I’m looking for awesome peeps.

I’m looking for awesome peeps.


Hey guys!

I’m so thrilled to be opening up some new positions on the Blogifam team! We’re got loads of cool projects going on between our five brands (Blogilates, POPFLEX, PIIT28, POP Pilates, Sheroic) but we need more help! Personally, I’m feeling super excited about everything going on, but I also a bit overwhelmed. And by a bit, I mean I’ve been sleeping a LOT less. NOT GOOD.

I’m so so so happy with everyone on the team right now and I need more people who exude the same type of positive, passionate, and inspiring energy. Going to work feels like I’m going to a place where I get create cool stuff with friends! That’s the vibe I want to keep no matter how big our company gets. But it has to start with building a strong foundation with the right people. This is VERY VERY important to me. You’ve gotta be nice, hard working, open minded and ALWAYS willing to learn. If you’ve got cool ideas and aren’t afraid to execute, then perfect.

So, before I even tell you what the positions are, this is what you can expect as an employee of Blogilates (aka an official member of the Blogifam):

  1. You will have a direct, positive impact on the world. Everything you create will be experienced by millions of people.
  2. You can build your career here as fast and as big as you can create it. There are no corporate ladders to climb. But you need to build your own ladder.
  3. You will come to work because you are driven by your passion. You will understand what it means to be in love with your job.
  4. You will become part of a trusting family. The Blogifam will push you to be better, smarter, and stronger everyday.
  5. Your dreams will come true as you help make our dreams come true. 
  6. You will not be faced with ego, pride, and politics. That is not allowed here.

Got it?


Here are the current positions that we are accepting applications for:

  • Artistic Graphic Designer
    • We’re adding another graphic designer to the team! If you’re a creative boss in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign…and have an eye for the what looks good, ➜ Apply here
  • Excellent Writer & Social Media Coordinator
    • Are your writing skills so good that they could make someone cry? Are you hyper aware of pop culture, the news, and all things Millennial? We’re looking for someone obsessed with creating engaging content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all social channels. ➜ Apply here
  • Creative Assistant
    • If you’re someone who loves having your hands in a bunch of projects at once, this is going to be a super fun position for you. You’ll be assisting with video shoots, photoshoots, social media, post production edits, fashion design projects, and graphic design tasks. ➜ Apply here

Read the full descriptions on the Blogilates Career Page. Send your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to careers@blogilates.com.

Good luck and I cannot wait to add more family members to the team!

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  1. Hk says:

    I wish I was older🥺 If I were like 20, I will be applying for the creative assistant spot. Who ever gets it is really lucky. I hope to come back soon and apply for myself! Good luck Cassy with your business! ( I think you should do pet friendly items)

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in both Social Media Coordinator and Creative Assistant positions! I have been following Blogilates for about 10 years now and would be honored to be able to spread the health and motivation that she has brought to me. Unforntunately, neither of the links work for me to apply so I am hoping someone will look over my LinkedIn, I have attached it under “website” as I am not sure how to attach my resume here.

    Thank you in advance!

  3. Alicia Heaney says:

    Just applied for the Graphic Designer job!!! I’m so under valued at my job, I would love to make the move to LA and see where my careers and dreams can take me!

  4. Katie says:

    Hi Cassey! I applied a couple days ago for creative assistant! I would love to work on your team and bring my creative eye, enthusiasm to work hard in a fast pace environment, and passion!

  5. Annalisa Messa says:

    Hi Cassey. I’m an Artistic Graphic Designer but I live in Italy. Do you accept Italian candidates who would move to USA?

  6. Lie says:

    WoW would love to work in your team! Your company is something I believe in.

    To bad it’s in La and not in Belgium. 😶

    Good luck finding someone!


  7. martha atakora says:

    If only I was older and not a teenager I could apply.

  8. Sarah Steward says:

    Well my morning just got better! This is so exciting, Cassey! I applied for a position and know that whoever ultimately joins the Blogifam team is going to have the time of their lives!

  9. Shelby Anne Matthews says:

    dang wish this was in Vegas !

  10. I’m so excited for your growing family! I live here in Canada, so I don’t really know if I qualify for any of those positions. And in terms of a graphic designer, weren’t you at one point working with Kim from Tumblr? She helped you create your first workout planner, I believe.

  11. yuka says:

    Hi Cassey! Long-time Popster, first-time commenter. I know the perfect person for Creative Assistant! She has experience in production, set, graphic and fashion design, all the things you’re looking for, and she is located in Los Angeles. Having watched many of your videos over the years and knowing her for almost 20 years, I personally think she would be such a great addition to your team. I’m just gushing because it seems like such a great match! http://www.christinekh.com/ <– Christine K H.

    In other news, just ordered my first POPFLEX haul, am very excited to receive it!

    1. Goodluck and I’m excited for you Christine! I think you’ll make a fantastic creator.

  12. Julia C. says:

    Dear Cassey,

    this sound amazing. I love your spirit and attitude. You are almost making me consider to move country, haha! Good luck finding great peeps 🙂

    xoxo from Germany

  13. Peppermint Dolly says:

    You are going to be inundated with applications, this is one of the best job breakdowns I’ve ever read, EVERYONE is going to want to up-sticks and start working with you guys. I have my fingers crossed that all the right people find their way to you!


    1. What’s stopping you from applying yourself, Dolly?:)