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Hey guys!

March is going to be a very exciting month because we’ll be doing much more PIIT in your workouts, it’s the launch of the #PIIT28 Challenge, PLUS, it’s the start of Spring! Woohoo! So many flowers are blooming right now – it makes me giddy!

If you are still deciding between whether you should do the March Calendar or the PIIT28 Challenge – first of all, just pick one! Don’t do both. If you work out effectively and go all out, your body will be exhausted and overtrained. Second of all…I have a surprise for you!


I’m doing a PIIT POWER PACK GIVEAWAY! I will pick 3 winners to win lifetime memberships to PIIT28 1.0 and The 28 Day Reset ($89 value)!

combo packHere’s how to enter:

  1. Follow @blogilates on Instagram
  2. Post a pic and caption on IG explaining “Why working out makes me happy.”
  3. Hashtag it #PIIT28

You can post as many times as you want and you can be of any age and from any country! I will pick the 3 random winners the night of March 1st and will announce them on IG. Good luck!


March 2016 Final low

click for high res version!


You will notice that on March 1st, something different is happening. I wanted to interact with you guys more…so I decided…how fun would it be to sweat on camera LIVE with you in our first workout of the month!!?? We will all be doing the entire PIIT 1.1  “ABDOMINATION” routine. Abs and cardio – oh boy! This is for EVERYONE! If you are joining the PIIT28 challenge or not!

I will be doing 4 rounds straight through (28 min and 40 sec) with my friends and the Blogifam…so you can watch us suffer…and smile with you. This is 100% free so please, join in! Bring your yoga mat, sneakers, and a water bottle and we will start the Warmup promptly at 10am PST on

I will be LIVE about 10-15 min earlier to say hi and answer any questions and will also stay on a little after to talk to you guys. If you are not able to make the workout, then you can watch the live broadcast later – it’ll stay on Yay I am so excited!


Also, here is your first workout video of the month! This is a PIIT – dance – POP Pilates combination song challenge that’s only 3 min long! It will target your legs, butt, and burn fat all at the same time. Introducing Quick Cardio Booty Blast!

Did you try?!! So fun right!!? I want you to send it to one friend as a challenge…especially those boys who think Pilates is “too easy.” Puh-leeze. They don’t even know!

Ok guys, lots of stuff happening. Make sure that you are ON YOUR GAME!!! I’ll personally be doing The #PIIT28 Challenge myself and am truly pumped to see how much stronger and happier I will be by the end of the month. I’ll share my journey with you as much as possible. Oh yah and…if you guys successfully finish the PIIT28 Challenge (the rules are in the portal), I will send you this completion tank! The tank can only be earned not bought, so it’s very very special.


Ok that’s all for real!!! Let’s have a MAGNIFICENT MARCH shall we?!!!


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  1. JBKFD says:

    What if you can’t do consecutive days? The only work out days i really have are the weekends, Fridays and sometimes Thursdays, I have uni in the mornings and straight after i work afternoon and night shift. So do i just do the workouts the days i can or follow the order but whenever i can fit it in?

  2. Aqsa says:

    What are her upload videos on 7, 14, 21 and 28 march. I can’t find them on YouTube

  3. abby says:

    OMG we did it guys!!! I still can’t get through all the videos straight through, but I did this whole month’s calendar and even doubled up some days and am proud of myself, just as we all should be! I hope I keep getting stronger and get to where I wanna be 🙂 Thanks for making these Cassey :*

  4. Hilary says:

    Is there a way to access the daily calendar playlists from the website? I heard you mention in extreme abs 3 that with the new website, there is no longer a need to go to youtube, but I can’t figure it out!

  5. Nadia Islam says:

    I’m loving the new website 😀

  6. Alexis says:

    Cassey! I am loving this new website!

  7. LizD. says:

    hi! when do the monday work ups go on YouTube? It’s 8:30am on the east coast and i don’t see it yet.

  8. Mickie says:

    Where do you find all the videos? Do you just search them on the Blogilates youtube channel or what? I’m still working on the beginners calendar but I’m having a difficult time finding the videos for this month :/

    1. Mickie says:

      Never mind! I figured it out

  9. Alexys says:

    I didn’t even know that there was a beginners calendar so I just started with the normal one even though I have never really exercised before! I think that I’m going to do the beginners calendar and then do some of the regular one.

  10. alex says:

    my neck still hurts no matter how much i use my abs for ab exercises :/

  11. alex says:

    do you have to wear shoes for the cardio workouts where she wears shoes? i usually dont because i dont like wearing shoes on my carpet lol but today my ankles and left foot hurt a lot and i couldnt do a lot of the foot exercises.

  12. Roxanne says:

    I began with the beginner’s calendar about a month ago, and it was a great way to get started working out again. I felt stronger, leaner and more flexible, but *I* didn’t notice any physical changes. I wasn’t losing ANY weight and my clothes still fit the same… The beginner’s calendar was a little challenging still, but I felt that I needed to go harder. I have recently started the other calendar and that is PLENTY cardio for me. I *think* (hope) I have already noticed a change in my body and I have only been doing it for a week! I will be 40 in April. Sometimes I feel like crying when I am done working out each day. Sometimes I’m frustrated it’s still so hard, but I think it’s mostly shock that I got up, actually worked out, and got through another day. Keep at it ladies! Thanks for listening! XOXO

    1. Lydia says:

      I had the same experience with the beginners calendar. It challenged me, I noticed a change in my flexibility and that was the only thing I noticed a change in. Then I went to the March calendar and that’s where the huge changes came. First week sucked I didn’t feel ready and then half way through the second I noticed a HUGE change in my body and ability.

      I just wish there was like an intermediate calendar I felt like the beginners was too easy but sometimes I feel out of my league with the regular one.

      1. Roxanne says:

        I so agree with you. I keep hoping the ‘advanced’ calendar is going to get easier. I feel like the cardio isn’t as bad, but I couldn’t get through the ab workouts. I was very discouraged. I realized I hadn’t had a rest day in a while. Took one yesterday. My job requires me to do a lot of very heavy lifting. I walk at least 5 miles during my work day. My body hurts everyday. An intermediate calendar would be a better transition.

        I hope I’m not just imagining the changes I’m seeing in my body. #discouraged

  13. Maddy Hough says:

    should I start the normal workouts from the calander directly after the begginers?

  14. Kaset M. says:

    That dreaded moment when Cassey says:
    “Okay now were going to go into some froggers,” #lovehaterelationships

    1. alex says:

      or burpees :'(

  15. POP Fit! says:

    I am half way through the beginners calendar, and I think it’s to easy, I want to just jump into the 16th of March, I know I CAN, but Should I?

    1. Natalia says:

      you should still continue the begginers cal. cause it is still pretty advanced and going to the monthly one is a TOTAL DIFFRENT STEP

  16. Gayla says:

    I started last month doing the beginners pilates. I have not worked out in years due to unresolved nerve issue in my right leg. I have found out through trial and error whatever exercise I do must not include full impact such as running, extensive walking, hopping or hard cardio type stuff. So that is why I have resulted to doing pilates. I really havent seen that much difference in 30 days except maybe moving a little easier. I am in my 50s so losing weight is not easy like it was in my 20-30s. Some of the workouts are too difficult for me but I keep going best I can. It hurts my neck (abs w/out neck support) the most. Is just doing Pilates alone really going to help me shed some pounds or am I wishful thinking?

  17. Julia says:

    Hello, Im Julia and I’ve got a big problem. Everytime I am doing the ‘abs workouts’ on tuesdays I don’t feel anything. I – atleast think – that I am doing all the moves correctly but most of the time I won’t feel anything in the abs. Sometimes my legs burn but most of the time I just don’t feel it. What can I do and what am I doing wrong?

  18. Angelica says:

    or do i just have to skip the days and go straight to the present date when i reach the next months calendar? i don’t really know… heheheheh!!!

    somebody please tell me!!!

  19. Angelica says:

    what if its march but i still haven’t finished my other months workout cuz i started it late, is that okay???

    1. IdaThePopstar says:

      Just do the March one, feburary in Dah PAST!

  20. Padmini says:

    I feel like the ‘Full Body’ days on Mondays are too easy this month.. Is that just me?? >_>

  21. Sara says:

    okeeeeyyy….i dont really get it… so in the beginners workout calendar you get the videos ready for you, but here you dont? so am i supposed to search it myself on youtube or what? someone please help!

    1. Liyah says:

      Yeah just go search up the vids on YouTube

      1. abby says:

        she makes a playlist every day on her youtube channel

    2. IdaThePopstar says:

      If you go on youtube, you have to search up the name in the search bar. 🙂

  22. tina says:

    just started the new beginners workout, does anyone have tips to “suck in the belly button”. When i suck in my back just arches and i can’t hold it. does this get easier? ?

    1. Helly says:


  23. abby says:

    So does anyone know if eventually, these workouts will make me leaner? I have big legs and want them to be skinnier and ive been doing casseys videos every day for about 2 months but theyre just getting bigger. and i know they are stronger and more muscular..but thats not what i want. Should i stop doing these workouts? I want to be healthy and strong, just look leaner!

    1. Melissa says:

      Well, pilates is to make your muscles stronger and sculpt them. If you want to really lose fat, you need to eat healthy and do your cardio. Cardio is the one burning fat. But I would keep up with pilates too, as it really makes all the difference! So I myself would recommend adding that 30 min cardio like running, swimming, cardio workouts from youtube etc. on your schedule. 😛 I don’t think you should stop pilates though, trust me, it makes a lot of difference!

      1. abby says:

        Ok thanks 🙂 I try to run at least once a week or more but I’ll definitely do some more, thanks

  24. Ida says:

    I am doing the beginners challenge right now. I have a class trip in April, and want to look good in a swimsuit. I feel like these workouts are making me more muscular, and are adding onto the fat I have. HELP!

  25. bridgette says:

    hey guys i am new to the this workout challenge as i was doing the beginners one and she has videos for each day, so i am kinda confused does she give us days of the month and then with the workout on them or what if anyone can help please do x

    1. hillary says:

      So, you have the day of the month and the day of week that corresponds, for each day you have more than 1 video to workout

    2. Brina (@fighterpopster) says:

      Just print out the calendar and follow it! There’s a number in the top right corner of every ‘day square’ – that indicates the date. For example: today it’s March 10 so you look at the square with number 10 in the top right corner. Then you go to Youtube and find the workout videos; usually Cassey makes a playlist of daily workouts each day. (Find more on her channel!) And that’s it! Good luck with your workouts ?

  26. Joie Lee says:

    Hello, I’m joie and Im about to join your lovely excercise program. I hope it will work on my body. love ya

  27. Spencer says:

    how do you get that corelicous thing?
    good luch everyone

    1. Brina (@fighterpopster) says:

      You buy it in the Blogilates app 🙂

  28. Jennifer says:

    Hey Cassey! Love this site! I’ve been doing Pilates for a couple months and have def seen results. Finally found something I love doing!!! Love the website but I’d love it if the app u could just sign in I don’t do Facebook or any of the others. Really wanna utilize everything g u are offering! Loving Pilates with you!

  29. ashton longazel says:

    you should do a meet up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. it would be super fun to see you here!!

  30. Christina Aguet says:

    So cool to see how far you’ve come Cassey! I was doing your Pop Pilates Youtube videos as far back as 2009! Aside from being a super motivating and excellent fitness instructor, I think you’re very business savvy : ) Love the new PIIT workouts and the calendar. Keep ’em coming.

  31. Alisa says:

    I’ve been doing blogilates for a few months now, and I haven’t seen any improvement. In fact, I feel like I’m getting bigger instead of smaller. My boyfriend’s even said he hasn’t seen any change. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have any tips to help me tone up?

    1. Thea says:

      Well, the way your body changes depends a lot on what you eat as well, so if your eating habits aren’t particularly healthy that might be one of the reasons why you haven’t seen much change. So make sure that you’re eating healthy (but still enough to nourish your body) alongside doing blogilates. I also personally found that doing cardio along side the monthly calendar helps, as does having an active lifstyle in general. If you so want blogilates is an “easy” strength training in a way that while it does build muscle it does so fairly slowly. It’s more effective for toning and tightening your body, than it is for achieving muscle mass.
      But if you watch your eating and maybe add in some cardio two or three times a week you should definitely see some changes.

  32. Spencer says:

    How do you get that corelicious thing?

  33. Diana says:

    I love u Cassey

  34. Nathalie says:

    Hi Cassey, hello popsters. I’ve been trying to gain weight for some time now, but I had not been able to achieve my goal, so I want you guys to give me some advice to gain weight please

    1. Natyjua says:

      buy as much junk food as possible and don’t work out

  35. I was wondering If you could post more recipes?

  36. Shai says:

    Has anyone thought of doing PIIT28 with blogilates? I was thinking I should try it since I feel like I can do so much more even after the workout frm PIIT hours later lol

  37. Julia says:

    I love doing workouts, but recently I started to feel like throwing up halfway through cardio workouts. I drink lots of water during cardio workouts and I do pause the video if I have to. So what can I do to not feel like throwing up?

    1. Andrea says:

      Are you eating enough? I get like that if I didn’t eat a lot that day. That could be why, but not sure.

    2. Cecret says:

      It might be that you are pushing yourself to the limits or you should workout on a empty stomach. I know for me and other people if I have one bite of food within 3 hours of working out I always get sick. I either workout out 1st thing in the morning or right after work when I know my stomach is empty but drink enough water. Try out different things an see what is best for you good luck!

    3. Margo says:

      Try drinking less water while you workout, or none at all. Drinking too much water while working out can upset some peoples’ stomachs.

      Personally, I drink a big glass of water ten minutes before I work out (it takes about 10 minutes to pass through your stomach), and then I just keep my stomach empty until I’m done working out, whereupon I have another large glass of water.

  38. Liyen says:

    Hi there,

    How can I get the free videos dor the march calender? Like the beginners calender?
    I already sign up

    1. Gaola says:

      Check you email and Cassey should already send you an password for the March calendar.

      1. Gaola says:

        never mind i’ve read your comment wrong hahha.

        1. LiYen says:

          Thanks for the reply. Free videos for march calender? Didnt see it yet….

  39. Brianna says:

    Day 2 completed of the March calendar yesterday’s workout really made me sore and the legs today was a great addition… I’m.totally feeling it but I feel great! so much Cassey

  40. Eme says:

    I have never done the full workout calendars because I don’t understand where I find these workouts? Are they on her youtube channel? Help please!

    1. Mel says:

      Yes all of the videos are on here channel

    2. abby says:

      yep, there’s a playlist for each day in the “playlist” section on the blogilates youtube page!

    3. abby says:

      anyones butt crazy sore from yesterday’s workout?!!

  41. Allie says:

    Thank you so much Cassey, I love the monthly workout calendars!

    I have a question guys, is there something like a zumba monthly calendar on the internet(for free)? I think it’s so much fun, I want to do it along with pilates monthly calendar to have some more cardio, but can’t afford buying a DVD or a special plan 🙁
    I hope there’s something like Cassey does but that focuses on zumba 🙂

  42. kali says:

    I have to send you an email every time i want the password even though it says it should be sent after subscribing and all your team keeps sending me is a repeat email saying I need to make SURE I subscribed, and that the email may be in the spam folder. I asked in assistance to figure out the issue so I don’t have to keep messaging you guys about it and was still sent that same exact email with this month’s new password. I personally love doing these workouts but it’s really an inconvenient because I don’t go to my emails often and when i do its just to get the password; but i don’t receive any newsletters or anything of the sort after clicking the subscribe button and the confirmation button that IS sent to my email. That’s the only email i receive unless i message you or your team at i hope this issue can be fixed because i love these workout calendars but its getting harder to obtain the information needed to access it.

    1. fira000 says:

      if you using gmail, make sure you check the social and promotions folder,

  43. Lucie Markgraf says:

    Will there be any training or classes in the UK any time in the future? Would be good to see how many UK popsters would get invovled, i would!!


  44. Jordan Thompson says:

    Yesterday’s workout was so fun!! I am going to love this calendar!!

  45. Helen Helf says:


    I love your videos and I find them better than going to the gym. I follow your calender and I was wondering if this is sufficient exercise or should I be doing more (I walk regularly anyway) I am on about running etc.

  46. Lee says:

    My best guy friend and I will be doing the PIIT28 challenge together! A couple of days later than everyone else but it’s better than nothing, right? We both have gotten out of shape and took a long hiatus from Blogilates workout videos, and what do we choose to do to get back in shape? We chose her hardest program, yet!! Hahaha We are so naively optimistic. Hope we survive!! 🙂

  47. Madelin says:

    I have so many questions I’m only thirteen and I’m really stressing with this whole workout thing I can’t find a good meal plan I don’t know if I can eat fruit or not and I don’t know the links to the videos on the March calender and i have a mexico/Los Angels trip in June and I really wanna feel confident. I wanna fit in clothes that I’ve always want to wear and I don’t wanna feel uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit. I really need help. I don’t eat a lot in a day but I also feel like I eat to much

    1. Jamilyn says:

      There is no direct link to the videos from the calendar. She has each day in its own playlist on her youtube:blogilates. I hope this helps. And by the way, I understand that you want to feel confident in your clothes. But, don’t get too disappointed in yourself if you don’t see results as quick as you think. I know you look great and will do amazing! Good luck!

  48. Kyameron says:

    Hey Cassey, would you consider doing a video on preventing injuries when working out and modifications so you can still get some exercise when you do have an injury? I have an old knee injury and have to be really careful sometimes.

  49. Teo says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m quite new here and I have a tiny dilema: should we do a warm up video before the daily workout or not? I noticed that some days start with a warm up video, which is awesome, but there are days that start directly with a short hiit routine….so, on those days, are we supposed to warm up on our own or not?

    Thanks for your help and thank you Cassey for the amazing work you do!

  50. Jordan Thompson says:

    Does anyone know what song this is? I have been trying to find it but no luck!

  51. Jordan Thompson says:

    What is the song in this Cardio Booty routine?I can’t stop listening to it and can’t find the song.

  52. Maricela says:

    Hey can someone please help me Im unable to see the links for the workouts I forgot where to go for this. once i enter the password I’m able too see the calendar but no the link to the workouts.

    1. Kati says:

      There are no links. Go to YouTube, Cassey has playlists there for each day 🙂

  53. Ecem says:

    Will you stream videos for other days of piit 28?or abdomination video is exclusive for the first day of piit?
    it would be lovely to have video for every day, it’s boring to make the exercises only with the timer 🙁

    1. McKenna says:

      Try playing music with it! SOme really fast and upbeat songs that enjoy! Thats I what I do & it seems to help with it to not be so boring! (:

  54. Sabrina says:

    What’s the corelicious that’s on every other Tuesday? Does anyone know what month it was from (if it was a past challenge)?

    1. Olivia says:

      I think she says it’s available on her app 🙂

  55. vivian says:

    Cassey I just wish I can join the live workout !!! but I have school 🙁
    So sad that i will miss it !

  56. Hannah says:

    Cassey, If we’re doing PIIT so we still do the monthly calendar too?

    1. Sabrina says:

      No. She said you’d be overtraining your body and become exhausted 🙂

    2. Kaelabelle says:

      No. PIIT is its own entire workout all together. The calendar is just for those POPsters who are unable to buy the piit 28 pack. 🙂

    3. Kati says:

      Did you even read the post?

  57. nirosha says:

    cassy you are literally amazing. I started loving my workout and the day and started loving me, much more than earlier. Thank you so much fa this wonderful feel. God bless dear cassy!!!! love you so much!!!
    Every day evening i will be working out. Enjoying every bit of it with absolute bliss. Feeling stronger, more energtic and happier more than the earlier day.

  58. kirsty says:

    Sorry for the stupid question but do we just youtube search the videos? This is my first calender im doing after the beginners calender which we just clicked on the days. I want to make sure im doing the right videos.

    1. Luiza says:

      Hi, kirsty! She makes playlists on youtube for each day. Just go on the blogilates youtube channel and click on “playlists”! 😀

    2. Plu says:

      Playlists for each day on the calendar are usually uploaded 1-2 days before the actual day! 🙂

    3. Ritul says:

      Yes just search them on youtube☺..all the best!

    4. Kim S. says:

      You can go on Casey’s channel (blogilates), go to her playlist, there should be a playlist for that day’s workout. Hope it helps! ?

    5. Mel says:

      if you go to her channel on youtube she makes playlists for each day if you want to follow the regular workout calendar. If you are starting with the beginners calendar they are all posted on the website.

    6. Alexandra says:

      She’ll post a playlist everyday on cher channel 😉

    7. Ashley says:

      She has playlists up for every day Kirsty. Just go to her youtube channel, and you can hit the playlist tabs. You’ll see the date on the playlists so you know which to do that day!

    8. kirsty says:

      Ok thanks:) ive just checked the playlist but cant see anything for march yet, i will check later. I know todays starts with the live workout, hopefully i wont forget to watch it

  59. Dakota says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I can’t wait to get lean like a green bean. I have one concern about PIIT: I’m naturally skinny and doing a lot of cardio makes me lose weight super fast so I’m not sure if I should participate. I want to continue getting stronger with you and I know cardio is important, but I can’t afford to lose any weight. Advice?

    1. Olivia says:

      I would say make sure you increase you calorie intake so that you’re not losing weight but can still tone up and gain muscle and strength!

  60. abby says:

    So I did the beginner’s workout calendar and each took about 20 minutes a day. I didn’t always get time to do it so I would double up some days and finished a little later than expected. I hope that doesn’t alter the results I’m supposed to see, but how long do the monthly workouts usually take? It looks like there are quite a few more workouts per day. Also, does anyone have suggestions on what to do if you’re really busy?!

    1. Thea says:

      It shouldn’t alter the results too much (if you don’t do it all the time) – but remember that consistency is more important than intensity (rather do multiple workouts a week than go all out one day and then not do anything the rest of the week ;)) The monthly workouts usually take 40-50 minutes (except for Fridays). If you’re really busy, maybe just do as many of the videos as you have time for on that day and distribute the others to the rest of the week? Or do some of her shorter videos instead (Turbo series, 6 minutes to, …) or a more intense videos (Hiitilates, PIIT)? Whatever works for you really I think.

  61. Renee says:

    Hi Cassey, Renee here (new London pops tar lol) I was just wondering if you had any alternatives to peanut butter as I have a nut allergy. Also, I’m really loving blogilates it’s helping me get my body back post pregnancy it’s the only thing I’ve been able to stick to and all I can say is thank you so much for creating this YOU ROCK!!??

    1. Maxine says:

      In Canada, we have WowButter, which is made of soy. I’ve also heard of sunbutter, which is made of sunflower seeds.

  62. Morgan says:

    Hey Cassey!

    Thanks for the March calendar, it’s beautiful! I have a question though – should we be adding our own cardio while following the calendar or is there enough in the videos you have selected for us??

    1. Juli says:

      I’d like to know this, too, because I usually do the calendar in the morning and cardio at night.

      1. Michele says:

        Great question! I’m new to the calendar and was wondering the same thing.

  63. Andreia Saragoca says:

    I will not join PIIT 1.0 because I can’t afford it right now but I will do the workout tomorrow with you!! It will be 6:00 PM here in Portugal and fortunately I arrive from school earlier tomorrow!! I will commit to this month’s calendar and I will also do the 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge, because I missed it in January xD Let’s do this !! xoxo

  64. Rosy says:

    Taaaaaaaank you for march calendar!

  65. annamaria says:

    i live in greece, paypall is not available for us, isn’t any other way to order the piit28?
    your calendars and your workouts are great, hope you ll keep on doing this for all of us.

  66. Barbie says:

    thank you Cassey. It looks wondeful

  67. Samantha says:

    I find it interesting that the PIIT28 costs money, yet the livestream your doing is when people will be at work. If you want them to pay for it, we need to go to work lol. I won’t be able to attend sadly – I’ll be at work.

    Very excited to still get the monthly calendars!!!! Thank you for that. I’ll pick a PIIT video to do 4x tomorrow, or a few ab related videos. 2016 abs maybe? loved that theme!

    1. Neila says:

      Hi Samantha,

      Cassey said, “If you are not able to make the workout, then you can watch the live broadcast later – it’ll stay on” I’ll be at work too, so I guess I will have to watch after work. 😉

    2. Angela says:

      She stated that you can watch it later if you won’t be able to “attend” the live stream. It’s going to stay on

  68. Nikki says:

    Thanks Cassey for the March cal! Would it be ok to add in extra cardio along with the days workout or would that be too much? I really want to lean down for an upcoming wedding and a bikini:)My goal is to lose about 20-25 pounds in about 2 months to be ready for swimsuit season:)

  69. Jessica says:

    PIIT28 can be joined anytime of the year correct?
    I wont be able to at the moment, but would love to do later in the year…probably around the summer time 🙂 Thank you Cassey for all that you do for your POPSTERS and forever keeping us motivated!!!!!!

  70. Juli says:

    Is there a way to enter the contest if we don’t have instagram? It is only for phones and I don’t have internet on my phone. Also is there another workout for the 1st if we can’t do the PIIT 28? Thank-you for the calendar! I love looking forward to printing out a pretty new calendar and working out each month.

  71. Erica jordan says:

    I guess ill get there

  72. Erica jordan says:

    I guess i ge there ?

  73. Ellen says:

    Unfortunately, PIIT28 is kinda expensive for me (currency and so on). I was afraid that there will be no workout calendar this month. Thank you, Cassey, for caring even for the poorest popsters who want to get healthy 😀 <3

  74. Alisa says:

    I can’t do the abdomination on the first. I’m doing to be in school. Sucky start to the new month I know. Anyone have any tips as to what I should do instead?

    1. Summer says:

      I bet she’ll load the video afterwards so people who can’t join in at 1am can still do the workout

      1. Summer says:

        10am I meant lol

    2. Sandra says:

      “If you are not able to make the workout, then you can watch the live broadcast later – it’ll stay on”

    3. Jalisa says:

      She says that it will be recored and still on the Facebook page to watch later, so if you can’t attend it live you can still view and complete the workout at a later time.

  75. TeeJay says:

    I’m so sad that I’m not doing PIIT28! I just went to the dentist who took all my money 🙁 But I’m looking forward to kicking butt on the free calendar in March! 😀

  76. Isabel says:

    Just downloaded my calendar for the month of March. So happy today 2/29/16 I was actually able to do a back roll-up without going on to my side!!! I was also able to complete the Beginners Calendar 2.0….

  77. Barbora says:

    Hello from the Czech Republic!!.. Thank you for everything you are doing.. Love your workout.. Keep beautiful days..

  78. Rukmani says:

    And I can’t believe but I think I posted the first comment LOL ???

  79. Rukmani says:

    I am excited for this month and gonna make it to the end yay thanks Cassey ??? love you