Pilates Bootcamp Total Body Toning Printable

Pilates Bootcamp Total Body Toning Printable



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  1. bec says:

    i totally agree ^^^. I am also in school and Cassey these are awesome just to do a quick workout or sometimes i pair them with others and do a longer workout. thanks so much for these. x

  2. Em says:

    Cassey, these printables are the best things you’ve done yet. I love your videos, but sometimes I’m just swamped with homework and other school things. These are quick workouts that I can easily do as an easy study break, without having to pull out my computer, make room on my floor for me & the laptop, and find which video I want to do. I can just pick my favorites and keep them near my desk for when I just need a break. You’re the best and you’re so inspiring. Thanks for all you do! 😀 Happy New Year!