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  1. After the day you do your work out you are usally soar…. are there any popsters out there that know what bieng soar really means (are you burning fat ???) ????

  2. Gladymar Delgado says:

    I love the 5 mins booty workout! its amazing! :D

  3. Savannah Milwee says:

    I love the new monthly calender but on the blogilates app it says i have to pay money to watch the Revitalizing Stretch Routine. I thought it was supposed to be free.

  4. Hey Cassey ,really love the 30 day challenge for butt and thighs. I do both the workouts everyday. Love you

  5. YES! This really works! This ab workout is one of your BEST YET!!! Definitely up for #3, bring it!

  6. The New Workout video refers to the video she uploads every Monday :-)

  7. You guys are so cute, you remind me of me and my sister!

  8. Hi Cassey! LOVE the videos, I like to mix n’ match (especially the song challenges). I’m always sore the next day it’s great! For another body part, could you do a video on wrists and forearms?? I thought of that when you mentioned your one trip grocery shopping trips. I was carrying my groceries home yesterday I noticed how much effort is placed on the wrists and forearms!

  9. The wierdiest place….. When waiting in the queue to get through the airport security to cheer everyone up a little. They are all so serious

  10. I love the amazing sunrises and sunsets and then dark sky to watch the stars.

  11. Hi Cassey thank you so much for your videos you are really motivate me to workout
    I just want to ask you about the calander
    Do I have to do all the workouts or just one of them ?

  12. Hey Cassey! I love your workouts, they totally make me sweat! Any workout which you’ll recommend for those sexy collarbones? Thanks in advance!


    I love blogilates! I’m videoing my weight loss journey on YouTube.

  14. You actualy kill me! :D It was hard for me but I did it! :D Love you Cassey! :)

  15. Wow! Cassey! I realy love this! It’s so funny for me! Love this! :D

  16. The Beginners’ Calendar is gone.. Is that a permanent thing, or is there just a temporary problem?

  17. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get to the calendar videos for the day? I’m going to run out of patience searching for each one individually everyday. It disrupts my workout too much. I noticed that there are playlists on the youtube channel for previous days. Is there any way you could post those playlists the day before, Cassey? I like to do the workouts first thing in the morning. I love the videos, Cassey! Keep it up!

  18. Cassey please fix up these links!you cant click onto a workout you may want.Thanks.

  19. Hi Cassey!
    I have a (slightly embarrassing) video suggestion: chest and boobs! Whenever I loose some weight, it always goes away from my boobs first, which is notttt what I want. Hope you have some tips and exercises!

  20. she uploads a new workout video every Monday to the channel, so that’s what it was referring to.

  21. If you go to her Youtube channel you can sort by newest…that’s what I’m doing anyway. It’s a butt video so it seems to fit with today.

  22. Do the links work with you? I’ve wanted to start with Blogilates for quite some time now, finally i’m up for the challenge… But now the links aren’t working. Only the one on the top..

    Can anyone help me with this?

  23. Love the workout videos you put together for each calender every month, Cassey:) but I’m a little confused on what “New Workout Video” is referring to on the calender! (sorry I feel super dumb asking this!) Can anybody please explain?? Thanks in advance!

  24. Ashleigh says:

    I have the same problem, they have been broken for a few weeks now for me.
    Please fix it! I can’t click on any other video except the first one which plays automatically when the page opens, the rest of the video links are broke.

  25. Love this workout! You should do an extreme abs workout!

  26. Yes, I have also the same problem.

  27. Hi Cassey!

    I just wanted to comment that the links to the videos are broken. Did something change?

  28. Hi, I can’t click the older videos here. There must be a bug. :(

  29. seema ali says:

    hi! i have been watching yr workouts and pilates…they r really great…but there’s not a single exercise about reducing the chest area…i have heavy breast, please show me some routine exercise with i can reduse the chest area…thanks…please do reply.

  30. Was wondering why when I press on the workouts here they dont play anymore?!

  31. Hi,

    I am a bit confused. When I search for New Workout VID or Video, I am not sure which I am supposed to be doing. Anyone else have this problem?

  32. AdBlock for Chrome will stop that. AdBlock is an extension. Google it.

  33. Is anyone getting a pop up for luminosity brain games? I keep getting it on whichever device I use… Phone, computer, etc. is it just a type of advertising on this website or is there a way to stop getting this pop up?

  34. For the polish try OPI ,,Daffy dill”

  35. Thank you so much for this video, definitely needed this for summer!! thank you :)

  36. Victoria says:

    Thighs please! Mine are so big and awful and I don’t know what to do about it :(

  37. I have really bad problems with my hip joints and a lot of the time the an workouts put me in a lot of pain (due to the movement of legs during the workout). I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of joint easy exercises that give me the same results.
    Thank you

  38. Tiffany Miller says:

    Oooh my goodness!!! My bff recommended your site and I added your 5 minute ab to my workout! It is so good. The first move was killer on my quads! I’m going to incorporate some of these into my regular ab routine… Could you do an arm express and leg express video like 5 – 10 minutes!

  39. *even though

  40. Cassey, even this song is kind of old, can you do a cardio workout to Cupid Shuffle?

  41. I just discovered you yesterday and I love you and your workouts. Thank you so much for inspiring me and thousands of others to better ourselves. I love it because I spend so much time working my butt off at the gym I don’t spend enough time stretching and doing yoga, pilaties etc. Also, love the clothing line.

    THANKS :-)

  42. my core is super sore

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  44. ohhh nooo!!!! i tried to do my usual 1 hour of blogilates work out videos today to find all videos seem to be down or disabled. :'( aaaahhh!! i hope my awesome work out buddy cassey will be back up and running tomorrow. ill have to call it just a cardio workout today. i love you cassey! you kick serious butt. xoxoxo :)

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  46. YES!!!! Ali Kamenova!

    Yoga for ALL levels, with cardio aspects. It is a fusion of Power Yoga, Vinyasa and Cardio (but she also has slow stretching and MMA/boxers yoga) and she is also Accessible via Tumblr

    She also answers questions and does video requests like Cassey.

    I had been doing yoga on and off for about 7 years just total basics, but through these videos I am now a daily yoga practitioner AND she actually helps you via voice and demonstrations how to properly align your poses and how they should Feel in a correct posture. No Yoga Studio Required!

  47. I love all your workouts so much and I’ve totally fell in love with doing Pilates because of you!!! I really wanted to start doing yoga and add that to my routine in addition to Pilates but I’ve been searching on youtube for an instructor like Cassey that has really awesome videos but I haven’t been able to find one yet. Does anyone else do yoga and have recommendations??

  48. merhabalar ben caısma takımı olarak devamlı devam etmem gerekenler 5 dk olanlar mı yoksa 30 dk olan takımmı ben 30 dk olan takvmı bıtırdımde nasıl devam etmem gerektıgı konuaunda bılgımyok yardımcı olurmusunuz ?

  49. Great to see a stretching video! Keep them coming!

  50. canadianlady says:

    cassey bring back the daft punk! all those old videos had ROCKING tunes!

  51. I am new to your blogilates and I am loving it! As a busy working mom of 5, I was looking for quick workouts I can do in the morning and night where I don’t have to pause the dvd to tend to one of my kids….THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!…

  52. the videos on don’t go into full screen anymore – for me at least that button in the youtube panel is GONE !

  53. Or both :D !

  54. Or I AM THE BEST :D

  55. you should do a workout to i don’t care from 2ne1 ♥

  56. Cassey!!!
    You should totally do some crazy cardio body weight workout to miley’s new song wrecking ball!

  57. Antonella says:

    Hi ! My name is Antonella and I’m 15. I’ve been trying to loose some weight since I could remember, I was always the chubby girl growing up and I hated it !
    This is your first video I’ve seen and I love it ! I am really determined , and I hope I will succeed !
    I used to always think that if I skipped meals I could just have a snack ( nutella, ice-cream, muffins ) later on and it would be fine but now that I see everyone here talking about being so healthy I really want to go there too.

    Basically, I know that you probably wont be able to read this comment giving all the ones you receive but I just want to say thank you.
    You’re my motivation.

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  59. Your meant to do all of them, not one she gives loads of workouts to keep you busy and fit, Cassey wouldn’t want us to be lazy

  60. Does anyone here use her workout calendars? I’m wondering if you do all the workouts that are listed under each day or are you supposed to do only one. Help?

  61. Joy Stephanie says:

    I agree with you!

  62. I was wondering if you can make a work out just for balance I would like to work on it every day.

  63. I think you should play “good girls do bad things sometimes”
    it is an awesome song and was on pretty little liars

  64. u should do a belly dance cardio workout!!!

  65. Cassey!!!
    Yesterday, my boyfriend and I worked out to your videos! He actually follows Michael from 6packabs! So we went back and forth between your workouts and Michael’s. It was fun working out with my boyfriend and you! My boyfriend thought you were hardcore cause you go hard! In your workouts! I love it though! Keeps me motivated! <3 you always!

  66. You make it look so easy!
    My palms hurt so much. Possibly because I’m not used to doing so many push ups and burpees. The squat bits were easy for me but my arms are super weak and I had to do the seconds and third set on my knees. I hope my arms get stronger by these work outs!
    I love the way you’re always smiling during the sets. Its so motivating!
    I love your workouts! :D

  67. Wooo! Awesome workout–exactly what I’m looking for these days.

  68. Heart on Fire OMG. the burpee sidewinder… i can barely do burpees to begin with so OMG i hated it, but in a “i know this will make me stronger” way. Thanks Cassey!

  69. Hey Cassie.
    I just recently broke my ankle, but I don’t want to stop working out.
    Is there any way I can work out with out hurting my foot even more?

  70. The results really depend on for you’re eating as well, just doing these videos will not make you skinny

  71. I have the same q. Plz help

  72. I love ur workouts

  73. Hi, I just started the beginners calendar! Also I have been doing your videos on inner thighs afterwards I can really feel the burn!! How long until I see results. And how often should I do the inner thigh exercises. Also, are there any sports that work the inner thighs?
    Thanks I love your videos!!¡!!!!!

  74. I was wondering, if I did some of your videos, and did them everyday. how long would it take to get skinny? Wonderful videos! Thanks so much! :)

  75. Katrina says:

    It was my first time doing one of your videos after finding you on Tumblr awhile back. Needless to say, you are so much fun, so encouraging, and butt kicking! Honestly, cannot wait to do more and more of your workouts. Thank you for being so great and sharing your gift!

  76. I have a love/hate relationship with the MINI CIRCLES!! Like my husband says to me “IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT FEELS SOO GOOD”

  77. Flowrbomb says:

    The earthquake ab killed me!!!! Thank you so much for all your videos I’ve never been in better shape.

  78. OMG it was so good and fun! Just did it with my mum and it was so funny! love it thank u x

  79. Sorry about the Hannah incident!I hope you don’t lose faith and keep doing what your doing beaucse Cassey, you are awesome! I have been following this blog for a year now but am usually quite on the commenting and involvement.. until now! I am going to try and be a bigger part of this website for YOU! I started the OMGOctober workout calender today and am always a clean eater (with some snacks on the side :) ) and am now going to try tweet you and comment more and be more involved with you and the upcoming community! Flex & Feel my suggestionxoxo

  80. Great video enjoying exercising along with you, good happy vibe, exercising is fun with you thanks

  81. Pop pilates beginer says:

    So excited to try some of your videps and i’m going to get your dvd. Will the May calendar be up tomorrow so I can start with you all??

  82. Carolyn Ogden says:

    Love the Plow good. I downloaded the month workout calendar, wanted to know is there a way on the site to search directly via title of workout on the sight???Having trouble finding them. Am I missing something?

  83. Hi Cassey! Just started to get into your blogilates videos…i want to get in shape! I’m standing for 8 hours a day for work and used that as an excuse to stop exercising, but your videos are awesome!

  84. Carolyn Ogden says:

    I just discovered your videos and I am very impressed. I have been a Matt Pillaged instructor for 5 years now and I am enjoying how you put sequence together . Definitely not a boring mix . I am ready for a change in my own routine and I am going to commit to a month on your plan. I will take pictures. I signed up so I can download the calendar but have not received my password yet.( I have a question? How do care for and keep such beautiful hair?

  85. OMG I’ve been getting your newsletter for ages and ment to do the April challenge but then i got sick and basically forgot all about it – anyway TODAY I did my very first blogilates workout and after 2 videos I was in sooooo muuuuuuuuch pain !!!!!!!! And I felt like I wasnt able to do ANYTHING right, or at least I’m sure it didnt look too gracefull … but I’m gonna work hard to change that ;)
    Thx sooooo much for those killer workouts – i kinda hated you halfway through xD

  86. A good way to work out around that knee is swimming I have really bad knees but I have always been active and the best way I found when I would strain my knees was swimming hope that helps.

  87. awesome new workout, i’ve only just started doing your videos regularly this month but i can already see improvement, thanks for making me sore :)

  88. Hey Cassey! I just did the 8 minute abs and the off the wall 2012 mashup! It was great but im feeling it haha. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  89. Hi Cassy
    Completly lve your videos they are amazing spicaly 8 min. Abs workout omg it is amazing =-O .and i got the password and i am conpletely happyyyy:-D.but i wanted to ask am a seven grader my hight is 155 cm and i weigh 47 kg am i overweight or not cuz i realy see that i am realy like too fat .is wat i have is an eat disore or wat i realy don’t know.thanx love and adore u.btw i told all my bffs about pop pilates and they realy started getting through it and being health now i am not the only popster ln the class;-)

  90. Hey I’m new in this blog and I really like this but with the new calendar (April) said “NEW VID” and I don’t know wich video I shut take :( please somebody help me I can handle by myself!

  91. hey cassie,
    i was wondering if you have made a video/ or could make a video on targeting slimmer hips. Or is it just losing a bit of fat would help. Thanks, I love your website!

  92. Hey Cassey,
    I’ve been doing really good with with your videos I’m actually pretty new to your site and i looove it :]
    but sadly I think i strained my knee :( & for my cardio i normally run, i was just wondering if you have any advice on how to add cardio into my workouts without bothering my knee too much.
    im able to workout my abs and arms but its getting boring and its very frustrating to not be able to do much while im resting my knee out.

    thanks so much!!


  93. LoveBritt says:

    hey Cassey,
    hope i spelt you name right lol
    just wanted to let you know love the new video it totally killed me and wanted
    to also let you know i am going to do a 6 week Blogaloties challenge
    YAY MEE lol (by following your calander of course)

    i also wanted to request a song lol
    IDK how much Kpop you listen too
    but i would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it

    if you could do the song “I LOVE YOU” by 2NE1
    Its totally the song that’s not leaving my head
    and it would be great to do a crazy work-out too.

    love your blogs, love you and hope your spring break is going awesome!

    -Brittney <3^-^

  94. I love your spring fling 2 video! Heck I love all your videos! Not to sound weird but IT HURTS SO GOOD!!!
    I tried to do the knee crazies with you but I kept falling over. I guess I don’t have the coordination for it yet. Haha! I’m really glad you threw in that beginner modifier for it. Thank you for that! :)

  95. I second that. I’d enjoy a good hamstring workout.

  96. Abagail Medlin says:

    can you please do a ab workout to Demi’s new song ‘Heart Attack’, that would be awesome! i love your video’s and your workout calendars, they really keep me on my toes!

  97. Hi Cassey! love your videos!! can’t stop doing them all the time, i just love how it burns and how exhausted and great I feel afterwards. But i was wondering if you could do a workout for cellulites? I would really love totally smooth skin on my lower body for the summer. It’s not like i’ve got a lot of them, just a little and it is so annoying! Ok so please make one video for hamstrings or something that will help!

  98. I’m just starting too. I found the calendar a bit too difficult because I am so out of shape. But you might be in better shape than me. I read Cassey’s faq’s page and I thought it was really helpful. I found the total body beginners workout to be really the best video for me to start with because I really want to get the breathing movements down. I love the calendar too btw, but until I get stronger, the beginner workouts are still quite a challenge for me.
    good luck!

  99. Grace Kurth says:

    I second that! :)

  100. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a butt workout to Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! I’d love u 1000 times more and thats saying something cuz I luv u A LOT!

  101. hey ! i just started doing your videos today and they ‘ re amazing ! you really keep me going , i love them and i REALLY feel the burn ! your recipes are also amazing and i ‘ m about to try one out right now ! thanks for motivating me into something i probably would have never done on my own !

  102. Hey cassie! Your site is running really slowly, and cant open the “body focus” or the ” series ” section! Can you fix this? need tV see your vids to work out!

  103. Where is the one more night cardio workout, as listed on the february 2013 calendar?

  104. I’m new and excited to start the 90 challenge (even though I know it technically ended). I have a question, though. I’ve had a back injury and can’t do a lot of the rolling up andddown that you need to do during crunches and ab work outs. Do you have any videos with standing or sitting ab work outs that I could substitut ?

  105. On the feb. calendar what is elegant elliptical?

  106. Cardio will help you lose weight. But you shouldn’t worry about wanting your collar bones to stick out. Just focus on being healthy :)

  107. I am having a difficult time finding the first video on the calendar for today 1/23 called Fat Burning Cardio Warmup. I love the videos so much, but with they were easier to find!!!!!!

  108. Katherine says:

    I’m loving the JaNEWary calendar, but I’m having some problems with my knee from an old ski injury that just wont go away. Any suggestions for lower impact versions of things? I’m golden until the jumping lunges and the burpees.

  109. Hey Cassey, I really want collarbones that stick out!! Is there any excercises I could do? Or maybe you could do a workout video for it?

  110. Hi Cassie,
    Could you make another saddle bag video?

  111. KAITLIN LAWSON♥ says:

    Been working out to these videos a lot !I love em ! they keep me going and never thought I could do this daily!

  112. just wondering why the links to the videos dont load? :(

  113. Download the Youtube app. I use it everyday without a problem with the videos on my iPad

  114. I think you’re website is really good !!

  115. I was doing bodyrock and got turned off when Lisa got plastic surgery too. I thought she was so much prettier before! I love how Cassey is 100% herself and she is so happy with who she is! I’ve only been doing her workouts for a couple days but I’ve been reading her blog and admiring her awesome yoga bags for a couple months.

  116. Am having the same issue very frustrating i just go to youtube and find the videos there

  117. Download the browser Puffin. It does well playing videos and items that require flash. There is a free version and a pay version.

  118. I think what u should do is check out her workout calendars which shows u all the workouts you need to do each day and we get a new one each month!!!!! Also check out her meal plans and maybe try some recipes by checking out the recipe sections. Also like Cassey would say eat clean! 80% of your figure is through proper diet

  119. Hi,
    When I was trying to workout on my iPad, the workout video would not load on safari. Is there any way I can solve this problem. Hope there is. Thanks :)

  120. Hi Cassey

    Where did your cute ‘Muffin tops are for muffins!’ Shirts go?

  121. Hi cassie I really want to lose weight and help where to start

  122. Hi Cassie :) If I do the CMM challenge four times do you think that will be a good workout if I also eat clean? Thank you :) xxx

  123. Hi Cassie,

    I’ve been eyeing/using your workouts through tumblr for a while now, but I was doing a lot of After Lisa (the hostess) started getting plastic surgery (boobs, lips, nose) I was very turned off by the message it was sending me. Now I am here and I can’t be more happier!!! The diet plan is Uh-MAZ-ING!!! I’ve been on it for 2 full days now and I have such high energy. I’m eating the Berryilicous microwave muffin as I type and felt it appropriate to send Kudos to you! I’m using Calorie Count ( to help with my progress and although I’m only at the beginning stages I am taking on the 90 day challenge and will post before/after pics!
    Thank so so much for your time and energy you put into your website it is really a great gift!



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