Blogilates in London Meet Up!!! + Memorial Day Sale!

Blogilates in London Meet Up!!! + Memorial Day Sale!


Hellooooo my dears!!

I hope you had a superb week! I made it to London fine and am getting ready for Beauty Con tomorrow! Is anyone coming? I will be there on a panel, so please say hi if you’re there too!

Also, GREAT NEWS. We just secured a BEAUTIFUL location for the Blogilates Meet Up!!! OMG I am beyond excited because you guys will be thrilled!

victoria house

I am going to meet you guys at the Victoria House! Nice upgrade from last time yeah? Haha. I cannot wait to see some of you again! And hug my new POPsters! Here are the deets:

SUNDAY, May 24th at 11:00AM
The Bloomsbury Ballroom
Victoria House
Bloomsbury Square, 
London WC1B 4DA

 #BlogilatesinLondon – use that hashtag if you take pics at the meetup!

Please come early guys as space is limited! Bring your own yoga mat. And yes, the class is FREE! Can you please let me know in the comments if you plan on attending? There is also a meet and greet at 12pm, so even if you didn’t take the class, come at this point and we can take tons of fun pics 🙂 YAY!!

Now before I show you more London pics…quick announcement because it’s time to GO SHOPPING! There’s a big 20% off EVERYTHING sale on and for Memorial Day Weekend (now til Monday). Time to snatch up everything you’ve been waiting for!

Detox Timer Bottles, reg: $18, sale: $14.40
Use 20% off coupon code: memorial20
Some of my fave BODYPOP Active Tanks…starting at only $38! Reg: $48-$64.
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Now for some cool pics of London! The best stuff is def on my snapchat. You have to go watch that. (@blogilates is the name!) Today a swan was stalking me and I told a baby ducky to shake it’s tail feather in Hyde Park. Yeah. It gets weird.

IMG_1086This is BIG BEN!!! If you’ve ever seen this in real life, I mean wow right?? The architecture and the detail on the Palace of Westminster is UNBELIEVABLE. The palace was demolished in 1834 by fire and rebuilt from 1840-1870. Literally magnificent.FullSizeRender (24)London’s modern architecture is super cool too. I really love the hanging garden on the side of this hotel here. One day I want to have this on the side of my house. Looks so rainforesty and awesome!IMG_1259Saw a burning torch in the middle of the street and had to take a pic. I mean, how official looking! In fact, everything about London is so perfect and put together. It’s people, it’s streets, it’s buildings, it’s parks, it’s subway train. I rarely see anyone or anything looking frumpy here (in the city at least)! And the food is GOOD. I can tell that Londoners care about culture a lot. There is respect for art and beauty everywhere.IMG_1120Well, I am tired now, so time for bed guys. Love you so much and talk to you more later! MUAH!!!


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  1. Freyja says:

    Love the pics! I havent been back home to visit London in faaar too long!

    Thanks for letting me see your trip! Did you manage to go see any shows while you were there?


  2. Liz says:

    Hi Cassey ! I know the french girls outta there are keeping it quiet but you do have a growing french public 😀 So if you feel like squatting on the Arc de Triomphe or running at Buttes Chaumont this summer just say yes haha xxxx keep up the good vibes we love your energy

  3. Molly says:

    Hi cassie I hope you had a great time in London xoxoxoxo

  4. Alexandra says:

    Hi Cassey,

    Thanks so much for coming to London and organising a free class and meet & greet. I was there and it was so emotional working out and finally meeting you after years of following you online! You’re such a sweet person and I can’t believe you took all this time to meet each and everyone who was there!

    I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done, please keep it up and stay the inspiring, awesome person you are.

    I also started writing a blog recently and I wrote about the awesome experience on being able to attend a live class after doing the videos for years, it would make me very happy if you could check it out!

    Love <3

  5. Laina says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m so gutted that I didn’t know you already came to London. i was buried in my assignments and completely missed it!!! cry***** please tell me you’re going to visit again :(((

  6. Krisztina says:

    Are you coming to Dublin? 🙂

  7. Love this!! The picture of you in the phone booth is so cute. I was just in London visiting my gf who just moved there from NYC, and she said people are getting more and more conscious about fitness over there which I love to hear. I’m in an Italian beach town now – they get their fitness in by hikinh the stairs!! xx Jill

    Latest Post – The Plank: How My #1 Most Effective Core Move Got Even Better

  8. Charlotte says:

    Wish you where coming further up north!

    Charlotte / styleaked

  9. Naomi Teeter says:

    Pup looks comfy… reminds me so much of my little Lola. She sleeps like a human, too. <3

  10. Kasia Czaplewska says:

    Cassey, my lovely, I have been there! I saw you, I hugged you, I had a little chat with you! What a pleasure it was! You said you like my personality, it felt so good 🙂 Thank you for coming to London. Come back soon!

  11. Katie says:

    Hey Cassey, i’m definitely coming! As soon as I got an email through about this I knew I had to come (I’m from Cornwall – It’s just over 250 miles away!) so i got the train to London yesterday and i’m really hoping I can make it over early enough to join the class before it fills!

  12. Emilie Johansson says:

    Hi! I will try to be there! It would be so amazing experiencing a class with you in real life 🙂

  13. sophia says:

    I hope to be in London tomorrow, to try and get in the class!!:D xx

  14. andreia says:

    Yes I am coming and dragging my mother me!

  15. Anh says:

    I plan on attending. I can’t wait!!

  16. Latesha child says:

    Ok!! So I’m super excited right now!! I’m going to come to the meet and greet i would have loved to join the class but I don’t think my back is strong enough right now but my friends and family have just told me I have to go!! They all know how much I’ve gone on about blogilates and how great cassey is I just really admire and appreciate cassey as a person and for sharing what she does with us! Wahoo! I’m actually going to meet her c u at 12! Xxx

  17. Rhian says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m going to be there tomorrow!
    I’m catching an early coach into London to come see you, I am so excited! I hope you are enjoying London 😀

  18. Kasia Czaplewska says:

    Cassey, I would love to come and see you in person. You are such an inspiration, it would be an honour! What time would you suggest to arrive to secure a place for a class?

  19. Suzanne says:

    Hiya Cassey, will we be able to purchase your new book at the meet and greet? 🙂

  20. Eira says:

    Oh how I wish you could come to Norway! That would be so much fun!! and if you do in the future it, would be awsome if you came to a city close to my hometown 🙂

  21. Anastasia says:

    I’m thinking of coming! i was at beauty con today but i couldn’t find you!!

  22. Ketsuda says:

    Definitely coming to the London meetup 🙂 So excited! I began doing your videos three years ago and now I live in London.

  23. Krystal says:

    Looks like you’re having a blast! All your posts cheer my day up, whether it’s a workout or just a life post. Super stoked for the sale!! Have a great time in london!!

  24. Cassie says:

    Wow, what a lovely trip! London is a favorite 😀 I hope you have an awesome time and i can’t wait to have another LA meetup!

  25. Liberty says:

    Looks like your having so much fun!
    You look so pretty xo

  26. Flo says:

    I’m coming at 10am!! So excited, hopefully I get a space in the class! 🙂 xoxo

  27. Louisa says:

    Love your pictures, it’s cool to see tourist pictures of the city I live in! I’m planning on coming to the yoga class tomorrow 🙂

    1. Louisa says:

      Didn’t mean yoga class, I meant Pilates class!

  28. Mirajaine says:

    You look so CUTE in the last photo !!!

  29. Bri says:

    I am loving all your pictures and snapchats of London! It sure looks beautiful!

  30. You sure travel a lot, so be sure to rest up, cassey!

  31. Jacklyn says:

    I just have to say I Love You Cassey and your very inspirational. I appreciate the pictures and how you present everything on Snapchat! It makes me feel like I’m there even though I’m not and its amazing! Everyday I do your workouts and it makes me so happy! Thank you so much for inspiring me to become the woman I always knew I could be and stay healthy in the meantime! Ur incredible and again thank you! I also hope someday in the near future to become a certified Pop Pilates trainer! Thank you