R.I.P. for Abs & Arms Printable

R.I.P. for Abs & Arms Printable


Copy of R.I.P. Arms + Abs

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  1. Razan says:

    Dear Cassey ho,

    my name is razan, Im from middle east from Syria, i have one question, Im 72 Kilogram

    and i want to lose my weight,, shall i start with one of your videos for one week , or i can do different videos every day.

    i mean shall i concentrate on one area of my body ??


    1. Vivian Huang says:

      Razan, I just saw your comment while I browsed through Cassey’s website. She has a new workout calendar every month that tells you what videos to do every day for the whole month. Following her calendar workouts helped me lose weight and I am sure if you print it out and follow it, you will see results as well!
      P.S. If you do not want to follow her calendar, I suggest that you do 3 different videos a day. I don’t think it matters what videos, as long as you go through with the work outs! They can be targeting the same body part or different body parts. As long as you are working out, exercising and most of all…. eating RIGHT and HEALTHY, you will lose weight 🙂

      Best of luck to you,
      Vivian Huang