Bikini Blaster 1! HIIT IT HARD!

Bikini Blaster 1! HIIT IT HARD!

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Your first Bikini Blaster video in a series to follow!!!! Make sure to keep a collection of these videos in a playlist on YouTube (here’s my playlist), reblog it on Tumblr, or repin it on Pinterest! I’ll be adding a new video every week. One for arms, abs, butt, legs, thighs, back – you ask for it – you get it 🙂 So make sure you’re subscribed to BlogilatesTV to be the first to see it!

I started out with a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout because I want you to begin the Bikini Blast with a BANGGGGG!!!! HIIT allows you to burn the most fat while toning your muscles, so it’s quick, short, and sweet. Or ok, maybe not sweet, but you know. It’s good.

I used all of these moves to get ready for my bikini competition, so trust me…THEY WORK. I want you go go all out for the video (about 10 min), take a quick 1 min break, drink water, and do it again. Total 4x a day – in a row if possible. You can choose any other 3 POP Cardios if you’re sick of seeing me in the same outfit saying the same things.

How many times a week you ask? Well, if you want ultimate fat burn and weight loss I’d do 4 POP cardios a day about 5x a week. You’ll see drastic results as long as you’re eating clean!!! Or you could mix it up and do half toning and half fat melting and do 30 min of POP Pilates and 30 min of POP Cardio or HIITs a day. I like to workout 5-6x a week an hr each time, so it’s up to you and what your schedule permits.

Have fun guys! Let me know if you like this workout or not!!! Did you survive and are you ready to rock your bikini this summer!!??????

<3 Cassey

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  1. Tricia says:

    I think this is the hardest of all Cassey’s workouts. If I ever complete this whole video without stopping or doing modifications I will have officially arrived at my optimum beast mode!

  2. Noa says:

    I couldn’t find the Hunger Games Workout… Has it been erased?

  3. Marissa says:

    I love #3! It’s so cute and relaxed, very summer like 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Wow. Just did this once through and it kicked my butt. Can’t wait till i can do it 4x through!

  5. Saima says:

    This is the hardest workout yet!! i thought i was in good shape but this has killed me. Right, best get back and do few more rounds..torture!

  6. Rachel says:

    Hi, I discovered your website a while back ago, and totally fell in love with it!! Ive been doing your Pilates and cardio videos for a few weeks now along with some gym classes and I am starting to notice changes in my body. I am so excited to be starting this challenge.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I just did this four times and I am dying.
    Hardest workout I’ve done in awhile.
    Thanks, Cassey! xoxo

  8. Erika says:

    Is it okay to spread out your workout videos throughout the day? Would you still get the same results as to 4x-5x in a row?

  9. Kim says:

    Did this workout this morning, and oh my god it’s KILLER!!! I love it!!!!

  10. Kylie says:

    ok so i seriously tried this…and couldnt do it! 🙁 only bcuz my knees wur KILLING MEE!!!! omg! they wur crackin n in so much pain! 🙁 i was so sad! my thighs wur burning to but thats wut evs! lol anyone kno why that would be…for my knees to be crackin n hurting so badly?! 🙁 also another ? is sometimes during or after plank or push ups my elbows hurt! thoughts?

  11. Lurvies says:

    Oh my GOD, i just done this workout and it’s a killer!! I almost die half way but I make it tru 4x and I can’t go on anymore, I just wanted to say thank you so much cassey for all of your hit workout, you know I love your hit workout more then any other YouTube hit workouts, because they make me die and make me wanna to finish it all hearing u shouting at me that i can make it. I really wish That I could be at USA attending your class and meeting u in person but I think it’s kinda impossible as I m at Singapore 🙁 hope u could come to Singapore and visit the popster here, as I introduce u to most of my friend here and they love u so much as I do! And I also really love your booty short too. I have been wearing it to gym most of the times cause every time I see blogilates I will get motivate:) thank you so much for changing my life cassey ! Love ya !

  12. Marqi says:

    Um… In response to this video: Wow! I thought I was in pretty good shape but I am exhausted after doing this twice! Whew! Looks like an exciting goal for the summer 🙂 Thanks for uploading this video Cassey!

  13. Hilliary says:

    Just did this workout… KICKED MY BUTT! I am dripping sweat. But… I LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait to do it three more times and to look AWESOME this summer! Thanks, Cassey!

  14. Kendra says:

    This is SUCH a good workout! My heart was racing only a few minutes in! I’m still trying to mentally push myself, but I am determined to change my lifestyle and OWN THIS WORKOUT! Quitters never win. Doing this 4 times in a row before work even if it kills me! 😉

  15. Karly says:

    Ahwwww….I wish I could do this workout, but I have a disease that makes my body tired easily and I cannot do any workout that includes jumping or anything too intense. =(
    I used to be able to do these kinds of workouts, but alas, not anymore.
    I really want to loose weight though….

    1. Lenka says:

      How about eating clean? It could help lose weight I think

      1. Stef says:

        What does it mean eating “clean”? Eating no carbs?

        1. Marqi says:

          Nope. Check out the “Free Meal Plan” thing on the very top of this page. It gives some examples of how to eat clean.

  16. Aja says:

    I can’t wait to do this tomorrow! I was going to today but my computer decided to hate me and not load the video. Tomorrow though! I am so excited!

  17. Carolina says:

    just did this and i was definitely feeling my back 🙂

    i read that you got a new videographer but to tell you the truth i didn’t really like the quality of the video. it seemed a bit shaky and the color was so saturated your face was a bit blurry. other than that i really liked it

  18. Marshelle says:

    Hi Cassey! Thanks so much for your fantastic videos. I love them and have encouraged all my grad school friends to try them out! 🙂 I do have a question, though, regarding cardio: I enjoy distance running, but I want to lose weight. Is there a way to balance running and HIIT? Like, do running part of the week and HIIT the other part? Or warm up for running w/ HIIT? What do you find to be most effective?

    1. jessica says:

      for a boost in results, do the HIITs first, then your run. any time you put strength training or sprints or anything to fatigue your muscles before you do distance running makes it more challenging and more effective. that fatigue in your muscles makes your distance running count as cardio AND lower body strength training. if you try this, let me know how it goes! (i’m a distance runner too! yay! solidarity!)

      1. Marshelle says:

        Thanks! I’ll put it to a test this weekend!

  19. Audrey Adams says:

    Wait…did you mean to do 4 different pop cardio workouts 4 times through on each one, in one day? Or just 4 rounds of one pop cardio workout once a day….CONFUSED ahhh :/

    1. Jessica A. says:

      She saying to do either this workout 4 times through in one day, whether it is 4 times straight so you are working out for 40 minutes straight since the video is 10 minutes long or you can do the video 4 times at different times during the day if it is too difficult to do it 4 times straight. Or you can do this video and any of her other pop cardio or HIIT videos so you can do 4 different videos one time each, bikini blaster videos two times and another video two times but just do ANY Pop Cardio video or HIIT video ( which includes the bikini blaster workout) 4 times in one day and do it 5 times a week! Hope this helps 🙂

  20. Elif says:


    You said 4 POP cardios a day about 5x a week. Is this with the bikini blaster workout? Together the same day I mean?

  21. Karinthia says:

    My workout playlist with all of your videos will include this one first then these others : binkini booty workout, bridal bootcamp sexy shoulders, brokenhearted ab challenge and to finish it off with your bikini bootcamp workout. Soooo excited 🙂

  22. LP says:

    Tech question – what microphone are you using? The video sounds great!

  23. Mary says:

    Did you mean 4 rounds of Pop Cardio 5x a week? Or actually 4 different Pop Cardio videos per day?? Also, would you please be able to make a printable for the workouts – that would be great for taking them to the gym!!

    1. Emma says:

      Yes, printables would be great please! My dorm room is too small with a roommate to do these, so I would love to bring a printable to the gym with me!!

  24. Linette says:

    I love your videos a lot because their usually short but so so effective! totally going to try this and see how much I can keep up 🙂