Miracle Noodle

When I found out about these zero calorie, carb free, gluten free noodles I nearly died. They REALLY are zero calories because they’re made out of 97% water and 3% fiber (glucomannan). These noodles have been around forever and originated in Japan. It’s a good way to get full when you’re really watching your caloric intake. The noodles can be subbed for any pasta or noodle dish. They end up taking the flavor of the sauce you cook with. They are AMAZING. Click here to go to their store.


A durable yoga mat

blogilates yoga matI designed yoga mats just for you! I currently have designed 3 styles! Supergrip texture for nonslip performance, provides cushion for your body, lightweight, durable, and comes with an exclusive Blogilates yoga mat bag ($10 value).


A fashionable and functional yoga bag or gym bag

I couldn’t find myself the perfect yoga bag so I designed my own! The new designs are super chic and roomy enough to fit your mat PLUS a ton of other stuff! They each have sweat-proof lining, ventilation holes, adjustable straps, key clips, lock loops, jewelry pockets, water bottle pockets, phone & iPod pockets, and a matching shoe bag. Get one here!



Love my Nike Free Run’s!! So comfortable and cute!




Vanilla Whey Protein

One of my fave things to eat in the morning are protein pancakes. Without my whey protein, I can’t make it! There are so many brands out there, and I don’t particularly have a go-to one yet. What I can recommend is to try to look for a powder that is low in carbs, fat, and sugars (under 3g each) and high in protein (at least 20g, most are around 23-26g) at 120-130 calories a scoop.

Protein is great for building muscle and is essential to consume within 30-60 min after a strength training workout. You can also get complete protein from sources like lean meats, egg whites, and tempeh.


Books I recommend


Gotta love my Tosca Reno. The clean eating queen!

Quick and dirty tips for real. I got a chance to speak with Monica on the phone and she is so knowledgeable about nutrition it’s insane. And she has a very realistic view on dieting. Love her!

Note: Some of these are affiliate links and some are not. Everything listed on this page are things I personally recommend. Happy shopping :)