Leaving London + Game Plan to get Back on Track

Leaving London + Game Plan to get Back on Track

Hey POPsters!

So I am leaving London in less than 12 hours and am super duper sad. I have made so many great friends on this trip and I’ve never felt more a part of the YouTube community as I do now. Getting to hang out with over 30 other people from all over the world from all sorts of backgrounds was inspiring and hilarious. My most FAVORITE part about hanging with the ‘tubers was the fact that I found out I wasn’t the only one who was nocturnal. We’d often spend weeknights up on the rooftop of our apartments editing, eating, and chatting until 2 or 3am. Then wake up, film all day, and do it again. It was pretty cool.

These past 3 weeks were fantastical and tonight I realized it was all really over when the last firework of the closing ceremonies blasted into the sky a couple miles away from the apartments.

It was surely, sad times 🙁

Anyway, as I am packing (and blogging) – I am prepping what I will do to “get back on track” when I get home. I let loose a little this trip since there was no time for routine. Things and events would just spring up at us and we’d have to be ready to go. So I tried to work out as much as I could and I cooked everything for the most part, but not gonna lie – I def had pizza and ice cream occasionally! I felt like these past 3 weeks were sort of a work-vacation so my head said it was totes ok to eat sugary refined things. And it is ok, but the problem is I wasn’t working out as much. Not NEARLY as much. So I can feel it in my clothes! Eek!

How am I gonna get back on track? Here’s the game plan to get my good goin’ again:

  1. Stop eating the high sodium, sugary, refined foods at once!
  2. Start eating more veggies again
  3. If I want to snack – choose veggies, fruits, or nuts (no more than 20-30 almonds) <– I have been overdoing it lately!
  4. Drink more water – will strive for 1 gallon a day but maybe a little less to start, but it is summer and it is hot, so it might not be too difficult
  5. If I have time, do cardio in the morning for at least 45 min and then workout at night with weights. If I do not have time, just one session of weights for an hour then a quick cardio blast/HIITs for 15 min.
  6. Update my playlist with fresh new songs – any suggestions?
  7. Sleep for at least 6-7 hours nightly (this is gonna be tough!)
  8. Hang out with my girlfriends more + people that put me in a good mood

I think those things will be good for me! I’ll be unstoppable and full od fantabulous energy!!!

What sorts of things do you do to get yourself all focused and your good going? Tell me in the comments below!


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Ahhhhh – I cannot believe I haven’t even slept yet. I am so bad. I want to sleep the whole way on the plane. I hope I don’t get a crying baby or an over-talkative person. I also hope (that when I get home) my messed up patterns will be reversed when I am back in the US. This is gonna make #7 REAL HARD if it doesn’t.

K well love you and talk to you latahhhh!!!

Gotta pack.

<3 Cassey

Just so you know: This is a sponsored post with Blue Diamonds Almonds to promote their “Get Your Good Going” initiative. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Christina says:

    Everybody Talks by Neon Trees is a fun, upbeat song! 🙂

  2. sammyt says:

    sorry to hear you missed your flight. Destiny must of decided you needed one more day in London( I would take a extra day in the uk). Great list. One a lot of people (including myself) could go by. Pray you have a safe travel home.

  3. Heli says:

    I hope you had fab time in London! I am just back from home (thats why I missed your pop meeting in London!!!) and I also have been indulging with food.. although it was not junk food, just foods that I would not normally touch, I still gained few pounds – and all seems to be around my mid rift! (I hate to think how much I would have gained if I had not been running) Anyhow, my plan is very smilar to yours: cardio (running) in the mornings and pop/ or weights in the evening. Also, I will really need to tackle my water intake as I am definately not drinking enough.
    Take care x

  4. Angela says:

    I find that after indulging in foods I am not used to I am tired, sluggish and sometimes have a headache. I get back on track by doing a 24 hour fast and drink tons, I mean tons of water with lemon. If you can handle room temp water it will make you feel fuller. If I absolutely must have something I stick to raw foods. I love your advice and stories. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Songs for new playlists: Anything David Ghetta….so upbeat and gets me in the mood to just go!

  6. Shelby says:

    Hey Cassey! I’m leaving in a couple weeks to study abroad in the UK and I’m so excited! However, I’m wondering if it’s harder to eat healthy over there? I’m so used used to shopping at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and I know I will miss going there when I’m abroad. I know eating healthy is very important to you, so did you have any strategies or good supermarket finds you could share? Thanks!

  7. Suzanne says:

    I’m going to train for a triathalon when I get back to school in a few weeks…cardio in the morning (swim, bike, run) and then weights at night with some kickboxing and pilates classes inbetween! Ahhh!

    1. Jasmin says:

      Ooooh I have always wanted to train for a triathlon! Good luck!

  8. laisy says:

    question, is it normal to have wrist pain while doing planks, starfish , etc? or am i doing something wrong?

  9. Audrey says:

    Don’t upset the rhythm is my go to inspiration song when i need one last push on a workout.

  10. Lisa says:

    Cassey, you always continue to inspire us 🙂 I am so looking forward to hearing your updates.

    I have a request for an ask Cassey vid: breakfast!!! I work 12 hrs/day in corporate America, typically getting in to work at 7:30. Normally I buy breakfast on the way in, eg egg white wrap from sbux. I’m sure its not that healthy, plus it’s expensive! I would love some advice on quick breakfasts to make at home and bring to work.

    Oh and btw — love you!!!!! I don’t comment very much but I read your blog as soon as I wake up every day as motivation before I go out for my run.

    1. Jasmin says:

      I would like more ideas on this also! But one this that I have found to be helpful is to make quick breakfasts in advance, like healthy homemade granola bars, muffins, etc. You can even make breakfast burritos and freeze them and thaw them in the mornings when you need them.

    2. michelle says:

      working woman – i know how you feel!

      some things i like for b-fast: weight control quaker oats (individual packages), bananas, travel size greek yogurts, turkey bacon on the foreman grill while you are brewing green tea in the microwave 🙂

  11. Becky says:

    I’ve been diggin’ this song lately. Not really my style, but so catchy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqXWsFg7tI8

  12. B says:

    Do David Guetta Titanium. I think Maroon 5 is over rated and over played.

  13. D says:

    Rock My Run is my go to site when I need new work out playlist. They are created by djs so the flow of the songs really go to together and they base playlist on how long you want your work outs to be.

  14. Brittany says:

    It was great to hear about your plan of attack to get back on track. When I am in the same boat veggies and fruits also play such a large roll in making me feel like I am back on track too.

  15. Sarah says:

    Hello Cassey,

    first of all: I love your Blog, your videos and your whole personality. You are an inspiration to me!

    Anyway, I have a huge favour to ask you:
    To make the long story short: I am participating in the 40Hour Famine again this year which starts THIS Friday and will be going for 40hrs. For this time I will be giving up food and will only live on water to help kids who don’t have enough to eat.
    Last year I was able to raise $300 and this year my target is to raise $350.
    It would be amazing if you all could maybe put this link up on your blog because you have so many followers so that people will see it and might start to donate money.
    This year the money will be funded in Ethiopia, East Timor, Nepal, India, Laos, Tanzania and Kenja to increase their food supply.

    It would mean the world to me if we could help those in need and raise community awareness!


    Thank you so much for your time,
    lots of love ♥

  16. Chelle says:

    Oh gosh, the fact you have a photo with Craig Benzine in it makes me so happy, haha!

    Anything by The Prodigy gets me super pumped, I’ve been using Invaders Must Die to wake me up and get me moving in the mornings 🙂 And to get focused with being good and healthy, I usually get a friend to join me and we set targets because I’m really competitive! The need to win is so much stronger than my love of laziness and junk food hahaha ;p

  17. Amanda says:

    Hi Cassie! I love your videos and you make strength training fun for me. I just wonder if you recommend cardio before your videos, or do you think they’ll do “the job” all by themselves?

  18. Lea says:

    Oh well I know how you feel about sleeping:) I used to sleep 8-9 hrs per night. But now I am catching those 7 hrs cuz it is summer and I can’t sleep when so many things are going on:) Work, friends, party, housework and MUSIC. I can’t sleep if I do not listen good music before sleepytime:) I felt asleep at 1am last night because Swedish house mafia and their new trac Don’t you worry child. OMG! You gotta put it on your Ipod and you wil runrunrun like a crazy gal:) And please try some new music. It is not pop but I think you will love it: music from young swedish DJ Alesoo (Calling, Years, Silenced by the night, City of dreams). So energizing and lovely beat. Oh and Marc Johnce just released new mashup. It is really cool:) Some rihanna, adele, one direction, katy perry, carly rae jepsen and karmin.
    What gets me going on:)? Music, sun, seeing my progress, summer, shorty shorts and good feeling with sport. And cute workout clothes (tnx for that!)
    much love from Slovenia**

  19. Gillian Booth says:

    What about playing some the Olympic games music that was on for the opening and closing ceremonies for play lists. Spice girls for sure!!!!

  20. Bridget says:

    OBSESSED with this song. It’s in Korean, but once you watch the video, you will crack up and get super motivated (or delightfully distracted…) every time you hear the song!!!


    Workout music for me is half about motivation and a steady beat, half about distraction and words I can sing along to when things get harder!

  21. Sahar says:

    Electric Feel by MGMT always gets me going on my runs! Cassey, you are working so hard! you need that beauty rest! <3

  22. Katarina says:

    Makes me feel better knowing that even you have some “naughty days” here and there 🙂 One more night by Maroon 5 btw – best song! Although I’m guessing it’s already on your playlist …