Natural Butt Lift + Dallas POP Army!

Natural Butt Lift + Dallas POP Army!

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Hey guys!

Look at that sassiness above! Just spent the weekend with my Dallas POP Army and MAN am I excited for this team! Every single instructor in training was super excited, super positive, and each blew me away with her genuine personality. I feel so lucky that the people making up the POP instructor team are so kind because it is SO IMPORTANT that at this beginning stage, we set the right culture. I don’t want to grow POP Pilates crazy fast if that means sacrificing the quality of my instructors. Every experience that a student has taking a POP class should be memorable and FUN. If it’s not that, then we have a problem.

I still can’t believe sometimes that POP Pilates is ACTUALLY a format at 24 Hour Fitness. I am going to do everything I can to make sure that this format isn’t just a trend. I want it to last a long time…and do what Blogilates did for people online. I want a community to be built. I want friendships to be made. I want bodies to be strengthened. I want minds to be inspired. I really do believe we can do this. It’s just such a new space that I am exploring. And there’s so much I feel like I don’t know yet! But I will try to blog more about my experience running a format and certification program. There is a lot to learn.

I’m currently choreographing the new POP 3 release for our instructors. I’m beginning to add some Pilates cardio into it. Haha. I feel kinda bad but not really. Wait til you guys go take the class. The routines I will be releasing at RIDIC.

If you’re interested in getting certified, please click here! We are planning a HUGE launch in September in 24 Hour Fitness and will need lots of instructors! Please come join the team 🙂

Ok and now for some butt talk…



This is your new “Natural Butt Lift” Workout. It’s short, it’s sweet and it BURRNNNNSSSS!!!!! OMG. Like what just happened. You have to go try this routine because it’s a super fun song challenge that does not disappoint. “Run Away with me” by Carly Rae Jepsen is the song. DO IT NOW.

And this is the shirt I am wearing in the vid! I am obsessed with hi-heck halters right now.


Live Freely Love Deeply Hi-Neck Halter,

Love you super duper much! And keep posting your #blogilatesdesigns purchases if you buy anything! I love stalking your fashion posts 🙂 Don’t forget that every week 1 POPster gets crowned “POPster of the Week” and wins a $25 gift card to the store!


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  1. Cassie says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting certified but I have to improve upon my workouts first!

  2. Dean says:

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  3. Kayleigh says:

    Hey Cassey!! I am really interested in becoming an instructor but there are no 24 hour fitness where I live. Would I still be able to teach pop Pilate’s?

  4. CRIS says:


  5. Laura says:

    Hey Cassey,
    the video is not viewable in Germany because of the music rights – we have a different, very strict system here. This was the case before so maybe you could stick to using free music? That would be so nice!
    Also: Love for arms here! 🙂

    Have a great Day,

  6. Kirsty says:

    Hi Casey and fellow Posters

    Do any of you know if and when the Populates certifications can be done in the uk? Would love to bring it over here!

    K x

  7. Elle .S says:

    Her Cassey!

    I loved this workout but I didn’t do everything because of the fire hydrants! You see i’ve been looking forever to get smaller hips, thin thighs, and a toned butt but every exercise out there is about getting a bigger booty and bigger hips. It’s really frustrating for me, do you know good exercises to get smaller hips and butt??

    XO -Elle.S

    1. Kaedi says:

      Technically, none of these workouts will make your booty bigger or smaller – they’ll just be more toned and rounded. For some people, that lift makes them look a little bigger. For others, the toning makes them look smaller. It’s all about your butt muscles! As for hips, I’m willing to bet that these exercises (and most exercises, actually!) are more likely to make them smaller.

      All of that being said, there’s no such thing as “spot reduction,” only “spot toning”! (Cassey says this a lot, and it sticks with me.) The best way to decrease size on any part of the body is to eat clean and do cardio.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Heike says:

      I have a bigger butt and wider hips too and I can assure you: doing the blogilates routines (all of them) helps! I’ve lost so much fat in these places by following the calendars and I don’t feel too big anymore. Give it a try and blogilates will help you to get your own best body 🙂

  8. Elle says:

    Hi Cassey! I just wanted to let you know how much you and your amazing youtube videos have transformed my life 🙂 You are so inspiring and positive – it’s contagious! You have made working out fun but still challenging enough for me to see results! Thank you xox

  9. Angela says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    Thanks for move my ass to work.
    I changed my body. It is incredible.
    You’re so positive.

    1. Angela says:


  10. Kara says:

    You are such an inspiration 🙂


  11. Cassey, I love how you are changing women’s lives by showing that that fitness can be super fun, supportive, and a lifestyle (not a weight loss fad!!). This butt burn video was awesome and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my legs day (which is always mat based!) tomorrow. xx

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  12. Always quality over quantity! I can’t wait to get certified but I’ll have to wait for the day I move to the states.

  13. Aurita says:

    Hey Cassey, loved your new butt workout, it really killed my booty :))) and could you do more cardio dance routines, please?