Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

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Hey POPsters!!!

I have a surprise for you! A kettlebell workout. Say what!?? Yeah. Quite a few have been asking, so I thought it was time. If you don’t have a kettlebell, just use a heavy dumbbell. You should be all good. Starring in this workout video with me is Rosa from

Like how our kettles are totes matching our clothes?

We didn’t plan it.

Like, seriously though.

We didn’t!

Enjoy and let me know what workout you wanna see next!!! Tell me and I will make it happen 🙂

<3 Cassey

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  1. wilai says:

    When will kettle bell restock (20lbs)

  2. Thanks Cassey for the information you have provided. Will surely check your blogs for more updates

  3. Thanks Cassey for the information you have provided. It was nice reading it and will surely check for more from you.

  4. workout log says:

    I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and check again here
    regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!

  5. michelle says:

    more kettlebell workouts (advanced) please! just received the jillian michaels set: 5, 10, 15lbs.
    addicted to you, your smile and your enthusiasm!

    thanks for making blogilates awesome for a med student with a full time law enforcement job at night with a (sometimes) cranky grad-student-full-time-employee boyfriend to take care of 🙂

    “keepin it tight!” haha

  6. NicoleMarie says:

    Thank you Cassey! This is great workout!

  7. spery says:

    thank you! I would love to see more workout for beginners… like me 🙂

  8. erin says:

    I just started doing your videos, and i LOVE them! Cant wait to see the transformation! I would love if u did a video to “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna! Every time I hear it, it makes me want to get up and move and start running!!!!! Just a thought 🙂

  9. Audrey says:

    I’m sure it will be great with my dumbbell! Can’t wait to try it soon!!

  10. Katie says:

    You should do a video for like flexibility! I know you kind of already have one, but you should do one for like the splits! Its the perfect timing too cause your in the London seeing the Olympics and the US girls got gold in gymnastics! (:

  11. Alexandra says:

    Thanks Cassey for the awesome workout ! I really loved it and did it twice today after my usual workout routine 🙂 Last move is amazing, so intense ! <3

  12. Fredi says:

    I would love to see more stretching videos 🙂

  13. mel says:

    Hi Cassie, I just found your site by accident while searching for a low cal pad thai recipe :)…. thank you so much for your email …. and for all you do!
    I loved your video on beating the plateau… you make it so easy to understand…
    i wonder if you can explain how to do a push up properly… I am always struggling with it…. there is the easier way with the knees on the ground and the harder one with the knees off the ground… can you explain both ways? i think maybe it is my arms or my form or that i am just not fit enough to it right yet…. but any tips you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! xoxo

  14. Rebecca says:

    Definitely do an arms challenge, Cassey!

    I’d love a legs workout! Do it in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral!

  15. Cathy says:

    Ohh! I can’t wait to start trying these workouts at the gym later today!!! Thanks!

    Cathy Trails

  16. Amber says:

    Did I miss it? How heavy were those kettlebells?

  17. Fauri says:

    Hey Cassey!
    It will be great to have another flexibility video!
    Btw, i love your site! I live in mexico and its great to be able to see your videos and work out with you even if we are in different countries!

  18. Sassy says:

    I’d love to see a workout I can do while working at my stand up desk. Nothing to ridiculous since I can’t be jumping around exactly, but something I could follow along to for a nice energy break, or that I could do while invoicing, etc.

  19. Nicole C. says:

    Hey Cassey, I would love love love to see another “saddlebag shaver” video <3!!!!

  20. Michelle says:

    Hey Cassey! Can you do a biceps challenge next? More upper body workouts please! Thanks.

  21. Leianna says:

    I love kettlebells and I am so looking forward to this workout!

  22. Max says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I loved your kettlebell workout! Would you mind doing more stretching videos? Doing the same two over and over again gets rather boring.

  23. Marissa says:

    Sweet! Once I go back to college in a month I’m gonna try to make it to the gym on a regular basis…im guessing there are kettlebells there! What is a good weight range that you would recommend starting with/working up to?
    also… DVD? “get on it Cassey!” haha

  24. Catherine Echevarria says:

    YES! I would love to see more kettlebell workouts please! 🙂

  25. Yay! I can’t wait to try this–as I’ve been figuring kettlebells out on my own so far. Thanks!

  26. Kristina says:

    LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE kettlebells! I was actually looking for kettlebell videos to ad to my collection last night, so funny that I got your email this morning and there was your workout! LOL 🙂

  27. Patty says:

    Awesome workout!

    Cassey, I just had laparoscopic surgery can you recommend a workout to start after my doctor gives me the okay. I’m just curious as to where would be a good starting point.

  28. Can you do workouts we can do when we go to the gym or at least do a “Ask Cassey” section on moves to get the most out of our gym workout? Besides when I do cardio or use dumbells, I pretty much feel inadequate there.

    Thanks for yet another awesome vid!