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  1. Hi Cassie.
    So I am Cathy and I have been trying really hard to get into the healthy life style but a while a go I broke my collarbone and I had to stop working out. I couldn’t do crunches, I couldn’t run or o anything that requires my shoulder to move. I was wondering if you had some suggestions or workouts that I can do that require no shoulder movement. Alright thank you for everything since you are my motivation to keep continuing with my goal! Ok and p.s you are beautiful and no one can tell you other wise!


  2. Talisa Kirwan says:

    OMG!!!! My legs were shaking like crazy by the end of this work out, i pushed through right to the end and it was so worth it. I’m sore but i feel fresh!!! Thanks for a super quick but super intense work out Cassey!!! x

  3. Hey Cassie!! I’ve been doing your videos (along with a low-calorie low-carb diet) for only a week, and even my parents (I’m home for the summer) have said that they can tell a difference. I feel that you and your methods might be the first successful way for me to reach my goals. I’ve been working so hard to lose my freshman 30 and this is the VERY FIRST TIME I’VE SEEN A DIFFERENCE. Thank you so so much.

  4. Ah this hurt so bad, love it!

  5. Hey Cassey! Could you make some more stretching videos, please? And thank you for being such an inspiration!


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