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Hey guys!

I’m thinking up new YouTube videos ideas and I have something really interesting I want to do, but I need your help! I am trying to figure out what the average POPster looks like (trust me, you’ll want to be a part of this) but I need your help in order to this! If you have a moment to spare, could you fill out this survey?

All you have to do is anonymously tell me things like your face shape, body shape, eye color etc…it’s actually pretty fun! And won’t take too long. This for an upcoming YouTube video that you will DEFINITELY want to watch. Thank you so much for your help!

Yesterday’s Recap:

Yesterday was a LOOOOOONG day that ended LATE! There were dinner shows and dance parties, and me getting seduced by a coconut mousse. Let’s get started shall we? 😉

I started off with a 2 mile run to Pilates Reformer class. I did not feel as tired as I normally do after a run, so that is a good sign that my body is getting stronger! I felt really limber and agile during the exercises. I remember the first time I did this run + class combo, my form was getting wonky because I was already fatigued from the run. So,  I am very proud of myself!

When I got home, I made some cauliflower/egg/cheese latkes (fried it on the pan like a pancake) and topped them with bacon, avocado, and pico de gallo. SO GOOD. Sam liked it so much he said “that doesn’t even taste like a diet food.”

I think I may go back to lazy keto instead of strict keto. I really feel weird without fruits in my life. So, I had raspberries. They tasted like heaven.

Okay, that’s a fried dace. What’s that you ask? A fish in a can submerged in oil. Doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s not bad! My parents used to buy this for me as a kid so I wanted to give it a try again, for nostalgia you know? Plus the carbs were low on it. I used to eat fried dace with rice. But this time, I had my fried dace with cauli rice and shishito peppers on the side. The verdict? Meh. The fish tasted better when I was a kid! I won’t be buying this anymore!

Oh yeah, and I ate 3 plates of this, not just one. I was hungry!

Afterwards, I had some seaweed crisps and dipped it in baba ganoush. I finished off the baba ganoush. It always feels good to empty the fridge of a container!

Sam and I were invited to a murder mystery show at the Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills. The invite said the dress code was “Gatsby and 1930s”. This was extremely confusing because The Great Gatsby was set in 1922 and the 30s is The Depression…sooooo I went for Hollywood vintage glam???

I tried so hard to get those Hollywood waves in my hair but totally failed. Oh well! At least my lipstick matched my dress! Oh and BTW Sam’s suit had ACTUAL coattails!

We started off the meal with spinach salad with goat cheese and pickled bell peppers.

The main course was chicken with zoodles. I skipped the potatoes.

For dessert, I was going to skip dessert. Buuutttttt, likkkeeeee, they had these vegan coconut mousse things that just looked SOOOOO GOOD. I have not slipped once during this 90 day journey thus far, but I decided that TONIGHT I was going to go for it cuz I WANTED TO.

When I dipped my spoon into the creaminess and tasted my first bite, I was in heaven. IT WAS SO GOOD. I had no idea how many carbs were in this thing (I mean in the “real world” you just don’t know but you gotta deal and make decisions) but it was worth it. In fact, beyond worth it because I had a second one 🙂

After the murder mystery dinner (which by the way stressed me out the whole time because I was so confused), we headed over to Lilly Singh’s A Little Late with Lilly celebration party!

It’s incredible that Lilly has her own talk show on network television! She’s such a hard worker and it’s truly paying off. Plus, to see a woman of color rise to her level of “legitness” from what started as internet fame – it’s so cool to see. I’m proud of her and so happy to call her a friend.

Here we are hanging on a hot pink couch that matched Lilly’s hot pink suit! It was nice to catch up with Kandee and Ro too.

Sam and I ended up getting home so late and then I just died. I’m a grandma these days. I need my sleep.

Oh which reminds me…you know how I haven’t been able to pinpoint where my bloat is coming from? Well, I’ve been talking to a few close fitness/nutrition friends and I think I might know what the culprit is.

Even though my eating did not change in week 5 at all, I started to get severely bloated. Food was the same. Workouts were the same. You know what wasn’t the same? My sleep. Beginning last Friday til like yesterday, I had been averaging 4-5 hours of sleep per night due to video editing and overall work overload. You know what that does? It puts stress on my body. Stress increases my level of cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol contribute directly to lower belly fat and water retention!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Okay so beginning tonight, I will be tracking my sleep hours in that box in the top right corner of my Fit Journal!

Oh my goodness. This has to be it!!!

For me to succeed on this 90 day journey I need to be as militant about my sleep as I am about my food and my workouts. I am going to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If it means waking up later and working out later, so be it. I’m not going to sacrifice sleep just to fit in a morning workout. But – I love my morning workouts, so I will try my best to slide into bed by 10PM so I can be asleep by 10:30PM. My class is normally at 7:15AM, so that means if I set my alarm for 6:30AM, I should be getting 8 hours of sleep.

Right now it’s 11:30PM but it’s Friday, so I’m going to sleep in tomorrow and not shame myself for being “lazy”.

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  1. Saraahx says:

    I still think that this is a really great idea and that we will learn interesting things. I can’t wait to have an idea of what all these average, powerfully amazing POPsters look like!
    I don’t know how people find the strength to run to their fitness classes. I guess they get used to it. It’s actually a good thing when I think about it, it’s like a warmup. The latkes sound interesting, maybe I’ll try the recipe one day, see if I like it… You definitely should introduce fruits back into your diet if you feel like you miss them! It’s better for your mental health.
    I really like that pic of Sam & you at the Houdini Estate. Plus the Great Gatsby’s fashion might be my favorite one! I know you both love working and well, working out but please be careful, Cassey!

  2. Katie S says:

    Wow! I took selfies for this survey and realized I had never actually considered the shape of my eyes. I always just thought of them as Caucasian. Turns out they’re round…I guess? And my nose is “ideal” (for the plastic surgeons) except I’ve never liked it cuz it’s just a little bulbous on the end. Not actually bulbous, but a little thicker the end. However, the rest of the shape does seem to be “ideal.” I don’t like the tip of my nose. Never have. But it’s not something I’ll ever try to change because…well…it’s just not important. lol I’ve always hated my lips too because they’re thin, but again, I’ll never change them because it’s not important. You know what I’d spend that plastic surgery money on? Laser hair removal. I hate shaving my legs soooo much. lol And I never seem to do a good job on my inner thighs, the backs, and the bikini area. I tried waxing. Holy guacamole! Never again. I tried a plucking device. JESUS! :O No, no, a thousand times no. LOL

    The body measurements were so easy to do. Mainly because I’ve been keeping track lately. lol Yay! Do I care what numbers I came up with? Not in the least. It’s just information about my body. I’m really curious to see what kind of results your survey comes up with. 😀 <3

  3. Tess says:

    I hope you’ve finally found the culprit of your bloating! Lack of sleep can definitely halt progress (saying this to myself as well because I can get into the same boat sometimes!) I have no idea what my face shape is or how to figure it out, but my body type is round and I have brown hair and green eyes 🙂 also I’m 5’4″

  4. emilie says:

    Some of you of being extremely defensive over some simple questions. If you don’t want to answer the survey, just don’t! Asking for data isn’t an attack.

  5. Mari says:

    I agree, and the goals options listed were all some combination of losing fat or gaining muscle or staying the same in one of those categories…but no option for gain fat, as though it would be outside the realm of her imagination that someone could actually want (or even medically need) to gain fat. It all comes off as a bit fatphobic.

    1. EM says:

      …but there’s no such thing as exercises that make you gain fat…so even if someone wanted or needed to gain fat, why would that be their primary reason for working out?? It is so beyond reaching to claim this as “fatphobic,” especially when she included maintaining as an option.

  6. Inga 16 Hoffbauer says:

    Yes sleep deprivation and stress definitely bloat, I experienced that many times! I wake up bloated when I didn’t sleep enough or wake up to something stressful in the morning (like a college exam), had alcohol the night before or ate too late. Funny that you didn’t think of this earlier! I’m sure it will get better now.

    1. blogilates says:

      Right? I didn’t think of it!

  7. Michelle says:

    Love your work Cassey! I love how you love to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and you’re truly genuine in your passion!
    I struggled with bloating as well for a really long time- I spoke to my doctor about it and he refered me to a gastroenterologist. Unfortunately there was a 6 month waiting period. -_- Luckily my friend found a podcast by a gastroenterologist who talks about a lot of common issues. His IG is GutHealthMD and everyone calls him Dr.B – you should check him out! 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      Ok I’ll check him out! You’re the 2nd person to mention him!

  8. Laura says:

    That thing with sleep and water retention is very interesting. I drink 2-3 cups of strong coffee(not that watery american coffee) and not sleep enough and I’m bloated in most time. Hmmm… 😑

  9. Kira says:

    Why are all of the categories in the survey for women’s clothing only? There are plenty of non-women people who do your videos!

  10. Brooke says:

    This isn’t what I thought Blogilates was all about. I thought it was about not paying attention to stereotypes or ideal and unrealistic body image. The recent stuff I’ve seen come out of all of this recently has made me think otherwise though.

  11. Michal says:

    Some questions about/issues with the survey:
    – why do you assume we all have self-objectifying body goals?
    – what is ‘fluff’, my take was you are describing small amounts of body fat to ‘get rid of’?
    – the word obese is a slur against fat bodies, it is not an acceptable word to include.
    – why are all the bodies pictured, small bodies?

    This is tiring. You have not engaged in any meaningful conversation with anyone who doesn’t gushily tell you what you are doing is right. You frequently use language that marginalises and shames larger bodies (‘shedding fat’, ‘lost control’, ‘ballooning belly’ are a few examples).

    If you want your content to be focussed on your weight loss ‘journey’ and your appearance and our appearances, go for it. You will lose followers and gain new ones who like your new content. But stop trying to reel vulnerable people or upset people back in with clickbaity posts about your disordered eating or body positivity and then complain when there is a response. It’s not okay at all.

    Also, as has happened previously, anyone who replies calling me fat or verbally abuses me is just further proof of the message/culture you are (perhaps unwittingly?) fostering.

    1. Julian says:

      “Obese” isn’t a slur. It’s a medical term that signifies a certain BMI number.

      1. Michal says:

        I actually work as a medical doctor (specifically in psychiatry with eating disorder patients) and the use of this term has been found to create shame and stigma with medical professionals being advised NOT to use it. It is actually considered a slur to many fat people.

    2. Jan says:

      Just for your info, “Obesity” is a medical term.
      Though I agree it might not have been the best choice of words in this context.

    3. E says:

      Oh my God, it’s ”BODYTYPES”, not bodies. You typically have either of those, no matter if you’re skinny or fat – like wider at shoulders or wider at hips. Just because you aren’t skinny doesn’t mean you can’t relate to the bodytypes. You’re taking this post so personally. Stop. Just because you have personal issues you don’t have to put other people down. If you follow a freaking fitness channel in the first place it’s BECAUSE you have a body goal, whether that would be maintaining health or losing fat or building muscle, otherwise you wouldn’t even be here. Stop spreading hate or you are the one who is going to lose followers, in real life lol. Also Cassey has never implied she is super PC or even has to be super Pc about everything, no one can be all the time. Jeez.

      1. Michal says:

        How on earth am I spreading hate? And what on earth do you mean by me losing followers? I followed this page because I work with patients with eating disorders and I used to consider it body positive and useful for recovery.

        1. H. Banana says:

          Isn’t “subcontracting” recovery a little risky? If you are the medical professional, why does it matter what a blogger does? If you are able to do your own job successfully then it doesn’t seem like a blog should be on the hook for serving whatever purpose you might favor.

    4. H. Banana says:

      “Obese” is common medical terminology.

  12. Megan says:

    I’ve been dealing with bloating for ages due to multiple stomach ulcers, but I wonder if I upped my sleep if that could help with the healing, too! Definitely couldn’t hurt, right? Thanks for the insight! All my love…

  13. mrf82 says:

    Oh my goodness, Cassey, you didn’t say how involved the survey was going to be! I had to take so many selfies- I’ve never really looked at the details of my lip or nose shape before, or anything else for that matter. I’m curious to see what you learn from all this.

    And yes, sleep. I’ve always wondered how you manage on so little sleep. I get sick after 3 or 4 nights of not enough sleep, I don’t know how everyone else does it.

    1. blogilates says:

      Haha sorry I should have prepared you!!

  14. Adina says:

    Jillian Michaels said she’d rather get 8 hours of sleep and skip a workout, than workout on less hours of sleep – it’s that important! Sleep is a huge part of recovery – your body was probably yelling at you to slow down & chill out! Go get those Zzz’s!

  15. Fluttershiny says:

    I think your hair looks shiny and your legs look so long. You seem to always enjoy all your food and that’s a good thing! I have IBS so I have to abstain from a lot of yummy foods and even vigorous exercise can cause problems. But reading about your journey, especially when you shared that you’re genetically predisposed to store fat, inspires me and helps me feel less alone in my struggles. Also, your weigh in results are really encouraging. I’m rooting for you 🙂

  16. Paige says:

    Maybe sleep is why I’m bloated too!!! It’s just so hard sometimes!

    1. Michelle Douma says:

      Bloating 90% of the time comes from being constipated.
      Check out @theguthealthMD on Instagram. He is a gastroenterologist who speaks in simple language about gut health — bloating, IBS, and what certain diets are doing to our bodies and overall health. The pros and cons. It’s fascinating and I learned so much about my own bloating and health issues. I will always take free, legit, medical information.

      1. blogilates says:

        COOL! I’ll go look at him now.

  17. Kaitlin says:

    I was thinking sleep and cortisol overall might be affecting you! Deepest most regenerative from 10pm-2am. If you’ve ever backpack camped then falling asleep when it gets dark and rising with the sun… Have you heard of the magical sleep window from like 10pm-1am I think it is where most bodily repair occurs. It is really really hard for me to be actually asleep by 10pm haha. Let me try to find some links on the sleep hours

    Sorry they aren’t nchbi/NIH science specific ones but still

    My friend has been trying to get healthier and she won’t change her 6hrs a night sleep bc she feels obligated to stay up w her husband. Her cortisol is off the Chain. If you’re falling instant asleep when your head hits the pillow—- you’re over tired. I think many many Americans drink coffee and don’t get enough sleep and never have “trouble sleeping” bc of never getting enough to start I live alone but I would boot my partner out or go to my own bedroomand be like granny gotta get this golden hour sleep!!! My fav thing is to run right before sunrise to watch it rise during my run. It is like… holy experience. 🙂 Also no traffic from people driving to work.

    I want to teach my kids someday if they are bored or tired after 20min still tired then GO TO BED!!! It does wonders. I work at 6:45am at a hospital PT and I would love to get into a daily routine where I naturally wake up at 6 or a little before. I did your live class yesterday on YT and man I am sore today!!!

    Big fan of the calm app for meditation too. You can get a free one year trial as a healthcare industry worker!

    1. blogilates says:

      I love morning workouts but have never been able to wake up to run BEFORE the sunrise! But I can imagine it’s a holy experience. I want to try that one day.

  18. SarahR says:

    God that quiz was weird. I’m down with taking my measurements, because I do that anyway, but the overall focus seemed a gross mixture of being both invasive and vain. Like I’m a numbers gal but this was just so skewed toward vanity and cookie cutter ideas of women. My nose wasn’t there and the shape ladies were so unrealistic and yeah, honestly just not a fan. This was not the kind of vibe I thought Blogilates had… but I answered the whole thing so hopefully the data does whatever y’all want it to at least… 🤷‍♀️

    1. Al says:

      I completely agree with this. I started the survey and stopped after 10 or to questions because it felt like the survey was only asking if you were some “idealized” version of a woman. There is no ideal woman and the fact that the questions were leading questions about this non-existent idea woman was very disturbing.

      1. SarahR says:

        I feel ya. I could appreciate the idea behind it if, for example, the intention was to show how diverse and varied we all are and challenging standardised ideas of how women look etc. but from how this was done, it really doesn’t appear that that’s the case. The 180° change from Blogilates’ previous mo of eschewing diet mentality, standardised cookie cutter appearances, and number fixations to now highlighting and focusing on these things almost exclusively has come as quite the surprise! I hadnt imagined that the previously espoused ethos was probably just for appearances, but it kind of seems that way now….

        (And I say that as some one who is very much a number tracker, a calorie counter, and a S.M.A.R.T oriented goal setter. In theory the new focus should be right up my alley but honestly, it just makes me suspect that what came before was phony and calculated, which I find gross).

  19. Elena says:

    Oh man, hope you get good sleep! Just as important as working out 🙂

  20. Thaydra says:

    Sleep is the one thing about our health that I think people often forget. I know I do!! It’s so important to allow our body time to heal and reset!

    Also, those latkes look amazing!! Any chance of you sharing the recipe?? =D

    1. blogilates says:

      This is it, without the cheese, which honestly tastes better! https://www.blogilates.com/28-day-reset-super-hash-browns/


    IS TO DIE FOR! It flatters you like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Where did you get it? Also, I’ve been intending to sleep earlier too. Let’s do this together! 10:30/10pm sounds like a reasonable bedtime. I just hope I can fall asleep fast.

    1. blogilates says:

      It is from The Jetset Diaries!

  22. Bonny says:

    Hey, I still love the fried dace in a can! But I get the kind with black beans. One time I was travelling in Paris, visited an Asian food shop and the sight of the cans of dace made me homesick!

    1. blogilates says:

      I LOVE the black beans!!!!

  23. Nadine Flores says:

    Tried to take the survey but was unable to submit it because the options for question 26 wouldn’t drop down. 😕

  24. Nienke says:

    Hey Cassey:) Have you looked into cutting out processed meat like bacon? I eat low carb and get stomach aches when I eat processed pork

    1. I try to but it’s hard to source! I also eat pork bone marrow which is so so delicious.

  25. Anjie Foster says:

    Can you give me the recipe for the cauliflower/egg/cheese latkes? Looks delicious!

      1. Anjie Foster says:

        Thank you!

  26. Cecile says:

    Sleep is VERY IMPORTANT!!! I recommend a book called “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker, it will put the fear of god into you about getting a full night’s sleep. There’s even a couple of pages where it discusses the effect on hunger and weight – sleep deprivation (and a few nights of only getting 6 hours sleep a night counts as sleep deprivation for your body) leads to higher levels of the ghrelin hormone (the “I’m hungry” hormone), lower levels of leptin (the “I’m full” hormone), increases cravings for high calorie, salty and sugary food, lowers your satiety after eating food, AND, if you can maintain a calorie deficit anyway, causes you to lose proportionally more lean mass than fat. Sleep!!!

  27. Ashley Romero says:

    Cassie may I ask where you got your journal from is it something that is part of the Blogilates company where can I purchase this?? I need this I feel like MyFitnessPal is sort of time consuming and tedious whereas writing it down seems a bit quicker and a faster go to please inform me and let me know anyone is not Cassie where I can find this Fitness Journal thanks XOXO Ashley Romero

  28. LisaZ19 says:

    Never thought about sleep causing stress on the body like that! I get about 5-6 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes I wake up feeling miserable and just chalk it up to eating too late or not enough water the day before. But maybe it is lack of sleep!

    1. Kaitlin says:

      TRy to slowly add more! WHen you wake up without an alarm and feel rested is your magic amount.

      IT Will change your life! If you feel injected by poison now throughout the day….. that’s how I feel after a bad night sleep.

  29. Kori says:

    Congrats on all of your small victories! I love seeing them because I get so excited for you, and it also inspires me. I also can’t wait for all of the new stuff to come out! 😍

    If you want some cool facts about sleep, Alie Ward’s Ologies podcast has an episode all about it! I really enjoyed it, and it has helped me start getting better sleep, as well as waking up earlier, with more energy.

  30. LinaV says:

    Hi, I have filled the survey and decided to give some feedback on it. In the first section regarding the reasons for exercising there is one option missing: the option for losing body fat and toning up, rather that losing weight. The option for “build muscle and lose weight” is misleading, I hope you will consider this!