Meal Plan Update | Day 16 of 90

Hey guys!

Happy Lunar New Year! It is the year of the Tiger – which just so happens to be MY year. They say that people born during the year of the Tiger are thought to be natural born leaders, courageous, energetic, they love challenges and competition, and are definitely risk takers. They also like to give orders, not take them. Ha, sounds just like me 🙂

Skort from POPFLEX, Top from F21, and shoes from ASOS

Supposedly my “power” should be stronger this year! Good, cuz I’ll need it. I’ve got to get through this 90 day journey and crush it with the business…so…Moon, Prism, (tiger) POWER!!!

Also, sorry I did not blog Monday as promised. I ACTUALLY chose rest over work. Progress! Major progress! See? I told you I would work on this!

Now, here is my plan for week 3.


Keeping everything the same as last week. I feel good about this routine. Will continue to up my weights where I can, while prioritizing proper form over recklessly lifting heavier for the sake of lifting heavier. Month 1 is all about getting back into lifting and re-familiarizing my muscles with the movement. When it comes time to plan for month 2, I will be decreasing my reps so I can increase my weights.


As you can see, I upped my calories this week because I wanted to up my fat intake as I was noticing that I was reaching for nuts and guac last week. Fat grams are nearly doubled from 27g to now about 50g. Carbs and protein are up a bit because there’s a bit more food. I am curious to see how this affects my muscle building efforts. I’ve been on this meal plan for 2 days now. My fullness levels and energy levels are still the same as when I was on the 1500 plan, so I am curious to see what happens with muscle growth.

Food pics below!

Rice cakes with avocado and egg whites is a winner. I am keeping this one from last week, but increasing my egg whites to a full cup for maximal protein intake. YUM!!!

Spinach Oats and Chicken, also a winner. I love this one soooo much. Especially with a ton of sriracha and ponzu. It’s so good, I might keep it for all 12 weeks.

I wanted to increase my fat intake this week, so adding avo on top of my sweet potato. Super good. Oh BTW making homemade dressing now and it’s legit. I just mix greek yogurt with sugar free BBQ sauce, some hot sauce and BOOM a high protein dressing with super flavor. It’s amaze.

Supersculpt Protein Pancakes are also back for week 3. But this time, with blueberries and greek yogurt mixed with sugarfree maple syrup. OMG seriously SO GOOD. I love the sweet greek yogurt on the pancakes. It makes everything so desserty and creamy!

Oh and I did not take a pic, but I’ve been enjoying just drinking almond milk mixed with monkfruit sugar and salt to taste. I pour it in a mason jar full of ice and drink from a pretty glass straw. I feel like I am having a milk tea from a cafe! It’s so fun.

K that is all for now! I will check in with you Sunday night and let you know how my first 1800 cal week goes.

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  1. Gunes says:

    I came here for checking the 90 days journer and I fell in love with this top!!! but I couldn’t find it on F21 site 🙁

  2. Sandra says:

    Thank you for sharing it. Good luck on your 90 day body challenge.

  3. Carolina Filipe says:

    Hi Cassey! Thank your for the updates! Could you share your workout plan?

    Thank you!

  4. kokomo says:

    Hi! Im new here, so this might be a dumb question-Do you eat all 5 meals every day? Or is it one each day of the week?

    1. Cassey says:

      Every day! I don’t mind the repetition and it just makes things a little easier for me.

  5. Annie U. says:

    I absolutely love that you’re showing us what you’re eating and why. I never thought to to make avocado “toast” on a rice cake! Mind blown and now I can enjoy all the varieties minus the gluten. Awesome job and thank you!

    1. Cassey says:

      It’s so good!

  6. AmethystAP says:

    Amazing and these meals look delicious. Resting is important, glad your priorities rest over work. Looking forward to your next update. Have a great week.

  7. Lakshmi priya says:

    As a Indian I feel kind of difficult to make these…… Pls consider this

  8. Victoria W. says:

    Twins! I had rice cakes with avocado and smoked salmon this week for breakfast!

  9. cbd gum says:

    Very well presented information. You’re the best! I think it’s a very balanced diet. I think that many people in different age categories will find here suitable information for themselves. People who follow a healthy diet are very negative about pancakes, I am an example of this. After reading this blog, I will change my mind about pancakes according to your recipe! Many thanks. and please us more with new tasty and healthy dishes!

  10. Maya Tanner says:

    Hi Cassie! Just wanted to ask what kind of greek yogurt and almond milk you use?

  11. Tatyana says:

    Hi, Cassey! I know that fot the women 30% of daily calories must be of fats. We need them to avoid problems with hormones and menstruation.

    1. Gabrielle says:

      I eat 10% of my calories from fat and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and hormones. Every one is different.

  12. Annalisa says:

    Hi Cassey! You’re such an inspiration. Thank you so much for being transparent about your health journey! What vegan protein powder do you use? Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      I am testing out a bunch but currently the orgain vanilla one is not too bad!

      1. Teresa says:

        You should do a video review of protein powders that you’ve tried! My favorites are Silk Ultra, both vanilla and chocolate, and Four Sigmatic vanilla.

  13. Courtney says:

    Do you eat that entire stack of pancakes?

  14. Haya says:

    Heyyy, how do you make the pancake? I don’t eat flour or sugar ,does it contain them?

    1. Bischa says:

      Now I’m not Cassie, but On the plan it shows the ingr of ‘the pancake meals’ it states
      2 scoops vegan protein powder
      ⅓cup egg whites 1 Tbsp tapioca powder (by this I think she means tapioca starch/flour) so it does have a flour but not a grain flour
      Then it states sugar free sirup
      2TBSP Greek yoghurt
      2oz of blueberries but those 3 ingr go on as a Topping as far as I understand…
      However depending on which flours you avoid , and maybe tapioca is OK for you unless you are keto? Tapioka is at least Paleo… otherwise there are other recipes for flourless/grain less /keto friendly pancakes on the Internet. However I would suspect that the vegan protein very likely would be enough in this recipe as far as I know vegan protein powders are very absorbant and acts very much as a flour.. Other wise look into f. Ex PEscience select protein or 1 up nutritions Whey protein it’s expensive protein but it’s really good for baking protein rich goodies and esp. the pesscience is known for you can just mix it with an egg or 2 egg whites add a little water and make pancakes or waffles and there is a host of different recipes with protein powder (+ a few other ingr.) on YouTube pernilla Stryker has a good amount of recipes with protein powder… (or search 1 carb waffles on YouTube the pesscience waffle/pancake thing should comes up one can also do low cal protein mug Brownies with those proteins etc. Hope it helps

  15. Eve says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Congrats on making good progress!
    Could you please share your Spinach Oats and Chicken recipe. Thank you!

    1. blogilates says:

      Basically I just throw it all in a pot (not the chicken) and boil for 7-10 min. Then I take it out, mix in pre cooked chicken and season w ponzu and sriracha! That’s it!

  16. Maria K. says:

    Okay, I gotta ask… When you’re cooking with just the egg whites… What do you do with all of the removed yolks!? 😳 I always put them in a small bowl in the fridge, and try to use them in scrambled eggs for my son the next day. But if someone isn’t eating them, what happens to them? 🤔😂 I’m imagining a bag of frozen egg yolks stored in your freezer for later when your meal plan changes 😜🍳 Hey, if they CAN be safely frozen, please let us know! ❤️

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh! I buy liquid egg whites!

      1. S says:

        I’m wondering why you don’t eat egg yolks when you are looking to increase fat? Do you just prefer fat from other foods?

    2. Lyrra says:

      You can use them to make homemade pudding or custard for your son. Homemade means you can control how much sugar/sweetness goes into it.

    3. Bischa says:

      It’s very commen to be able to just buy egg whites in a carton esp in the US I believe you can get it in every supermarket if your not in the US, some of the ‘fitness stores’ like bulk. Com sell them, no yolks wasted.. Or at least we don’t waste them some one in a factory does I guess if they don’t make something else I don’t know of out of them, but I believe that most Americans who only use whites or primarily use whites, use those from a carton…

    4. Aliica says:

      You can actually buy cartons (think like a quart of milk) of just egg whites in the store near the eggs 😊 if you don’t have super specific macro goals, you could just swap a similar volume of whole eggs since the yolks actually ha e a lot of nutrition and coline which supports brain health.