No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie!

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie!

Hey hey POPsters!

Today’s Cheap Clean Eats recipe is sooooooo easy and delish you won’t even BELIEVE your taste buds!!! You don’t even have to bake it! This is what the beauty turns out like!


Ingredients for 1 pie:


  • 2 avocados
  • 2 limes
  • 1 TBS Stevia
  • 2 TBS Tapioca flour (could be omitted)


  • 3/4 cup walnuts
  • 6 medjool dates (soaked in water for 1 hour)

key lime pie ingredients


  1. Blend the pitted dates and walnuts in a food processor.
  2. Press into a pie pan with your hands until firm like a pie base.
  3. Then blend avocados, lime juice of 1-2 limes (depending on how citrusy you like it), Stevia, zest of 1 lime, and optional Tapioca until fluffy!
  4. Pour the avocado mixture on top of the crust.
  5. Chill in freezer for at least an hour.
  6. Take out, slice, then top with sliced limes and coconut flakes to prettify!

Enjoy and please, when you make this, be sure to upload to Instagram and #cheapcleaneats so I can see 🙂

<3 Cassey

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  1. Amaliya says:

    Is It okay if I don’t use dates? I’m allergic to dates and I was wondering if there might be anything to substitute the dates 🙂

    1. Diana says:

      Hey amaliya, I dont know if it works, but you coud give it a try! Maybe raisins would work, or dried apricot? 🙂

  2. Aimee says:

    What size pie pan/dish did you use? 🙂

  3. Mona says:

    wow this really looks good, will have to make this 🙂

    1. Mona says:

      i did a tiny version of the pie today and it was delicious but a bit sour 🙂 i used dried dates and just dipped them once in water, which really was enough. The filling i did without the flour and it sticked good together without it too, it was just a bit sour because i think i used a bit too much limes 🙂 very yummy though!!!!

  4. Ly says:

    i was kind of skeptical of it at first but when i first tasted it i was amazed. how can such simple ingredients taste so good together?! and super easy too! i don’t really care for normal key lime pie, but this vegan one? Hell yeah! 🙂

    1. Ly says:

      oh! and instead of soaking the dates for one hour, i just soaked them for 5 mins in warm (kind of hot) water.

  5. Yodamom says:

    I made this for my family and everyone even my avocado hating daughter loved it. Simply beautiful with a bright green color and creamy texture. I used key limes, with the zest, the more lime taste the better for me. : D I tasted and added sweetener and lime zest/juice to our taste. It is the only way to cook. Thanks for the great easy recipe.

  6. aliva says:

    I made this before a workout, then left it in the freezer and after the workout I had an amazingly delicious pie that I topped wth strawberries and coconut powder… What a lovely Saturday! 🙂 Thanks Cassey!

  7. Melissa says:

    Wonderfully simple, tasty recipe! Its simplicity is an asset because you easily can, and should, tweak it to your liking. I was weary of too much avocado-y flavor as mentioned in the reviews, so I added a bit of plain yogurt and extra lime juice to taste. (Tofu or soy yogurt will work if you are vegan!) For the crust, since I’m not a fan of nuts, I used graham cracker crumbs mixed with a bit of honey… Delicious 😀

  8. Jess says:

    This was sooo good! I made a few substitutions (corn starch instead of tapioca flour and plain sugar instead of stevia — not a huge fan of artificial sweeteners) and added A LOT more lime juice. I am thrilled by the way it turned out and I’m excited to share it with my vegan friend!

    1. Hyo says:

      stevia is not artificial… it’s natural i believe… its from stevia plant leaves. 😉

  9. Leanne says:

    I made this for my boyfriend’s birthday and I loved it! But I think I’m the only that loved it though 🙁 my sister complained it wasn’t sweet enough but I love the sour taste. Guilt free indulgence 😀

  10. Hannah says:

    Can I sub raisins for the dates?

  11. Pearchoco says:

    Just tasted it… awesome!! I was craving for something SWEET and that key lime pie satisfies you while the acidity of limes cut off that desire :)! (so you don’t end up eating loads of biscuits or cakes.)
    I didn’t have dates nor walnuts, so i just mixed a banana with whole oatmeal (not blended) and a mix of grated coconut, almond powder and hazelnuts powder. It could be a good alternative for those who don’t have dates and walnuts!
    Officially became one of my favorite desserts!!!

    (Oh and i didn’t have a food processor nor a blender…yeah… but it is possible to do without it!! just a little more patience and strenght with the fork on avocados 😉 )

  12. Katarina says:

    I really want to make this recipe, but I don’t have a food processor. Is there any other thing I could use?

  13. Katie says:

    My family (especially my mom) absolutely loves this recipe! I made it to try the recipe out and my mom could not stop raving about how much she loved this key lime pie. She even requested for me to make it for our dinner party! Thanks for the great recipe!

  14. Olivia says:

    Has anyone used an alternative to the walnut crust? I want to make this so badly but I have no walnuts 🙁

    1. Rae says:

      Yep! I have. I used macadamia nuts and almonds. But I think any nuts are fine~ I even used some sunflower seeds when I ran out of nuts and almonds! ;D

      1. Olivia says:

        Thank you so much!!! I love the blogilates fandom :’D <3

  15. Hi there! I run a food blog called Floptimism, and every Saturday I write a round-up of all of the amazing recipes, pictures, ideas, inspiration, etc. I’ve found on the web over the past week. I wanted to let you know that I loved this “healthified” Key Lime PIe so much that I featured it in my post. I’ve included the link to the post in case you’re interested in checking it out. Either way, thank you for such an amazing creation! Have a great weekend!

  16. Alex says:

    I made it this afternoon and it was yammy!
    Could you make icecream of the filling? It has a great tast, would it tast good when frozen?
    I used maizena to bind the filling, I don’t know were to buy tapioca in the Netherlands.
    I love the recepty due to the fact there is no milk, glutes or suger used.
    I already placed it on my facebookpage for my friends.

    Thank you.



  17. Marinda says:

    So I tried this and thought I should leave my opinion on it. I personally hated it and thought it was too avocado-y. But I think this depends a lot on simply one’s tastebuds, so if you haven’t made this, I would suggest doing so before you completely write it off 🙂 I am also not the best cook so that probably influenced it 🙂 Also, I would like to agree with most everyone else… the crust is AMAZING and I could eat that for the rest of my life.

    1. Liz says:

      I agree on both accounts; it was too avocado-y for me as well. Buttt – the walnut crust was a savior!
      I don’t wanna hate on the recipe though…because people who love avocados dearly, will definitely love this.

  18. Danielle says:

    How does this taste?

  19. amy says:

    does the blender work the same as a food proccessor?

    1. Nebo says:

      Yeah, just don’t blend too much, just until its smooth and creamy. I’ll be making this hopefully today and I’ll add tofu to it for a firmer texture, and a bit of raisins for the crust.

  20. Hannah says:


    Can you try making like a clean pimento cheese?! I love it so much, it’s so addicting but it’s just got a lot of chemicals in it :/

    Love Always!
    Hannah <3

  21. Ax says:

    No bake Vegan key lime pie ? … First time I have heard and seen this but it looks yummy and healthy enough to try it! I’m not crazy about avocados but I’ll try anything once. besides I love the other ingredients and the whole thing does look good. It should be easy enough to prepare.

  22. Emilie says:

    Thank you Cassey! I made the recipe last night and my boyfriend and I really enjoyed it, especially with added lime on top, because otherwise we could still taste the avocado a bit too much. I used 4 ramequins instead of a pan pie. This dessert is very filling! Next time, I’ll put all the frozen ingredients back in the blender to make ice cream!

  23. Michelle says:

    Do you think unflavored gelatine can be used instead of tapioca flour?

    1. Ella says:

      Maybe, but this is suppose to be a vegan recipe

    2. ariella says:

      i think it might work, but gelatine is not raw or vegan.

    3. Nebo says:

      You can use flax seed or corn starch to replace the gelatine.

  24. Jen says:

    Could this work with coconut flour? Or what other flour would you recommend.

  25. Christine says:

    Just made this, it’s in the freezer! Can’t wait to try some in an hour!

  26. Jodie says:

    So, I worked out the price for the pie I’m making here in South Carolina in case anyone’s interested! I made 2 subs – regular dates instead of medjool and coconut flour rather than tapioca. I also included the coconut flakes in my total.

    2 avocados = $4.49
    2 limes = $0.50
    3/4 cup walnuts = $1.50
    6 dates = $0.45
    1 tbsp coconut flour = $0.24
    2 tsbp coconut flakes = $0.11
    1 packet stevia = $0.10

    = $7.39 ($3.20 more than Cassey’s).

    As I said in my first comment, I’m still happy to make the pie as I’m sure it will be delicious and healthy! I just wanted to back up my own statements about how the price of food really varies by region. Money is a BIG reason why obesity is so prevalent in the South. I am usually in Mississippi and I’m sure that the ingredients would be even more expensive there. Add to that unemployment/food stamps/lower wages in general, lack of grocery stores in many areas and the lack of pedestrianized streets or public transit for those who cannot afford a car.

    I was concerned by many of the views displayed on here in response to your posts on Honey Boo Boo and obesity as a disease. I just hope that some POPsters read this and want to get involved with helping impoverished/food insecure communities rather than shutting the door on obesity as simply a matter of willpower.

    1. Len says:

      Thank you so much for this! I completely agree. Not everyone has the luxury of living in California where farmers markets abound and fresh produce is always on sale.

    2. Lily says:

      I don’t think living in the south has much to do with it. In fact, I live in the south (Memphis) and have found food costs to be much cheaper than those in SoCal when I visit. The key no matter where you live is planning ahead and looking for sales. For instance, the normal price here for avocados is about $1 but if I wait until they’re on sale at a place like Aldi (great store, fab prices) I’ll spend half that. Places like Costco and international markets are also great places to shop. And yes, CA has lots of farmers markets but so do we. They’re great, but they’re also pricey even if you buy in bulk (e.g. A flat of peaches vs a pint).

      1. Jodie says:

        I don’t think the South is the only area that is affected, but it is an area where you can see the problems that I was talking about: lack of grocery stores, no public transport, higher costs in areas where there is not much competition.

        I also did not mean to suggest that each and every part of the South is going to be more expensive than anywhere else. Memphis is my closest city (1.5 hrs away) and it IS absolutely cheaper to shop there than where I live, and it has plenty of options and farmers markets as you have said. But not everyone has the time/resources to visit a bigger place like Memphis, and that’s really what I was getting at. For some people, they have 1 grocery store or a limited number that they can reach without a car, and getting fresh, healthy and cheap foods is very difficult. Again, I wanted to make the point that poverty is a much bigger problem than willpower.

      2. nouna says:

        you do have aldi in the US?It’s great isn’t it 🙂
        I love their organic avocados ♥

    3. Rox says:

      I’ve just worked out the UK price (using Tesco and Amazon prices):
      2 medium avocados £2 (Thats not even for organic avocados like Cassey’s)
      3 limes £0.90
      1 tbsp stevia £0.10
      2 tbsp tapioca flour £0.10
      3/4 cup walnuts £1.50
      6 medjool dates £1.00
      Sweetened coconut (substituted dessicated) £0.05
      Total: £5.65 approx $8.40

      I could probably get the avocados a bit cheaper at the market but by the time travel costs to the market are considered all the saving would be cancelled out.

      You actually couldn’t make this just by shopping in my village even though it is pretty big – if you want a frozen pizza or other junk food though = fear not, we have plenty of that here!

  27. Lotte says:

    I am allergic to nuts, is there anything I can replace the walnuts with? Because I absolutely love avocados and I can’t wait to try this amazing recipe!

    1. Martina says:

      How about seeds? Seeds are usually a good sub.

  28. Leslie says:

    Hey Cassie! This recipe was good, but I have to admit I’m not sure how I feel about the avacado. I can still taste it, and it’s a little strange. I think I’m gonna try it with tofu next time and see how that goes. The crust is amazing, though! And as always, your recipes give me a base to get creative with my own recipes. Thanks for this!!

    BTW, just finished the beginners calendar, and I already feel like a beast/beauty 🙂 I can’t wait to see the changes for the next month doing the regular calendars!! Thank you!

  29. Lizzy says:

    This looks yum. I’m in the UK so in grams or ounces does anyone know what 3/4 cup of walnuts equates too please?

    1. Martina says:

      I just found a good converter in the internet (you can check the link here It’s 81 grams anyway.

  30. Lynn says:

    Cassey you have beautiful handwriting! This recipe looks yummy!

  31. Cate says:

    YUM! Thanks for sharing this, it sounds great! I eat Paleo so this recipe works well for me! I am wondering what your opinions on the Paleo diet are? I feel great eating regular (gluten free grains, beans, dairy, sugar, etc) but I also feel great eating Paleo. Which do you think is a better eating lifestyle? I’ve heard a lot of controversy over the paleo diet. What do you think about it? Thanks!

  32. Haley says:

    I looove key lime pie too! I waited so long for this recipe. I tried it and my filling was weird but the crust was amazing though! Love your cheap clean eats series!!!!!

  33. Brooke says:

    Cassey!! I would just like to say that ever since I started eating clean and working out with you, I have just realized that I have lost

    15 POUNDS!!

    Which is insane!
    I’m so glad to be losing weight and getting fit in the healthiest way possible, and I constantly have high energy and an open mind! I feel so refreshed and regenerated whenever I finish your workouts. Thanks to you, I have really turned my life around for the better, when I used to feel that it was impossible to get fit and be happy with my body. Who knew it was all about what I was eating!! Thank you for making me realize that I CAN make it! 🙂

    1. Hi Brooke! That’s really great! When I started reading this site, I’ve lost more or less 10 lbs but I’m looking forward to improve next week. I really love this site. Cassey is really inspiring! 🙂

  34. Justyna says:

    Hi Cassey, Hi Popsters! I know this isn’t the right place to ask but could anybody let me know how accurate is omron bf 508 body fat monitor scale? I know that Cassey got one of body fat scales for herself and it got me thinking that maybe it’s not such a bad idea. But at the same time don’t wont to spend 60 euro on something that it’s not wort it. Any reply much appreciated. Thank you xxx

    1. Amy M. says:

      Look at the reviews on

  35. Kacey says:

    Video removed? I evtried several times to watch.

  36. VL Fanai says:

    hmm I wonder if i can use corn starch instead of tapioca flour…

    1. Clara says:

      Yes you can! I just did and it turned out great! Just use 1 tbs instead of 2 🙂

      1. nouna says:

        is it ok not to cook those flours? I mean for the digestion.

  37. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for this recipe Cassey! I love the fact that it’s no-bake and it’s very easy to make.
    Can’t wait to try it myself 🙂 Could you please do next week’s Cheap Clean Eats video with the healthy cupcakes (Blueberry, Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberry Basil)?

  38. Amrit says:

    It looks amazing! Next week, I’m going to get some avocados and try this recipe out for myself! Question; how do you know if an avocado is ripe? And does it taste good? I’ve never ever bought it but I’m really looking forward to trying it out 🙂

    1. VL Fanai says:

      actually, a ripe avocado will have a dark colored skin. In the markets here, they don’t sell ripe avocados. They sell the raw ones. They have greener skin. while the ripe ones have almost black-ish green skin. but don’t worry.. avocados don’t ripen on trees. they ripen after you pick em. so even if you buy raw ones, keep it for a few days and they will ripen. when i bought avocados for the first time here, i thought they were ripe. when i cut them, they were still raw. I didn’t know what to do so i just kept it in the refrigerator. I didn’t know they could still ripen after cutting… but they did get ripen after a few days! 🙂

    2. Nebo says:

      Yo can lightly and carefully press the bottom part of the avocado, if its soft then it means its ripe.

  39. Sarah says:

    The recipe is fantastic! I wrote a review about it over on my blog just in case someone isn’t convinced to try it already! It is SO worth it!

    1. Vanessa says:

      Thank you for the review Sarah! Will definitely check out the other recipes on your blog!

  40. Coralie says:

    Okay so I get that you’re supposed to refridgerate for 1-2 hours and then eat it, but what do you do with the leftovers?

    1. summer says:

      throw it back in the fridge??? feed it to a homeless person?? eat the whole thing??? whatever you want to do

    2. Kayla says:

      Um. Refrigerate. I would think… That’s what happens to every other leftover.

    3. Pippa says:

      Left overs?

    4. amy says:

      its too yummy to have left overs!

  41. Karisa says:

    Mmm girl post this on pinterest so i dont forget

  42. Ana says:

    What a beautiful handwriting!!!!

  43. Shannon says:

    WAH! Video removed!?

  44. Jodie says:

    Thank you SO much, Cassey! I’m in the beginning stages of giving up dairy but I really wanted to make a good birthday dessert for myself this weekend. This looks so awesome that I think my boyfriend and co-workers will like it too! I LOVE Key Lime Pie so really excited to try this.

    I’m sure this isn’t news to you, but I did want to mention that prices do vary dramatically from place to place. For example, I know that when I last bought an avocado, it was $2.50 for one. I currently live in South Carolina and have a couple of grocery stores around to take advantages of prices. But during school months I live in Mississippi and there is only Kroger and Walmart. It would be at least a 3 hour roundtrip to get to a Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc. Not to mention, prices in my town seem to be made higher due to the lack of other options – in order to stay healthy, I had to double the food budget I had used for years in the UK.

    I guess I wanted to counter your “no excuses” point in this video and other times such as the categorization of obesity and the eating habits displayed on Honey Boo Boo. I guess you could say there is no excuse for not eating well if you have the time, resources, knowledge and finances, but that’s not the case for many people, especially in the South. I’m really not trying to make a criticism of YOU or what you do – you inspire so many people from different backgrounds and I always recommend Blogilates to friends who are new to exercise and healthy living. But I am really hopeful that POPsters will be a group of people who are inspired to help those who are eating poorly due to poverty, rather than believing that willpower is all it takes.

    Sorry if that was a little heavy! One of the things I will try to do is make your recipes and work out the cost in MY area – it might be useful for people like me who live in more isolated areas/southern states. Hopefully I will be able to report back that I found ingredients for close to the same price that you did!

  45. Lucy says:

    CASSEY THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I’m not sure here in boring England you can get tapioca flour :/ Is there a similar substitute you would recommend? (Or anyone who knows anything about cooking – well not that’s there’s any cooking here ;)) Thank you! x

    1. Sarah says:

      Blended chia seeds would do the trick. Arrowrroot powder might work as well, but I’m not positive about that. I just made the recipe today, and I really don’t think the tapioca powder would be necessary. The avocado gives it great texture! 🙂

  46. Merle says:

    what is the diameter of your pie pan? i live in europe and we have many different sizes^^.

    1. Nebo says:

      I think you can use a regular size pie pan…9 inches in diameter and 1-1/4 inches deep, ask google XD.

  47. Sofja says:

    Love your recepeice!!!!! Thank you very much <3

  48. Hollie says:

    Yaaaaaay I love love LOVE avocados!!!
    I can’t wait to try this recipe! 🙂

  49. Sara says:

    Can I use oatmeal instead of tapioca flour?

    1. Sarah says:

      I wouldn’t. 🙂 Try powdered chia seeds or go without. I really think it’s be fine without the flour.

  50. Ella says:

    I’m so gonna make this on Sunday! Looks so yummy!

  51. Aneesa says:

    Firstly, this looks FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to try it! I don’t think it’s possible to have enough avocado in your life. 🙂
    That being said, slight issue: I recently tried using Stevia in my cooking for the first time, and I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to it (anybody else had this issue?). Assuming we’re trying to stay away from regular sugar here, what’s the best alternative?

    1. Sarah says:

      I made it subbing 2 T. of raw honey and it turned out great! I haven’t heard of anyone being allergic to stevia, but it is possible. I just don’t like the after taste.

      1. Aneesa says:

        Yeah, apparently people with ragweed allergies/hay fever can have bad reactions to it.
        Thanks for the tip, though! I’ll try it with honey. 🙂

        1. Nebo says:

          You can use agave honey instead of honey, to make it vegan 🙂

  52. Marinda says:

    My madre ordered me a food processor, and it finally came in yesterday. I totally wanted one just so I could make these recipes! This pie looks delicious, I think I shall try it first (; Thanks Cassey!

  53. Christina says:

    I’ve never tried a Key Lime Pie before in my life…but now that you’ve done it I might do so! 🙂

  54. This looks so yummy! I love desserts that include avocado as the main ingredient. It makes everything so creamy but filling and healthy.

  55. Danni says:

    Hi Cassey! I wanted to ask you, what are those “dates” like? I haven’t seen them in my country and maybe I could do this recipe with figs? or something else? Thanks!

    1. Nebo says:

      Figs have more water than dates, you can make it with dry figs instead of dates, plums or raisins. Where are you from? I thought I wouldn’t be able to find dates in my country but I did! (Actually my mom did) and they are natural without any preservative or artificial coloring. Hope it helps :).