Total Body


  1. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written much better! Going through this post
    reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this.
    I will send this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a great read.

    I appreciate you for sharing!

  2. I loved the superman/half cobra push-up combo! It was great, although this was the first video that I did, so the only thing that burned were the plié hops.

    Love ya.

  3. Hi Cassey, could you please make a “cool down” video we could follow after we’re done with your workout videos? Thank you so much! :)

  4. I really like the Total Body Workouts – wish there were more long ones for a variety!

  5. Hi Cassey,

    This was awesome! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Hi Cassey!

    Ive been doing your workouts for the past 2 years and really love them… I am now 5 months pregnant and was wondering if you could do a pre-natal pilates workout? Ive had a look online but none are as good as yours and im desperate to keep fit during pregnancy! Do you know any good workouts/could do a workout series on them?

    Thank you so much!,


  7. Katherine says:

    I think just pick 4 or 5 videos to make roughly 50 minutes.

  8. Cassey! You should do another dance workout to the song Boom Clap by Charli XCX. I think it would be a really good song to do an upbeat workout to. Thanks for all of your great videos, you’re inspiring!

  9. Hey everyone ! i’m new to this site and today i have started this 90 days challenge. Actually i wanted to know for the first day workout routine cassey has written “Pick 50 minutes worth of POP Pilates Total Body videos to sculpt” and end with 2 rounds of POP Cardio or POP HIITS to melt fat.
    **50 mins of body total body videos for sculpting** but the video shown here is not of 50 mins, so i’m a little confused. Can anybody help me through this ?
    thank you! :)
    btw love you cassey, ur workouts are really awesome! :* :)

  10. Hey Cassie!!
    What do you have to do in chisel that body??

  11. Hey Cassey! I started training with you about a year ago and I still love it just as much as I did when i began! You help me through so much and if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve never realized how much fun working out can be :) Although sometimes I get too busy with school and sports and theater, I always come back to Blogilates because it makes me happy! I really love the Gatsby Cardio dances and the Beauty and the Beast Workout! I do that one almost three times a week! Do you think you could do more Disney Princess workouts? Like target each body part with a different disney princess? I would love it! And for a Disney princess cardio, Let It Go from Frozen would be AMAZINGGGGGG! Elsa is so great! Okay, this is getting insanely long so…. I love you Cassey! And thanks again!
    <3 Riley

  12. Katrina Williams says:

    Hey POPsters! I was finally able to do the lotus crunch! It made me so happy :) However, when I do the eagle crunch, I don’t feel anything. Would any of you know why? It bums me out because I hate feeling limited. Also, my quads cramp up really bad during some of the exercises, and I stretch them out all of the time. I’m just feeling frustrated. Someone one help me please!


  13. Really enjoyed this workout! The road conditions aren’t the greatest today so I didn’t feel like driving to the gym so I decided to give this site I try which I’ve heard about in the past! Very happy I did because it was a killer workout targeting areas that I don’t often hit at the gym :) I’ll def do these again!

  14. Amber Dawn says:

    Just did the Come and Get It workout and couldn’t do all of it. :-/ Modified the harder moves. I’m a postpartum Mom getting back in shape. Not quite as flexible as you though I love your workouts! Won’t quit.

  15. Determined to complete the 90 day challenge!♥

  16. I agree we should plan every diet you want eicepsally weight loss Losing weight is hard but with determination and great plan am sure it will work

  17. Completed this one again for the second time and it was less hard this time! Great to actually feel progress :D

  18. I love that I can do workouts without going to the gym, and the videos are awesome! I had to stop a couple times during this one ;) Nice, Cassie!

  19. Awesome workout! My ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Definitely the up up down down burpees

  21. Love this Website!! Just completed a HIIT workout and total body workout. In great Pain!

  22. What are the names of the songs in this workout?

  23. Is pilates considered as strength training? Please!!! I need a quick truthful answer. Thank you xx

  24. Hi Cassey, in regards to the truck driver in the muffintop massacre, what do you think if I included weights in this move? I put a weight behind the knee coming up to meet my elbow in which that hand held a weight as well? I just felt like I needed more resistance and wanted to get your thoughts on if that was okay to do. Thanks, Chrissy

  25. Not a workout I don’t love! Thanks Cassey!

  26. Article writing is also a fun, if you be familiar with then you can write otherwise it is difficult to write.

  27. Vanessa A. says:

    I really love this workout.

  28. Cassey I am so thankful for your videos! I always feel sooo good after a workout and your encouragements are what keep me going! You are a big inspiration to me <3

  29. Cassey, what about swiss ball series? Does it sound like a good idea? The total body’s and the livestrong’s workouts are great, but can we have more?

  30. you should do Mulan!!!

  31. Crystal Dawn says:

    Hi Cassie my name is Crystal im living in Melbourne you should totally come here i would die to meet you !!!!
    You are one of my favorite people a real inspiration . Your workouts are amazing. I love you!!!!!!!!!

  32. Cassey,
    WOW. I was an avid popster for awhile before I took classes over the summer. Talk about time consuming! After I finished up with those, I started up with Blogilates for a few weeks before school and my sport season started. I just didn’t have time for it during those long days :( Now, with my sport season over, it has been a few weeks and I FINALLY went back to you :) TALK ABOUT INTENSE. It was crazy! But I loved it, and boy did I realize how much I missed it! And I sure do love the Train Like A Beast Look Like A Beauty workout! So cute! I love Disney Princesses :) I would absolutely adore a collection of Disney Princess workouts! Like maybe an intense Mulan cardio, and a Little Mermaid fin-tastic legs? That would def be a fitness dream of mine! Luv u Cassey! Popster 4 life ;)
    <3 Riley

  33. Oh my god I LOVE the “come and get fit” workout!! :) It was so great!! I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated!! :)

  34. Hi! If you cant work the videos on her website, then try looking them up on her youtube channel.
    Hope this helps:)

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    What web host are you the usage of? Can I get youjr affiliate link in your host?
    I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  36. I am a yoga instructor and new to pilates – I LOVE your videos – i look forward to starting and finishing my days with a blend of your blogilates and yoga. Thank You!

  37. This is my first day trying this and holy that felt great! A little tired now but i cant wait until i get can do that workout with no problems!

  38. How many calories does ‘ PSY Gentleman Challenge ‘ burn?
    I love your videos so much! ;)

  39. Hey Lou : )
    If you have really bad muscle ache I would recommend to not do any hard and challenging exercises the next day. Having muscle ache means that your muscles have very small cracks and it needs time to heal again!
    Go for a walk or go swimming instead!
    Hope I could help even it’s a little bit late ; )
    Love, Alina

  40. OMG i just did this and i feel sooo good. It was really hard though and makes you soooo tired. My heart is beating really fast now :D everyone should try it .

  41. Brigitte says:

    These workouts, meal plans, videos and everything are so much better than anything I’ve ever paid for ad you make it fun! I’ve been an to stick to it! Thank you so much Cassey

  42. *Me after doing this workout* What’s wrong with this girl??????!!!! :O Haha! So far I’ve lost two pounds doing these workouts! Love ya Cassey~

  43. Love the playlist!! Thanks so much Cassey!!!

  44. What a great workout! I love it!

    Does anyone know what songs are in this video? I know Lady Gaga but what about the other ones?

  45. Jessica says:

    Wow! Cassey you are amazing! A friend led me to your site and I just completed the first two workouts. I feel like I got an amazing workout! Can’t wait to do more tomorrow!:)

  46. Marissa says:

    This is the first workout I’ve ever done by you and I loved it! Thank you so much <3

  47. Cassey!

    I love you workouts and omg, i just started the may workout calender ( late i know…) and the 100 Burpee Challenge! Girl you CRAZY! it was so amazing and im glistening up a storm!

    Even better, its been so gloomy here in nor cal after two weeks of summer sun… and this monday challenge really made it feel like a shiny day!

    Thanks so much!

    <3 Bri

  48. Amanda says:

    Hi Cassey, I don’t know if you’ll see this but I wanted to tell you anyways! :) I started doing your workouts in December of last year and you inspired me to change my lifestyle. I now eat clean, take care of my body, and I feel AMAZING! I also have soo much more confidence.

    My first ever prom was last week, and after doing your Official Prom Dress workout for a few months, I felt so beautiful and glowing in my dress! I ended up slow dancing with my crush (yes, my total big crush ohmgyosh) three times!! Buuut anyways. I wanted to thank you sososososooo much for helping me feel beautiful. Thank you <3

  49. Hey Cassey
    Ive been working out with you for a while now (1 year and a half), however, i keep wondering what happened to your light easy workouts, i know these are probably more beneficial, but I miss those light hearted workouts once in a while so I wouldnt get my butt kicked every time i feel really tired after a long long day but i still feel like working out without cheating during the videos.

    Cheers =)

  50. Hi Cathy
    I am also having this problem both yesterday and today. I guess I will try you tube…

  51. hi cassey

    i just downloaded your calander and was trying to play your videos but when i click on them they wont work. seems like only the featured video works. is anyone else having issues?

    ill try out the videos tomorrow (hopefully they will work by then) :)

  52. Hi. I just signed up for your newsletter and am having a problem getting the videos to play. It seems that only the first video on the page will play. If I select any other video on that same page, nothing happens when I click on the video’s link located underneath its picture.


  53. Thank you for your videos I have gone 3 days without chocolate or anything sugary (I know real shock haha) – this is the first time that I have actually stuck to a diet and not given up usually I give up after a day but it’s been 3 days and all I’ve been eating is broccoli, carrots, chicken, potatoes, raisins, scrambled eggs and oat meal haha. ( I love scrambled eggs by the way )

    Anyway, basically I did your work out videos on Sunday but I had pulled my muscles so badly that I couldn’t do any on Monday (minus a little bit of netball).

    Is it okay to exercise with badly pulled muscles if I can manage or will they rip or something ? Is it healthy to? (I’m trying to use your work out calendar)

    Thank you

  54. Hey Cassey,
    I have absolutely horrible balance so when we do the kicks, I usually hold onto the side of a chair. If any one else has not-so-good balance I suggest they do the same. Just a small piece of input! Cannot wait to see m beach body that I’m working so hard for!


  55. Woo, did this right after the back series and my legs are shaking! Awesome

  56. Hi Cassie,
    I just found your site this weekend and absolutely love it! I am new to blogging and currently working full time and going to school part time to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Your blog is really inspiring me to stay on track! I ordered my beast mode shorts and am about to get my HIIT POPlaties workout on! Thanks for the great site!

  57. It also happens sometimes when trying to do the toe reach, I’ll reach up and fight to not roll to one side on my spine :( help!

  58. Hey Cassey! First I wanted to say I love your videos and you’re helping me get into the best shape I can be in!

    But I’m having trouble balancing on my side, doing moves such as the double side leg lift. I’m really boney so sometimes I’ll be balancing and find myself rolling to one side or the other.

    Do you have any helpful tips to prevent this and improve my positioning?


  59. Hi Cassey,
    Just tried this one out. I loved it! Especially the ‘Oil Rigger’?! It definitely targeting my triceps. Who would have thought that great workouts can happen at home just with body weight?
    I hope you never stop making such amazing videos…

  60. Hi Chandler,
    I don’t think Cassey has a video about that. I found a lot of videos on YouTube that tell you how to do it.
    Hope this helps,

  61. Trying to do the wall sit movement from the jaNEWary cape dee where could I find it?

  62. The total body workouts are my favorite! I feel so successful and better about myself because it gets my whole body in a simple workout. Thank you!!!!!

  63. Ok so the total body sculpt workout is my fave workout so far

  64. For a 3min 58 second workout, I literally just died! I had not done the “Till the World Ends” Video until just now and what a workout. I don’t even think I could do it again.

  65. CASSIE. You rock! I’ve been doing Blogilates for a while now after having discovered it about a year ago and just now am I posting a comment… hahaha. In any case, I just wanted to thank you for your constant enthusiasm! You seem to work very hard and it’s very inspiring for young people like me. You put me in a good mood! Thanks! :)

  66. I totally agree, Jillians workouts are tough and she gets annoying and repetitive after watching the thing for ten days each!

  67. You are a total inspiration! When I can’t kick myself into gear, you CAN!! Thanks Blogilates!!!!

  68. I think your workouts are amazing!!!! So much better than the pilates classes at the gym, and your enthusiasm is so infectious, it pushes me just that little bit harder, yay!

    Big big thank you Cassey, keep the workouts coming! :-)

  69. You are amazing and I want to thank you for inspiring me everyday! I hope that you take time and get some much deserved rest!!!

  70. Just finished your pick me up quickie workout and I’m feeling awesome. You’re little talk about how you choose your emotions really lifted my spirits. If anything else, you really improved my day. Thanks :) Keep up the amazing work. I can always look forward to your pilates videos!

  71. The insanity workout + Pop Pilates … AM I INSANE? maybe lol Cassey you have inspired me to take my journey to a whole new level … ill see you in 2 months and show you all me results! :) eeep i’m excited :)

  72. Hey! I was wondering…on the 90 Day Challenge…it says to end the workouts with 2 rounds of Cardio or HIITS. Do we have to end with those or is it okay to do those before the workouts?

  73. im on vactation haha and the only thing i can think about id making everyone else here work out with me lol. harder said than done! but im letting everyone see what its all about, encouraging it! its my day seven, sunday im suposed to rest but cant help it! … i just started all this one week ago, and today i woke up two hours eairlier soooooo sore all body! ADVIL!!! ha. but im fine this eveing. wine helps. also im stolked beacuse for once pilates workouts actually makes me retardedly sore!! omg haha sooooo …… IT WORKS!!! :D thx cassey <3 <3 U ROCK!

  74. Hey Cassey!
    How do I do these exercises without hurting my wrists? Whenever I put a lot of pressure on them, they ache. ):

  75. HAHHAHHAHAHA yeah right!!!!

  76. Hey gurrrllll!!!!!
    you should start your own gym fascinater range i know i would defs buy it :)
    Your Tops!

  77. Hey cassey,
    Do you ever think of doing like a “30 day shred” ( the one with Jillian Michaels ) but with Pop Pilates? I think it would be a good idea to help POPsters out there with weight-loss and building up to harder levels of training. It would be nice to get the results of her (intense and sometimes scary) workout videos but with a nice, sweet, funny trainer like you.

  78. Dominique Munsie says:

    Love this workout and how it gets a little bit of everything! Think I’m gonna do it again! You should do a London challenge of some sorts maybe to London bridge by Fergie! lol Love your videos keep up the great work!

  79. Cheyennexx5 says:

    I love these videos :D starting the 90 day work out challenge tmrw :)

  80. I love your pop pilates workouts! I just finished the pop Pilates: new body make over and love the way it made my whole body shake :) Also, the pop Pilates for beginners is great too ( I tried it a few days ago) Thank you for the great work out videos!

  81. I just want to tell you, thank you! not only for great videos but for your spirit and personality! After having twins i been so upset with my body and other home workouts just made me want to quit. You make me laugh at myself even and i just keep on going. Keep doing what your doing. I love it! I even started your 90 day meal plan which is so simple and not crazy! Thanks again!

  82. hey Cassy!:) i just finished this video and i love this one. I found the dance move for the butt/leg one difficult and felt like my hips literally couldn’t move like that haha. But i like the fact that its abs for almost all of it, i plan on doing this 3 times a week to get stronger:) thank you so much for your enthusiasm in your videos, they really make it fun to workout

  83. Tiffany says:

    Thank you so, so much for Blogilates!! I became hooked on pilates a while back but when I changed job I could never make my classes – this made me sad and squidgey all over! But then I discovered your blog and all the helpful advice you offer, as well as your really motivating and challenging work outs. Am delighted to have you in my day and pilates back in my body!! Whuhooo! :o)

    ps – am in Barbados so your positive vibes are reaching far and wide!

  84. I finally did pilates with my sister today and introduced her to the wonder that is blogilates. She really dug it. Also, I found I had more endurance than her in the pilates videos, which really made me feel good because she is FIT! She is a yoga instructor and a spin teacher, so it was nice seeing that my hard work doing your videos is paying off! Thank you!

  85. Have only just came across your site and am loving it! Pilates is such an energetic yet controlled method for getting results. I find trouble getting to the gym and have been looking for a great workout video, your blog gives me so many options and can’t wait to begin a process and hopefully get results! I find other forms of exercise really challenging but love the option of Pilates to strengthen and stretch the body. Keep up the amazing work, thank you!

  86. I together with my pals have already been viewing the good solutions on your site and then then I got a horrible suspicion I had not expressed respect to the blog owner for those tips. Most of the guys were as a result passionate to see all of them and have now in fact been loving these things. Many thanks for actually being well helpful and also for considering these kinds of incredible issues millions of individuals are really desperate to understand about. Our own honest regret for not expressing gratitude to earlier.

  87. Abigail says:

    Ouch. Love it! I get a sore lower back doing abs. Can u pls demonstrate those easier options..feels like I’m slacking off when I make it up…

    Do u have a warm up and warm down stretch video? Loving the stretches! xx

  88. Summer slim down parts one and two are my new favourite work out!! Love it :)

  89. Hey Cassey,
    I was just looking at the Bikini bootcamp and came across the inverted push ups.
    I have broad shoulders naturally, and people (who aren’t fitness instructors) have told me to skip any type of push ups because it’ll make my broad shoulders even more developed.
    From a pilates instructor point of view, do you advise me to skip the inverted push ups too?

  90. angela breeland says:

    i’ve been following your for a while, but since i have my favorites of your workouts it takes me a while to catch the new ones. (sorry) but after being sick for 3 weeks and not being able to workout (depressing), this was the best first recovery workout! you did make me smile. hahaha. thank you for your up beat attitude. it was especially nice after such a long absence.

  91. Pick me up workout is perfect for curing any bad mood I have! Thanks!! :)

  92. Ok they weren’t showing during the last couple of days, now after i commented, they appeared! LOL :)

  93. Hi Cassy, i think there’s a problem with this page, the results aren’t showing, There is a “Connection time-out ” message.

  94. Isabelle says:

    Hi! Thank you for a wonderful blog! So inspiring and fun to read!
    One problem though, seems that I can’t reach any of your videos anymore… It just says “connection time-out” under the headline of the post. Love the work-outs and I miss the videos!

    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes from Poland

  95. try pop pilates for weight loss!

  96. can you instruct me which is the best of your videos for weight loss! i want to tone up and lose weight help!

  97. Oh my gosh! This is so absolutely amazing and you definitely are infectious and radiant with your happiness!! Love love love this video (: its super fun!

  98. Desiree Moore says:

    Wow. You work me out so hard, I love your words of encouragement throughout your videos. Toughen me up!

  99. Thank you Cassey for such amazing workouts!I do it three times a day and feel so freashed after that!Already awaiting for other workout,hope it’s soon=)!

  100. Thank you Cassey for such amazing workouts!I do it three times a day and feel so freashed after that!Already awaiting for other workout!

  101. i gues you just gained some muscles which are heavier that fat…

  102. Oh, my…. thi was my firts time I tried to work out with your video and thi is just killing, i couldent finnish it at all.. but I tried. So amazing. Ill be back tomorrow morning. keep it up!

  103. Prekcha says:

    Plzzzz!!!I need help hav been doing it for 2months but haven’t lost an inch…wat shud I do?????

  104. I think this is the healthiest I’ve ever eaten, but I do eat bad things too :P Maybe that’s it lol I’m not in bad shape, I just have that thin layer of fat over everything and it just won’t go away. My body doesn’t like me haha Thanks sooo much Cassey!

  105. keep trying!!!! if you don’t see results, check your diet. looks like u need a little dose of motivation :) so here it is – i’m rootin for ya girl!

  106. I love you and your workouts, but I think I’m done. I can’t do most of these moves, and I’ve been working out to your videos since December. I’ve done your beginner workouts and still nothing is happening. I don’t want to give up on this, but I haven’t noticed anything. I’m not saying your workouts don’t work, I just find myself disappointed during some of these. I’ve tried modifying them, and nothing. I’m probably just writing this right now because I’m upset. I’ll probably get over it in the next 10 minutes lol I’ll also probably keep telling myself to just quit, but I’ll also get over that in a few minutes. I think this is my way of asking for help? haha Or maybe just some encouragement. :P I love you Cassey! I’ll keep trying :]

  107. These vids are great, thanks! I’m a beginner but I have an esp. tough time with planks, side planks, hip dips, anything that requires putting a lot of strain on wrists and shoulders. I know I can go down onto my elbow for a lot of them but I feel like that’s avoiding the problem and not getting the most out of the workout. Any suggs?

  108. Cassy, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing these videos! I am doing the Couch 2 5k program to raise my endurance so that I can get some cardio in by going running and you are my go to for working on everything else! I’m trying to get into summertime/wedding shape, so you are definitely helping me make that happen! These videos are TOUGH, but they are the first ones I’ve done that actually make me sweat and feel like I’m dying…which I love. :D

  109. Wow this is hard! Tried the summer slimdown workout just now. I’ve only been doing pilates since January just once a week or so added to my cardio, on the beginners video only really with a bit of abs thrown in! I’ve seen good results from only that so I’ve wanted to do more, more often, and thought I’d go for it today with something very challenging, see how I do. My god! I’m drenched, and on the last few minutes I kind of collapsed and had to rest, sorry. But I did it! (Mostly…I might have dropped my legs a few times during that frog business :p) Now my heart rate is back to more of a purr than a high pitched whine, I’m feeling really good. Sore, but darn good. I’m going to keep going for it and do pilates as many times a week as I can handle!

    P.s. SO proud I clicked through to part 2, and didn’t give up!
    Love, love your videos, can’t wait to try more and watch myself get slimmer, stronger and better!

  110. Awesome work!

  111. My boyfriend has been complaining about wanting to get back into shape so I convinced him to do the total body bangin’ workout with me. Afterwards he was lying on the floor looking at me like ‘how the hell do you manage that?!’ Haha – he’s super impressed :) Thanks for all the amazing videos. You crack me up and keep me going <3

  112. Hey!
    I just found your videos and I think they amazing!!! Can you tell me how many calories I can burn by doing the POP Pilates for Weight Loss workout and POP Pilates: Muffin Top / Love Handles Exterminator! and Muffin Top Meltdown ??? I am motivated to lose my muffin top once and for all:)
    Greetings from Poland :)

  113. OMG!!! I am addicted, I found your videos on-line to help me get in pre=wedding shape and love them. I am 5’10 and weigh 149 so I dont want to lose to much, 6pnds. But I want to TONE and I can already see a difference in 1.5 weeks. I have noticed I gained 2 pnds, is it possible to be muscle? I eat reasonably well but am going to do your meal plan hoping that helps! Any information is appreciated.
    PS I have already got 3 of my friends addicted as well!!
    My fiance even likes your videos, or at least watching me try to do yours :)

  114. Hey Cassey!
    Do you think you could do more 30 min. full body workouts that target every single muscle in your body? even the ones that no body knew were there :) I like the 30 min. sessions SOOO MUCH BETTER :)

  115. I’m going to film a DVD where you can workout with me for 1 hr!

  116. Hey Cassey!
    First of all, I love your workout videos!!! I wanted to ask you if it’s possible making a whole workout video, like a lesson in the gym?? I mean containing a warm up and stretching and relaxing and what so ever. That would be so much easier than choosing various for working out for 1 hour. Just an idea :)) Thanks for your blog and your advices, that really motivates me!!! And let me know when you are in Germany or anywhere in Europe one day:)

  117. Any vids

  118. Hey Cassey(:
    I really love your videos , thank you so much for helping me stay motivated. I wanted to ask you about the 90 days challenge. When you say to do 50 minutes of pop pilates you mean repeating the same video all over again until I reach 50 minutes or choosing about 6 videos that make 50 minutes together?

  119. NOt yet!

  120. Hi Cassey!!

    Thank you so much for helping me improve my health and body!!!!
    Your videos are great. I started blogilates in December with begginers video and then moved to other rutines. Unfortunately I´m not strong enough to perform correctly all the work outs, but I´m trying!!!!
    Are you planning on another 90 Days Challenge????

  121. do as much as you can do! just go hard core and don’t take it easy.

  122. I just love all your workouts. Have been doing them for about 7 months now and I do see a difference in my body shape. I loved the oil rigger…would like to see that more often. I am a working mom and I don’t have a lot of time to work out (I have about half an hour to 20 minutes a day) is that enough time?

  123. Lauren caivano says:

    I loved the tricept dips in this workout. You are sooo helping me get my core strong again after having 2 babies! Thank you!!! Rock on!

  124. sorry, i saw your comment just now…
    i tried it again (left leg above) and it feels like my right knee can’t hold my weight, it feels like shaking and i have the feeling that my left hip is turning more than yours in the vid…
    hope you can understand that^^
    it’s difficult to describe in english ;)

  125. explain “balance your weight” again for me?

  126. hey cassey!
    this body sculpt is GREAT, i feel muscles didn’t know i have them but i’ve got some trouble with the “flexed foot booty lift” and the following exercises…don’t know how to balance my weight (does this expression exist? my english has kinda got rusty ;)) on my knees.
    do you have some hints for me?

  127. that’s awesome!!!

  128. Cassey,
    I love Pilates and totally missed my Pilates class at the gym the other day…so I searched youtube for a substitution. I came across your workouts and absolutely love them! I am an avid fitness guru, so it is hard to challenge me because I do everything! lol You definitely challenged me and may cause me to miss a few more pilates classes at the gym…to do your workouts instead! I have even recommended you site to some of my fitness friends :) Keep up the great work!

  129. Take a look at my 90 day challenge! That should give u my idea of exactly what to do!

  130. Hey from England!

    Just come across your videos they’re great.
    After 3 years of University i’m trying to get back into shape, (particularly my tum, upper arms and legs!)…how often should i be doing these routines to shift these pounds? And which one are best?

    Also hows best to keep motivated as it takes time to see any results?!

  131. Oh and I was doing the weight loss one I think :P

  132. Hey, I love your videos and just have one quick question! In those first few moves, is it supposed to kill my arms more than any other part of my body? My abs, legs etc felt fine but I had to stop part way through for a rest because my arms and shoulders were throbbing! Am I doing something wrong or do I just have absolutely no arm muscles?
    Thanks so much!

  133. Lucie Lafont says:

    I just discovered your videos, and I love your workouts!!!!

  134. love u too!

  135. I love doing these workouts and I have my family working with me…not to mention it’s FREE!! Love you Cassey

  136. You’re awesome!!!
    I’ve been learning and doing Pilates for a year, and dropped out for the next year because of migration.
    But now, I wanna the workout habit be back, so just found out your videos on YouTube.
    Today is the first time that I fallowed “New Body Makeover”, and only did half way!(actually I choose the wrong one, I was intend to choose the beginner’s video :p)
    Anyway, I’ll keep doing!

  137. dear cassey love you too
    plz reply me , can i email you i hv some personel question, plz give me ur email id. or do u hv your personel account on fb

  138. I really feel great after those exercises :)

  139. Pooja Mirpuri says:

    Wow looking at this vid now, its awesome!!

  140. Just did the new POP Pilates for Weight Loss video x4!

    Great video. I definitely felt it EVERYWHERE. I’m drenched and YES my arms feel like they are going to fall off!

  141. Try my Pilates cardio video from Just type that into YT and you’ll find it! Thanks for your kind comment :)

  142. Firstly, you are fabulous and adorable! I just had a baby and wasn’t sure how to adapt my work out schedule to my new mama routine. I found your pilates videos on Youtube and have been super into pilates ever since. You have such a positive way of instructing and a great variety of exercises, so thank you ;)!

    I am wondering if you could make a video which incorporates both pilates and cardio (kind of an interval training idea). This would be particularly useful for working/studying mothers, and other people who have very limited time to work out, but want to strength train and do cardio in one session to be most efficient.

    Thanks so much!


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