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  • Lina

    Hi guys! I was wondering, so I’m really not flexible, especially in the hemstrings (which are too short). My fysio said this could be because I used to to ballroom/latin dancing on high heels in addition to always wearing high heels in my free time. So basically, it affected a large part of my other muscles and their flexibility so now I find it hard to keep up with Cassey and I think the excersizes don’t work for me as well as they should because of this flexibility issue. I came up with the solution to maybe only do stretching video’s for a half hour every morning until I become more flexible and from that point start doing the other videos again? Does anyone have thoughts on this or experienced the same problem? Please let me know! xx (btw Cassey you’re great!)

  • Cici Rocksugar

    Hey Cas! I’m a dancer trying to get more flexible I would love if you made more stretching videos and also can you stop making videos in the app because i don’t have money to pay for it so just make more on Youtube please!! (P.S. not trying to be mean just saying) Love, Cici

  • Hey Cassey! I’m an Irish dancer, and get foot pain a ton. Could you do a stretching your feet video? It would help! Thx