this morning. So good! I topped it with ground cinnamon and a little bit of peanut butter. 😛

  3. Juli Adamson says:

    I made these today in the “bored with breakfast” state and my kids gobbled them all up! I added some dark chocolate chips to theirs and had to make a second batch since I did not get any! Thanks, they were delicious and super easy. I felt full and healthy.

  4. Rebekah says:

    Okay, I had low expectations for these pancakes and expected them to taste like banana-y eggs, but they actually were amazing! I couldn’t taste the egg AT ALL! And Cassey is right about not needing any toppings because they are really sweet (although I couldn’t resist adding some peanut butter :D). They’re more like thick crepes than pancakes, but if you like the taste of banana, these are delicious. I will definitely be making them again. So much easier, faster, and healthier than normal pancakes!

    1. Kimmy says:

      This came out more like a banana omelette :/ not sure how it turned out otherwise for anyone else? Two eggs and a ripe banana so I’m not sure where it went wrong

      1. Amalia says:

        my first batch turned out like a banana omelette but my second batch looked like pancakes

  5. Nancy says:

    Hi, this is recipe are very super. I was very pleased to have only two ingredients. Your recipes,yotube canal, videos are amazing.

  6. Jade says:

    I just finished making this and omg it is delicious! I added a small amount of agave and it is so good!

  7. Chi says:

    Great recipe! Although, I’ always horrible at making pancakes in general. They usually fall apart (turning them too early) or become burnt (turning too late).
    Any recommendations for beginning pancake cooks? I did the low-medium heat, but I just can’t seem to get it right! (when I was able to, these came out great!)
    Would love to keep making them… just not burnt.

  8. mustika0286 says:

    I cant eat eggs.. whats subtitutes for the eggs?

  9. Jannah says:

    I dont know why but mine always turn out to be really thin, is there someway it can be a bit thick and fluffy?

    1. Tori Tarantino says:

      I wouldn’t think so without alternating the recipe. Typically flour is what makes pancakes thick and fluffy, but that would defeat the purpose in this case :-/

  10. Katarina says:

    I love these pancakes. I blogged about them…I love them so much.

  11. Idunn says:

    Made these today, and they were great! As long as I didn’t have too much heath on, they didn’t stick and burn – and I used some coconut oil in the pan aswell 🙂 Tasted great! Also had some organic peanutbutter on the side (like half a tbs) and some blueberries. YUM!

  12. Lydia says:

    I tried making these, but they stuck to the pan and didn’t flip well at all. I ended up having to throw away the whole batch. D:

  13. Olivia E says:

    I really want to make these for breakfast this morning but I don’t have any bananas. Can you substitute the bananas for any other type of fruit? Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.?

  14. Sheridan says:

    Making these for my family this Sunday when we go camping for the long weekend! Can’t wait!!! Yummy..

  15. Beth says:

    I absolutely hate the taste of eggs so these were perfect me. All I tasted was bananas. I even added a tiny bit of chocolate sauce and some strawberries for some added flavor. It was delicious. I couldn’t quite get it to stay in pancake form so they ended up scrambled, but still tasty!

    1. Lydia says:

      I’m exactly the same! I really can’t eat cooked eggs without feeling nauseous. The bananas add an incredible sweetness that I love, and I’m so glad they’re tasty AND healthy! Honestly, I eat them every weekend. So good.

  16. Amanda P says:

    I tried these and they tasted awesome. However, when I tried flipping them, they fell apart and they definitely didn’t look like hers. Any tips? What am I doing wrong?

    1. Elizabeth Trinh says:

      Make sure there are a lot of small bubbles on the top then you flip it. I hope this helps! 🙂

  17. Tanna says:

    I just made these banana pancakes today! Omg! They were amazing!

    1. Lo says:

      Amazing!!! I made these but used one egg and then 3 tbsp of egg whites(equivalent to 1 large egg) with 1 medium sized banana. 200 cal 27g carbs 5g fat 12g protein 146g sodium 14g sugar

  18. layoung says:

    Just made them now and was surprised by how it actually filled me up. it has that subtle sugar taste that you crave in a pancake but it’s all natural and healthy so i couldn’t have found a better healthy pancake recipe!!!

  19. Alexis says:

    OMG, these are amazing!

  20. Andreea says:

    Just made this, they are soo good. Thank you for the awesome recipe! <3

  21. Maria says:

    I make these all the time and i just recently put one scoop of my protein powder into the bowl and it was so good!! It also filled me up more so i suggest people try it (:

  22. MadisonA says:

    Just made this and they were sooo good. I admit I was worried I wouldn’t feel full after eating them, but they are surprisingly very filling and delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Safiya Ferm says:

    You are so good ♥

  24. Jennifer says:

    Just made these for the first time…
    Why aren’t these more well known?! They were so easy to make, making so many little pancakes =D
    Just added a dash of lemon juice ^^

    Thank you for sharing this Cassie <3

  25. Merlin says:

    Hi Cassey..I’m addicted to your videos and absolutely love them…I just checked out your recipes page and found the oatmeal cookie recipe (just oatmeal and bananas).I microwaved it with a couple of chocolate chips (very very tiny ones)..and my 3yr old just wolfed it down,,we were fighting over them..he he..Thank you so much for everything that you are doing!

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  27. alexis weaver says:

    I made these this morning for breakfast and they were in-fucking-credible. I was amazed at how good they were. I topped mine with fresh blueberries, hemp hearts and a little bit of raw honey. Perfect for mornings where I’m craving something bread-y.

  28. Katie Wolfe says:

    can i use egg whites?

  29. Paula says:

    I made them for breakfast with my mom and we loved it! Thanks Cassey BTW I am on day 6 of the calendar for beginners 🙂

  30. Starla Bates says:

    What kind of syrup or topping can you eat with these? Please answer for me 😉


    1. seriously? says:

      Use whatever the heck you want.

    2. Stef says:

      I added honey and cinnamon on top! it was great with that!

    3. Sharon :) says:

      i add straberries on it and it really good!

    4. megs says:

      i just fell off my boat, when the sun goes down i’m afraid i’ll be lost.

  31. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  32. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  33. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  34. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  35. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  36. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  37. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  38. Ashley Meyer says:

    Just made these! My first batch didn’t come out too great because I poured too much and it’s very runny, but they taste amazing! Definitely will be making again!

  39. Whitney says:

    What if you have a peanut allergy? What can you replace the nuts with?

  40. Disneygirl07 says:

    Oh my gosh these were so easy and delicious! Thanks Cassey!

  41. Shanet says:

    Definitely trying this!!!

  42. Jessica says:

    Tried this recipe this morning and I LOVED it! I love the sweetness that the banana adds, yet it’s just the right amount of sweetness. Felt so good after I ate that! Thanks, Cassey!

  43. There is certainly a great deal to know about this topic.

    I really like all of the points you’ve made.

  44. Turnitaround says:

    Cassey! Thank you so much for this recipe, I made them for breakfast this morning topped with sliced strawberries and they were amazing! I’m never making any other types of pancakes ever again. I actually prefer these to normal pancakes, plus there’s no guilty feeling! Beats those disgusting Mcdonald’s pancakes (2700 kj for 3 pancakes) ANY DAY. I’m telling everyone I know about this! Thank you thank you thank you xo

  45. Wendy says:

    I have mixed feelings about this recipe. I like the fact that it took me about 7-8 minutes to make 6 pancakes but the flavor is quite interesting. Sometimes I taste the sweet banana flavor but sometimes I taste the eggs.

  46. Regine says:

    Can’t wait to try this! 🙂

  47. Bianca says:

    Mine look like eggs – guess I’m not an Olympic Pancake flipper – but they sure do taste good!

  48. Daisy says:

    definitely trying this asap! thanks cass! love your blog! 🙂

  49. justworkout says:

    These are so good! Thanks Cassey! Top with greek yogurt and your choice of fruit, and enjoy!!

  50. RH says:

    OMG !
    I like then so much. Well, mine don’t look nice ’cause turning a pancake is a whole adventure to me.
    But my family heard the recipe before eating it and so … they don’t want to taste them ^^ Anyway that isn’t a problem since I have some more 😀

  51. Amrit says:

    Is there a substitute for the eggs because I really want to try this but I’m vegetarian c:

  52. Liz says:

    I have never seen my 3 year old nephew eat soooo fast!! Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top and pure Canadian maple syrup. And he gobels 3 of them down (I eat the other 3)!!! 🙂 so yummy so good for you!!!

  53. Ren says:

    These are AMAZING!!! They taste really good! Even my gourmet chef mum loved them!! She thought I used flour! For my vacation coming up, I’m gonna surprise all my aunts, uncles, and cousins [i”m the youngest!] with this!
    Thanks! ( ^_^ ) !!
    Ren *^_^*

  54. Sierra says:

    These came out AMAZING! So simple and quick to do in the morning when you’re in a hurry. The only thing I recommend to make them better is to listen to the Jack Johnson song Banana Pancakes while making them 🙂

  55. Jessica says:

    Mine came out a bit flimsy is that suppose to happen ?

  56. Megan says:

    i tried this & it def didnt turn out like cassey’s lol mine looked more like eggs than pancakes! lol but they were really good! Thank you Cassey so much for these recipes<3

  57. Rachel says:

    I made these today and although I had trouble flipping them, they tasted great, despite looking like scrambled eggs.

  58. Estelle B says:

    Found this recipe yesterday, I made it this morning for breakfast : SO GOOD.
    I’m french, so it remind me of the “Pain perdu” (i think it’s called “French toast” in english).

    An hybrid of a pancake and a french toast I guess. Which tastes like banana.

    1. Dawn says:

      In the US we mix eggs, milk, vanilla, small amount of sugar. Dip bread slices in mixture and cook Ina skillet, or frying pan using Pam spray or a little butter. That’s what we refer to as French toast.

      1. Dawn says:

        These are like crepes.

  59. D says:

    I had these this morning and they were DELICIOUS! I would recommend them to anyone, especially banana-lovers like me. Topped with honey and an apple on the side, this was the perfect breakfast 11/10

  60. Sanouska says:

    They look great! I’m gonna try them now 🙂

  61. Alex says:

    YUM! these look so good, and healthy! any suggestions for a topping other than super sugary syrup??

    1. Alex says:

      oops sorry i posted twice, thought the first one didn’t go through!

    2. Big A says:

      go with honey

  62. Alex says:

    YUM! these look so yummy, and healthy! I love pancakes but I feel guilty making them at home so this is the perfect, guilt-free compromise! thanks!

  63. Ludovica says:


  64. Dee says:

    These are so delicious!!!!!!!! YUM!! They are the most satisfying 2 eggs and banana I’ve ever eaten!

  65. Hannah says:

    These are so simple and yummy! But… Just not as good as those amazing protein pancakes! 😛

  66. Nina says:

    You totally got me addicted to those pancakes! they are SO awesome! Thanks so much for the uploaded recipe. Didn’t know pancakes could be so healthy and easy to make! Finally I can have that delicious awesomeness without feeling guilty. THANK YOU CASSEY!

  67. tee says:

    just made these today pretty easy..I usually make pancakes with whey powder. I made one big pance and it came out pretty fluffly. It was not sweet enough w/ 2 eggs and no Vanilla whey, so I used a tad of syrup. They were yummy and less messy to not have to add and struggle with the addition of Protein Powder, which often stays lumpy! Thanks Cassey!! 😀

    1. tee says:

      woops meant I made one big pancake!

  68. Marie says:

    Why do my pancakes Mix come so thick

  69. Megan says:

    I wanna try these sooooo bad! I love making breakfast for my family but usually its unhealthy pancakes so im dying to try these!!! Thank you ! 🙂

  70. Vi says:

    2 eggs is a little much I used 1

  71. Monica says:

    I made these for my parents but told them they were super unhealthy (my parents are determined to hate anything healthy) and they totally loved them! They were so surprised when I revealed the ingredients after breakfast. I totally tricked them — one small victory for healthy eaters everywhere! 🙂

  72. Alex says:

    I’ve had these a few times and sometimes add extra bits like coco powder or fruit, so good, so filling and so low calorie. Thank you for this I never would have thought of this.

  73. Lori says:

    Well, I overcooked mine a little bit. I am such a terrible cook that I can barely handle even the simplest recipe They were a little black around the edges but still delicious. I added cinnamon to give it some extra OOPH! So Awesome!

  74. Janet N. says:

    Woo! I tried this, after eyeing it for so long and actually made the pancakes with just 1 egg. I cooked it without oil and it was soo good, more brown than yours Cassey but still sweet, delicious and filling! I had some for breakfast and to snack on between classes.

  75. All of my favorite recipes I have found on There are a lot of amazing pre and post workout meals. Everything is very healthy and low calorie 🙂

    1. ashley says:

      You should at least say that it’s YOUR blog. And not act like you randomly found someone else’s amazing work. If you’re going to promote yourself on someone ELSE’s blog then at least be upfront about it.

      1. Hannah says:

        Ashley, I think maybe she meant all of the amazing recipes she has found around the Internet, she posted onto her blog- I don’t think she was pretending it was someone else’s, why would someone even do that? I think it was just her wording that was confusing, but don’t be mean!

        1. pholanor says:

          yeah Ashley. hell yeah hannah, testify!! ( i love you)
          YEAH BOII

  76. Shea says:

    I made these for the first time this morning and thought I was doing it wrong because they weren’t fluffy and they were kinda flat and moist inside. But after reading the comments I see that that’s normal, so that’s good to know! I think for how healthy they are, they’re definitely worth it! I added cinnamon and nutmeg to my mixture for some extra no-calorie flavor! 🙂

  77. Ashley says:

    Mine are never that light in color, they get too dark >.>
    But they ARE delicious. 🙂

    I added some rolled oats to the mix once, the pancakes were a bit more thick and more filling, but just as good. 😀

    1. Colleen says:

      You are probably cooking on too high a heat. You should cook pancakes at just above medium heat, letting the griddle warm up so water skitters across. These will brown faster than a normal pancake from all the sugar in the banana so it is even more important to cook at a medium heat, not on high. Though these are so thin, you don’t have to worry about the gooey uncooked middle like you do a traditional pancake.

  78. Christina says:

    Just cooked this and I absolutely love it! My roommate looked at me crazy as I was cooking the pancakes, had her try a piece and she loves them as well! Will be cooking these for my family this weekend. Thank you so much for this recipe. 🙂

  79. Wendy says:

    I tried, they looked like scrambled eggs 🙁

  80. Stella says:

    Absolutely delicious! I kept forgetting to make these, but I’m so glad I remembered this morning! Layered with berries and a little almond butter…mmmm… Thanks so much for your great recipes!

  81. RH says:

    I missed them a little bit, they couldn’t be called pancakes actually, but it was still good, even it it looked strange

  82. Julia says:

    I made them for the first time this morning and they were AMAZING! What an easy recipe for such a yummy breakfast treat! I added some rolled oats and had them with apple sauce. Delicious (even though slightly burned)! I am definitely making these again. Thank you for all your great meal ideas and your fun videos (did the 1000 workout last night, so I deserved those pancakes, hehe).

  83. Celadon says:

    Ate some on top of toast with walnuts and a little maple syrup… healthy? Maybe not. Delicious? Heck yes :p

  84. Could this be any simpler! Love this :):) I’m travelling and usually on the go lately so this two ingredient breakfast is the amazing for me right now! Love ya xo

  85. Lee says:

    Nom Nom Nom try with cooked mashed cinnamon spiced apples!

  86. heidi k says:

    I like adding. 1/4th cup oatmeal and I use 2 egg whites instead of yolk in. Also cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled in. Or if you want extra protein… some pb2. And grease the pan in coconut oil. 🙂

  87. Kejm says:

    I love banana pancakes:)

  88. jackie D says:

    Is that nutrition info for if you eat all of them???

  89. Jasmine says:

    These are so awesome!!!!! Thank you for such a tasty and healthy recipe!!!!! 🙂

  90. Megan says:

    oh my god this was a perfect snack after working out! absolutely love it <3 so nice and easy to make; thanks cassey! 🙂

  91. Do you think you could find a way to make vegan pancakes and other vegan recipes? I’m always looking for new creative ideas! These seem delicious but I wonder if you can make a vegan version….challenged.:*

    1. Paige Nicholle says:

      Maybe try the flax seed substitute? 1 tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp water = 1 egg

  92. Susan Kennedy Dugan says:

    My favorite recipe for my weekend mornings!!!!

  93. natalie says:

    Tried these and they are delicious, i also swapped the banana for grated apple with a pinch of cinnamon and they are lovely. Have just started to try and eat clean as I am a reall sugar junkie. These give me the sweetness that helps me get through the day without putting my hand in the cookie jar.


  94. Summer says:

    These were so good! Using my own backyard organic hen eggs and I even added frozen wild blueberries for the kids, who liked them. it’s the perfect mix of protien and sweet carbs for me. I never feel satisfied with only eggs or only grain free pancakes….so this is amazing! Thank you!

  95. Lulu says:

    I did all what you said and it’s gave me a omelette =( why??? I know I’m bad at cooking but it is at this point? am I the only? 🙁
    (And I don’t speak english very well^^)

  96. SG says:

    So easy! I’ve been trying to find a way to eat eggs, as I despise them, however they’re so convenient and protein packed. This is my new way to eat eggs! I couldn’t taste them at all, and the texture was almost that of a flour pancake 🙂

  97. Michelle says:

    Yum yum! My little ones and I ate them after Pop Pilates and Pop Cardio. Of course they wanted some syrup. Btw, I did add some raw honey…yum yum

  98. Maria says:

    Love them! I had them for breakfast and it was a total hit!mmade some blueberry syrup! Simple delicious!

  99. Ccey says:

    Thank you Cassey! This is very yummy <3

  100. Kayce says:

    AHH Cassey!
    I hate youu! hahaha, I’ve been making these sooooo often now. My mom makes me make them for her too!

  101. Carra says:

    Loved these. Added some cinnamon and ate them with strawberries.

  102. Susana Rucker says:

    THESE PANCAKES ROCK! Thanks so much Cassey!
    I made these today and I loved them–AND they’re healthy??!

  103. Susana Rucker says:


  104. sam says:

    i just made them…AMAZING! banana bread pancakes whaaaat??!!

  105. Danielle T. says:

    These are awesome!! I made them this morning and added cinnamon (I add cinnamon to anything that contains bananas or apples) a little bit of flaxseed, and a small scoop of vanilla protein powder to make them taste like bananas and cream. I ate it with strawberry greek yogurt. Best. Preworkout. Breakfast. Ever!

  106. Geneva says:

    These are soooo good! I usually hate to cook, because it never turns out right (especially when pancakes are concerned) but these were awesome and yummy! Thanks so much! <3

  107. Megan says:

    OMG! Made these for the first time today! FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for sharing my newly found obsession! xo

  108. Lyndsey says:

    Tried these today and they are amazing!! I brought them to the gym I work at and have even been getting members to try them! They’re so tasty and everyone loves them. PLUS such a super easy recipe to make, I threw the eggs & banana in my blender to mix and then pouring the pancakes was super easy.
    Thanks Cassey!!

    1. blogilates says:

      thanks for sharing them!!!

  109. Laura says:

    Oooeemmgee! Where have these been all my life!? Just made my first batch for some pre-running fuel and…. wow! #gamechanger! Added a little cinnamon after someone else said they had and then just a little drizzle of honey on top. Sooo good! Thanks!… Right, off for that run…

  110. Jess says:

    I loved these so much. I was super happy when I saw that 1 serving was equal to 6 pancakes. I felt like an Olympic athlete because I was eating so many. I also had a chocolate craving so I decided to put chocolate chips in them. They turned out soooo yummy!

  111. Madeleine says:

    Omg, I just got a new food addiction 🙂

  112. Sara Ljung says:

    I usually hate pancakes but I love these. Last night a did two portions for me and my mum (which broke her arm 6 months ago and the doctors didn’t do surgery on her directly so she still has a broken arm, two months after she broke her arm she also got pulmonary embolism but my mums a fighter and the rock of the whole family and shes going in to surgery in october. I will move from sweden to San francisco in september so sadly I can’t be there with her during her recovery..that’s why I’m making her super healthy pancakes all the times now a days..which is also her favorite!) but changed the receipt a little so here’s the “new” reciept which according to me is alot better and still as healthy, 3 eggs+ 1 banana mix together put two hands full of blueberries, fry them, serve with a little bit of peanut butter, organic ofcourse. SOOOO GOOD! Thank you for being a big inspiration to me and I will definetly recommend your work out to my mum when she gets better. And hopefully I will run in to you in SF! Do you have any tips on gyms/ pilates studios in SF? Do you have any workout classes there? Much love from Sweden! / sara

  113. Pam says:

    I tried them with a pinch of cinnamon, too!! I saw the recipe yesterday and was going to try it after my workout and then I realized we ran out of eggs! I was like: OMG, only 2 ingredients and I don’t have one of them… so I had to stick to my regular oatmeal.

    But later I bought the eggs just to make these, and they came out great! My new favorite breakfast option! Thnx a lot for sharing the recipe!!

  114. Michelle says:

    I would also love it if you could post a vegan alternative 😉

    1. Celadon says:

      Yeah what happened to my comment? I said the same thing 🙂

  115. Kayce says:

    These are AMAZING! I’m having them right now. The banana makes it even MORE sweet and delicious! 😀 Thanks Casseeyyy!!

  116. Peta says:

    They are just perfect!!! here I posted my pictures of them

  117. Audrey says:

    Eating these right now. So light and sweet. Thanks a mill!

  118. Sarah says:

    I made them. They were so easy and simple. And turned out great. But they tasted disgusting. I followed the steps you did. But they just didnt taste very good 🙁

  119. Kat says:

    I tried these yesterday. They are yummy but I made them in a normal pan and it was so hard turning them to the other side without destroying them because the dough stays so soft even when baked… Any tricks? 🙂

  120. Shannon Switzer says:

    I made these today and they were super yummy and filling! I also added 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to the mix. I’m planning on making these when I go back to college next week. How long do you think they would stay good for? I’d like to make a big batch a couple times a week and then have them handy for breakfasts.

  121. Maggie Ball says:

    Just made these for breakfast Cassie and they were delicious. I’d tweet you a picture but I’m afraid I ate them straight out of the pan before they hit the plate (a few hit the plate but only for a second). I can’t believe there’s no flour. I’m hoping these will cure me of my oatmeal addiction (trying to cut down carbs and have more protein) and I’m going to be a star when I serve them up to my pancake deprived celiac friends (if I can hold off eating them myself). I did the lunch challenge first, so figure I earned them. Thank you!

  122. lauren says:

    they were so yummy! i added cinnamon to them and it tasted really good!

  123. Ali says:

    Those look über tasty! Im happy you posted this cause I’m eliminating wheat for the next little while to see if I have a wheat sensitivity. Gonna try them tomorrow 🙂

  124. Alissa says:

    Oh boy I’m so excited! I have celiac disease so low-carb recipes are actually harder than people would guess. I have been cravin’ some normal pancakes for a while that you don’t have to strategically flip facing all kinds of danger and peril with your fingers that close to the gridle. I’ve had star wars pancake molds hanging out in my drawer and I’ve been waiting for a celiac-friendly recipe that I could make that happen with for some time. Thank you so much! I think I know what I’ll be having for dinner tonight!!

  125. Maria says:

    Hey I also have a question if the calories (248.5) are for one pancake or for all of them? Going to try this tomorrow morning for breakfast, excited!!! xxx

  126. Robyn says:

    Definitely trying this this week! Looks awesome and super easy! Plus I LOVE banana!

  127. Amy says:

    these were so goood!!! just made them about 2 hours ago…and i needed to get rid of bananas so i remembered this recipe and whipped em up!! i made mini ones just like you cassey and i got about 7! i didnt count so thats a guesstimate. wow they were so surprisingly tasty, really sweet and moist! so easy to make, the batter wasnt hard to flip at all. clean and no mess! thanks cassey!

  128. Paulina says:

    can i use pinapple instead of banana?because i really dislike banana;/

  129. Saima says:

    I didnt have banana so tried it with oats, egg and sweetner and they were perfect! pancakes actually fluffed up. Id reccomend trying it.

  130. Zoe says:

    Tried this for breakfast and it was so delicious!!!
    I LOVE YOU CASSEY, this is like the best breakfast or snack ever! 🙂

  131. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe!
    Sooooo tasty!

  132. Sunny says:

    Alright. I’ll give it a go. But I must say that I’m skeptical. I’ll just have to keep in mind that it’s not a substitute for actual buttery pancakes! lol

    Hope you announce the winners of the giveaway soon! Please do! For my sanity

  133. Audrey says:

    So easyyy! I can’t believe it!
    Luckily my honey loooove banana! So I can do it for him and me, no need to do 2 recipes!
    I try it this week

  134. Kelli says:

    I can’t wait to try this!! i don’t have any bananas at the moment 🙁 you should start putting up more recipes, they are always so delish and super easy which is like my favorite thing ever!

  135. Ohhh this looks so delicious, definitely going to try this soon!

  136. Melissa says:

    Recently found your site, love it! Did 5 Ab Videos and 2 rounds of your London Cardio video for my workout today, so awesome, Pilates convert right here! Thanks for the cool recipe 🙂

  137. Carmen says:

    I tried this today and CASSEY THIS IS AMAZING! THANK YOU!
    On the taste scale of 1 to 10 I’d give them a 7 I guess, but I think what’s best about it is that it has so little calories but it gets you SO FULL without you getting a food baby or anything like that haha. 🙂 I ate them about 5 to 6 hours ago and I’m still not hungry. What is going on?! 😀 This is incredible.
    Cassey, you are like the most awesome person in the world, seriously, and you always inspire and motivate me!

  138. Kajsa Ö says:

    OMG! I’m so going to try these tomorrow morning, no question about it.
    You are so great Cassey! I mean, this must be the easiest recipe for pancaked ever. Haha 🙂
    Be strong girls! <3

  139. Amalie R. says:

    Love bananapancakes, I allways make those as well.
    Just with a hint of vanilla sugar! 🙂

  140. Tara says:

    Hi, would it work if I used egg replacer to make these? I’m vegan so I can’t eat eggs 3:

  141. Nicole says:

    Love the pancake recipe. I added some oatmeal and gound flax seed.