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  1. hi cassy i just wanted to say is that if you are a youtuber and people like me are trying to get tips of u and you like never reply. its kinda really upsetting and it always gets to me to go on hotmail and see if you have replyed and i know that you are a very busy person but like you need to at lest reply to peoples messages and give them tips about how to loose wight not to be rude x

  2. You would do her most recent video. It only works if you are exactly on schedule because for example, it tells you to do the new video on September 1st, and she uploaded a brand new video on September 1st.

  3. I was just curious what video we are supposed to do when it says “new workout video”…a bit confused

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  6. Please share the blogilates bikini blaster calendar! :D
    thanks so much!!! =]

  7. Capitalize the first letterr! It should work :D

  8. It wasn’t working for me either at first. Then I capitalized the “I” in “Im” and lowercased the rest-that worked for me:)!

  9. soubidaaa says:

    nuuupe. not working. it was here yesterday.. but nothing today :C

  10. its not working for me either =*(

  11. The August calender password isn’t working!

  12. maybe try the beginner’s calendar for the first month? it’s a great way to start out :)

  13. “Whoops! That signup form isn’t around anymore… :( ”

    I can’t sign up :(


    i actually was asking myself the same question but remembered that she answered it already!

  15. Monica L says:

    For your workouts for each day, do I do it all at once or do it sections?

  16. I have a question…

    do I have to do all 4 workouts? I’m new to this and it is a bit overwhelming and time consuming… lol

  17. the password form may is sweathappy

    enjoy :)

  18. i couldnt either, but i found it here!

  19. i couldnt either, but i found it here!

  20. I”m having the same problem, I can’t sign up!

  21. same!! why so???

  22. Alia Ocicat says:

    It won’t let me sign up!

  23. ashley says:

    it won’t let me sign up!:(

  24. Patricia says:

    I have signed up for the newsletter and confirmed the request….but i didn’t get a password :(

  25. i think you should fix your website because its not letting me sign up

  26. i would love to start working out to your videos, but idk what to do when its all a love to use your workout calender but i cant get to it!!?!!..

  27. I have the same problem – I signed up but the email to follow does not come. I tried to sign up twice. Also tweeted Cassey twice to no avail :( I’m so keen to start these workouts as well :(

  28. Same thing happened to me. I have the december password but there’s no where to put it!!

  29. i’ve signed up but there is no where to enter the password :(

    when i click to print the calendar, it just takes me to the sign up page…

    is anyone else getting this problem too?

  30. Yeah, me too :/

  31. Hey cassey I signed up for the news letter recently, please can i get the password for the november and december calendars :)

  32. I just signed up too, and havent gotten anything!!

  33. the names of the exercise is workout videos she has done on youtube so search them up and u will be able to find them

  34. I have signed up for the newsletter but didn’t get a password. Does anyone have it?

  35. were am i supposed to get the email for the workout calendar? I’ve signed up but I can’t find it

  36. Hey Cassey :)! I was wondering if you will also be making a January 2013 calendar because i would love to start your new workouts next year!

  37. where are you supposed to put the password to get the calender, i am confused someone help please!

  38. Hey! Signed up for the newsletter, got the calendar and am ready to workout! But, how do I know what each workout title means? These exercise names just confuse me! Is there a link to gain access to the description for each workout?

  39. the calendar will help you lose weight, but it will also help you to tone up, so if you put on weight, you will still be looking better because the weight will be muscle. hope this helped! xx

  40. they are all on this website, or you can go onto youtube and google them! xx

  41. Yeah, i have the same problem, because im an aussie, i have to wait until the 2nd day in the month to start the calendar. It would be really useful if the 1st of the next month was on the calendar!! :D Thanks! xx

  42. We do all of th workouts listed for each day. We are meant to get an hour of exercise in on the days chosen, and Cassey has made up a list of workouts that add up to 1 hour. Hope this helped!! xx

  43. Does anyone know if we should be doing cardio M-F along with the written workouts or only on Saturday?! It seems like once a week is unusual..

  44. HIII is the calendar for weight loss or muscle build?

  45. Superb, what a blog it is! This weblog presents useful facts
    to us, keep it up.

  46. Hi! I just found your blog today and was especially inspired to start right up. I signed up and got the calendar and errthang! My only question is, do we EVERY workout for each day or choose or somethin?

  47. Me too :-(

  48. I signed up for the newsletter, but the activation email doesn’t have the password for the December Calender. I signed up again, still didn’t work. I really want the password. Please help, Cassey?

  49. aubrey magalang says:

    im having the same problem cassey. sorry :(…

  50. I signed up last month but I did not receive the newsletter or an email this month. :(

    Can you email me the password? I want to get started..


  51. Where do I type the password? I can’t find it. I keep getting the sign up page.

    Any help would be awesome –


  52. Same!!

  53. Now that I have the password from signing up for the newsletter…where to I enter it to gain access to the calendar? Thanks Cassey!

  54. How did you do it? I’ve the same problem…

  55. can u tell me how u solved it please

  56. I got the pw but I’m not sure where to put it now to get the calendar

  57. Hah, problem solved! :P

  58. Hi! I’ve got the password but I find nowhere to type it! I only get to the sign up form :(

  59. Anastasia says:

    Hey, I had some trouble myself with trying to find the password, but actually it comes with the email confirming your subscription to the newsletter! Funny right! Hahah so yeah, its actually the first sentence in the email. Hope it helps!

  60. Hi cassey,

    you always inspire me to keep going. i’m 20, and i’ve always disliked my body as I’ve been ridiculed for it from a tender age. as of now from february 2011, i’ve lost 63 pounds. I’m about 5’7 and I started at 213. I’d like to continue losing weight/getting lean and fit. I just want to say on my worst days where I feel so sad and almost too unhappy with my looks (both facial and body) you push me to never give up.

    I’ve never had a guy like me (although that doesn’t and shouldn’t dictate how I feel) physically, and I’ve never been the pretty girl or with “the nice body”. The last time I was in shape/fit was when I danced years ago for a few years and I was the heaviest in my class but still worked it. Where I’m going with this is, I’m ready for confidence, I’m ready to feel beautiful, to feel capable, and to feel happy within myself knowing that I can do these things. Mind of matter, no matter my physical composition.
    Thank you so much. I’m in tears. I hope to meet you someday. Really looking forward to this month with blogilates. dashing december from a darling dear, cassey.

  61. aww thanks shelley!

  62. I’m a subscriber already but I didn’t receive the password for the December calender. I checked my spam and inbox and it’s not there. I tried signing up for the newsletter again, but nothing. Please help. Thanks.

  63. Cassey: At age 46, I have just about done it all. You inspire me, you challenge me and you encourage me every day. Your selfless and thoughtful workouts paired with calendars and diets are soooo much more than programs I have paid plenty for throughout my years. Thank you so much for doing this tirelessly, month after month, year after year. You truly are one of God’s special creations. I love you!

    Shelley Young
    Tequesta, Florida

  64. teilzeitDAU says:

    hi, have you got it yet?
    if not, tweet me @teilzeitDAU and i’ll tweet you the pw:)

  65. Hi:) I just want to add that like a few others I didn’t get the password either. I have been signed up for the newsletter for a while and I tried signing up again, but still no password. Am I missing something? I’m just making up my own plan, but I would like to follow the workout calendar:)

  66. I have signed up three times and I haven’t got the password for the calendar… Help!

  67. Dear Cassey,

    Thanks for making a new workout calender! I am receiving your newsletter almost 1 year now, and suddenly I didnt get it this month? Its not in my spambox.
    I really want to have the password…. :-(
    Happy december!

  68. I have not received the newsletter with the password and I really want to use the calendar, this will be my first time using the calendar.

  69. Excited for the calender, but for some odd reason, it wont open! :( I’ve got the password, but whenever I ‘submit’ it, it just refreshes the page instead of actually opening the calender! Been at it for about 30 mins now, please fix it! Thank you for everything Cassey!<3

  70. So, um you know how you have problems with the workout calendars with not getting them up on time? Well, since you have people all over the world, including me, and we have different time zones I think it would be easier if you added the first day of the next month to your calendars for this month. So say, while you’re making the January calendar why don’t you just add the first day of February and then you have to time to make up the calendar for February on the last day of January so it will be perfect. I hope you understand the concept. I’m about 8 hours ahead of you and I was waiting for the calendar all day yesterday but the newsletter didn’t come until 12am, in my time zone and I just think it would be helpful to know what I’m suppose to do on that day. You are the best Cassey and I love these calendars, keep em’ coming!

  71. I can’t get my password!!! please HELP!

  72. hauet berengere says:

    I cannot get my password anywhere!!!! Could you please help me Casey, I m trying to find it, as I ve been receiving the newsletter for some time now…How comes !!! I really would like to get the DecembR calendar but I can’t I m so dissapointed !!!!
    Thx for helping !!

  73. Does anyone know the password? I hate waiting for that newsletter thing omg

  74. Christiana says:

    Go on youtube and search for them!(:

  75. You need to go onto her youtube channel to find them :)

  76. When will the December calendar be put up? I love the calendars so much, they give me organization and peace of mind. Cassey, you’re amazing and we love you!

  77. It’s 19 PM in Spain and the calendar isn’t post :( I wanna workouttt!!!!!

  78. I’ve just signed up and I’m a bit confused. I’ve managed to get to the workout calendar, but now how do I get to the workouts? Do I need to use the search bar (top right) to search for every workout?

    (If so, I’ve tried this – some are easy to find and others definitely are not).

    Am I missing something? A page with links, perhaps?

    Any handy hints would be appreciated! :-)

  79. I didn’t understand I have to make each video 4 times, or only bikini blaster 1? and, I can I make each bikini blaster on each day of the week? like bikini blaster 1 on mondays then bikini blaster 2 on tuesday and so on? or each workout 6 days a week?

  80. Does anyone know when the December calender will be put up?

  81. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get lisetd in Yahoo News? I have been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

  82. Hi Cassy,

    First of all thanks for your wonderful job . But have to say this month calender is really really hard for a begginner like me. Most of the time I just run out of breath in your very first workout and couldnt continue the rest. Though I really want to do all the workouts, being a research student and since all the workouts are mostly for whole 1 hr everyday, I couldn split it up and could do only wen I am bit free in evening. So it would be great if you could have some options for beginners in your next month calender. Thanks Cassy and I would really appreciate if you could consider this! Thanks again,

  83. Hi,
    I love your workouts, I just downloaded the calendar and it looks like you only include one rest day per week- what would you suggest for a busy mom wanting to do 5 days a week instead? Thanks!!

  84. u’r probably putting a capital P at first, it should be a small one.. had the same problem, then realized the mistake

  85. Is there a beginner’s calendar?



  86. I’m having the same problem too! I don’t know why but it doesn’t let me me get the calendar with any password I try!

  87. I have been signed up for the calendar for MONTHS! haha im in love with it but this nutsinnovember calendar is not showing up. im putting in the “password” and everything! ive been trying everyday! helpp?!!?

  88. go on facebook and ask someone to send it to u

  89. so ive signed up for the newsletter for a few months and im not getting the email! so ive been wanting the calendar but cant an get it. i know you cant give me the password but this is getting annying

  90. Hey,

    I signed up for the workout calendar two days ago, but I haven’t received a mail with the password.
    Is that normal?

  91. THANKS!

  92. teilzeitDAU says:

    use 1 instead of ! in the password. it was a spelling mistake (cf the “original” nuts-in-november newsletter – it was spelled correctly there)

  93. teilzeitDAU says:

    hi everyone
    i think cassey mentioned on twitter that you need to put 1 instead of ! in the password, it was a spelling mistake

  94. Can’t get this password to work either. I’ve even tried using 2 other browsers. I’m not sure what the logic behind password protecting these calendars is anyway to be honest. If you have something interesting to say (and Cassey does) people will sign-up without putting all of these barriers to content in the way…

  95. I cannot print the calendar either. I’ve entered the password at least 20 times and it keeps asking me for the password again – HELP!! I’ve started my personal diet and am ready to kick off my “No Cheat November”. I’m trying to lose another 30lbs by Christmas!

    Thanks in advance!

  96. same here, its extremely frustating!!

  97. Im having the same problem too! I keep typing in the password and nothing happens!

  98. How come it wont let me view November Calender?
    I typed in the password but it wouldnt show up?

  99. Just finished Saturday’s total bod slam for the November calendar… I am dying! I love it, thank you so much Cassey! My butt is already feeling like a little rock and I only just discovered you 3 weeks ago!

  100. These is the first time that I try your workout calendar and I love it!

    Greetings from Chile!

  101. teilzeitDAU says:

    i did it! :)

    i love your suggestion about using the bag as a reward! i’ll do this! :)

  102. Your calendars are hard on both my printer and my body xD But oh so worth the energy and the ink.
    Thank you so much for being so awesome and providing all this for us! You’re amazing!

  103. On the calendar what is the 20/20 and the 100 workout were supposed to do on monday and Thursday? I’m super confused. Help?? :)

  104. DO IT!!!! you sound like you can effort it, why not? do it for you and when you have reached something in your new lifestyle, then you can start to use them<3

  105. btw: teilzeitDAU is the same person as C. (i.e. me, haha)

  106. i just gave in to my heart like ten seconds ago and ordered the rose bag as well (along with some clothes) :) hahaha. i knew all the time i was gonna do this, i just had to make my mind accept this outburst of non-sensibility, hehe ;)

    1st of all, i’ve been thinking about getting this bag so many times i just had to get it, 2nd i really took the discount offer as a sign, 3rd YOLO, RIGHT?? so i followed what you said about going into another bikini comp and just jumped into it! no thinking allowed, follow your heart, it’ll know what’s best for you!
    and last but by no means least: i’ve just been thinking, man, cassey does so much for us. free information (& entertainment!) on her blog, free workout videos, even a freaking free workout calendar every month!
    so i just wanted to do something in return, give something back. more than just the occasional comment or tweet.
    so i thought, the only way i can actually return some of what you’re doing for us is by buying your things and support you in being a designer! i know it’s just plain old money that we’re talking here, but hey, this is the only way i can actually thank you for doing these amazing things for us! so i did it :)

    and i don’t regret it a bit, yay, i’m so looking forward for that parcel to arrive!!! :)

    lots of love from switzerland <3

  107. haha ur so cute

  108. teilzeitDAU says:

    guys, i need your advice :)
    ever since cassey announced that we’ll get a 10% discount for any ogorgeous order my mind and heart are having a major fight at the moment and it’s tearing me up inside ;)

    MIND says: you do NOT need that beverly bowtie bag in rose, man, you already got it in caramel!! why would you buy both? it’s not as if you hadn’t got any other bags…! and anyway you’ll only have trouble choosing which one of those LOVELY (aah!!) bags you should pick everytime you go to the gym..

    HEART says: ooooh look at that rose-coloured gorgeousness! #drooling like a baby over christmas presents that must not be opened yet
    if that rose version is only half as beautiful as your caramel one, it’ll still be SO worth buying it. you know you want it. YOU KNOW. you had such a hard time deciding which bag to get when you placed the first order. you’ve been thinking about also getting that rose version even when you placed your order for the caramel one.
    you knew the day would come on which you will get the rose bag too.
    so when – if not now! – could this day come? isn’t that 10% discount offer a SIGN that the time has now come?

    aah help me! mind? heart? who shall win?

  109. Just came across your website the other day. In the last 9 months since my second child was born I have lost the 22 kg I gained during my pregnancy, however I REALLY need to tone up again now!!! I got bored with my old pilates routine so went in search of something new, which was how I found you. I am really pumped for your November calander – im in Australia so November starts for me in like 12 hours haha. Really want to start asap!

  110. I’m so excited for the November calendar!! Can’t wait!! You’ve been great! Thanks so much!!!

  111. Hi Cassey,
    I love your workout calendars! Do you know how many calories one #OMGoctober day burns?
    Thanks! <3

  112. Hi All!
    I just found this website and Im loving it, but I just have one question, all the calendars are the same? in terms of everyday it says what exactly to do? if so Im sooo happy I came across this, cause that so mush easier to stay on track, since I needed something just like this so bad!


  113. I just found this site and I really like it. I would like to start the challange for #OMGoctober but I haven’t worked out in a while. Is this gonna totally kill me? and can I move on to the next day if I couldn’t complete all the workouts in one day, seems like alot.

  114. I would say yes. Only because they get bigger when we gain weight.

  115. Do the boobs get smaller when melting fat? :o
    haha sorry for that question

  116. Hey, so I have a quick question. I know these workouts don’t have as quick of results as the 90 day plan does, but these will still help me lose weight and get toned if I pair them with cardio and eating healthy, right?

  117. Hey, so I just has a question, even if these workout aren’t as hardcore as the 90 day challenge, I’ll still get in shape and get toned if I stay consistent, right?

  118. That’s what I thought. I just like doing things the way they’re supposed to be done, and since there’s technically no specific way to do this it just confuses me. Lol Thanks for replying!

  119. I’m no fitness expert but I would imagine it depends on what’s comfortable for you. If you can do all six then go for it! But if one day you go to work out and your muscles are just too sore and you can’t keep proper form and you aren’t having any fun, then maybe take that day off too. From what I’ve read, it’s really just a matter of preference.

  120. It’s up to you! She does include at least a five minute cardio video every day. I really like cardio so I do a little more each day, but I would imagine the calendar was designed carefully and with consideration so if she doesn’t include much cardio every day, it’s because it isn’t totally necessary. And as to how many times you complete the videos – you’ll notice at the end of many of her videos Cassey says “do this video as many times as you can as long as you are able to keep proper form”, so if you want to go through the videos twice – go for it! As long as you can keep good form and are listening to your body’s limits. Work hard but don’t injure or overwork yourself!

  121. It depends on your goal. OMGoctober and all the workout calendars are designed to help you maintain a healthy and long lasting change in your lifestyle. The 90 day challenge is designed to give more drastic results in 90 days but is not a lifestyle that is meant to be maintained. You complete it and then go back to a more realistic diet and workout plan. So if you have a specific fitness goal you need to reach by a specific date – like a vacation or a wedding – do the 90 day challenge. If you want to start changing how you live and how you think about fitness and health, read up on clean eating and join in on OMGoctober. Hope that helped!

  122. No problem :]

  123. I subscribe to the blog but when I receive the confirmation mail it is empty :(

  124. does that help against cellulite ?

  125. thank you so much:)

  126. So I have a question! I don’t have a problem with working out 6 days a week at all, but some people have said that you should have like 2 days of rest, while others say you should just have at least one day. I mean I’ve seen a bunch of different things about that, but I really just want one spot on answer. Haha! Please let me know what’s best Cassey! I’m like totally dying to know! Love you!

  127. You can find her videos on, or you can go to the tab at the top of the page under the Blogilates logo that says ‘workout videos’ and choose from the categories that are listed. Then, depending on which tab you’ve selected, videos will pop up on the page, and hopefully you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. :]

  128. Hey guys, can anybody PLEASE! help me
    i am new on this page and it’s a little bit confusing…
    and i am from germany so it’s a little bit difficult to keep the view!
    Can anybody tell me how this all works?
    I signed up and i opened the calendar but i dont really know where to find those videos and stuff

    Anybody help please?:)


  129. I never thought it was possible to love at hate someone so much at the same time.

    <3 Rebekah

  130. Sarah Cretin says:

    I’m SO sorry for posting so more question: some days cardio videos are included and some days they are we still do cardio? and on the days cardio IS included, do we do more cardio?


  131. Sarah Cretin says:

    Will OMGoctober get me in better shape than the 90 Day Challenge?
    Please let me know! :)

  132. Sarah Cretin says:

    Hey anybody out there! I’m new to this…for the calendar do we complete the workouts for each date just once a day? Or is it supposed to be a 2x completion thing? PLEASE let me know!! :)

  133. Sabreenah K says:

    All you need to do is either go to the top of this page and the second tap from the left in the left hand corner of the blogilates page it says workout videos. Click there and use the calender to narrow the search down depending on what we are working on that day (ex: abs). The other option is to search for the video on YouTube where Cassey psts the majority of the videos for the world to see. I hope this helps!!!
    p.s: She also has a really interesting channel that you should check out too!!!

  134. hi i really want to do this workout but have no idea how to where are the workouts and were do i find them?????????????? plz someone tell me. is this a silly question? lol im desperate to start

  135. yay glad u like!

  136. Hii! Oh my goodness This calender is simply wonderful! I love how you changed it up and put which workout vids to do! <3 loving it.

  137. i just clicked on the workout calendar button at the top of the website in the pink. Then the place to enter the password showed up.

  138. Hi,

    I subscribed for the calendar, got the password but I can’t see the workout calendar, could anybody help me?

  139. sorry about my spelling mistakes!

  140. Hello dear new friend Casey!
    I live in Bali and wow do I sweat here with your workout calender. I started it on Oct 2nd (missed a day). It is so amazing. I am really committed to this and I am telling all my friends :). Just one question. Is there any warm ups to do before we go straight into routine or is it ok just to go straight into the program? THANK YOU .. I will love you! (hee hee)…(I do love you..kinda ..grrrrrrr! ) :)

  141. OMG OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!! SOMETHING IS KILLING ME!!!!! Oh wait…. it is the workouts in the October calendar. But then again the pain feels gooooood!
    Where can you find a workout that is great and the pain feels good… 3 words:
    Blogilates and Livestrongwoman
    /人♥ ‿‿ ♥人\ Absolutely ♥ this website and ♥ Cassey!!

  142. Directioner says:

    You should put up the videos of each day on a side bar or something so we dont have to go searching for each one. :)

  143. Reina Penaloza says:


  144. It’s free :)

  145. Yeeeeeey!!!! I finally got my calender!!! :D

  146. Hey I was wondering are the newspapers free? Or do you have to pay for a subscription?

  147. Hey guys,
    I am sooo excited to get the new calendar. I have my company party soooon so I want to look good :)

  148. hey Cassey ,
    i cant print the calendar cuz i haven’t got the e-mail and in the web theres nowhere the calendar in big format :/

    Greets, tanja from germany ;)

  149. Ahh, hope I get the password soon! Can’t wait to do my very first month of workout!

  150. I NEED THE CALENDAR! Aaaahhhhhh! Cassey I’m DYING without it!! DX

    Hahahahaha Im so pumped for the October calendar! :) I’ll be checking allllll day!!

  151. hi cassey
    now, well. I think these calendar is a good way too be in good shape, especially after summer…^^
    but my only problem is that i just get up the calendar for july, and not september?..

  152. can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!! :) *heart is racing*

  153. Today (cf. twitter)!! :) What i figured out (according to Cassey’s tweets) the calendar seems to have yet a new concept (all workouts given), so it’s gonna be like your own PT!
    I’m SO excited to see it!!

    who else can’t wait to see the new calendar???? :)

  154. agreed! I’d love to be able to plan ahead. kind of nice that the first of the month falls on a Monday too.

  155. Yeah thats what i’d like to know too cause tomorrow is october!!

  156. When does the October calendar come out!? :)

  157. When is the October workout calender being posted?

  158. hey cassey, when is the next workout calender coming out? (october) :)

  159. lol ur so smart! hahahhaha

  160. like ur idea

  161. Hey just so everyone knows! I didn’t get the email either, but here is what you can do! So you should see a picture of the calendar on the left side just right click it then select open picture in new tab. Then BAM there yah go :) save it and you can have it on your computer!

  162. ”Completed WO!” means you did your workout for the day (I think this month, it’s alternating HIIT with strength videos for 1 hour).
    WO is short for workout.

  163. Hey!
    i just started and was wondering what ” Completed WO!” is? i cant find a video with that name. Please help! its on alomst everyday and i feel like im missing something!
    Thank You

  164. I don’t seem to get an email either in my inbox or my spam : ( Is there another way?

  165. I keep getting an error code that your site is down for scheduled maintenance. When will it be back up? I am using Chrome. Should I use a different browser to access the calendar. I signed up, got the email but when I click on the link I get this error.

  166. what is going on now? are u on the specific post for the calendar?

  167. Alyssa Aguilar says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I signed up and got my password and tried inputting it to download the september calendar and it keeps saying that i will get it with the news letter basically not getting anywhere with the password. Can you help me out with that? It seem a few others have experienced the same problem.

  168. I would just like to first say thanks for these amazing workout plans!
    But I’d also like to point out that these calenders are the perfect size to use as a desktop background which is what I’ve done, so that It’s a constant reminder and quick to refer to when I need to, since I usually have frequent access to my laptop or computer. Just a small tip :)

  169. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. I have not been feeling well for a very long time. Stress and other factors have left me feeling run down, depressed and out of shape. I so desperately want to get back on the right track as far as my health is concerned. I think I finally found the solution with you website.

  170. same here! the gangnam style vid is truly hilarious!
    yesterday the song was on the radio while i was in the locker room at my gym and i SERIOUSLY had to stop myself from pelvic thrusting and ride-ride-riding that horse in public! ;)

  171. hi, i just have a question, i’m new on the site and i want to start doing the workout calendar, but the problem is i don’t know where to find the new videos (video of the day)? could anyone tell me pls?

    tnk u

  172. haha: i meant: “check out this video cassey made… ” not: “video on cassey”, haha :)

  173. check out this video on cassey made to explain the calendar

    if you don’t wanna lose weight (lucky you!), you can still follow the calendar, you’ll just “have” to eat more bc you’ll obviously burn more cals when doing the workouts. check out this video to figure out how many calories your body burns in a day

    hope this helps! :)

  174. dear Cassey,
    I’m petite and skinny,but it’s really important to me to be in shape and curvy.
    actually I don’t know how to start and what to do because I don’t want to lose weight at all . what should I do with this workout calendar????????thanks for helping us ;)))))

  175. Yeah just follow the calendar. For me I don’t work out on Sat cause of religious reasons but I do Saturday’s workout on Sunday

  176. wow ! Just finished your gangnam style cardio workout and it was soo much fun,had a proper laugh at your “ride that horse” bit : D Needed to do it two or three times till i got the moves down but that’s because I’m quite uncoordinated, i had a smile on my face all day. Thank you cassey for all your hard work and inspiring all us ladies (and men folk alike) XxX

  177. Stay that way, Cassie. You are so loved by the whole world. Keep embracing life.
    muchlove and always with you, JO

  178. I have just discovered your website and You Tube channel. Wow, love that you’re sharing all these excellent workouts with us! (I already do cardio kickboxing; following your vids will be so fun too. The Sept. calendar looks great and I can’t wait to start working with it. So I signed up for the newsletter. Got the password and entered it. But the calendar won’t display or print – how do you access it? Frustrating! Maybe you can ask someone in SF or Silicon Valley to help you make the user interface a bit more intuitive and user friendly. Thanks!

  179. Hi Cassey

    First let me thank you loanssssssss for the inspirational work u’r doing and asking u to keep up the good work. I love ur energetic inspirational character and love ur blog and videos.

    Second I wanted to know how I can get the password for September calender? I have already sign up but have got no password, could u please guide me?

    thank you soooooooo much sweetie

    love <3


  180. Cassie Karr says:

    **Same name**

  181. Cassie Karr says:

    Cassey!, I am new to pilates all together and have come across your videos on YouTube! i have been trying to do your workouts as much as i can but laziness kicks in most days. I am thrilled to find your workout calendars to help me stay on track everyday! Also, you make it so fun and colorful , who could be down after watching you! Thanks Cassey for getting me into this… To be honest i was truly drawn to the videos because we have the came name! It’s kinda rare right?!

  182. I put in the password multiple times, but the page still won’t let me download the calendar.

  183. I’m having the same problem.

  184. biologjoanne says:

    Hi, I have the same problem- I signed up for the newsletter (firs time in July for July calandar), since than I never obtained any newsletter and I cannot open September workout calendar…

  185. it means completed work out :)

  186. hi just wondering what it means when it says “completed wo!” thankyou! :)

  187. hey jackie, you can find her videos posted on this site under the ‘Workout Videos’ drop-down bar or YouTube. the username for YouTube is blogilates. the new video is called, “Waist Slimming POP Pilates to Wings by Little Mix”. hope that helps! :)

  188. So…I just signed up and I want to print the calendar but it says that I will get the password with the newsletter…When do I get the newsletter?

  189. what exactly does it mean by “new video”? and where does one find this?

  190. wow thank you so much for the explanation, this is very helpful! :)

  191. That helped ALOT! Thank you

  192. Is your name really Liv or is it Olivia because either way I want (if i ever have a baby girl in the far future) to be named like that LOVE IT!

  193. Well its my first time too I feel like yeah its going to help a lot but whether you lose weight or not its kinda up to you, your diet, and how well you train…

  194. Exactly you’re going to train 1hr each day for the assigned body area and on SUN is REST day so its for you to rest and not work your muscles overboard!

  195. For me WO means completed workout!

  196. should we workout everyday? except of sunday??

  197. oh and i forgot to say:
    on WED you don’t alternate between hiit and body sculpt, but you do 60′ of Hiits/Cardio only (this will equal about 6 Hiit videos). this will get you super sweaty :)
    On SAT, you do 1hr of cardio (e.g. go for a run outside/at the gym or do some cardio vids; etc)

  198. hey!
    i think it works this way:

    WO means “workout” and you tick that box when you’ve completed your workout for that day (see below). So ticking that box will be your reward for working out so hard :)

    The workout commands that are mentioned in the directions are the moves that are listed above the “wo completed” box. So today, the workout command was to do 2 sets of 25 criss-crosses. If you don’t know what the commands mean, i’d suggest looking them up on the internet/youtube or in Cassey’s videos.

    For your actual workout, you alternate between body sculpting videos and cardio/hiit videos (i guess the reason for alternating is that it gets your heart rate soaring which burns cals like crazy).
    For example today (Mon 3 Sept) your workout should target the core (i.e. abs, obliques, or “everything around your waistline” as Cassey says :)! ) and it could look something like this:
    1. Do the new video (as listed in the box)
    2. do one hiit or cardio video, e.g. the “bodyweight workout”
    3. do another abs or obliques video, e.g. “abominable abdominals”
    4. another hiit or cardio video
    etc etc
    until 60′ are over.
    THEN you go to your calendar and tick off the “wo completed” box and FEEL GREAT about yourself :)

    hope that helps

  199. Me neither! I’m super confused!! So…2 days of only cardio? I don’t understand what it means by Wednesday all HIIT and then Saturday is 1 hr cardio too. Isn’t that too much cardio? SOMEONE HELP!

    I may refer back to the August schedule until I figure this one out.

  200. I am pretty confused about the september calendar… I wish it would just say which videos to do and when, you know? :)

  201. I’m with you. I don’t get what we need to do? Can somebody explain what “WO” is and what all the “DIRECTIONS” are meaning? I’m new to blogilates and kind of confused…

    Thanks to everyone! :-)

  202. Ellen Anderson says:

    i don’t understand this workout AT ALL
    what is WO? i’m so confused :(

  203. I don’t understand how the workout works? should I train everyday for 1 h except for sunday?? please help me!

  204. Thanks!!

  205. im still waiting for my email :(
    but thankyou so much for changing my life cassey xx

  206. sorry i meant your legs and your UPPER BODY (not arms) are diagonal and create a v-shape ;)

  207. i think cassey did #4 squats in the bikini blaster that targets the butt, so you might just wanna check out that one for explanation.
    the teaser is when you bring your body in a v-shape (legs and arms diagonally in the air like a “V”, sitting on your tailbone). I can’t remember a workout where cassey did a teaser, but if you google it/go on youtube you’ll find it easily.

  208. mine was in the spam folder too (which is weird as the regular newsletters never do)

  209. Hey, Can anyone tell me what completed wo means? wo stands for work-out, guess? But ‘completed work out doesn’t mean an other work out, just that you did the above stuff from above that day right? Sorry if it seems like a silly question

  210. I just received mine and it was in the spam folder. I was reading it over and can i’m semi new to pop pilates and I’m not sure what squat #4 is or 10 second teasers.
    Thanks in advance!

  211. I havent received the password either, i keep double checking myemail

  212. anyone else not recieved their news letter?! i want to see sept workouts

  213. Destinee Washington says:

    First time doing this! (: Does this actually help you lose weight && tone?? Ive been doing zumba for the last 3 weeks && I want to try something different.

  214. Hey! Did you guys receive the September calendar? I’ve been checking my email for a few hours now and nothing..(not even in the spam box)

  215. And I thought I was the only one doing this :)

  216. Hey Popsters!! I’m new in this Blogilates thing!! but it looks kinda interesting… I’ve been doing the whole body beginners video for a week and all my muscles hurt!!! I even discover muscles I didn’t know they were there :) So I’ve been having problems with my weight lately… and I’ve always wanted to have a nice stomach that’s why when I discovered blogilates last week I couldn’t believe how lucky I was!!! My goal is starting the september calendar tomorrow to see if I’m able to finish it!! SO, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE STARTING THE CALENDAR LIKE ME!! STAY STRONG!! Love, Olalla ^^

  217. i thought that too but that’s because the August one isn’t password protected and September hasn’t been released yet

  218. SAME! I just found blogilates and i love it!!

  219. I can totally relate :)

  220. Oh Cassey I CAN’T WAIT for the september calendar to pop up here!!!!! :-)
    already been checking my mailbox a billion times today to see whether the newsletter’s already arrived :-)
    aaaaahhhhh!!! *all jittery with excitement* :-)

  221. I think it’s supposed to be blogilates videos, but I don’t see why doing your own workout at the gym wouldn’t be ok. I think the point is just to do 45 minutes of toning whatever body part and 15 minuted of cardio.. And the cardio blast just means any of her cardio videos or hiit videos. hope this helps! good luck :)

  222. i can only get the july workout calendar?? :(

  223. Hi! I want to start by telling you that I run into your youtubechannel today and I am SUPER excited because I just was getting bored with what I was currently working out with.
    Now I want to ask you about the workout plan, when you say 45 minutes you mean that we should do the same exercise video until we complete 45 minutes?

  224. i dont know how the calendar works :'(

  225. Also is cardio blast a titled video or jsut do any cardio video? Sorry for being a noob

  226. Thank you and by adding another 25 or 35 minutes is this at the gym or just a blogilates video. Sorry im new to this and want to get started ASAP!

  227. Christina says:

    Hey :))

    It’s totally okay to have one cheat day. Even celebreties work out and have a very strict diet but a lot of them said that they have one cheat day where they have some not-so-good things they really like. Snacking is okay. You could eat some dark chocolate which is a little bit better than regular or white chocolate if you really want to or some other product you can not resist. ;)
    Cassey typed something very interesting for all of us – why is it quite good for us to cheat once in a while:

  228. Christina says:

    Hey :))

    for following the instructions of the calendar you have to do 45 minutes of targeting the recommended muscle group. Yesterday it said “Inner Thigh Insanity” which takes around ten minutes. Now you add another 35 (!) minutes until 45 minutes are complete. If another video – maybe Bikini Blaster Arms (20 minutes) would have been today’s video, you just need to add 25 minutes anymore.
    And don’t forget about that quartrer hour of cardio to melt that fat off.

  229. Um cassey, just wanted to ask, Can we snack like once in a week or so? because i cant stand not snacking :c
    please help xoxoxoxo

  230. Can someone explain the work ut calendar to me. You do what is says on the calendar plus an addiotnal 45 minutes of your choice exercise targeting a certian muscle group?

  231. hey i signed upfor the workout calendar but im not receiving the confirmation email.

  232. I live in Australia and we have opposite weather conditions. Should I do different workouts, like in spring do bikini workout?

  233. Dianna Seppala says:

    I find it hard to eat healthy. How do you manage to do it everyday?

  234. Hey Cassey,

    Is there going to be a September calendar?


  235. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your workout calendar and videos although I have always been the opposite of a sporty, acvtive person! I suffer quite a lot while doing them, but I nevertheless have a lot of fun as well. Given that I have been rather opposed to sports for matters of laziness but gained quite some weight over the last 2-3 years, I wanted to start a workout which is easy to understand, yet effective. And Blogilates offers just what I was looking for!

    I started to workout 4-5 times a week a over a month ago and although I don’t know whether it’s actually possible to see any results yet, I can feel it already. I just feel uplifted! However, since I’m such a beginner in all kinds of physical activity (apart from loving long walks) I modified the whole calender a bit. I didn’t want to loose my motivation too quickly so I started off by doing the beginners whole body workout 4-5 times a week. After having done that for some time, I noticed it started to get easier and I added one POP Pilates video targeting the different body parts according to your calender. Now, I’m at about 45 min each workout, but I want to add up to that slowly till I reach the recommended 1h. I knew I had to add cardio workouts sooner or later in order to actually loose fat, but again, I wanted to start off slowly. I have done medical weight lifting exercises a couple of years ago (it is called Kieser Training here in Germany) and I was told by the instructors there that in order to build up muscels it’s crucial to let the muscles rest for 24h after each workout. Given that I did a total body workout almost every day, I decided to change that routine a bit yesterday. Now, I’m trying to alternate POP Pilates and POP Cardio workouts because I feel like I’m not ready yet to actually combine both of them. This means I do 45 min POP Pilates one day (starting with the beginners workout and then moving on to a targeted area workout) and POP Cardio the other (since I started doing Cardio only today, I started with 20 min but I plan to add up onto 45 min and then 1h in the near future).

    I do hope I will end up with weight loss and a toned body in time, but I also know that longlasting weight loss does need some time, so I’m patiently doing my exercises and eat clean- that’s not such a big problem to me, though, because in Germany processed food and fast food aren’t such a big issue like in the US where you don’t seem to be able to buy drinks smaller than 0.5 litres a serving and there seem to be all kinds of different sodas but not many healthy alternatives- no offense, really (Btw, I’m not a big fan of plain water, but there’s a drink in Germany consisting of about 2/3 sparkling water and 1/3 pure, natural apple juice which I like quite a lot. It’s also very easy to make yourself!).

    Sooo, thank you for your lovely workouts and your encouragment in each and every video of yours :)


  236. Wait,,, what do you write in the lines? O.o Sorry :’O
    These are awesome though!! :D thanks.

  237. All Cassey’s workouts are on her youtube channel Blogilates. Or you can go to her drop down menu “Workout Videos” up the top of this website :)

  238. in youtube find her channel

  239. Stephanie says:

    Number 6 please.. I have Lupus and purple is for Lupus awareness

  240. Hi I’m new to the blog and just downloaded the August calendar, I know a bit late but I still figured better late than never! I noticed for today’s workout it says best lower ab workout ever…does anyone know where I can find this? Thanks!!

  241. Hey Cassey. I have the same question as Mae. Do we just hit up the other videos and write them down? I’m looking for all of this to do at home since I’m a mom of two active kids so thank you. I also want to know what videos would be good for my joints? I’m 23 and they have told me I might in the very near future need to replace my knee unless I get those muscles strengthened and lose a few more pounds. I weigh around 140 and am 5’4″. I know your not a professional doctor or anything just wondering if you could give me a heads up thanks!!

  242. Hey, Cassey!
    Um, I just recently came across your videos on YouTube. And I was like, Whoa! girl has spunk! Then I saw you had a blog, so now I’m checking it all out. THEN, I see that you make workout calendars for all of us!? Goodness, Cass you sure do spoil us rotten. [; But anywho, I was wondering how to actually do the workouts from the calendars. Liikkkee, you have a video of the day but it says to do 45 minutes of the targeted areas? Does that mean I pick out other videos of your’s that has to do with the area orrrr.. what does that mean?
    Sorry if I’m bothering you with this question, I was just curious.
    Okay well, thank you Cassey for being awesome and amazing. Thank you for making videos, and I hope you make lots more of them! Because you know, I love it when you spoil us!
    – Mae. xx

  243. OMG, AWESOME!!! Thank you Cassey!!!

  244. I just stumbled onto one of your youtube workout vids and your persona is so cheerful and fun! So, I had to check out the blog :)

    Got the august calendar as my desktop and i’ve already done the abs workout. August is the time to get started! *fingers crossed*

    Thanks Cassey!

  245. WOW. You’re workouts are amazing! This the end of the first week and now my parents are going to try the 90 day challenge with me and my friend! It’s so awesome and you are really inspiring me to keep going! I feel the burn (good kind of burn) the next day and work some other section to keep the burn going for my whole body! I have some goals that I think I can achieve thanks to blogilates! Thanks so much!

  246. yessss!! But you can walk, run, jump, roll, dance…whatever works for you, you just have to sweat!

  247. karina!
    i think they should be on you tube- just tipe pop pilates and it will find your every single one. Or click workout index on this site. Godd luck girl!

  248. Hey Cassey!
    So I want to start off saying that I LOVE your videos! They are amazing! And I really think they will work for me. I barely found out about you and your website and your videos on YouTube today and I got super excited because I think I finally found fun and exciting workouts that I could enjoy! So as I was going through your website I saw that you have a calendar with workouts for everyday and so I printed it off but now I’m wondering where can I find those video’s? I’ve found like 2 but I’m having trouble finding the others. So could you please help me out? I’m excited to start your workouts and I’m really looking forward to seeing some results!

  249. Amen ! I work forty hour weeks and I’m starting school back up please hurry Cassey dear!

  250. I really need it I need to plan D:

  251. I just started today, well its the last day of July this year.. haha
    I got a check up at the doctors and they noticed my body fat was increasing by the year T^T I want to start asap and stop that pattern!!!

  252. It is a further only one and half hour remaining this month on this part of earth! Please be quick ♥

  253. Leviathan says:

    Can’t wait! :D

  254. Heey Cassey!! Can you teach me how to use the calender correctly please? Thanks!

  255. Stephanie says:

    I love 5 and 6 the best! Thanks for doing this contest!!

  256. I’m so excited :)

  257. So I’m new to the calendar and have a question! On Saturday’s are you supposed to do cardio for an hour? ??

  258. Awesome thanks Cassey!

  259. yay! <3 Thanks Cassey!

  260. don’t worry! there will be one!

  261. Cassey! August is fast approaching and I don’t see a workout calendar for it! :/ I seriously live for your workout calendars!! Thanks <3

  262. Katherine says:

    Hi Cassey I am trying to sign up for the newsletter so I can get the password but I don’t get the email I check in the spam please help xxx

  263. Cassey!

    I love your workout calendar! I used the July one and it keeps me on track and keeps me movitvated!

    Are you going to have one up for August soon?

  264. it’s in the first activation or confirmation email

  265. ladyfunga says:

    Hi Cassey
    Thank you very much for your videos!
    I’d like to see the july calender but i don’t receive the password!! I checked in my spam but nothing..maybe because I’m from Italy and the server is not the same???!! thank you bye bye

  266. Torie Kraus says:

    I totally love #3 but I love my body because of you

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  270. lisandra says:

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  271. lisandra says:

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    Any color would work with my black workout pants, but, #4 the orange would be fun and motivating.

  285. Tiffany says:

    Cassey I love all you do here!
    Shirt #3 is my favorite!!!

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  290. #1 is my favorite! This tank is very stylish, but all the colors are nice too!

  291. Last night I had a dream that I won this contest and got one of these AMAZING shirts! Help my dream become a reality! lol. got to go with numero uno

  292. Oh wow!! This is such an amazing opportunity! I love 3!

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    #3 if absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

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  300. Sarah Irani says:

    3, 3, 3!!! I want to prove to all of the people that said I couldn’t do it, that I can!!! I lost 20 pounds doing Blogilates already!!!! LOVE IT!

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE #3!!!

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    I ADORE #3!!! Those colors will look GREAT at the beach or somewhere sunny!


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    The orange tank is bright & cute. Definitely my favourite one.

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  307. Meghan Moore says:

    I found your videos about a month ago and now I am obsessed!!!
    I have always been big in fitness, but when I sprained my ankle this past year I couldn’t play any sports or do anything active. When I found that pilates was easy on the joints I looked everywhere for a good site. Thank you so much for sharing your workouts, fashion, and meals with me! I love the clothes you have created as well! The slogans are great!! I’m starting to “Train insane” to get the strength and flexibility back in my ankle and of course getting down like a “Beast!” I’m loving the new shirts, especially number 4! The diamond detail in the background makes it even better!
    Keep making videos and I’ll be here to workout with them!

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    I love #1 or #7! Just signed up and I’m sore. You rock!

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    #3 or 4 or 5

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    Definitely Love #7! So Adorable!! Also, I absolutely love your workouts they’re challenging and they make me feel great!! Thank you so much for everything you do!! : )

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    By the way, you’re such an inspiration!

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  375. I love the new “train like a beast, look like a beauty” shirts! I would say #1, the blue and gold looks the best.

  376. I just joined and i’m so excited to try out the workingout calender and try ALL of your exercise videos <3
    Btw I love #4

  377. Ashley Nehls says:

    I love #6

  378. Kimberley says:


  379. Yessenia G. says:

    #6, i absolutley love the fact that you give away things and how you are kind enough not to make people pay to watch your videos! Keep up the good work! BTW you look great!

  380. Wooo you’re so awesome!
    I would really like to win # 1, 2 0r 3 <33333

  381. Hristina says:


  382. Ann-Kathrin says:


  383. Alyssa Ginanni says:

    #3 :)

  384. TitiaFromTahiti says:

    I love The n°1.
    Cassey you’re really amazing!
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  385. Jennifer Lord says:

    I really like the beast tanks! Would like a Jade or White! Thanks

  386. Christine says:

    I love these shirts!!!! #6 Purple please with a cherry on top! :)

  387. #7 – Fave!!!

  388. Lisandra Telles says:

    #7 or #6

  389. Lisandra says:

    #7 or #6 facorite color :)

  390. Gabrina Johnson says:


  391. Brailee says:

    Love #6

  392. Thank you so much for doing this! This is so sweet! All the colors are beautiful! If I were to win I would choose #3! Thank you so much!

  393. #3 is so POPilicious!!!!!

  394. #4 pretty please!!!

  395. Nada Medhat says:

    #7 :))

  396. Angela G says:

    I<3 number 3. So bright and bubbly :) Makes working out even more fun than it already is <3blogilates

  397. The new shirts are super cute! At 1st i was drawn to the green w/pink but then I was like I need some purple in my workout wardrobe so I’ll go for #6! :)

  398. i can enter as many times as i want?? well that could be a problem! probably going to enter twice a day!! neaon is FRESH! i’d have to say my favorite color is 1!

  399. #2

  400. #2!! It makes me want to workout :)

  401. #3!!!!!!!!! I love these!!!!

  402. 6:)

  403. I love #6. That purple is beautiful!!

  404. Chrissy Benson says:

    i love the saying! #3

  405. love all the colors & the message! #5

  406. Kaycee Anderson says:

    I like #1, please! Thank you :)

  407. #2, or #5 – super cute (:

  408. I love your Site and make every day the WO :)))

    I feel much better ….

    I like the NEON GREEN ….

    I`m happy, when i win this Shirt

    Hugo Anja

  409. #5! :)

  410. Sabrina says:

    but actually I like all the colors. Its difficult to choose only one :-)

  411. Yaritza says:

    #7, they are all awesome though :)

  412. #3! The colours are so bright and cute! Will be fun to workout in this!

  413. Rachael Sherman says:

    #2!!! So cute! You’re the best!!!!!

  414. Hi

    I got the activation email with the password but it still wont open the July calendar.


  415. nevermind

  416. I have applied for the newsletter three times, and I have not received an activation letter yet, what can I do?

  417. i haven’t received the password.i was waiting for it yesterday.

  418. Elliee:] says:

    Hiya guys, I recieved the password in my activation email. It was in my inbox, Its the first sentence there :] Hope you find it,

  419. hi!i haven’t received any mail regarding the password for the july calendar.i’ve checked my spam a couple of times already..

  420. i have subscribed to the newsletter but i haven’t gotten any mail yet.need your help.thanks…

  421. angelina says:

    I didn’t get the activation e-mail either :( but the link in the first e-mail worked fine.

  422. it should be in your activation email?

  423. I haven’t received the email yet for the pass. It appears that a lot of people are having the same issue. When should we receive the password?


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