1. hey cassey!

    would love to see some more stretching videos for upper back and shoulder pain caused by sitting at a desk! i get a tingly feeling and they’re quite stiff :(

    thanks for sharing your videos xoxoxox

  2. Hey Cassey! I’m an Irish dancer, and get foot pain a ton. Could you do a stretching your feet video? It would help! Thx

  3. Love this stretching video!!! Two ❤️’S and three 👍🏽’s up!!! I’m soooo much more flexible, thanks to Cassey, my saving girl!!!! Thank you Cassey!
    Write back to me please!!!

    Cinderella. ;)

  4. I get so frustrated that I cry because I cant be flexible. I try so hard and I just cant do anything that she can do and I just really need the support

    • Hi there! I know how you feel, I signed up for a dance class once, everyone was super advanced and flexible and I was TOTALLY not. But I stuck with it and by the end of the year I could do splits! My advice would be to do this every morning, focusing on breathing and how your body feels instead of looking perfect. If every morning you can stretch a teeny bit further than yesterday, that’s awesome. Good luck :)

    • Hi Riley!

      I know how you feel. I”ve been doing blogilates since last year and I’m still not as flexible as Cassey. But I haven’t been doing the workouts everyday, sometimes life gets in the way, in my case my back and hips. I injured myself and I still don’t know exactly what caused that but I do know that I cannot keep up with Cassey. I have accepted this and it is O.K.! Like Cassey says, we all start at different levels. This is what I urge you to do, do not push yourself to the point of injury. I believe that what happened to me and I am starting at ground zero. If you do a stretch or a workout and it hurts, stop. Do not push it (even if Cassey does in the videos) because it really doesn’t help you in the long run. Only you know your body’s limit, listen to it. For example, I cannot touch my toes as of yet but I know I will get there. Its baby steps. Just like sam said, if you can get a bit further, thats awesome! I wish you luck in your flexible journey!

    • It’s ok riley! I wasn’t flexible either, but I stuck with the video every day and HUZZHA!!! Do it for at least one week and you’ll see the difference. Good luck! 🍀

  5. Hi Cassey, I love your videos, they’re great! I just regret there is no “real time” version of this video! I find it more encouraging when you’re talking and doing the stretching at the same time, plus it’s difficult to pause to do each step for each leg and then keep playing! But anyway, it’s just a detail, I love your videos and the app! Thanks a lot, Morgane.

  6. Kitty;) says:

    Love your videos but what do I do if just randomly I get upper back pain and cramp for a few seconds by the way really really painfull any advice? :(

  7. Hi, Cassey! I love your stretch videos and would be so cool if you made one to shoulders pain. I’m pole dance begginer and I always feel this kind of pain in the after day.
    Thank you so much. I’m from Brazil <3 XOXO

  8. Marisol says:

    Loved this, thanks so much!! Any more relaxation videos in the works? Would LOVE to see some more!


  9. Hey everyone! Pls tell me what to do i can’t keep my legs straight in the air..they always bend when i lift them up and if i try to extend them it hurts like hell….pls pls pls tell me what to do! :(

    • This just means that you are not ready to do so yet. Your Body really tells you how far you can go, stretching is a process and it needs time. If something Hurts don’t do it. Just keep on trying but softly, lift your legs slowly and try to extend them but not completely just to a point where its not hurting but to the point where it gets uncomfortable. If you do this, after some time exercising you will probably be able to lift them up straight. As said those things need Time everyone is different and for some people it can take even longer. Keep on going and believe in yourself. :D

    • That happens to me too! My yoga instructor informed me, it was because of bad knees. Try to do stretches for bad knees (you can find them on google) It hurts a lot, but the more you stretch, the more easier it will get. Just do not hurt yourself. If it hurts too much, take a break. xx :)

      • What also helps is to put one foot on the ground while keeping your other foot in the air (thats the leg that your trying to get straight). I find If you try to keep both leg straight (one vertical and the other horizontal) it is a lot harder. I hope this helps!

  10. Hi Cassey, in the Back Pain video you asked if there were any other pains that you could to a video on and I just thought I would suggest an upper trap pain video!!!

  11. Hey Cassey!
    I’ve been doing your videos for several months now and I LOVE them! You are seriously what has kept me motivated to get fit and stay healthy. I finally started taking your advice and stretching before and after each workout, so now my request is, MORE STRETCHING VIDEOS PLEASE!

  12. Hi Cassey! I have been doing pilaties with you for over five years now and along with that I run every day! I usually run between 3-6 miles. I run and then I do two or three videos. My request is for a “runners stretches” video! I am sure many of us popsters run! It would be great to learn some stretches for legs and hips especially for runners!

  13. Hi I often get leg cramps right under my hip when i do some glute exercises, could you tell me how to help this quick or prevent this from happening. An example is when i do the kick back thing with mini circles, this is such a good move but drives me mad when my leg/ hip keeps cramping. other than that love the videos, the lower back stretch is a godsend!

  14. Hi! Cassey
    You’re amazing, love your videos, and diet i follow you all the time. but i want to ask you i know all your stretching videos, but i was wondering if you can update a new stretching for flexibility, i really one another one, and the back stertching its awesome help me a lot.

    thnxs you’re beautiful an amazing

  15. Lentil soup!

  16. I often get pain in my shoulders/upper back and can never more than three stretches that barely help it (this video helped the back pain though!)

  17. Do a series of show where you take in to consideration different common injuries? Fx. one that take in consideration neck/back/shoulder, knees, elbows or what not.

    I have a neck/back injury and the cobra is for example almost impossible for me to do without too much stress on my back. Very frustrating.
    A part of it is mental, as it’s frustrating having to sit over an exercise. Foolish as it might be I feel weak to begin with and feel put on the spot (despite no one minding or noticing or even watching!) when I have to pass. It feels like half a work and makes me want to push harder, even though is very counter productive.

  18. Hey Cassey!
    Do you think you can make videos for specific parts of the body? I do over all body stretches and sometimes I need more stretching on a certain body part than another and having those video would be useful.
    Did you ever think of doing videos workout/stretching videos just for runners?

  19. Jessica says:

    Hey Cassey I’m having a hard time loading the workout videos on this website. when I click on videos, then body focus, then whatever I want to work on. it will automatically play the first video but it wouldn’t let me load any of the other videos. And this is happening on my computer, it will only work on my iPhone app, and its really hard to watch your videos and workout on my little phone screen.

    • Kirsteen says:

      I have the same problem, but if you highlight the title and right click on it google lets you search it, and it’s usually the first link you come to. :-)

  20. I love you Cassey from the time I watched your youtube videos, you are truly just so lovable because you radiate beauty inside & out! To me you are a diamond, truly a girl’s best friend and I adore that you teach us to love our bodies with giving it the right food & exercise and that nothing is sexier than your body at its’ best health wise no matter what body shape you are! Thankyou for being somebody that us girls can actually look up to & relate with <3
    P.S. A little off topic but I've noticed lately on America's Got Talent how "pole dancers" are super strong & have lots of body control while still looking slender, how? So I'm curious if they just use their own body weight instead of weight training? I would love a video that teaches how to strengthen all over body with just your own weight or maybe balancing/endurance yoga poses. Thankyou again for inspiring so many Cassey! :D

    • I know this is a late reply, but yes, pole dancers have those bodies from body weight training AND weight lifting. Even Cassey lifts weights. It won’t make you huge and bulky, I promise! Go youtube any fitness model. You will see that weight lifting gives you feminine, tight curves.
      Except, unlike Cassey who is beautiful and natural, they all have breast implants ;) lol

  21. I think there is something wrong with the stretching videos. I click on them, but nothing happens.

  22. Hey,
    Awesome video !
    Does anyone knows the name of the song Cassie is using in this video ?

  23. Haay Cassy!

    Can you make a new video for stretching?? I really like the movies but did them a lot :)

    thank youuu

    XOXO from Amsterdam

  24. Pilatesque says:

    Need to try the ‘How to do the splits’ video. Gotta love how Cassey stays totally focussed even though those passers-by at Tower Bridge look at her like: ‘What is she doing?!’ Haha, love you Cassey!

  25. Belly slimming exercises

  26. This maybe interesting?

  27. Jaimini says:

    I try ur workout everyday and feels amazing!! However, I always have back pain specially lower back pain, what am I doing it wrong? I totally love u and u r really perky and amazing!

  28. It could be nice with a new “How to do the Split” video with other moves :) I like the first one, but I’ve done those moves 100000000 times now and its getting kind of boring :(
    Love you Cassey <3

  29. MichelleD says:

    I love this stretching video!!! Ever since you first made this video, it is seriously the only one that makes me feel like I not only have better posture but Im way more flexible then when I started the video. Best for a rainy afternoon stretch, also! =] Thank you for you just being you. You are the best at it!

  30. I loved this soooo much! I can’t even explain! It was amazing especially because I’ve been looking for a yoga session that i could do before bed and this was it! Cassey always motivates me because of her amazing personality! Thanks Cassey!

  31. Cassey,
    Do you ever do any yoga? Or could you post maybe a yoga series too?
    <3 you!!!

  32. Thanks so much I do your stretching everyone morning before I go to university really helps me start my day!

  33. You ROCK, Cassey! This was seriously such an amazing and well needed workout.. might start doing this every morning when I wake up!

  34. I love your stretching videos so so much! I’ve been doing them almost every day after or/and before my workouts for months now and I feel so much better and more relaxed and gotten much more flexible! Thank you so much for this :)

  35. Love you! This was so relaxing and chill! Used it for Day 5 of the January calender! And OMG those booty shorts >>>>>

  36. Evadne Ko Shi Jie says:

    These workouts are too advanced for me. Hope to gain more flexibility with more workouts and stretching! Totally love your cheerful motivation!

  37. Ko Weiting says:

    Completed the Day 5 Rest Day Exercise! These stretches are so tough! But, this motivates me to work even harder and push myself more! Can’t wait to get a healthier and toned body with these January workouts! (:

  38. Just finished Day 4 of the beginners calender workout. I’m so happy; i’ve almost finished my first week!!!

  39. Katekani munisi (South Africa) says:

    Hi Cassey. I’m from Joburg in South Africa. I totally feel like you should use the song Work by Iggy Azalea for a booty and abs workout.

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could share their morning motivation with me? What gets you up in the morning? I
    t looks so easy when you get to wake up to sunshine and workout on the beach but :( but what about in rainy England I set my alarm but as soon as I see its dark and raining outside I want to crawl back to bed!

    • Think positive that helps a lot and be thankful for rain I love mountains trees and rain , in of all places I live it’s dry flat, in windy most days in some years the grass doesn’t even get very green cause not enough rain but we love it here we got a very good crop this year were thankful for that and for the rain we did get and the wells that we have so we can water our crops,I wake up happy cause only I can make my day the best , your thoughts control your words, your words control your action and your action control you. I read that saying somewhere and I liked it .with love. Tina

    • I set my alarm for 6:15am, and I think “I can conquer my body”.
      I do about 3 videos and Do the rest later in the afternoon.
      Also another tip is put your alarm clock furthest away from your bed (where you’ll still here it of course) and I forces you to get out of bed to go and turn it off.
      Hope this helps :)

  41. victorious says:

    meh didnt love the stretching for flexibility vid :/ it was a little too advanced for me and it didn’t feel like there was a sort of flow in the movements! but im going to keep doing it and maybe when im more flexible ill like it better :D

  42. I totally love you Cassey! I’ve been doing the Beginner’s Calendar for a week now, and do this one almost every day too. I couldn’t get into the bridge, but today I finally did it!!!!! I’m so proud of myself for not giving up on working out, and I give you full credit for that! You are awesome, thank you so much <3 <3

  43. Uuur Cassey ! I really love your outfits, your hair and your nails in this video ! However, I don’t be able to do some poses, maybe because I do it in the wrong way !
    Don’t forget you’re SOOO beautiful and we are all with you, thank you sooo much to you to share with us <3
    Xoxo de France :) <3

  44. Wow! I did this routine when it first was uploaded and I felt good, I didn’t find it that difficult at the time because I was in a good routine of keeping fit and eating healthily. Now however, I haven’t exercised in a few weeks, my diet has slipped and just finished this routine, I feel really out of shape… Good after the work out but now realising I need to get back into a workout routine. So I’ve decided to do this routine every day for a week to try and improve my flexibility, then after next week I am going to start cardio for a week, then the week after that I am going to start weight training.

  45. I feel ready to go get the role I want in Little Women

  46. Did a Tough Mudder yesterday. I’m a bit sore today and all I could think about was getting on here and doing your stretching video! Thanks for the availability! It was exactly what I needed!


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