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How are we actually at week 7 right now??? I can’t believe this 90 day journey is going so fast and I can’t believe I haven’t wanted to just binge on ice cream, milkshakes, burgers, and go to an all you can eat buffet already! Every other diet I’ve been on has made me feel that way, which tells me that I am really in tune with my body, my mind, and my soul right now.

Some feelings…

I am not hungry. My food FULFILLS me.

I am not frustrated. My challenges DRIVE ME to problem solve.

I am not obsessed. My careful analysis keeps me INFORMED.

I am not waiting for this to end. My journey has been NOURISHING.

Before we get to the week 7 weigh in, let’s talk about my fave non-scale victory of the week: I AM TRULY FEELIN’ MYSELF IN MY DANCE CLASSES!

But seriously though, who wants to try a sexy Pilates situation? Might be fun! Should I try to make a lil workout routine inspired by heels for YouTube? Comment and tell me! If there’s enough interest, I will start testing some routines out.

And for those of you wondering where my outfit is from, here are the deets:

This is the Whimsy Slit Tank in blush from POPFLEX. It is paired with some black booty shorts (a sample that never made it to production) and the Heart Strings Bra in Night!

I love the low back detail and how it allows your bra straps to come through. Plus it’s so flowy and fun to wear. I had never worn it with booty shorts before, but I am digging this look for dance class. Oh and it comes in black too in case blush doesn’t work with your skin tone!

You can also wear it tied up like this if you want more of a cinched waist look! The shirt is made with a super duper soft and stretchy jersey-like material called “tencel” – like, it’s so soft you can sleep in it. The selection of the fabric made our production cost go up significantly but I’m not here to make sup par products. I wanna make things I am proud of. You’ll def feel the quality when you slip it on!


Here’s my 12 week game plan page in my Fit Journal, all filled in.

Only 5 more weeks to go! Who will I be by then!!?? Hopefully a more confident, happier, stronger, smarter version of who I am today!

Besides feelin’ myself during my dance classes, my other big accomplishment this week was BREAKING THROUGH MY PLATEAU. I wrote about it yesterday if you’re interested in seeing how I did that.

One thing I just can’t seem to get under control is going to bed earlier and eating earlier. My schedule has been NUTS like absolutely NUTS lately (we have so many projects going on – I mean, 100% due to my decisions) so I really need to get more help. It’s just hard finding the right people. This has been the hardest part of running a business and I am in no way an expert here.

Anyway here are my week 7 results!

In total, I have lost 10.2 lbs since 8/12! WHAT!!! It was a loss of 3 lbs this week, -0.6% body fat, and a gain of 0.3% muscle mass! I have not eaten nuts at all since I started measuring and weighing my food and turns out – I didn’t need them to stay full. This tells me that I was 100% eating emotionally and out of boredom.

Looks like I might be back on track to hit my goals by Nov 8. But, I do anticipate struggles and probably more plateaus. ANYTHING can happen in the next 5 weeks.

Overall, the most important thing is that I am enjoying this entire journey – like, GENUINELY – and I am so happy to be dancing again and blogging again 🙂

Yesterday’s Recap:


0% carbs, 0% fat, 100% protein

35 calories

Collagen matcha drink! Yummy. My powder is almost out so I need to find another brand to try! The current brand is discontinued!!! :*(


15% carbs, 53% fat, 33% protein

477 calories

I had some avocado, baked salmon seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon atop a bed of cilantro lime cauliflower rice! Oh and SMOTHERED in sriracha of course! I love my sauces.


24% carbs, 50% fat, 26% protein

435 calories

My POP Pilates Program Director Jules told me about this pizza that she’s been having on Keto and she said it was amazing! So I went on the Cali’flour foods site and bought myself 3 pizzas and a bunch of flatbreads. It wasn’t cheap (a 3 pack of pizzas is $40), but hey, my health is worth it! I’d much rather spend my $ trying new foods than buying luxury bags and shoes anyway. There’s a time and a place for splurging on fancy things (like my wedding!!! OMG our 1 year anniversary is this SUNDAY!!!!), but right now, I like buying cool new foods to experience!

I tried the Artisan Margherita first. A whole pizza has 490 cals, 16g carbs, 31g fat, and 37 g protein. That’s actually pretty amazing. For reference, a Dominos medium margherita pizza has 1400 calories, 160g carbs, 64g fat, and 56g protein. Now of course a Domino’s medium pizza is much larger than this pizza, but still. You get the idea.

So how did it taste?

Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite. It is VERY cheesy and salty. It tastes like I am eating cheese on cheese. There wasn’t really tomato sauce (if there was, I couldn’t taste it) and usually I like my pizzas dripping with tomato sauce. However, tomatoes add carbs, so I get why there were barely any. Overall, it wasn’t bad though. I am happy that I got to eat pizza! There are 2 more flavors to try, so maybe I will like those better!

Also had some kombucha! Need my healthy gut bacteria!!!


21% carbs, 51% fat, 28% protein

410 calories

After dance class I came home and tried out my new cauliflower flatbreads. These are about $40 for 24 individuals.

I topped each flatbread with baked salmon, cherry tomatoes from my mini tomato plant, avocado and the cutest quail eggs ever!!! These were DELISH. I like the flatbreads way better than the pizza.

Have you ever eaten a quail egg? They are so delightful to look at. I mean, I like anything tiny!!! They taste exactly the same as a regular chicken egg, but just way more adorbs! You can get em at an Asian supermarket like Ranch 99.

Yesterday I came in at 1,358 calories and 19% carbs, 50% fat, and 31% protein. I do want to point out that since I am not doing crazy weight lifting and HIIT classes on days like these, my calories may seem lower, but they are good for the level of activity I am doing! There are no energy issues as of now, but I am closely monitoring how certain foods and macro percentages are affecting my performance and my mood, and will adjust accordingly.

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  1. kdb says:

    So glad you’re enjoying your workouts! You can’t make everyone happy, but as a mom of preteen girls I love that your workouts are “G” rated and generally emphasize strength and confidence over achieving the perfect look. I would not feel comfortable letting them be exposed to that amount of sexiness. Obviously I could just pick a playlist of approved videos for my girls but I’m also thinking of the younger girls that follow you.

  2. jordanpatrick says:

    Would love to try super sexy Pilates !!

  3. Brenna says:

    Can we PLEASE do sexy pilates?!?! Lol I got one of your heart strings bras last year and my roommate told me “that’s your sexy bra.” So I always feel sexy when doing your workouts haha, but I would love some SUPER sexy pilates!

  4. Delia says:

    I’d be super down for sexy pilates! It’s actually combining some things I want to try!

  5. Katie S says:

    I’d be up for a sexy Pilates dance…but I’d have to stick with doing it at home on carpet. I don’t know if any room with hard flooring that has space enough. Good job on figuring out your body! I eat a lot out of boredom and emotional crap. Hard to break the habit. Good on you that you recognized your habit! ❤️

  6. Tracy says:

    I would love sexy Pilates & dance

  7. Laura says:

    I’m in for sexy Pilates and more dance videos. I’m super uncoordinated yet I LOVE dancing. I’m trying to wrap my head around sexy Pilates, and I just can’t see it… but you are so creative, I know it will be great!

    I would also love a revamp of the stretching/flexibility for doing the splits, both front and side. It’s always been a goal of mine. I did the 30 day challenge you created *years* ago, and it definitely helped with my flexibility but didn’t quite get me where I needed to be.

  8. Saraahx says:

    *Your results are great!!! Yup, judging from the look of these pizzas, I wouldn’t have liked them

  9. Saraahx says:

    Ah, yes for these feelings! Good to know that this 90 day journey is such a positive for you overall. HOLY SHIT, girl!!! You look good, gorgeous and confident in that dance class.Hell yeah, I am so done for sexy Pilates, heels-Pilates, sexy dance Pilates. I know it will be good, not over the top, not overly sexualized. Plus it’s always great when your routine changes.
    Your results

    1. blogilates says:

      I feel so confident!!!

  10. connieg says:

    First thing first. We need a sexy pilates video. Secondly, we need more Sir George pics.

  11. ameliajones says:

    pls do a sexy pop pilates video!!!!

  12. Lady-J says:

    Sexy would be fun. I’d look like a hot mess but who cares! I’d be bringing it and feeling like a hot mamma.

  13. Lily says:

    Check out Jade Leaf Matcha! I use their matcha and love it but they also have a matcha collagen blend.

  14. Eforte says:

    I’ll always try a workout once! My gut says sexy pilates is not my cup of tea. If I don’t like it there are *ahem* 10 years of Blogilates videos that I can choose from 😉

  15. mrf82 says:

    🙁 I’m probably the one “no” for sexy pilates. For personal reasons as well as health ones. Actually, I was going to ask for more low impact videos – I loved the apartment friendly series for being low impact.

    1. Eforte says:

      Me too! It’s just not my thing, however I’ll try anything once. 🙂

  16. Cat says:

    Bring on the sexy pilates!!!

  17. Raven says:

    Not entirely sure what sexy pilates would entail but I’d be down to check it out. As for dance, I’m sorry to say I always skip them. It is not my thing since I am horribly uncoordinated.

  18. Kelcey says:

    Your calories are low, and that’s only because after this you need to reverse diet to restore your metabolism. Mark Carroll is a nutrition expert from Australia that trains bikini competitors. I know you’re familiar with Melissa Alcantarez because you did Kim Kardashian’s workout, she’s her trainer. Mark is Melissa’s for her reverse diet! She went from eating very low calories to eating in the 2000s without gaining a ton of weight! I gave the concept a try on my own and went from 1600 to 2400 in about 3 months for a bulk. I had to increase at the end because I was LOSING WEIGHT eating 2200 calories!!!!!! How insane is that?! For reference I’m 5’5” with an Athletic build, sitting around 150 at the moment

    1. Lin says:

      The reverse diet should only be done if she hit her target weight or if she hitting a plateau for too long. For losing weight, Mark recommandation is calorie deficit which she is doing.

  19. Beatriz says:

    Yes please do a sexy pilates workout in heels! My absolute favorite workout is the victoria secret model in heels, it’s so fun!!!
    I’m so happy you broke your plateau and that you are feeling fantastic!!!!

  20. beckyz says:

    Sexy Pilates and dancing Pilates (is that a thing?? I really hope it is lol) would be sooooo much fun!!!

  21. LisaZ19 says:

    Yes to sexy pilates and or pilates dance style class, but no to heels. I can’t wear heels do to severe bunions. Having surgery to fix one foot in December. But even after surgery I will not be able to wear heels

  22. Ayla says:

    Heels. Sexy. Pilates. YES.

  23. aljo23 says:

    Sexy Pilates sounds great! I also add sriracha on everything! 😀

  24. Melissa says:

    I am definitely into the sexy Pilates on YouTube. I would love to do that. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do.

    1. Kiara says:

      Yesss Cassey!!! Sexy pilates!!! 😍 do it please! And more dance videos on youtube! I love dancing〜

      1. Kiara says:

        sorry, I replied to that by mistake 😅

  25. Laura says:

    We have quail eggs in every supermarket here. But I don’t like them when I see them so little and colorfull. 😳I eat alot those as a child.
    But your good energy breaking through my phone screen it’s amazing. Motivates me to do things better. I love you, you are amazing! ❤

  26. Diana says:

    I am here for the sexy Pilates videos and more dance videos in general. It’s a great way to stay in shape without feeling like you’re working out even though it IS a workout. I would definitely need knee pads too lol. They just aren’t what they used to be and it’s kind of sad for me to say that because I’m still young but whatever. I know people are still concerned about your 90 day journey and that’s probably why you mentioned that stuff at the beginning. You seem to be nourishing your body, so that’s the most important part. You aren’t starving yourself to get to a certain weight. You are just being careful about what you eat and paying attention to how it makes you feel. I think that’s good. You said you aren’t obsessed with it so I think that’s key along with not beating yourself up if you do something wrong or don’t get the results you want. You are enjoying the journey and feeling good, which is what matters as you said. I hope to be as reflective as this someday.

    1. Claire says:

      Sexy Pilates? Yes, please!!!

  27. Elena says:

    How do you make your matcha collagen drink? It looks so yummy when you post it in your blogs. Please post recipe! I’m sorry if you did and I missed it 🙁

  28. Claremarie Rocha says:

    I would love a sexy Pilates routine! 😊❤️

  29. When you’re eating lower carb and higher fat, you naturally nour9sh the body on less calories than the standard American diet 🙂 I’m glad this is working fr you! I haven’t had quail eggs in ages bt they are SO ADORABLE. My favourite egg is a balut egg–dare you try it?!

    So excited about your anniversary! When will you go on honeymoon?!

    1. blogilates says:

      Probably next year!

  30. Lindsay says:

    Yes yes yes to sexy pilates!!!

  31. wolvesatthedoor says:

    I would love a sexy pilates class from you! I ordered my 2020 fit planner yesterday and just got my shipping notice today! Can’t wait to get it and start planning my goals! Cassey you are keeping me so motivated and realistic through my own fitness journey. I have been in a plateau for quite a few months now and am taking a tip from you in really looking into what I eat and what works and what doesn’t. You keep it real for me with your daily blogs in taking it one day at a time. We can’t be discouraged by those plateau you just have to learn to fight them. Keep doing what you’re doing girl your such an inspiration!