What if we did 100 squats everyday for a month?

What would happen if we did 100 squats everyday for 30 days? Well, let’s find out! On June 1st, I am going to begin doing 100 squats EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And I’m gonna do it live on Instagram @blogilates at 9AM PST DAILY until June 30th! Wanna do it with me? Let’s take the #100SquatChallenge!!!

Everyday we will be doing a new variation of a squat. Here they all are!

1. Basic squat
2. Narrow squat
3. Plie squat
4. Releve squat pulse
5. Figure 4 squat
6. Single legged squat
7. Split Squat
8. Single releve plie squat
9. Goblet squat
10. Double releve plie squat
11. Lateral squat
12. Bulgarian Squat
13. Chair squats
14. Jump squats
15. Pretzel squat
16. In n Out Squats
17. Curtsy Squat
18. Basic squat pulses
19. Narrow squat pulses
20. Plie squat pulses
21. Squat Step Backs
22. Split Squat Pulses
23. Single Legged Chair Squats
24. Push Peddler Squat
25. Galloping Wall Squat
26. Side Tap Squat
27. Staggered Squat
28. Squat Lunges
29. Kick back squat
30. Knee Get Up Squat

Also! If you join in, you’ll be entered to win one of FIVE $100 gift cards to POPFLEX! All you have to do is post a photo on June 30 on IG and talk about what gains you got from the #100squatchallenge experience! You can be from any country, any age. Just make sure your profile is public and you are hashtagging your pic, or else I can’t see it! The winners will be picked randomly!

Watch this video for all the deets!

Good luck! Let’s see what these 100 daily squats do to our booty gains and our strength gains! Comment below if you’re in!

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  1. Tresha says:

    Extremely late, but I’m starting today!

  2. Aminah Bujang says:

    I am in.

  3. JoAnn says:

    I’m in!!

  4. Lena says:

    I’m in

  5. Megan Casto Shearer says:

    Id like to take the challenge

  6. Shilpa Kothari says:

    I would like to take the challenge.

  7. Caty says:

    Is there any way to see these videos now? So I can see how to do these variations correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  8. Isabel says:

    I’m in but only doing 50 with another one of your thigh slimming workouts, I have to save myself for tennis!

  9. Isabel says:

    I’m in but only doing 50 with another one of your thigh slimming workouts, have to save myself for tennis!

  10. Bravo echo says:


  11. Karen Wludyka says:

    I’m in

  12. Susan McBain says:

    Where their are single leg squats, is that 50 per leg or 100 per leg?

  13. Lisa Dumont says:

    I am in

  14. Samantha says:

    Well my legs are broken. Thanks!

  15. Grace says:

    I’m in…. All the way from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  16. andrea rumble says:

    im in joining late on day 2

  17. Katya says:

    Katya Mcrae

  18. Mariah Runk says:

    Hi! Is it possible to make a YouTube playlist of all the squat videos you did on IG to follow along with? I want to try this challenge! Thank you!

  19. Rae says:

    I’m in

  20. Lindiwe says:

    I’m in

  21. Carla says:

    Is there a printable chart for his, like there is for flat abs, sleek arms, butt lift challenges?

  22. sharon m paternoster says:

    I got this. 😉

  23. Lori says:

    I’m s runner and attend a boot camp on my “off” days. I will do this challenge to hopefully strengthen my legs and run faster. I also have osteoarthritis in my knees, so stronger legs will help this, too.

  24. Shubhra Bhatia says:

    I am in

  25. Shilpa says:

    I am in

  26. Shirlette says:

    Just joining now …… impressed with the website 1

  27. Namita Agrawal says:

    I’m in

  28. Shobhna says:

    I’m in

  29. luliecon says:

    Hi! Where can I find the videos for each day?

  30. Katie Shin says:

    I gave up around Day 12 on my first attempt. It had ceased to be enjoyable and I dreaded it every day. I felt guilty when I gave up, but so relieved that I didn’t have to worry about it anymore that the guilt didn’t last long. However, a friend of mine wants to try it again (her health had her lasting 4 days the first time around) and wanted me to do it with her for motivation. This time, we’re aiming for 50 instead of 100. Much more enjoyable and, since I’m now in physical therapy for knee pain, much more doable. lol So maybe it’s not the full 100 everyone else is doing, but I’m content with 50 and spreading them out through the day. 😉

  31. Carola Lübbe says:

    I am in !

  32. rachlock says:

    Can’t wait!

  33. Joy says:

    I’m in!!

  34. Patricia says:

    I am in! 😊💛

  35. ayleen says:

    im so excited!!!😍😍

  36. Gladys says:

    Im in!!

  37. Tania says:

    First time doing a squat challenge…EXCITED!!!!

  38. Maria says:

    Going to do it

  39. Brenda says:

    How can i view Cassey’s day by day videos for the #100daysquatchallenge?

  40. Sarah says:

    All the other girls have more curves and I feel unwanted for it and I know its stupid but, will doing this help?…

  41. Caro says:

    I already have thick thighs and I don’t want them to get bigger, should I be doing this challenge? Also those anyone know any good exercises to get rid of huge thighs????

    1. Jay says:

      you csn do the thigh slimming challenge that Cassey made.

    2. berlinmason says:

      Yes. It will help you burn fat on your legs and replace with muscle. You need muscle in your thighs to build glutes since it’s all connected. 🙂

  42. Cristina says:

    You could do a chanllange called: ” jumpt the rope 1000 times during 30-days”

  43. Marie says:

    Today on my 25 day 64 year old.

  44. Glorinel says:

    I’m in Starting today Sept 24

  45. Hailey says:

    On my third day so far!

  46. Maritza Medrano says:

    Im in!!

  47. Ambience says:

    I can’t believe I’m doing this honestly, I am such a couch potato! I ran into this somehow on YouTube and decided to give it a go, and I say thanks for encouraging a challenge that provides enough variety and simplicity to keep my ADHD and laziness under the task. it’s fun!

  48. Kelly Gabert says:

    I’m in and can’t wait to see the gains!

  49. scnabais says:

    Hey! It would be great if you could post a video demonstrating how to do each of these squats with proper form, for people who still want to do the challenge. I know the first ones aren’t that difficult but as we move along the challenge they become more complicated to know how to do. Thank you!

  50. Martha says:

    In the day 5, I need to do 50 squats per leg?

    1. scnabais says:

      I know I’m not Cassey, and I don’t know how she originally did it, but 50 per leg is what I’ve been doing, since it adds up to 100 for the day 🙂

  51. April says:

    Where can I find a demonstration of all three squats?

  52. Jenny says:

    I love these challenges!❤💥

  53. Lariza says:

    How many do you do for every 30 days?

  54. Kat says:

    Did the challenge from start to finish and feel mentally stronger!

  55. Trixy Sue says:

    Wow that was an incredible month. I enjoyed it so much I will be doing it again next month. The only difference will be the every morning date at nine with Cassey. Thank you again Cassey for the challenges and motivation. You are inspirational and a joy to see. Hey I have muscles in my bum now that I didn’t even realized were important. This is sooooo cool! #100squatchallenge.

  56. Elissa says:

    I thought I left a comment, but it appears to not have worked. I just wanted to say thank you for this challenge even though I’m not on Instagram. I’m so proud of myself for actually finishing it, even with all the traveling that I’ve been doing in the month of June! I’ve never finished a challenge before like this. What I learned most from this experience is that I can actually fit some exercise into my busy schedule and that I need to be more intentional about focusing on me in that way. Do we have to be on Instagram in order to be entered into the raffle?

  57. Elissa says:

    Thanks for this challenge! I’m not on Instagram so I can’t post a photo, but I am so proud of myself for this being the first challenge I’ve done all the way through. The thing that I learned from this is primarily that I can fit some exercise into my busy schedule and that I need to spend some time focusing on me and making myself more healthy. Do we have to be on Instagram in order to be entered into the raffle?

  58. Sarah says:

    I started on June 1st and just finished! I added a plank almost everyday as well. I feel better and have noticed my butt is higher! What is next for July!?

  59. Jacqueline Lee says:

    This is the first challenge I am close to completing from start to finish!! The daily IG video demonstration really motivated me <3 Cassey is the best!!
    Four more days to go we can do this!!

  60. Sabine says:

    Really want to start this challenge too.
    Is it possible that the videos for the different squats are linked to this page? As I didn’t start with the challenge, I am not totally sure how all are supposed to be done and I can’t watch the videos on IG anymore.
    Have a great day!

  61. Erin says:

    Only just spotted the challenge today, but jumped right in. Single leg chair squats is definitely jumping in at the deep end! #painful

  62. Victoria Chen says:

    I really thought I was going to quit when I started this, only about a week in… But your IG Lives gave me life and helped push me to limits I did not even know I could reach. I was in a very depressed state for about two years until I came across your page. You have inspired me to push myself and become better. Thank you so much, never stop what you do!

  63. Debbie-Jo Baxter says:

    This is great! I have only just seen your videos this week, have decided to start tomorrow.
    Thanks for writing the different types down – I am starting 100 days of 100 reps, whats better then starting with squats. And that fact that I can follow with your videos makes it even easier! Thank you!

  64. Smec says:

    I have noticed a difference already and we are only 15 days in. although i must say some of these are HARD, i have not done the pretzel one yet, im going to when i get home from work.. and im not going to lie. im a little terrified haha. but excited!!!!

  65. Tiya says:

    I m fat

  66. Erin says:

    Hi Cassey . I love your posts and I love that you are doing more videos with squats but I have a question. I have really bad internal varicose veins and would like to know if doing your 1000 Squat Challenge is going to aggravate them and if you have any videos or will make any on varicose veins stretches or ones that are safe to do. I know that losing weight will help, I am just not sure where to start. Thanks so much for the great workout videos

  67. Danielle says:

    I haven’t followed u plan and started late But today I’m gonna start

  68. Sofi says:

    Can I start the challenge on day 8 for example? Its was imposible for me to start on day 1

  69. Lhyne says:

    yes i’m in… i’m in my day 4.. adding more numbers of squat to complete the whole 30 days.. looking forward for a great result.

  70. Kdzc says:

    Is there a way to watch the squat videos without having an Instagram account?

  71. Ana says:

    I’m doing it! Hope it’s not to late to sy it XD

    1. Akanksha says:

      I joined yesterday too.. I’m doing 50 of each for now but doing two in a day so that’s 100.. this is to reach cassey fast 😀

  72. Dio says:

    Is there anyway we can have a replay of these? I find it very difficult to find them and do the exercises. I need to see if I do them correctly

    1. Bybee says:

      Hey, Dio! Check out her channel on youtube, there you will find all information.

  73. Vanessa says:

    I’m in is too late

  74. hannahrl says:

    I agree that a demonstration of some of these would be helpful for those of us not on IG since some of them I haven’t done before. I’m still trying but I don’t think my form is correct on some of these. Like for the “split squat” coming up. I’m like should I walk it, jump it, or pulse it? I’m not sure what you’re looking for haha. Demos for people like me who don’t have IG or can’t watch it at that time would be very much appreciated 🙂

    1. Steph says:

      i did it as like a lunge 🙂

  75. yzhang6 says:

    I second all the comments requesting for some sort of move. Cassey, can you PLEASE leave a short clip of each move every day so that people who can’t watch it live on IG can make up for it later? That way it helps to make sure we have good form! I’m on day 4… but I’m not really sure how to do releve squat pulse so I didn’t do it today =(

  76. debbie says:

    in! and ow!!

  77. Amber E. says:

    I’m on day 4 of the challenge and I want to continue, but I’m worried about the outcome in the end. For example, I’m trying to slim my thighs down, but I feel like all these squats are going to end up making my legs bulkier. Or is that just me?

    1. JSJ says:

      From my experience of doing a lot squats everyday they tend to not make you bulky, just more toned

  78. pmancini says:

    Hi, I am not on instagram and I am at work when you do these. Some of them I know but some I need a demonstration is there anyway you can show a snip it of the exercise or at least an explanation? thanks

    1. Petri says:

      If you have access to Facebook, she has been posting all of her IG live workouts for the challenges there. This is how I catch up with the work out since I can’t watch it live. hope this helps.

      1. Pooja says:

        yes it does 🙂

  79. Sue says:

    Just started today with my fitness class! Day 1!!!!!

  80. SoccerQueen04 says:

    I did this challenge on my own with just regular squats about a month ago, and I missed two days (sad) but I’m starting tomorrow! I know that playing soccer for 9 years will help! 🙂

  81. PitGrrl says:

    I’m in!

  82. Danielle says:

    How do you do the Releve squat pulse? Wish u get find video for all these squat techniques

  83. Fussel says:

    After doing the 1000 Squads yesterday my legs start screaming and quivering as soon as I even think of the word squad :/ Anyway I’m still going to tackle the 100 Squads today. But going from there I have some questions as I’m not quite sure how to correctly do some of the following squads within the next days. With the pulsing ones ist going down, doing 100 pulses, going up and be done or ist going down, doing a certain number of pulses, going up and repeat until reaching 100??? As for the one-legged squads I’m having a real problem with my balance. For the Figure-4-Squads for example does it count as cheating if I have 3 fingertips on the wall as an ancor, when I make them slightly harder by going a little deeper than a 90-degree-angle? I just can’t do them at all otherwise, I land on my ass every time. My balance is just THAT bad 🙁 Otherwise, is there a way to watch that instagram-stream after it’s done. I’m not always off from work, when the lifestream starts and I have no idea, how to see the video after I got home. Is there a way? I’m not really an instagram user usually so I have no idea how it really works. It would be really nice if someone helped me out here a little by answering those questions. Thanks in advance, Peggy

  84. Sarah says:

    Can someone explain to me how to access the live videos afterward? I’ve tried both days but all I’m seeing are the “ready for the squats?!” and “hope you enjoyed the squats!” videos lol. I have an Instagram but never used it before…

  85. Kitten18 says:

    I finished my first 100 squats yesterday and my butt is very sore! ; ) Can’t wait to do the next 100 today! <3 Thank you Cassey for all your support!!<3<3

  86. Michaela says:

    I am so in! Perfect timing – because my company is also doing a Pedometer walking challenge too!

  87. Natascia says:

    I try!

  88. Lindsay says:

    I’m in!

  89. Prayrevelation says:

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to all of us. God bless you ❤First 100 done( *¯ ³¯*)♡

  90. Julie says:

    i’m in!

  91. Heather Wheeler says:

    Done! Day one in the bag!

  92. Pam says:

    Posted my pic #100squatchallenge to instagram…..hope to see everyone’s photos up there……

  93. I’m in…just did my 100 squats

  94. Amaranta D Rendon says:

    I just missed the challenge since I work during the time it is live. Is there somewhere else I can view the challenge?

  95. Karissa says:

    I’m so excited for this!!! booty game about be to on point! lol

  96. Kitty says:

    Yeah, I’ll do this. instagram confuses me so I’ll do it on the periphery.

  97. Panhia says:

    My first time doing a challenge!! I’m very excited and hope I will be committed to it! Maybe this will help me keep myself energized and motivated for now on!!

  98. Marion says:

    I am in! Looking forward to it!

  99. Christina says:

    I’m going to try to follow along with this, but I have a fairly random work schedule which gets in my way a lot (I am also an easily distracted person) I’m also starting college on the 4th but I’ll do my best to try to do it.

    1. Melody says:

      You can do them anytime during the day with the printable graphic. Just crank up the tunes and crank out the squats! Your booty will thank you at your 4th of July picnic!

  100. Lynette Mount says:

    I’m going to try my best at this!! Come on squat squad we can do this

  101. Poppy says:

    Just did mine now, GMT time had like 30 minutes free.

  102. Larisa says:


  103. KaterinaIss says:

    If I don’t have a dumbbel for the goblet squat, what should I use?

  104. Angela says:

    Heck yes! I need a booty!

  105. JSJ says:

    100 squats is easy but I don’t want to give up because i get tired of them. I will attempt it i just need to make myself do them 😅

  106. Amy says:

    Let’s do this!

  107. Tristin Huq says:

    I can’t find it either so I will just 100 basic squats.. here we go

  108. Melody says:

    I’m on EST, so I just did my basic squats x 100! Happy Friday, peeps! ;->

    1. Tristin Huq says:

      me too . I think I’ve just figured the link.

  109. Camille La Belle says:

    I’m totally doing this with everyone!!!💪🏼

  110. gogsdouglas says:

    Definitely in!

  111. Raly says:

    Nice program

  112. gill says:

    Day 1 – done 🙂

  113. kiwimouse says:

    I’ll do it!

  114. Chloe Smith says:

    I’m in! 🙂

  115. Gabriella says:

    hi! I work out in the AM PT time, so will probably be doing this before you air at 9 am.. are you going to do any instruction or preview prior to that day’s squats? some of them look more complicated and i want to know how to do it right since i will most likely be doing it before it airs.


  116. kate.cothen says:

    Totally In!!!

  117. patiencepassion says:

    I will be joining in!

  118. Latoyia Johnson says:

    I want to be part of the 100 daily squat challenge. I love all the workout you do. Keep up the good work.

  119. Lim Yi Ling says:

    I’m in

  120. danielled says:

    So ready!! Started a week early to get my legs and butt used to dying 🙂

  121. Maureen Flatebo says:

    I’ll try almost anything once. Mitchell and I will do together.

  122. Demeeece says:

    I’m in!!! 🙂

  123. Tia says:

    Im in 🍑good luck everyone!

  124. radhzell says:

    Oh I would love to do it with you, but at that time I’ll be working, so I would do it at home later.

  125. Pavlina Duzi says:

    Got to start a bit later, on 8th, but doesn’t matter! I’m in anyway!!🍑

  126. Alexandria N Cummins says:

    I’m in! 😍

  127. Traci says:

    Excited! So excited I created an instagram account just so I could post that I’m in, lol.

  128. Jordania Diniz says:

    Well, I’m in!

  129. Jen J says:

    I’m in!!

  130. Elizabeth Prewitt says:

    I’m so excited for this! My granddaughter and I are going to FaceTime each other every morning while we do it!

  131. Grace Elaine says:

    I’m probably going to regret this, and my legs may become jello, but I can’t say no to a challenge. Count me in!

  132. Karen says:

    I am in, I can feel the burn already

  133. Tati Viana says:

    It sounds cool and funny and I love this pic because it’s a nice guide for different kinds of squats, thanks a lot! But doing squats everyday doesn’t sound a good idea.

    Our muscles need a day of rest to recover. It’s better doing it if this challenge was a day of legs and another day up body or a day of squats and a day of rest.

    You may say “I feel nothing, I can do it”, but speaking “physiologically”, the muscles’ cells need a break to do the magic.

    I’m not saying people can’t follow it, but if someone is really following it, I just can say feel free to organize your strategies. 🙂

    Sorry for any inconvenience, but I just want to help, not judge. I’m a physical education bachelor and health instructor in Brazil and I really love Blogilates – and pretty soon I’m joining the PopPilates team!

  134. maplelim says:

    Count me in too!

  135. Marjolein says:

    Count me in!

  136. Sarah says:

    I’m in! Lets do this 😉

  137. Khai Parker says:

    No instagram can I still participate

  138. Lyss says:

    I’m in

  139. Mandie says:

    Looks tough but it’s always good go try. I’m in!!

  140. Nina B says:

    Yikes important scarred! But good. 👍

  141. Abneng says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait!

  142. Laura Lopez says:

    up for it!

  143. Zul says:

    I’m so In!! 🍑

  144. Lise Gidlöf says:

    I’ve heard that these kind of challenges is bad since you taget the same muscles everyday and that you can damage your knees and other things but I don’t know the english words for it ^. ^

    1. JSJ says:

      I use to do her 1,000 squat challenge everyday then i switched to every other day and my knee got injured but i was hard headed and kept it up. But i know better now and it took a long time before my knee pain went away.

  145. Ale Ramos says:

    I get it

  146. kate1993 says:

    I am in !!!!! As long as you encourage us to be the best version of ourselves!!! <3

  147. Amelia says:

    Up for it!

  148. @jstPOP says:

    In… “I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m going to!”

  149. Carmela says:

    I am in! So excited.

  150. Carmela Diosana says:

    Let’s do it! I am in!

  151. Angie says:

    Joining In! Getting my daughters to join with me!

  152. Sarah says:

    My post partum tush and legs can use this, I’m in.

  153. Katie says:

    I am in!! I’m going to try to make my husband do it with me.

  154. Danielle Kaufman says:

    I’m in! YAY!

  155. Sarah says:

    Totally psyched to take on this challenge.

  156. Divya Wale says:


  157. Aarti Shenoy says:

    I’m in!

  158. Lacey says:

    I am in

  159. Lauren says:

    I’m in for sure

  160. Tansha says:

    I would like to try this.

  161. Chaquata says:

    Challenge Accepted!

  162. Candyce says:

    Can’t wait to really work it!

  163. Shelley says:

    Sounds like a great challenge! I’m in!

  164. Zaynab says:

    I like challenges .. I’m in💪🏻

  165. Lori Brownstein says:

    I’m in but I’m not sure my thighs agree

  166. Tristin Huq says:

    me too Sara. Never done anything liked this before. Think I may measure as photo to see the change… Hopefully there will be.

  167. Falon says:

    I’m in

  168. Melanie says:

    Excited to do this! I’m in China so I’ll be 15 hours ahead of PST. For the squats that are on each leg, is it 100 total for both legs (50 and 50), or 100 for each leg? Just want to plan ahead since I will be doing them the day before you, essentially 🙂

  169. Vasso Kapetaneli says:

    Really can’t wait to get through this challenge.. 😃 🎊

  170. Mary says:

    I’m intimidated, but so in!

  171. Whitney says:

    I can wait to see the results on 6/30. Going to be amazing

  172. N Tilley says:

    Let’s do this! I’m in.

  173. barbara says:

    Oh Yes ! I’ll do !

  174. Limit says:

    ¡Vamos! I’m in 💪🏻 Lets see what legs we get 🙂

  175. Lyssa V. says:

    I’m in!

  176. Joann Orozco says:

    Can’t wait for this challenge to begin

  177. Helena says:

    I’m in!

  178. Cecilia says:

    Let’s do this!

  179. Lauren says:

    I’m in! I’ve even conned my partner into doing it with me haha

  180. Neha says:

    I am in!!

  181. Gill says:

    Oh KAY! OK! Why not? Yup! As a runner I think this would be very good way to get stronger in my glutes and quads, also all those complicated muscles around the hip joint. Oh, yes, also maybe firm up my bottom!!!

  182. Lyness says:

    Let’s do this…


  184. loretta says:

    I am looking forward to tackling the 30 day 100 squat. I have struggled with trying to tone my inner and outer thighs. I experience hip and knee pain. so this will be a breath of fresh air and a goal I plan on tackling.

  185. Joanna Calloway says:

    Yayy I came across this by accident but I was looking to do one and this one is great. So it’s100 squats of the variation for that day yesssss.

  186. Sami says:

    Y’ALL by the end of the month we will have done 3,000 SQUATS THAT’S CRAZY

  187. Courtney says:

    Let’s do this!

  188. PATTI C ANSELMO says:

    I’m in.

  189. Hee Jung Patacchi says:

    I’m in💕

  190. Sara says:

    I am really looking forward to this : )

  191. Lillian says:

    I’m going to try!!

  192. Ross says:

    I’m in Yes!

  193. Crystal says:

    I’m in!

  194. Ashley says:

    I’m in! Let’s do this!

  195. Janet B Ziegler says:

    Yes!!! Let’s do it!

  196. Eileen Collins says:

    I’m in

  197. Careen says:

    Yes..im in..can i do it separately?

  198. Sara says:

    Yes!! Doing it!

  199. Thanks for the inspiration and the challenge. All in.

  200. McKenzie Bixby says:

    Let’s do this. I will be so booty popping in my wedding dress!

  201. Sue says:

    I’m in

  202. Jenifer Lizama says:

    I’m definitely gonna try it!!!! Good luck to everyone ☺️😩😳😅

  203. Angie says:

    I’m going to join 100 squat challenge!

  204. Fernanda Solares says:

    Awesome!!! I’m in 😎💕

  205. Lori says:

    Perfect timing!! I was just complaining that my old lady butt has gotten way too flat. I’m in!

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  216. Kayci says:

    I did this a while a go! Mind you, I didn’t do variations, just 100 basic squats a day for 30 days, but oh man! Booty was POPPIN! I found it much easier to do if I broke it up into two parts. I did 50 squats while brushing my teeth in the morning, and another 50 while brushing my teeth before bed! It was torture but just seeing the results made it so worth it!

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    What an awesome challenge!!! I tried a push up & plank challenge before. Sadly I didnt finish to the end. So thats my goal to go 30 days.

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    1. JenniferN says:

      You might need to eat more. If you’re working out as much as you say you are, 1200 calories is not enough. Your body is going to hold on to everything it can to avoid going into starvation mode. Plus you cannot spot reduce fat.

  257. Shenna says:

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    1. p_flores16 says:

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  268. Kirty Mody says:

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