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Okay first off, THANK YOU GUYS for giving me the egg peeling tip! I tried adding ice to the water and then peeling, and it was like MAGIC. You literally changed my life!!! I even made a video about it!

Okay, and for those wondering if I put my eggs in before or after the water is boiling, I do before! Why? Honestly, just because it allows me to put the eggs in with my hands without burning! I have no scientific data to give ya!

Secondly, yesterday I allowed myself to ease up a bit on the keto. I didn’t feel bad about it – I just felt like my body needed a break. How did I know that? Well, the bloat. The discomfort. Just overall feeling not 100% my best. It doesn’t matter how disciplined you are when following a specific regimen, no one’s going to give you an A+ for being a “Miss Perfect” and not straying from the rules. If you don’t feel good, you gotta stop and readjust. That is what makes you the best student of your own body. So that’s what I did yesterday!

Yesterday’s Recap:

I had me some raspberries cuz YUM I love them. A lot of true keto-ers avoid fruits because of the carb content, which I get if you’re trying to be in ketosis – but realistically beyond the 90 days, fruit has to come back into my diet because they are FULL of vitamins and minerals.

For brekkie, I had some chicken sausages with cauli rice, sautéed baby bell peppers, guac and eggs. I actually ended up having 5 sausages 😛 This breakfast was phenomenal. I made Sam a breakfast quesadilla with cheese, sausage, and eggs and he topped with pico de gallo and guac! I usually always make 2 different dishes when we eat, but I don’t mind because I like the challenge of cooking creatively.

Nuts! My Thai chili almonds were waiting for me! I know Drew said to try to avoid nuts because if I’m not careful I can overdo it in the carbs and calories department…but then I wouldn’t have anything healthy to snack on! Yesterday my body said it wanted nuts so I gave it nuts!

I LOVE KOMBUCHA. It’s full of probiotics and tastes like a treat. This one from GTS has 12g of carbs in one bottle which would have normally been a no no for me if I’m trying to stay under 20g of net carbs a day. (Recommended is 20g – 50g of net carbs a day for keto-ers.) But because of my bloat, I needed to give my body more good bacteria. So, I drank a whole bottle and embraced every fizzy bubble that tickled my nose!

Did a Costco run and RAN to go find my beloved chili roasted pistachios! Luckily they had a full truckload. I MISSED THEM SO MUCH!!! Snacked on these. Was in heaven.

Okay. THIS.

Sam and I saw it at Costco and we were like hmmmm what is that?? I mean…Costco was already selling Halloween stuff (and even Christmas stuff!!!) so we were totally in premature Thanksgiving mindset.

It’s supposedly a dessert hummus that is vegan, gluten free and dairy free…in the flavor of pumpkin pie. I turned it to the back to check the carbs and it had 7g net carbs per serving so I was like, okay. Let’s give it a shot. Probs won’t be that good, but whatever.

You guys.


No one is paying me to say this. I am FOR REAL RIGHT NOW. You need to get in your car, drive to Costco and GET THIS NOW. It is even BETTER than real pumpkin pie. OMG. I’m dead. The brand is “Delighted By”. Costco buyer, you’re amazing.

Then after that, I had made my coconut milk matcha collagen drink. It was superb.

Yesterday, Sam and I were invited by YouTube and the LAFC to attend their soccer match. To be completely honest, I had no interest in going but Sam said we should do something different plus he wanted to go so I said ok. We invited our incredibly talent artist Daniel to join us (he’s the one who draws the comics guys!) and omg…I did not expect to have so much fun!

We were led through the back way (like celebs) and given seats RIGHT ON THE FIELD!!! The fans were insane – they had chants, drums, smoke bombs, flags, and dances. It was so cool. I even ended up chanting with them! I have never seen a crowd so enthusiastic about their team! I loved watching the fans more than I liked watching the game TBH.

Our seats were super VIP which meant…it also included unlimited food and an open bar! I don’t drink, so that part wasn’t hard for me. But the buffet – oh man – there were cookies, cakes, wings, fries, and yumminess galore!

I ended up getting a plate of spinach salad, broccoli, 2 Korean short ribs and 2 hot dogs (only 1 is pictured, I went back for seconds).

Luckily I wasn’t alone. Daniel just recently jumped on the 90 day journey train and he’s doing Whole 30, so he was having the broc and meat too! What’s so cool is that Laurel, my Social Media Manager just started Whole 30 a week ago, and Jules, my POP Pilates Program Director has been doing lazy keto with me since mid August. She has had a ton of great progress so far! It’s cool that the Blogifam is all motivated right now. I love it because we seriously keep each other accountable!

By the way, if you’ve read this far and are like “Cassey, you call that indulging????” The answer is yes. If I went off the rails and had bread, cake, ice cream, and cookies, I guarantee you my stomach would be in knots right now. It’s not smart or healthy for me to do that especially after 5 weeks of eating healthy. My form of indulging is eating A LOT, snacking all the time, and eating til I’m past full. Why? I don’t know. I guess I just like eating 😛

There you have it guys. What I ate on Saturday in my Fit Journal. Today my body feels a lot better and seems to be back on track, regardless of how many calories or carbs I consumed yesterday. I think it needed a shocker.

OH BTW – tried working out at 11AM (was sleeping in but still woke up at like 7:30AM…working on it) on a fasted stomach and def not doing that again! I felt so weak. I can def do fasted workouts in the morning like at 7AM but 11AM is almost lunch time, so I’m too depleted by then to work that hard on an empty stomach. Now I know!

Sam and I (and this random Dasani bottle – why is it in our picture!!???) wish you a fabulous start to your week! See you tomorrow for some weird fitness equipment I tried out…like a machine that claims to give you 1 week’s worth of weight lifting in just 15 min…

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  1. Al. says:

    I moved abroad and have been missing Costco so much! 🙁 There are so many more options in the States for pre-made snacks that fit into any diet (vegan, gluten free, keto, paleo, etc). Could you be so kind as to post a photo of the label for the pumpkin pie dessert (or list the ingredients)? Would love to try to make it 🙂

  2. Saraahx says:

    I’m loving all these hacks! Thanks Cassey and you guys for sharing. I used the very cold water technique right after taking my eggs off the stove which made things a lil bit better but these ones give you the perfect egg! Good to know you took a break. Yup, your body always knows better and we should listen to it. Wait, is Daniel the one who draws the Blogicomics?!?? I always you were the drawer!
    Pretty cool that the Blogifam are making changes too! I love food too!!!! Sometimes I love it so much that I seriously wonder whether or not I have some illness.
    Ouch 11am is too late, plus you don’t always eat breakfast, right? So it’s 9H+ on an empty stomach

  3. Swan says:

    I LOVE FOOD TOO!!! I always overdo it on the snacks…I gotta try to control myself. 😉

    Do you make your cauli rice or is it store bought? Where do you get it? Also, how do you calculate your BF and MM?

    1. blogilates says:

      I get my cauli rice frozen from Trader Joes or Costco. I calculate my BF and MM on my scale!

  4. Laura says:

    Someone also suggested to me that exercise on an empty stomach is better for weight loss, but that doesn’t work for me, either. I end up nauseous and in a worse mood all day if I workout on an empty stomach. I’m currently walking in the AM pre-breakfast/coffee/tea and working out after breakfast. It’s way too soon to tell if it’s working, but I don’t hate life like I did on the hungry days, lol. More power to all of those IF people that can function properly like that – I am just clearly not in that group!

  5. Cecile says:

    Hello Cassey, I know nuts are a delicious snack but its really easy to overdo them as they are so energetically dense. I did a quick calculation, your last bag of the chilli roasted pistachios lasted 8 days according to your blog, and looking up the nutritional info these clock in at around 600 cals per 100g, or 3700 ish for the whole bag. Divided by 8, that’s 460 cals of nuts in snacks a day on average, which could easily be undoing any deficit you have, even though they are paleo. I know you don’t want to track calories on a daily basis, but I’d recommend measuring out smaller portions of the nuts at the start of the week so you can grab a “serving size” without thinking about it. But really, switching snacks to stuff like the crunchy bell peppers is probably a better tactic.

    1. Nicole says:

      ^^^strong agree with this. Crunchy bell peppers and hummus for snack is BOMB.

      1. Stiven says:


    2. Laura says:

      Not to take away from your point – it is legitimate – but it doesn’t take into account that she may be sharing her yummy go to snack. She isn’t the only person at home; I’m sure Sam is eating these too because they are amazing! She may have been snacking on them more since they are new for her and delicious (I tend to do that if I’m not actively portioning).

      I think you may have missed the mark by suggesting the switch to bell peppers. These are an excellent junk food replacement (think chips, fries, etc.) because they are salty, crunchy flavor bombs. She may indeed eat less calories by eating a handful of these (just plugged this into my fitness pal since I just had some – serving size is 1/4c 170cal, which overflows my big lady hands) vs dipping the bells in something (which she already does) to make them a more satiating, nutritionally balanced snack. Let the girl have her nuts! You aren’t wrong though – eating more than a serving or two a day without compensating elsewhere can definitely eat away at a caloric deficit.

      Do you have any other snack suggestions that make me feel like I am actually eating junk food? I’m all ears, this is something I struggle with being a salty craver. I eat nuts and seaweed snacks, and I’m currently looking for a more middle of the road snack currently since nuts are calorie dense and seaweed snacks are not – which is great for when I just want to eat everything.

      1. Cecile says:

        It’s true, they could be shared! I also love nuts and think they are delicious, they are just so easy to overdo and not stick to the “serving size”. Especially if they are salty, because I love a salty snack! My go-to snack when I want to hit the salty/crunchy buttons in my brain are mini pickles. I love the vinegary french style cornichons but you can also get the more eastern european style ones with dill. A whole jar of about 200g is only around 50 calories so I keep them around when I’m in the mood for mindlessly munching large quantities. If you like spicy things, wasabi dried peas are another nice option, and air-popped salted popcorn.

  6. Intruiged by what you have in store for is tomorrow…

  7. Susie says:

    Have you researched SIBO, it is a major cause of bloating and if you have it probiotics can make it worse. Just a thought. There is a really good book called the Bloated Belly Whisper, it was really good you should look it up.

  8. Elodie says:

    I was wondering if you bloating issues are not due to the amount of cauliflower that your are eating . It seems that it’s everyday. Maybe you body is « sick «  of it ?
    Thanks for sharing with us your journey. I can’t wait to be a new day to read you .

  9. Mandey says:

    Eating past the point of fullness is usually a sign of emotional distress. Perhaps you need a nice vacation?

    1. Nnewiam says:

      I totally agree. Usually people who snack and like to eat just… to eat, end up eating their emotions. It’s easier to feel fuller with an empty stomach, rather than addressing emotional problems, especially if they’ve been stored far, far away in our bodies… 🙁

  10. C says:

    What do you recommend to eat the pumpkin pie hummus with??

  11. ameliajones says:

    “It doesn’t matter how disciplined you are when following a specific regimen, no one’s going to give you an A+ for being a “Miss Perfect” and not straying from the rules. If you don’t feel good, you gotta stop and readjust.”

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO KEEP REMINDING MYSELF. I’ve had some perfectionistic and obsessive tendencies, so realizing and reminding myself that there’s no grade, no score, just how I MYSELF feel, is so important. Cassey, you so inspiring!!!

  12. Elena Penny says:

    I love whole30! I think it is the best eating reset there is because it actually tells you that it isn’t a long term and that its actually to help you see what things for you to eat are the best for you in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I have fixed my healthy lifestyle so much because of whole30! I finished my 30 days and so now I know that bread and dairy are just not for me and slow my weight loss. And the end of this month I finish my own 90 day journey Is started 3 months ago! Just wanted to share 🙂

    1. mrf82 says:

      I’ve been thinking a lot about Whole30 lately; I think I’ll start after Thanksgiving (I’m Canadian, so that’s only in 3 weeks). I wonder if I should get a Fit Journal or something similar to track how I feel?

      1. Kaitlin says:

        I advise against whole 30- it Gave me a dairy allergy. I can only eat lactose free products, and dairy with lactaid (still get pain and reaction.) It’s so restrictive that it can cause food allergies/exacerbation. I know dairy isn’t that healthy but it was easy to get protein from Greek yogurt!!!

        Just a PSA!

        1. mrf82 says:

          Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I’m already lactose intolerant, so maybe I’ll do a bit more research. Thanks!

  13. Lucy says:

    Well done for giving your body a break! I had to too, this week as I was getting sick and my body couldn’t cope with my regular training – it was so hard to stop!
    If you do want to try cutting down on nuts, have you ever tried roasted chickpeas or roasted corn as a savoury snack? So good! I’m allergic to nuts and seeds so have lots of suggestions for healthy snacks as a replacement 😉

  14. Emily says:

    That’s such a cute photo of you and Sam!
    I don’t think I could have the will-power like you at a buffet like that — they’re my weakness! But you’re doing so well! Go Cassey Go! Xx

  15. Diana says:

    Dieting seems so complicated. Knowing how to eat shouldn’t be this hard but it is. We are all different so eating a certain way will give us all different results. I also recognize that there’s a privilege in this because many people don’t get to pick and choose what they eat; they have to make do with whatever is available to them. I see that you don’t eat red meat often. If I did that and then ate the short rib like you ate at the game my stomach would be torn up afterwards. I would have severe stomach cramps after not eating that way in so long. I am still trying to figure out what I should and shouldn’t eat to feel my best and it shouldn’t be this hard but it is. Why do our bodies have to be so complicated?

  16. Vanessa Huthail says:

    I have been doing this 90 day challenge with you. Not Keto or anything, just generally eating better and healthier! I’ve been doing amazing and seeing the progress. I’m 4 months postpartum twins and now below my pre-pregnancy weight! It makes me feel amazing!! However my hubby went grocery shopping for us this week and he brought home chocolates, soda, and so many things with bread which make me gain weight. I don’t have the self control Bc I love to eat and snack especially with him and now I’m declining. Ugh. My body feels like crap from the extra sugar. My weight is going up. I just generally feel more exhausted than I have been since my boys were born. I’m sure from all the crap food. How do I have the self control? How do I get back to healthy eating? I was really enjoying having like guacamole with lettuce or some nuts or smoothie as snacks but now I want chocolate and fried and sweet bad stuff again. This always happens. I’m disappointed in myself.

    1. Diana says:

      Vanessa, it sounds like you should be disappointed in your husband. He doesn’t sound very thoughtful to be bringing in all that stuff knowing your weaknesses. It sounds like you two should get on the same page or you will continue to struggle. Kind of like an alcoholic living with someone who drinks regularly. It’s just asking for trouble.

    2. Laura says:

      I am for balance: eat everything with balance. Don’t do strict diets. They don’t work and now your body wants what you didn’t give him. So instead of eating little sweets and fried food now you eat a a cart of it. 😄 Don’t cut food so drastic.

    3. Elena Penny says:

      I’m sorry you’re disappointed in your self but don’t be anymore! Because the important thing is that you recognize where your problem is and you’re going to fix if! It would be bad if you just completely gave up now, because a couple of bad eating or even two weeks of bad eating isn’t going to ruin your progress. ❤️ I use to have this problem with restricting and then overindulging but just remember the word sustainable. No one can never have chocolate or fried stuff, but what is sustainable for me is to allow myself small desserts during the week that are healthier versions and then the weekend I allow myself maybe 1 or 2 decadent desserts. And I won’t eat out during the week. Only 1 or twice on the weekends. Just look at what your habits are with food. So since you said this always happens, plan ahead and tell yourself what you can have for the week. For example, allow a little chocolate every night and then the weekend a decadent dessert. Just tell yourself what your treats will be and yes limit them but don’t restrict them completely because it’s not sustainable. You can do this! Im still trying to lose my baby weight 🙂

  17. Anna says:

    I’m starting my 90 days today, with my hubby!! So excited!!
    I have to admit that a was disappointed when you said you were doing this 90 day thing. But I’m glad that I’ve been reading your posts. Because now I know what you meant. In the beginning I (And I think a lot of people with me) thought that you were going on a diet, aka eat as little as possible. But now I see that you are not. You are eating. And a lot I might add (not in a bad way). You are just choosing to remove things that doesn’t feel good for you body. It took a couple of blogpost to understand this and your journey. Sorry that some left before they found this out.
    I think that the internet is good, you can communicate a lot of things, but I also noticed that you have to be super, over the top clear when you communicate things. Otherwise people will miss interpreted and miss understand things. If you think people will understand. They won’t. At least some. It’s harder for people to understand than communicating face-to-face. So much easier to miss read things.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.