150 Calorie Miracle Fried Rice

Miracle Fried Rice

I was feeling super Chinese for dinner and thought to myself I should make some take out. Looked in my pantry and saw some zero calorie Miracle Rice (from the makers of my favorite Miracle Noodle). Perfect! Fried rice is the easiest thing in the world to make. My mom always tells me the story of when I was 6 years old and how I surprised her with fried rice one morning. Wow, I don’t know how I didn’t burn myself and how I didn’t get egg shell in my concoction. Super dangerous! But I guess I had watched my mom make it enough times to just mimic her movements.

Anyway, today our fried rice will have NO REAL RICE. Just zero calorie Miracle Rice. These little rice pellets are made out of the same fiber (glucomannan) as the noodles, so they don’t really taste like rice. They taste like the noodles but in pellet form. I don’t mind though because like I said in my first vid on Miracle Pad Thai, I enjoy the bounciness and chewiness of the noodles inside my mouth 🙂


– 1 package of Miracle Rice

– Kikkoman low sodium soy sauce

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Green onion

– 1 carrot, steamed

– 1 cup broccoli, steamed

– 3 oz chicken breast, steamed

– 1 egg


1. Steam your chicken to keep all the nutrients in. Once the chicken is 3/4 way done, add the whole carrot, then place the broccoli in last. Great way to use just one steamer and save on time.

2. Next, drain your miracle rice bag into a sifter. Rinse a few times under your faucet. Then let set in a bowl of warm water for 2 min. No need to cook, it’s ready to eat!

3. Go ahead and chop your chicken, broccoli, carrots, and green onion.

4. Heat up a wok or big frying pan. Lather with a teensy bit of olive oil.

5. Scramble your egg. Then remove onto separate plate.

6. Throw your miracle rice on the pan. Fry around a little. Then throw in the veggies, egg, and chicken.

7. Pour some soy sauce on there! But don’t overdo it. Just spritz to taste.

8. Some people like their fried rice a little sweet, so add a pinch stevia or splenda if you like, but I didn’t add any.

9. That’s it! Seriously. EAT.

NUTRITION INFO: Makes 2 servings. 150 calories. 9g fat. 17g carbs. 22g protein. 7g fiber.

Check out my 150 calorie pad thai recipe. If you’re interested in getting some baggies of Miracle Noodles or Miracle rice, you can get em online on their website here. There’s even angel hair and fettucine!

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  1. By the way- I roasted my squash and a giant sweet potato using your method

  2. Rose Martine says:

    Wow! That looks super delicious! Great recipe! My hubby is a huge sucker for shrimp dishes!

  3. Cynthia says:

    super yummy! i dont have miracle rice so i just made some rice, but added more veggies so it was more veggies than rice. i loved it!!!

  4. Brittany says:

    Yeah I thought shirataki rang a bell
    Gonna make this right now with chicken thighs!

  5. Gretchen Hardeway says:

    They are wonderful as a sub for sushi rice or in sugarfree pudding (tapioca).

  6. Rebecca says:

    I found these same noodles at my local Asian supermarket for 99 cents. An amazing buy! Not only were they a third the cost but they are right down the street from me literally. I don’t have as many style choices with the noodles (just regular noodles really) but they are right here. If you have an Asian supermarket near you I would check. 🙂