New Abs Workout! Winners of oGorgeous Giveaway! + My Sweaty Workout Routine

New Abs Workout! Winners of oGorgeous Giveaway! + My Sweaty Workout Routine

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Hey guys!!!

New video on Livestrongwoman! I love these because they are longer and are set in such a gorg place (which is not my house BTW but I wish it were) – kinda transports you to a magical fitness mecca land where the sun shines, hair is perfect, and abs are tight yeah?

Sorry I was not able to announce the winners of the oGorgeous gym bag and yoga mat giveaway Sunday. But here they are! In total randomness using and not my archaic paper slips system…

Drum roll purleezeee…

When I asked “Tell me your favorite exercise!!!” you said:

Congrats ladies!! You each get your choice of one oGorgeous gym bag and a yoga mat!!! Woohooo!!  You can look at the collection on There will be new styles and colors come September if you wanna wait! I left a message on your YouTube feed to email me.

And you guys asked me what my home workout was the other day that got me all sweaty and fabulous-looking like this…


  • Run up and down stairs for 1 min
  • 20 Spiderman Hops (Kinda like a regular reptile but jumping. Start in plank then while staying prone, hop and land your right foot close to your hand whole left leg stays straight.  You looks like you did a reptile but your foot is on the floor. Then hop and switch. Hmm makes no sense when I type this – I’ll do a vid)
  • 20 pushups
  • 15 burpees
  • 25 tricep dips leg extended
  • 20 tuck jumps
  • 20 decline pushups
  • 1 min mountain climbers
  • 25 alternating step up with back leg raises (onto my piano bench)
  • 20 in-n-out jumps (you’re in plank and you hop both legs in towards hands then hop back out into plank, that’s one)

Repeat the sequence 4x through. Only breaks you take are a 1 min break after the 20 in-n-outs.

I need to log this on! Been lazy so have not yet. But yea, would be good for you guys to see the demos of the moves as well as the reps.

K gotta run to the bank and take care of all sorts of mundane things.

<3 you!


PS – ooohhh so apparently everyone wants me to do a challenge to “Wings” by Little Mix? Are we all in agreement here?

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  1. Diandra says:

    Bicep/arm challenge please!

  2. Audrey says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’ve tried your last pilates abs for beginners yersterday! Really the best! You feel your abs burns and works but in the same time, you enjoy cuz exercices are really natural and cool!
    I think I do it again tonight!

    PS: Just received my “Train like a BEAST look like a beauty” and my short… yiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! so exited! Want to try it nowwww! lol But at the office… not good idea!lol

    Audrey <3

  3. Hope says:

    Oh btw, I was on the treadmill the other day listening to Keri Hilson, and I totally love her song, loose control. It’s got a beat that makes me go faster when I’m on the treadmill… love it!

  4. Hope says:

    Omgah! I need this bag!!! It’s on my list now…gotta get it!

  5. Lindsay says:

    How long did the workout take? Going to try it today!!

  6. Leanne says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Please do a workout to wings by little mix! :D:D

  7. EllyK says:

    Trying your Sweaty HIIT Workout today! I hope I live…

  8. Audrey says:


    I think this pilates abs workout is my favorite! Really love that one!
    Can’t wait to try it right now!

    Thanks Cassey!

  9. Allyson says:

    Can’t wait to try the Sweaty routine. Thanks for this:)

  10. Audrey says:

    Yessss please:)!!!! Love Wings!!!!:)

  11. Megan Jackson says:

    Was browsing on pinterest and found:
    Pop pilates Aug 9th post

  12. Shay says:

    Have you checked out

  13. I’m so jelly! Those bags are awesome! 🙂

  14. Drew says:

    You should film that POP cardio / hitt workout 🙂 Its hard to memorize all the moves. itd be nice having you demonstrate some of your workouts 🙂

  15. Kerry says:

    Can we have a back workout to this? You know, like wings springing out our backs? I want that sexy V

  16. Vanessa says:

    Always looking forward to Mondays because I really like your workouts with Livestrongwoman and I love longer workout routines 🙂

    Will try your sweaty workout routine sometime this week, it looks hard though.

    Oh and congrats Becky and Alyssa!

  17. Madison says:

    OH MY GOSH. Yes, do a video to Wings please! Also, your workout is insane. Seems like something we would do during a dry land workout for swimming practice!