“How to get an inner thigh gap”

“How to get an inner thigh gap”

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Hey guys!

This is a coooool new workout I just shot a couple days ago with some awesome London POPsters. I am so happy you guys came out to do this and it was fabulous getting to know you and get our sweat on!

This vid was filmed in Hyde Park and man, there were a lot of bugs. I got bit around my ankles and am still so itchy!!

Anyway, I wanted to address something really quick.

I know that this video will probably be passed around the Tumblr thinspo with girls asking “how to get an inner thigh gap”.

So today’s video is all about toning up the inner thighs and helping you target that trouble zone. Thigh gaps may look desirable as many models have them, but may not be achievable by all women. It has something to do with the distance between your hips! So do not get disillusioned and work out just for vanity – do it for the right reasons – to get stronger and to get more skilled at Pilates as a craft. The results will follow if you put your heart and mind in the right place. Eating clean and cardio will also help you slim down all over! Just remember, it is a whole lifestyle change!!!! If you’re not sure where to start (newbie POPsters) – I have a great meal plan with the 90 Day Challenge.

Ok off to film a few more things before I leave London! Ahhhh, can’t believe these few weeks flew by SO FAST!!!! Ridiculous.

Will miss this lovely place and the new friends I made…

photo courtesy of Lomornaotoole.com

<3 Cassey

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  1. U gon' learn today says:

    It’s untrue that narrow hip-ped people can’t have thigh gaps. My hips are 32″ which is narrow. I’m 5’3 and 100 lbs which is why I have a thigh gap. What I’m getting at is that a gap WILL come if you’re skinny and even if you have narrow hips like me. If you’re overweight or even at the higher range of normal weight you won’t have a thigh gap even with wide hips. Thigh gaps are almost 100% seen with SKINNY people no matter how narrow or wide their hips are! A LOW WEIGHT AND LESS BODY FAT EQUALS A THIGH GAP!!!

  2. bakhtawar says:

    this workout is very nice and simple admin please share some more workout for whole body

    This is my blog http://secretbeautytip.blogspot.com/
    How to Slim Thighs – The Thigh Gap!

  3. Alondra says:

    i know a lot of girl out there wanna have a inner thigh i did some research and i use to have a thigh gap but then i started working out and you built fat so it turns into muscle and my legs are strong so if you wanna stay fit and strong just wanna say you can have both at the same time

    1. Kostas Pap says:

      Well said Alondra! Fitness is the best way to achieve a thigh gap and no need to starve yourself as many girls -women think. By eating healthy and working smart this result will come and will be awesome! 🙂

  4. turqwolf says:

    I want to first start by saying I completely agree that thigh gaps are not attainable by all women and that everyone should be content and happy with who they are. With that being said I do think that it’s very important to address that a workout like this should be viewed as exercise and not simply to attain the model image. This is a great workout and I absolutely love the way you promote a healthy lifestyle while also encouraging people to be confident with their bodies. I would also like to briefly talk about Jessie’s earlier comment stating that if it wasn’t for the internet-no one would even know what a thigh gap is- and that it is simply an unhealthy goal created by the media. Although I agree that many unhealthy and unrealistic goals may be brought on by the plague of social media we now live in a workout like this is, to put it simply, a great exercise. If people want a bigger thigh gap and go about it by doing this workout daily- that is absolutely awesome.

  5. Meredith says:

    How often should you do this workout to see results? I already eat clean and do cardio everyday. I also do some of Cassey’s videos and I’m currently doing the beginners calendar. Also, does anyone know how much cardio you should get everyday? I try to get 30 minutes-1 hour. Is this enough to lose weight? Thank you to anyone who can answer my questions!

    1. Alondra says:

      about twice or three times a week recommend on Monday Wensday and Saturday 🙂

  6. Meredith says:

    How often should you do this workout to see results? I already eat clean and do cardio everyday. I also do some of Cassey’s videos and I’m currently doing the beginners calendar. Also, for anyone know how much cardio you should get everyday? I try to get 30 minutes-1 hour. Is this enough to lose weight? Thank you to anyone who can answer my questions!

  7. Ana says:

    Hi I was wondering if I did this workout 2x a day each day how long will it take me to see the results for my thigh gap?

    1. Denise says:

      Nope! Don’t over-train! Just do this 2 or 3 times each week and you’l have much better results.

  8. Lindsey says:

    How many times a day should you do this to get a thigh gap? i already have a small one since i am skinny but i want to make it bigger. I also do ballet so that helps. Thank you!

  9. It’s insane and stupid remarks, like the ones aimed at Milano, that inspire ‘thinspiration’ and extremely
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  10. Laura says:

    I’m going to use this workout and this inner thingh and slim waist workout (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-z1KQ9K9yBU ) and hopefully achieve a thigh gap! 🙂 Wish me luck! And P.S. I think the thigh gap will be achievable for me since i have wide hip bone structure

  11. torik says:

    coooooooooooooooool lady, this post is good and also enjoyable. also sexy, this site is loving site.

  12. erika says:

    one of my favorite workouts(:

  13. Judith says:

    Honestly, I think that men don’t even care if we do have thigh gaps or not.. It just something WE want to make US feel good about ourselfs. 🙂 If you want a thigh gap – go ahead and reach that goal. 🙂 If you like to have that bit of fat between your thighs – more power to you 🙂 Everyone is different and everyone has different goals. 🙂
    Where I’m trying to get ya is that – do things that make you feel good! 🙂
    i have to admit I wanna have a thigh gap until summer. I am 5’5 and weight 155 pounds which means that there is a lot to work on. But I know that I can do it and I know I will . Sooo… yeah 🙂

    1. canadianlady says:

      even so, if yo work and work and work, the muscles will build. Look at any athlete. They do not have inner thigh gaps, why? Because they are muscular, not thin. I have never ever in my life had an inner thigh gap, yet I do not have excess fat as I have been playing sports my whole life. Look at Beyonce at the superbowl. Her thighs are massive muscles with no gap. People should just get their legs toned and in shape for health reasons, so you HAVE muscle to lose when you get old and degenerate.

    2. Laura says:

      I believe in you <3 just make sure that if you do workouts to not do too much of them or you could just end up making your legs bigger with muscles, although that's not a bad thing 😉 🙂

    3. Truth says:

      I don’t understand how trying to change your skeletal structure would make you feel good about yourself.
      I know thin women for whom it’s impossible to get a thigh gap. their bone structure prevents it.
      I also know heavier/more muscular women WITH thigh gaps. It’s not a status symbol. It’s a result of genetics and skeletal structure.

  14. Sonya says:

    Being honest i dont think its fair for anyone to criticize people for wanting thigh gaps. Yeah okay so maybe i wouldnt want one as much if it werent for the media and the internet but at least im not afraid to admit that i want one because i want to be happy with my body (and also i hate how my shorts ride up because of inner thigh fat). So all this preaching in some of the comments about how people shouldnt want thigh gaps is unfair because i want one only because i think id look good with one and i want to be comfortable wih my body without having all that excess fat. And im not being unrealistic because i know my hips are wide enough to have one. if they werent wide enough i wouldnt really care i just want to get rid of the fat around my thighs. You also shouldnt say thigh gaps look bad because that is hurtful to people who have them naturally

    1. Shaelana says:

      ^ like

    2. Laura says:

      PREACH 🙂

  15. Jessie says:

    Seriously? What I want to know is why all you girls and women want a thigh gap or too be skinnier etc…I understand being fit but I don’t understand why you would want a thigh gap. It’s not sexy and half if not the entire male population would agree. This is so sad. I mean all this is doing is ruining the body God gave you and giving you weird goals and taking up time that could be spent doing better things. You all should ask yourselves “if I didn’t have access to the internet or media that promotes this “thigh gap”, would I want it?”
    Good luck setting real priorities ladies.

    1. Jessica says:

      I have to admit I was a little hurt by the comment that it’s not sexy. I can understand telling women who are trying to obtain this body image in a totally unhealthy obsessive way that it is not sexy. I have a natural thigh gap probably about 2-2 1/2 inches. I am 31, 5’9″, 130, and mother to a 3 year old. I am by no means anorexic, I am in actually pretty good shape. I have naturally slender legs and wide hips from child birth. I have never done any exercises to obtain this gap, I eat healthy, I’m active, and don’t have any health problems. Not once has a man ever mentioned my “thigh gap”. They are too busy focused on my other traits (and I not blessed in the upper part of my body either). I do not put down women who want to improve something physically about themselves, but they need to do so in a healthy non-obsessive way.

    2. Mary says:

      The goal of every woman is not to make herself into something that a man wants. Just think about that for a minute please.

    3. Catie Groom says:

      It’s not for men at all. It’s for myself. And there’s no problem in achieving this goal in a healthy way by excercising which is exactly why I came to this website.

    4. Kimberly says:

      Personally I don’t care about the vanity or what a man may or may not think is ‘sexy’. I want a thigh gap for the simple reason that if your thighs rub when you walk it eventually gets painful, especially if it’s hot out and you’re building up a sweat. I’d also like my shorts to stay put instead of climbing up to sit at the top of my thigh.

      Just because a women is working on her body doesn’t automatically mean it’s about vanity.

      1. Catie Groom says:


      2. leyla says:

        i’m having the same problem.. the lesion between the thighs hurts when you walk.. because of this, i usually avoid wearing skirts.. i have to stick to jeans or long pants.. =.=’

    5. Celestine says:

      The thing about thigh gaps is that they are only attainable if you have the right bone structure. You can work out all you want, but if you don’t have the right bone structure, you are never going to get a thigh gap. It’s just that simple.

    6. Alyssa says:

      That’s sort of rude. It’s for us to feel good about ourselves, not to please men.

    7. Hannah says:

      Some girls naturally have thigh-gaps (God-given thigh gaps, mind you) because they have wide hips, fast metabolisms, thyroid conditions, etc. Who gave you the authority to speak for the entire male population? Shaming one body type/feature to promote another is not acceptable. I’ll say it again: SHAMING ONE BODY TYPE TO PROMOTE ANOTHER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  16. Thisrandomeprson says:

    I’ve been doing this twice a day (along with the “Inner Thigh Insanity”) workout for 5 days now! ^^
    Just going to ask~ Has anyone successfully gotten a thigh gap and if so, how long did it take?

    1. Jessie says:

      Why do you want an inner thigh gap?

      1. Jordyn says:

        Well every girl that wants one wants it for different reasons. Maybe she just likes the way it looks. Or maybe it’s more comfortable. I want one because I hate the feeling of my thighs rubbing each other when I walk. Especially if I accidentally get a razor cut when I’m shaving. And when your thighs get sweaty, it feels so gross when they touch. I’ve wanted one since before “thigh gap” became a thing. Having one usually makes girls feel more pretty. There’s nothing wrong with getting one by exercising and eating clean 🙂

  17. Catie Groom says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone successfully achieved the thigh gap with this excercise? And also what type of cardio would be best to get the gap? I have pretty thin hips and small waist, just trying to get rid of the excess inner thigh fat. Thanks! Love the video!

    1. Ana says:

      I did Inner thigh Clarity and this WO twice a day for three weeks and I’ve got a thigh gap 🙂

  18. Immyyyy says:

    Hey cassey your workouts are great but since I started sweatember my thigs have got more muscular which I don’t really want I would like a thigh gap a bit like kendall jenner. And please could you do a post on the line down your tummy?? Without the abs?? (: xx

  19. karen says:

    wow today this post appears on the Argentinian news. They think that the teenagers are obssesive with the thigh gap. Anyway, i love your blog and videos because you always promotes a healthy life.

  20. courtney says:

    hey just a question what is the best way to get a thigh gap in a matter of 3-4 weeks?

  21. Lara says:

    Hi Cassey. I’ve been watching a few of your videos and so far I love them. I’m going to try all of the inner thigh ones and try and get that gap back. I don’t have an unhealthy one session with it, but I have an interesting story, if you’d like to hear it. I’m 16, and my senior year is next year. I’ve always been skinny, fast metabolism, and then I was athletic, it was a nice comboniation. When I got to high school, I left softball and now I do three seasons of track: cross country, winter, and spring. But this past year, I grew about two inches or so, and I filled out, and literally AS I was running (I average about five miles six days a week, it’s something I do well) and AS I was exercising, I felt my thighs get bigger, felt myself lose a bit of that six pack that I used to have. I told myself it didn’t matter, because Im still a size 5 in shorts and an XS-S in shirts where the average girl my age is at least a medium-large and a size 8 or 10 in shorts. In facts, there are not many girls in my high school who have this gap, and I am a healthy weight, there’s really no doubt about that. But today, I went for a seven mile run, and since I returned about 10 hours ago, my thighs still have yet to stop burning. They don’t chaffe together when I walk, but when I run, it’s a violent back and forth rubbing together motion, and Im getting a huge rash. So if I want to keep running, which I absolutely do, I need to get rid of that fat, because I can’t handle the pain when my legs come together when I walk. So I’m going to try and get my gap back, so that I don’t have to embarrassingly quit cross country after being on the varsity team since freshman year.
    Thanks. And you make great videos. Hope it works for me.

    1. Kiana says:

      Hey sweetie! I read your story and if you want to keep running, while having the fat, I may have a solution. It is quite weird, but it really helps me. Just put a little bit of silicone-based lubrication on your thighs and the rubbing won’t hurt. 😀

      Hope this helps 🙂

  22. Rae says:

    fantastic workout. i love it. <3 im gonna get that inner thigh gap 😀
    oh, and can someone pls tell me what's that music playing in the background? it's nice 🙂

  23. Lilly says:

    HELP!!!!! Will this bulk up your thighs???

    1. Hannah says:

      It won’t bulk up your thighs. As a lovely females we don’t have enough testosterone floating around in our bodies to bulk up. Any woman you see with a super muscled body is either an elite athlete or a body builder and they have strict nutritional and training guidelines to get them there.

      Using your body weight is not going to bulk you up. Combined with cardio and healthy eating it will turn you into one lean sexy lady.

  24. Christina Marie says:

    How many calories do your workouts burn? The workouts on the beginner’s calendar for example.. 🙂

  25. Rebecca says:

    Could you do a video about how to get a waistline?

  26. Zoooeeeee says:

    Workout was good, I was expecting it to be longer though. My personal trainer & I did it with ease. We both loved the sumo squats great for your butt too (;
    Thanks xx

  27. Caitlin says:

    I loved the sumo squats and single leg lifts!

  28. Aly says:

    Woohoo! Just been a week of following Blogilates and doing a little each day.. First time I didn’t have to skip any reps!!! So excited to feel the results! Plus the baby really loves this one. He still get to climb over mommy and kiss on her! (:

  29. switresh says:

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  30. nikki says:

    hey cassey i have the muscle in my things but can you do a video on how to get rid of some of the fat in my thighs, especially the inner thighs. thanks 🙂

    1. Hannah says:

      Cardio, unfortunately you can’t spot reduce though. Your fat is going to sit where it wants to.

  31. Niamh McIntyre says:

    I’m 14 too, and the size of my legs makes me feel uncomfortable. I can’t seem to get rid off any fat off my body. I don’t know how I should diet, but I just want a body I’m comfortable in, and a thigh gap as my thighs rubbing together is horrid. What can I do aswell as this to lose weight, because I am capable of getting a thigh gap, my hips are massive!

    1. Kellie :) says:

      Hey girl! Just a fellow 14 year old girl here as well! 🙂 the first thing I would suggest is eating healthy! I know this may sound obvious but trust me it works! Replace a lunch soda with a healthy smoothie! My favorite is strawberries bananas and frozen yogurt! Also, at night when you may be craving chocolate or ice cream. Just tell yourself, am I going to regret eating this in the morning? That usually does the trick for me. Also, so get rid of inner thigh fat (I still have to get rid of some myself) cardio along with these excercises are essential. Cardio will also allow you to get in shape and help your metabolism! Allowing you to be able to eat more food and burn calories better! Don’t forget to also do ab workouts and riding your bike! This will also help your knees!( and I have crappy knees!) I wish you the best of luck!!!

      1. ana says:

        wow were all 3 14year old girls its good to know there are other girls like me!!

        1. Sonya says:

          heyy me too 😀

    2. ana says:

      wow were all 3 14year old girls its good to know there are other girls like me!!

  32. LiLi says:

    Ok… this work out ROCKS!

  33. Rosalia says:

    hey i have been doing this for 4 days now, two times a day. will i have a noticible change within 2 weeks? I’m leaving for my vacation then and i really want slimmer legs. I started off with a VERY small gap and i want to have a bigger gap. is 2 times a day enough or do i need to do it more?

    1. madison says:

      i noticed a larger gap within a week or so, but i was doing 3 workouts a day, for about an hour to 2 hours a day.
      i would recommend the call me maybe squats. helped me get stronger legs, and melted the fat

      good luck

  34. Jay ♡ says:

    I had wide hips. I know I’m capable to achieving a thigh gap. I don’t want one for vanity. I want one because I don’t feel comfortable when my thighs rub against each other when I walk. I also want to feel confident in a body I love! Thank you Cassey for inspiring me and motivating me to never give up on my dreams! ♡

    1. Jay ♡ says:

      *capable OF

      Oops :p

  35. Alexa says:

    I absolutely love this work out!

  36. Rachel says:

    My favorite was the inner thigh lift! I really felt it on that one. So glad I FINALLY found a workout that will hopefully help me get that gap! Thanks :))

  37. Rhianna says:

    Hey Cassey! Im 13 and I have wanted a thigh gap for a long time now, my legs aren’t fat or thin. I have a few questions please can someone HELP?!
    How often do you have to do this workout to see results?
    How long does it take to see these results?
    Has this workout worked for anyone else?


    1. Rebecca says:

      Yah.. It’s worked for me and I’m 14! I love my thigh gap xxx

      1. Grace says:

        How long did it take you? And how much did you eat a day?

    2. Erin says:

      hey I’m 13 as well has this worked for you guys? and are squats and lunges and wallsits good for getting a thigh gap or do they just make ur legs muscular? thanx <3

  38. Emily Dirksmeier says:

    HI, I’m thirteen and I have legs that aren’t fat but aren’t thin either. Overall they’re just really muscley i guess… :/ Since I’m still growin and developing do you think there’s still a chance that I could get a thigh gap? I am presently recovering from anorexia and had to put on a lot of weight really fast. Do you think my body could still be adjusting? Or will I be forever stuck with thighs that touch? I really like this video and do it almost everyday, but I’m not seeing much results. Help!

    1. Syd says:

      Hi! I too gained a lot of weight after my ED recovery. I went from 112to 165 in ONE month! That was 9 years ago. And yes my thigh gap went away bc of that. I have started eating healthier the last year & walking a lot as well as doing some squats. I know have a thigh gap! It’s small, really small. But it’s there & I couldn’t be happier. It’s given me the motivation to kee going & step it up a notch. If your thighs are like mine & the reason there’s not a thigh gap is because of fat, then yes. You can get rid of fat & tone up. Best wishes & congrats on getting control on your ED! I’m on Facebook as Syd Rogers if you’d like to add me for support as one with an ED tends to have unique needs in a support buddy. 🙂

      1. Emily Dirksmeier says:

        Thanks soo much! This really helps a lot! I mean I am still struggling with ED and I haven’t exactly gotten to a maintenance weight yet, but I already hate how my body looks- specifically my legs…. I’m allowed to do sports again so hopefully with time my legs will firm up again and I will loose all the fat that I have on them now. Thanks again!

        1. Nix says:

          Sorry but I always thought ED stood for Erectile Dysfunction. Then I saw Emily’s name and though she was having a joke because her initials are ED. Then I realized it meant Eating Disorder. Unfortunate that for men with an ED people might think he means ED 🙁

  39. Hannah Jade says:

    Hi, love the video. One question, has this worked for anyone?

  40. Polska Blondynka says:

    This whole rave about the thigh gap is puzzling. People need to realize that not everyone is built the same way. You can be skinny with no thigh gap. You can’t spot reduce. You can tone the area and make it look more tight. Women who have wider hips tend to have thigh gaps. Women who don’t, don’t. Don’t push your body into unrealistic results.

    1. Karen says:

      I think it might be the opposite; gals with wide hips have a more “worse” lower body. I can vouch for that. Even when I was stick straight doing ballet 10+ years ago. :/

      1. Isabel says:

        I’m agreeing with Karen here. As a girl with widers hips, especially in proportion to my waist, I noticed that I keep all of my weight in my lower body. As in my butt is big, my thighs nearly touch (barely there thigh gap that I want to be bigger), and overall, big legs. My upper body, on the other hand, is quite slim. I have a tiny waist, no boobs (LOL), and little fat on my torso aside from some tummy fat on the stomach T^T. Which seems to be the norm even for really fit women, so oh well.
        I think it’s a double-edged sword really.
        Women with naturally slim hips/legs have a harder time getting a thigh gap because of their bone structure. Women with wider hips tend to have larger legs, and thus have a harder time getting a thigh gap because of body type.

  41. Claire banks says:

    Hi I’m just asking can I still get a big thigh gap if I have heaps of muscle ? Because I do netball and at trainings we do a lot of muscle work with out thighs and stuff and I really want a thigh gap but I really don’t want to waste my time if I can’t ? Please help

    1. Jimena says:

      Well if you already train for real and have tone muscles in your thighs you´re probably won´t have a gap in you natural built, that´s completly fine. I´m sure you look good the way you are!

  42. Florence says:

    I already have a thigh gap but I want a bigger one, how long should I do this before I see change? I eat very clean too. Thanks! x

    1. lala says:

      I’m jealous I need a thigh gap ASAP

      1. Lizzie says:


  43. Sarah says:

    I really want that inner thigh gap. Please visit my website to help me with my goal. <3

  44. jessica says:

    Oh wow this is a good workout, i can already feel it in my thighs! amazing!

  45. anon says:

    this workout is amazing, im noticing a change within days!

  46. how long does it take to get a thigh gap?

  47. nina says:

    is this work out goin to make fat ppl’s legs leaner and/or lean girls help have that happy gap they want??

  48. Mikayla Mckinney says:

    Hi im 17 and have this really annoying lower gut that just won’t go away no matter what i do so i was wondering if you had any workouts that could help my stubborn tummy go away?? pretty please ive been getting teased about it for quite a while.

    1. Katelyn says:

      hey, honestly the only thing you really need to do is work your stomach muscles. it will cut it down so quick, and eat healthy. go onto her youtube chanel and go to these 3.. they wil honestly help so much



    2. Colleen says:

      Their is an expression that you “build your arms in the gym and your abs in the kitchen”. To some extent, no matter how much you work out your abs, you need to have a VERY low body fat level to even see them. Some women can not get thin enough to “pop” their abs without getting to an unhealthy weight. And the hardest weight to lose is the bellow the belly button weight. One of my best friends was a ballerina, 5 7 and 107 pounds and still had a tiny poochie tummy down there. I have heard that you shouldn’t bother working your obliques until the weight is off because that will actually thicken your waist, so do obliques last!

  49. Charity says:

    Hi Cassey!! I just LOVE your “Call Me Maybe” squat challenge video 🙂 I am going to try the 14 day work out! Hope this works!

  50. MerlotD says:

    If i do this everyday, how long will it take till i see a difference?

  51. mary says:

    I’m 12 years old and I have just recovered from a fractured tibia plateau. And I found u and I love it workouts and want to be just like u when I grow up

  52. Kaitlin says:

    Hey, I was just wondering how many time a week I need to do this and how long until I spot a difference, also are there any diets you recommend to help maintain a healthy body shape. Thanks xx

  53. Mirell says:

    I was wondering by doing this workout , how long will it take until you get that “Gap” between your thighs? And by doing this every single day.

  54. Mae says:

    Is it okay for a 16 year old girl to do this? And the monthly workout calendar? Or do yout hink I should tone it down a bit? Thank youu!

    1. Nadia says:

      Well, I’m 15 and I’m doing it. Working out is always healthy, but know your limits. Sometimes dieting isn’t the best idea, and your body will naturally need more calories than are given in a diet, so be careful.

    2. Lizzie says:

      well I’m 12 and doing it+victoria secret abs+monthly workout so yeah 🙂

      1. Maddy says:

        Im 14 and I have big thighs and short legs and I am not comfortable in shorts any more because over the summer i gained a lot of weight… Will this work even though I have big thighs? And will it also slim me down a little bit? Thank You.!

  55. Ivie,, says:

    will this work for me i have really muscular legs so im scared if it’s going to make my thighs look more bulky

    1. Lpenny says:

      Your legs will not look bulky unless you are a man or take testosterone. Fact. Also, you need heavy weights and a lot of dedication to the gym to achieve bulk. Those men and woman work hard to achieve that. These particular exercises focus on long lean muscles.

  56. Isowhey Ian says:

    Yeah, I agree as well – it’s just not the right name and unfortunately people who do have eating disorders do tend to get that look – which is really so unattractive. Our body shape is to a large degree determined by our genes, though we can of course change it within reason – hopefully though the right reason – ie to feel better and to have a healthier body – not because some magazines are saying its the look to have – its just a dangerous area as so many young girls ( and guys actually) are so easily affected by even the simplest of statements – especially during their childhood.

  57. mikenzi says:

    i have a question on how to get rid of the fat at the lower part of my stomach. i run consistently and eat healthy. i can’t seem to loose it there in that spot but instead right above so it looks as if I’m always sucking in. how do you suppose i get rid of that? its not bad but just annoying. I’ve tried the usual planks and crunches ect. what now?

    1. jenna says:

      when you do sit ups, instead of crunching forward, try to aim for the celing or sky, pushing your chest up instead of forward. this helps you get rid of your “pooch” as its called. 🙂

  58. Grace says:

    I really love this work out, it’s slow and relaxing, and burns all at the same time. Thanks so much!
    I had a question on how to get rid of the fat right below my hips, and before my but starts. It kind of makes a dip on the side of my butt, and makes my butt look weird. Help? (:

    1. shandell says:

      Meee too! I hope she answers this..I did do one workout of hers that realllyyyyy worked it out though so I’m going to continue doing it. I can’t remember which video ( it’s the one of her talking about her swimsuit competition and it’s 29 minutes long), but she does the clamshell with a 3-5 lbs weight on the bend of your knee….and oh my gosh it burns!!!! I’m going to try to do 100 a day because I hate that part of my legs!

    2. Brittany says:

      I have that too!!! And I have this bulge on my inner thighs it makes it 1000x harder to find jeans I actually look good in because the bulge make me look fat and my butt looks saggy when its just an illusion from that weird dip under m butt 🙁 she needs to answer this!!!

  59. Audrey says:

    I loved it! I just wish it would have went on a little longer…maybe one more workout. The frogger one was my favorite 🙂 You should totally do one for your hamstrings. My thighs aren’t looking great under my butt! Thanks for everything you do!

  60. Becca says:

    This burns so good! The inner thigh is a tough place to target, and these moves are spot on! I had an inner thigh gap before, but I’m not necessarily looking to get it again. I just want to be strong! 🙂

  61. Jaci says:

    I love this workout, its amazing! I can’t wait to get a thigh gap! And does anyone know how many calories this burns? Thanks x

  62. All of my favorite recipes I have found on https://healthyrevelations.wordpress.com. There are a lot of amazing pre and post workout meals. Everything is very healthy and low calorie 🙂

  63. T.I. says:

    Cassey is cool and she can name her workouts whatever she wants. Stop trying to manipulate her into changing her content just because of your distorted perspectives. She’s giving positive meanings to things. If you don’t want a thigh gap, or can’t have one, then get a life and go read something else.

    1. Tonya H. says:

      Thank you T.I., I agree with you 101%!!!!

  64. Ashley says:

    I noticed that this inner thigh workout says it is for beginners. You should add it to the beginner video section so it is easier to find. I only came across it because I was checking out the popular posts area.
    I would love more beginner videos, or some longer ones 🙂
    Love this site and all the videos, nothing else is good enough. I will only do Blogilates videos.
    Thanks Cassey!!

  65. Jenna says:

    OMG Cassey, I’m like in love with you! The minute I saw ur videos, I was HOOKED!! You are so so so so inspiring and encouraging and with you i lost over 35 lbs., using your diet and fitness plans! Omg I am so happy wiith my new body! I can go to the beach in a bikini!! Cassey Ho, Ur my Hero 😀

  66. Alavia says:

    YOURE AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks so much for free work outs!!! <3

  67. Suzi says:

    I can’t find Fat Burning Cardio Warmup T.T

    1. mirani says:

      me neither!

  68. Darrel says:

    I have a really fast metabolism so i can pretty much eat anything without gaining anything but i really want sexier legs. I slightly have a thigh gap but i also want wider hips. Also i want my thigh gap to be 3cm wider (is that too wide?)

    1. KN says:

      You can’t make your hips wider, period.

  69. hm says:

    So if you knew in the beginning that not all women could acheive a thigh gap, why did you title it that way?

    1. c says:

      I’m guessing it was an innocent post but distorted entirely by the thinspo community ie. different motivations. In any case, there’s no need to nitpick Casey because many people appreciate and benefit from the free work she puts out. As you may know, people make mistakes.

      1. keisha says:

        Casey you can name your post whatever you want. If people are getting upset with the names they need to remove themselves from your blog. I have big hips and love them,I’m also not looking for a gap between my thighs but the workouts help tone and burn the inner fat for me .

        Great job Casey

  70. Quinn says:

    So Im really small and thin, and I have small hips. Can I get a thigh gap even though my hips are really small and there not wide set?

  71. megan says:

    hi i was just wondering if it would work for me if my hips measure between 34-35 inches?? cuz some models(like the victoria secret ones) have 34 inch hips and hey have thigh gaps so would it work for me??

  72. Sam says:

    I have really large hips Andy have a slight stomach also I’m a young teen is this workout healthy for someone like me to do?

    1. Ashley says:

      It’s always healthy and beneficial to do workouts, regardless of age or body type. It’s great for your health and toning muscle groups 🙂

  73. Maura says:

    i really want an inner thigh gap because i’m really uncomfortable about the size of my thighs and i literally HATE when they touch. So, how do i know if it’s possible for me to have one? you guys say not everyone can get one and i was wondering how i could be able to tell. help!

    1. Jess Nustrini says:

      You need to have slightly wider set hips (: but anything is achievable wit determination!

  74. Abigail says:

    so you know how you said that thigh gaps may not be achievable for everyone? well if its not, is it still possible to get rid of inner thigh fat even though the thighs are still touching?

    1. megan says:

      yea it actually is! my brothers trainer told me tht lunges help!

    2. Kerry says:

      Absolutely! I find squats work really well.

  75. sarah bee says:

    How many times a week should I do this inner thigh gap workout and for how long? <3

    1. Grace says:

      I think I saw somewhere that you need to do this at least three times a week with stretches. Hope that helped! (:

  76. Anne says:

    My alltime favorite move is the ”Plie Squat Pulse”. I actually felt it BURNING doing that move. I really have to build muscle in the inner thigh area, it is so bulky and soft over there. I want nice legs, and I’m going to get them with you. Thanks Cassey!

  77. Sunny says:

    I feel like sometimes you get criticism and flak because it seems like you are a bit obsessed with looking good. I know you say that it’s about being healthy, but it’s not like you make videos called “tone your obliques”. It’s muffintop meltdown. You know? It does seem like you are a bit into how you look, which is fine. It’s your job to look good and you do it in a healthy way. Just saying.

    1. missy says:

      Cassey is just trying to make the workouts realistic. Muffin top is a common household name and it has been around for at least 8 years now. It just simply says this is an exercise to get rid of the Muffin top which is what each of us really wants anyway.

      1. Lily says:

        I agree with you, Missy. Cassey’s just really good at making all this fitness mumbo jumbo really relatable to the average person and I think that’s what makes her so amazing and her videos so addictive! But I guess someone’s going to complain no matter what.

  78. Darlene says:

    Yay! This may be too much information, but I have a problem with chafing between my thighs. They rub together all of the time! I’m sure that it’s probably not physically possible for me to have a thigh gap, but I’m definitely looking to slim down my thighs so that they won’t rub as much. I get blisters. 🙁

    1. Kerry says:

      Ugh, I hear ya girl! I have the exact same problem. But don’t give up! Keep watching the videos and doing the workouts, and one day I’m sure we’ll both get the legs we want! ;D

  79. Emily says:

    I loved this workout! I really love leg and butt workouts, so I am extra excited about every new one that comes out. I liked the inner thigh leg lifts (I hope I put the right name). The one where you lift your leg with your toe pointed down and your bottom leg is bent underneath you. I am so jealous of everybody that got to meet up!!! I bet that was so fun. Cassey you were hilarious in this video. I also don’t find butterflies to be an exception to bugs. I don’t like any bugs being near me, butterflies included, and nobody can understand it when I say they gross me out or when I freak out when they are touching me. And I appreciated the disclaimer because I am pretty tired of people accusing you of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. It is just so ridiculous for anybody to think you would do something like that.

  80. scarlett says:

    how many times a week should you do these and are there other videos i should do with it?

  81. Martina says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m with those who are asking for a stretching/flexibility vids! I know you”ve made a couple already, but I did them a million times and I wish I hade some fresh inspiration…

  82. Ksenija says:

    Funny thing, a few years ago the unhealthy, unathletic but skinny me had a thigh gap due to a completely unhealthy, hunger diet. Nowadays I do eat healthy and as much as my athletic body needs, I run, I tone up with Bodyrock and Zuzka Lights workouts, I do pilates and yoga and my firm, toned up thighs have nearly no gap and look better than ever.
    Just a hint to all the girls out there aiming for a thigh gap instead of a healthy lifestyle.

    1. Jex says:

      love this post, helps put things in perspective. yes, thanku
      may we all aim for healthy! 🙂

  83. Areeba says:

    oh Cassey I love that this was a beginner video! I like trying out all your videos, but sometimes I just can’t make it through an hour long workout because I get so pooped after 2 videos lol. BUT I love this one, and can’t wait to get strong enough to do your more advanced videos!

    Also, you are such an inspiration to us! You have never promoted eating disorders or an unhealthy life style. Tons of girls, myself included, look for that inner thigh gap or whatever but we want it because well…we like it lol. You’re beautiful Cassey, and such a positive person. If someone bashes you, they just don’t know you 🙂

  84. Gillian says:

    Oh Cassey I just loved this – it’s great you are in London. I would have loved to be a popster down there but I live in Scotland and too far away!!! I think trying to tone your thighs is no different to any other form of exercise and to suggest thereviba correlation between you demonstrating effective toning moves and eating disorders is nonsense!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  85. MelodyJ says:

    You guys look like you had a great time. Thanks for taking the time to make videos in London.

    I had never heard of the inner thigh gap, hip dip, and back dips before the drama over the printout. I was totally confused and didn’t know what people were talking about. All I want is a good workout and to be healthier. And if I look better in the process that’s the extra.

  86. Vera McDonnell says:

    My son (25 yo) is visiting from California and he said “I have more respect for her now.” He said you make it look effortless and he loves your voice! Great workout. You rock!

  87. Anel says:

    Cassey your great!!! I need some tips and recommendations on great starches before going for a run? I’m just now getting my groove back from giving birth to my second baby via c- section. And your videos are such a great help!! Thanku so much!!

  88. Alise says:

    Will we see a workout printable for this one?

  89. Jodie says:

    Just checked out your tanks on Ogorgeous!
    I love the style of the Train like a beast look like a beauty tanks, and I noticed the I <3 working out tanks are similar.

    You should TOTALLY make a " I <3 Pilates" tank! I would eat that up. Because, to be honest, I hate working out….hate it. But you've made me love pilates. I'd wear that one with oodles of pride 🙂 !!

  90. Mer says:

    Thanks Cassey! I love this workout! It is so cool how you used POPsters from London.

  91. Steph says:

    I am very envious of those with thigh gaps – although my boyfriend keeps telling me I do have one, I think he’s got some eye problems haha. I have friends who are bigger than me with bigger thigh gaps because that is just the way they are built. I love love this tumblr post regarding thigh gaps and the like. Maybe you could broadcast this?


    1. Gemmy says:

      I love this! I love how each one ends with ‘You’re beautiful no matter what.’ People aspire for the wrong things because they don’t know any better so it’s great to have someone like Cassey around who is promoting health and fitness above everything else. Keep up the good work!

  92. Sam says:

    I loved this! All I ever do for my inner thighs is the inner thigh raises and plie squats, so I really like that I can add the froggers now!

  93. Cece says:

    Hey cassey this is great, i’ve been wanting to target my inner thighs. i didnt want it to just be fat so thank you and dont worry i dont think your promoting those at all, in fact you and the popsters community have been so motivating to me. If i didnt go on your websites and see such inspirational pictures and stuff, i would probably have an eating disorder(so close). Not until you made me realize recently that eating healthy and being fit is the new skinny and is way better than wanting to starve yourself. Ever since i started eating healthier and feeling like i can do any exercise ive felt so energetic and great about myself for the first time. So thank you thank you! You never seem to run out of great videos to post. LOVE IT!

  94. Jenna says:

    I love that you finally addressed how to get a thigh gap! I am the opposite of flexible and a baton twirler 🙁 So i was wondering if you could do more videos on flexibility specifically? If anyone else has any advice on increasing flexibility it would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks!

    1. Kimsan says:

      Yes some flexibility ones would be so useful!

  95. Ali Piazza says:

    Oh the coveted inner thigh gap! I’d really like one, but it’s just not it my genetic destiny. So, I’ve accepted and moved on.
    I’m glad that you clarified that it isn’t actually possible for some women to achieve. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tone up those muscles, as the leg muscles are some of the largest and that increases your metabolism 🙂

  96. Desiree Robinson says:

    Hey Cassey, I can’t wait to show this one to my mom-I’m trying to ease her into your workouts! Can’t wait to try the inner thigh side raise, looks like a good one, p.s. the inner thigh printable is one of my favorites! Are you still going to keep doing printables? Sometimes I like to unplug from the internet. I love that you are filming with other people-it shows that Pop Pilates/Blogilates is really accessible to everyone at every fitness level. I really wish people would stop giving you a hard time for promoting eating disorders-it really makes me mad when you are helping so many people lead a healthier lifestyle. I’m really thinking of trading in my gym membership for super full time Blogilates! Love you!

  97. Lisa says:

    Loved the Inner Thigh Lift!

    Your quick videos are my favorite way to add something extra at the end of the day, or on a rest day. I’m incredibly sore the next morning, but they don’t destroy me mentally (like TurboFire and Insanity can do sometimes). Thank you so much for these!!

  98. ibbolina says:

    Grat idea the inner thigh workout!! Cassey you are fab! And, 2nd great idea… printable! wow! xo, i

  99. sammyt says:

    This is an awesome workout. Just a little over a year ago I realized one day that I didn’t work on targeting my thighs (yet I could complain about them like a…). So I did like most peeps and Googled thigh exercise. Your printout popped up. I then saved it to my phone as a reference and integrated with the rest of my workout throughout the week. I still use it today.

    Now on to the hating/or haters (yep Cassey, you know there’s going to be some). If one Google’s thigh gap your going to find tumblrs,blogs, forums,etc…that contains pictures of models, stats, and even this printout. You can read about girls who at a normal to “GW” that can feel and see there ribs and have no thigh gap. That’s because once again, its about the distance between your hips. So Cassey, maybe your printout should read “How to Target Your Inner Thighs.” So the title doesn’t distract those from thinking they can achieve it by just doing this. Or those who think you have or are pro ed.

    1. Jodie says:

      I agree! If it’s not possible for everyone to get an “inner thigh gap” then the workouts would be better off with a different title/name. It would be like naming a chest workout the “how to get bigger boobs” workout – fun name, but a bit misleading. That being said, Cassey – you’ve done more than enough letting people know that you’re just trying to help people be fit and healthy…not super skinny! So thank you for all you do for us 🙂

    2. Joan says:

      I agree. Cassey, those you are lucky enough to know you know exactly where you are coming from. Your heart is in in the right place. I appreciate your extra commentary on the “inner thigh gap”. To me, sadly, the term is tainted and there’s nothing that we can do about that. I avoid using it. Not only has it been glamorized over the years, but there’s tons of misinformation and lots women out there that hang on to every bit of it.

      I feel that using the term and putting emphasis on it (even just as a workout catchphrase), keeps perpetuating that message. I don’t think that using the term CREATES a disorder of ANY kind, but I do think that it MAY give a conflicted message to those who are not well-verse in fitness or who are more vulnerable to body image issues… especially because I know it’s a message completely the opposite to what your stand for! So THANK YOU for taking the time to put that disclaimer out there. <3