5 Ways to Build your Core & Confidence Workout

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Buh-Bye Muffintop Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #4 ☀

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Fast Ab Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #1 ☀

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Toned Arms & Sexy Shoulders Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #5 ☀

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Toned Arms + Flat Abs | Apartment Friendly Workout

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ARMS FOCUS // 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp #5

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Quick Burn Standing Back Workout! No equipment, at home, back toning exercises!

Get taller and look more confident with my POP Pilates standing back workout! You won’t need any weights, dumbbells, or equipment! This will burn like crazy and you will see how fun and effective the moves are, in just a short amount of time! Perfect for beginners as well as my advanced students and just in time for the summer!

The moves are:
1. Wing Squeezes
2. Walnut Crushers
3. Back Behinds
4. Dive Squeezes

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Up Down Plank Jack Challenge!

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How to Grow Taller. Exercises for Better Posture!

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Grow Your Glutes Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #7 ☀

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Butt Lift + Ab Chisel | Apartment Friendly Workout

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BOOTY FOCUS // 6 Week Body Toning Bootcamp

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Goodbye Muffintop Workout (At Home No Equipment Exercise Routine for your Obliques)

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Clapper Song Challenge! POP Pilates OBLIQUE KILLER!

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Quick Burn Obliques! Best at-home Muffintop Melting Workout

We’re working on obliques in this fun, quick workout! You can do this at home, in your apartment or anywhere else without using any equipment! Do this routine often and you will notice stronger, sleeker obliques. Goodbye muffintop and love handles! This Pilates routine will whittle your waist and give it an hourglass shape.

The moves are:

1. Elbow Twist Tap
2. Side Plank Crunch
3. Ballerina Twist

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Tone & Trim Your Inner Thighs Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #8 ☀

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Outer Thighs & Lean Legs Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #6 ☀

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Killer Calves Workout ☀ Summer Song Challenge #3 ☀

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Ultimate Fat Burn Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Body

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Lean & Sculpted Body | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD (Full 30 minute workout)

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New Year, New Princesses! (ft. Lindsey Stirling, Lilly Singh, Rosanna Pansino, iJustine)

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