Your February Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

WOW!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT 30 days have passed and we have OFFICIALLY conquered the #100AbChallenge! Absolutely insane. I am so so soooooooooo proud of you guys!


And you know what? I taught myself an important lesson along the way.

I’ve never been proud of my abs because of the layer of fat that sits on top of it. I’ve directed so much anger and hatred at my abs for not being slim, flat, and “perfect”. I hated the fact that my ab strength did not reflect in my ab physique. I felt weak for not having the CONTROL to lose the fat on my stomach.

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Today is day 1 of the #100abchallenge and I am going to do something I’ve never done before, and honestly, don’t want to do. . But since I’ve asked you to take a before photo, I wanted to get vulnerable and show you the one part of my body that I am least confident about. My abs. . From years of kids making fun of me for being fat, from years of mean comments telling me I wasn’t fit enough to be a fitness instructor, I’ve held a lot of resentment and hatred for my body in my lower belly. Its the one part of my body I can’t seem to control, and because of that, sometimes I feel like a failure. It’s quite sad actually that something that is so simple and so physical can be so emotional. . Anyway, I recorded this this morning. It’s day 1 of the #100abchallenge and I’m truly excited about using these next 29 days to train my abs to get stronger, and to train my mind and my heart to love my body for exactly what it can do and not what it looks like. If fat loss and ab definition come, so be it! If it doesn’t, imma have the craziest, coolest core I’ve ever had!!! And that’s something to be proud of! . Have you done day 1 yet!? The full workout video is on! Bio link! #blogilates

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But after completing the 100 Ab Challenge, I realized that I’m not weak at all. Turns out my abs are crazy HARD CORE and it’s absolutely incredible what they can do!! So what if I’ve got some fat laying on top of my abs? Does that mean my strength and my skill should be completely discounted?

NO!!! That’s stupid.

So, I am making a choice to respect myself and to stop directing negativity onto a part of my body that truly is magnificent. I am GRATEFUL to have this body, and I welcome it, and love it in whatever form it wants to come in 🙂


Have you heard? I am currently on the search for my 2019 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS!

Have you applied yet? It’s been so incredible reading through your #iamapowergirl entries. The Blogifam has been tearing up at some of your posts. Whether or not you plan on applying, have a read. The stories have been SO empowering.


Next up, here is your  February Workout Calendar! I’ve got a fun LIVE workout planned for you on Sunday, Feb 10th at 10 AM PST! I’ll be leading a Total Body Sculpt class with my sister on my YouTube channel. Make sure you are subscribed so you get an alert when I go live! All you will need is a yoga mat. Invite your friends to work out with us! It’s going to be a super fun full length class.

Click to download hi res cal!

  1. SUNDAY: Ultimate Upper Body
  2. MONDAY: Booty Burn
  3. TUESDAY: Feb Fat Burn
  4. WEDNESDAY: Adore the Core
  5. THURSDAY: Captivating Cardio
  6. FRIDAY: Relax & Recharge
  7. SATURDAY: Lovely Legs

If you’re new around here, this is how it goes!

  1. Click on the hi res link to download the calendar and print it out for your wall!
  2. Head over to and click on the videos of the day. It’ll take you directly to the YouTube video!
  3. Do each video once (unless otherwise stated)
  4. Check off as you go!

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  1. Karl O'Brien says:


  2. Summer says:

    How do you do this

  3. Summer says:

    I’m in

  4. mglosser says:

    I completed the 4 week beginners work out. Then I went try. January 2019 it’s too hard for me now. Should I repeat the 4 weeks or are there more beginner calendar workouts?

  5. kirstengayle says:

    Ready for March workout calendar!! 💥

  6. kristinthemoment says:

    Hey! Just wondering, would it be possible to post maybe how much time each day would expect to take? I’d love to be able to better plan and get the exercises in. With little ones I really have to plan my time and be intentional. Thanks!

  7. Jpop1107 says:

    I have just signed up, but have been following you on Insta, for a few weeks. I just completed this day’s challenge and I love it!, out of breath and sweaty and thought I was going die but I LOVE it. Thank you for this!!!

  8. Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.

  9. Pratyusha says:

    Hi guys, so far, I’ve already had 4 days that I’ve missed (usually due to a lot of hw after school or me coming back really late from school and being tired or hungry because I wake up at 5.20 every morning so I like to go to bed by 10.30 on school days) So I wanted to ask, what do you all do to catch up on missed days? Do 2 days’ worth of workouts in 1? Or do you just leave it be? Some thoughts and opinions would really be appreciated xx

  10. drnehayash says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I am new to the work out calender and I am loving it! Thank you so much for creating such variety in the calender. Never a moment to get bored.
    Also one of my problem areas is arms so kindly include those in one of the days as well.
    Thank you!
    Much love!
    More power to you girl!!

  11. HyeKyung Nam says:

    I love life♡♡♡

  12. stefinie says:

    Great article!!! thanks for sharing such a great article. I have been following you on the youtube and you have great methods to exercise. This calendar is just great. Thanks for sharing such a great article with us.

  13. Krystal P. Mullen says:

    I really enjoy follow you on youtube and doing your workout. My oldest daughter love doing popilates with me to and it a great bonding experience for us. So please don’t stop because you have inspired me and any ways. So thank you Cassey.😘😘😊😊

  14. Katie says:

    I love this so much. I found Blogilates in 2014 and I LOVE that you are still the authentic, beautiful, positive, and real person you have always been! And these workouts still kick my butt!! Thanks for being awesome.

  15. Kitten says:

    I love that you still offer beautiful printable and downloadable calendars! I noticed that on the clickable one a few videos are missing though… there are no videos listed for the 13th and 27th on the clickable version. But they are here so… 🙂

  16. Martha says:

    ” I’M IN ! “

  17. Jacenta says:

    Thank you Cassie for your dedication , your positive and caring attitude towards all of us, and most importantly for being yourself and for being an incredible inspiration in my life! I went from being depressed, anxious, overweight , and addicted to sugar.., to a healthy and fit and much more positive person! 😊 I am forever grateful for your help with achieving goals – both physically, spiritually and emotionally! Lots of love from Jacenta – your number one pop star in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada! ❤️😘

  18. Marzia Zuliani says:

    You are super strong, definitely. Your abs are amazing.
    And I can relate to what you say about your belly. But now, with exercise and a lot of attention to my diet… I can see my abs!

    Ps will the lesson be online for those who won’t be able to be live?

  19. Isapink says:

    Thank you Cassey! Can’t wait yo start this new month.

  20. Rachel D says:

    My birth month! Can’t wait to smash them all.

  21. Strawberrypekoe says:

    Hi! First off, thank you for the lovely workout calendar! I’m excited yet scared, lol.

    This is my first time doing pilates and following a calendar from you. Should I still do cardio in addition to this? If so, how long should I do the cardio?


    1. Casey says:

      I’m also curious!