Heading Overseas, will still blog but no Facebook!

Heading Overseas, will still blog but no Facebook!

So yesterday I bought a ticket to Hong Kong and China and will be leaving in just 2 days! Crazy huh? I am going to the Canton Fair which is one of the world’s LARGEST trade shows. I’ll be meeting with manufacturers, suppliers, and all sorts of people that can help me take my yoga bags to the next level. Maybe I’ll even add clothes and jewelry…By the way, I know I haven’t been talking about oGorgeous a lot, but for those of you waiting to get the Pleated Pocket yoga bag in SHAPE magazine, it’s coming, promise.

The flight there is around 22 hours and I think I’m gonna go nuts. The longest I’ve ever been on a plane is 14 hours to Vietnam. That was torture. You know, even flying back home to California is torture too and that’s only 6 hours. The worst part is that I’ve got middle seats. Congrats to me for booking last minute. Sigh. I’ll need to figure out a way to either completely knock out or keep myself busy. Ha, this reminds me of a question I once got from someone asking for workouts in their airplane seat. Now that’s got me seriously wondering…

I’m also worried about another thing while on this 8 day trip. Working out and eating right. Please don’t think I’m a ridiculous health freak or something but seriously, exercising and eating well make me happy and energetic. (That’s how I stay so peppy in the vids.) I like being in tune with my body and after just a day or 2 of not hitting the gym, I get extremely antsy.

Also, I know I’ll want to TASTE EVERYTHING, and Chinese food aint exactly healthy. Knowing that I have the capacity to eat like Adam Richman from Man vs. Food, this could get dangerous. My personal challenge during this trip is allow myself to try all but not go crazy volume-wise. I will also promise to workout everyday even if it is just for 20 minutes. Even if I can’t access a gym, a good hotel room workout will do too. I was actually thinking of filming a POP Pilates hotel room workout for those of you traveling this summer. What do you think?

I’m also gonna miss teaching so many classes this coming week! Sorry students of mine. I always feel bad when I have to leave my classes to a sub, but love ya and we’ll get back together soon. Keep pushing yourself HARD. CORE. Better not see any slacking when I get back!

As the title of this post proclaims, I will still blog but won’t be updating my facebook fan page once I’m in China (it’s banned). I’ll let you guys know when I reach Hong Kong, but that will be it for facebook! Read up on my blog for pics and things…I’m gonna try to get a shot of fried insects! I won’t eat it but that’s another mini side goal of mine. Haha.

Okay well I hope to be fully inspired and globally cultured when I return. I will allow myself to be 100% immersed in a completely different way of life. Never got to study abroad so this will be my first time traveling overseas by myself. I hear I’m gonna have a blast 😉

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